Vikkstar VS DrDisrespect (MODERN WARFARE GUNFIGHT) #CoDPartner

  • Published on Nov 2, 2019
  • Some Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Enjoy!
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    Thanks to Activision for sponsoring this livestream & making me a #CoDPartner
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Comments • 1 946

  • Presten Sundeen
    Presten Sundeen 8 hours ago

    Vik is sick

  • Joshua Feather
    Joshua Feather 22 hours ago

    Omg I want COD Modern Warfare so much😱😱😱,❤️

  • Six Official Music
    Six Official Music 22 hours ago


  • Adrian Gustafsson

    Sens one million?

  • Taylor Alday
    Taylor Alday 3 days ago +1

    Vikk: “Didn’t mean to do him like that”
    Yes you did. You destroyed him 👏

    BEN DOVER 5 days ago

    I want to win

  • Matt3667
    Matt3667 6 days ago

    Vikk u need a new team mate. Im actually better than this guy ur playin with

  • Silent_Puttock-GRT6-

    The map at 5:43 is part of a mission in mw2 where you go through the bathrooms and you get surrounded

  • casper_2004
    casper_2004 8 days ago


  • Chris Holmes
    Chris Holmes 9 days ago

    Love your content

  • CC C
    CC C 9 days ago

    you need a new teammate mate

  • Karl Van
    Karl Van 11 days ago

    Hey vik :) i Would really wanna give my brother the code. Love Sweden :)

  • Chris K
    Chris K 11 days ago

    vik just abusing ping smh

  • cagey sphere
    cagey sphere 11 days ago


  • Irfaan Faki
    Irfaan Faki 12 days ago

    Viccstar vs biggest crybaby in gaming

  • Oliver Coull
    Oliver Coull 12 days ago

    gimme the code i love your videos.

  • ༼༺Sam༑Sandhu༻༽

    Yo I really want to play the new Cod cause my friend has got it but I am poor

  • Jessica Lily
    Jessica Lily 13 days ago

    i'm leaving a comment

  • kaleeb gibson
    kaleeb gibson 13 days ago

    Yes. More gun fight plz

  • Ikram ali
    Ikram ali 14 days ago

    need the code to take of headtops online, hold tight jme

  • Sky SkateZz
    Sky SkateZz 14 days ago +1

    Bennys communication and plays were terrible

  • MG Tookee
    MG Tookee 16 days ago


  • Anthony Schwindt
    Anthony Schwindt 17 days ago

    Vikk let's go champ

  • Soldier_75
    Soldier_75 20 days ago

    The tournament sounds cool, honestly

  • Joviann Martinez
    Joviann Martinez 20 days ago


  • Mazin Alzadjali
    Mazin Alzadjali 23 days ago

    Why is vikk talking like that its really cringe

  • Pulsen
    Pulsen 23 days ago

    Let’s goouuuuuwwww

  • brad elu
    brad elu 24 days ago


  • 3P3 *
    3P3 * 24 days ago +2

    Play Sidemen hide and seek with those goggles !

  • crazy venom
    crazy venom 26 days ago

    Nice one

  • SuperDave Dev
    SuperDave Dev 28 days ago

    To be fair Formal uses Ps4 Controller so not a fair matchup vs PC keyboard and mouse this should not be considered nearly as a fair matchup but do it against shroud and you have my respect

  • a
    a 29 days ago

    Cant watch cos of how cringe the let's go is

  • mateibtw 71
    mateibtw 71 Month ago +2

    2:34 he should’ve said bravo six going dark

  • L1GHT_Za 0
    L1GHT_Za 0 Month ago

    Is that kon

  • Nile
    Nile Month ago

    im punjabi like u, idk if u are tbh but ur indian LOL but yeah love ur content keep up the good work

  • Nath Morris
    Nath Morris Month ago

    I reken iff vik and his teammate tryharded they would of beat formal and dr

  • Για Ξανθο
    Για Ξανθο Month ago

    Pls i need it to play with my btother tnx

  • MFT V
    MFT V Month ago

    The next sdmn Sunday should be Modern warfare

  • ShoeshineBoy
    ShoeshineBoy Month ago

    Hey, I like cod

  • aidan lingard
    aidan lingard Month ago

    Use the night vision goggles for at hide n seek vid in the dark

  • UrbanSniper50
    UrbanSniper50 Month ago


  • SpodeZ
    SpodeZ Month ago

    Do a hide and seek wiht the night vision goggles

  • Mas
    Mas Month ago

    vik pls PC code

  • Nxrdie
    Nxrdie Month ago

    What tourney are they playing in, and can anyone join it?

  • Cidex- MUSIC
    Cidex- MUSIC Month ago +1

    how wolf howls?
    vikki: LETS GOOOOOO

  • Ramzi Martin
    Ramzi Martin Month ago

    love your vids it i havent got moden warfare but i really want it.

  • Tomylago Lago
    Tomylago Lago Month ago +21

    when viks eyebrows said ⬆️↗️↘️⬆️↖️ i felt that

  • OG Dairycow
    OG Dairycow Month ago


  • Wali
    Wali Month ago +6

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    People: using this illogical format

  • Barron Achter
    Barron Achter Month ago

    Can I get it

  • Zak S
    Zak S Month ago


  • Foot502
    Foot502 Month ago


  • Jason Reese
    Jason Reese Month ago

    Those caterpillars on point

  • Jared Tillman
    Jared Tillman Month ago

    I like to comment for free stuff

  • RTzeexy
    RTzeexy Month ago

    Why don't you and the sidemen do a hide and seek video where it's lights when they hide but when time is up all lights is turned off so the hiders doesn't move around as much and seeker use night vision goggles

  • George Thompson
    George Thompson Month ago

    vik secretly hopes jj gets knocked out for all the years of torment

  • Andrew Knapp
    Andrew Knapp Month ago

    Care Package

  • Wikus Herbst
    Wikus Herbst Month ago

    Why does he speak like that??

  • TeeBee
    TeeBee Month ago

    Benny's pre aim is terrible lmfao.

  • paddy mulchrone
    paddy mulchrone Month ago +1