Hearty No-Lettuce Salads To Help You Reach Your Goals • Tasty


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  • Jasie Marie
    Jasie Marie 4 days ago

    Meanwhile I’m watching this video eating Doritos and dip. I even dropped some dip on my shirt and cleaned it up with said Doritos. 😐

  • Choclate milk
    Choclate milk 6 days ago +1

    Tasty is going healthy.
    I like it!

  • sofie shaikh
    sofie shaikh 11 days ago

    How come olive oil looked like regular oil to me

  • Sky P.
    Sky P. 11 days ago

    To help reach goals of what? What’s wrong with lettuce? I’m confused lol

  • erikhensler7
    erikhensler7 13 days ago

    That would give me the worst has known to man. My wife would kick me out of the bedroom.

  • busy person
    busy person 13 days ago

    Love this video. I am vegetarian and I am a big fan of salads so look for different types of vegetarian salads and this was great. Thank you

  • Stephaine H
    Stephaine H 14 days ago +1


  • Mr. President
    Mr. President 15 days ago

    Way too much salt in that first recipe ...but tasty make everything look so easy!! Lmao

  • Kara El
    Kara El 15 days ago

    Ya'll kill me with the whole chicken peas. I can not deal!

  • Jack Jay
    Jack Jay 16 days ago

    When u make tahini u don’t add oil. Tahini is oil base. What a Moran ? And are you trying to make this video look good but the chickpeas are still raw. The Recipes are all bad

  • Jack Jay
    Jack Jay 16 days ago

    Whoever is cooking these cannot cook for shit

  • Ganapati Dhara
    Ganapati Dhara 16 days ago +1


  • Felicia Sheppard
    Felicia Sheppard 19 days ago

    Excellent Video💝💝💝💝

  • Felicia Sheppard
    Felicia Sheppard 19 days ago

    So you eat the carrots and zucchini raw??? Hmmm i didnt know you could

  • Lunch Guy
    Lunch Guy 25 days ago +1

    Now make everything taste like chicken

  • Jaclyn Wilson
    Jaclyn Wilson 26 days ago

    Her hands are so pretty!

  • Terri Mann
    Terri Mann 26 days ago

    Wonderful ideas, thank you

  • Mia Ma
    Mia Ma 28 days ago

    White olive oil?

  • Neha Aafreen
    Neha Aafreen 28 days ago

    What's wrong with lettuce??

  • Ichie Yamato
    Ichie Yamato 29 days ago

    Still gonna add lettuce to my salads tho.

  • Ana G
    Ana G Month ago

    The tomato plate trick had me shook!!!

  • Mary Felix
    Mary Felix Month ago

    Disco nights!!

  • vonbook1973
    vonbook1973 Month ago

    Came for the salad ideas, stayed for the background track 😁

  • Samiya Mohammed
    Samiya Mohammed Month ago +2

    Okay but what makes the first one a salad?

  • mental
    mental Month ago

    yo if we aint got no lettuce then what makes you think we have all this other bull shit

  • Maria Alcoholado
    Maria Alcoholado Month ago

    That was olive oil?! Olive oil is not transparent

  • Juli Emelianov
    Juli Emelianov Month ago

    That is not how you make tahini. Tahini is made without oil since it is rich enough in fat on its own.

  • inge widya
    inge widya Month ago

    This will only last for the first few months, than tasty will be back with fried chicken, cakes, and many more

  • Shini hugs provider

    Lettuce wants to know your location

  • 10,000 Subscribers With Videos Challenge

    *I Like A No-Salad Salad.*

  • mehak oberoi
    mehak oberoi Month ago

    Looks at crazy delicious thing.
    Sees a bunch of tools and ingredients that are no where to be found

  • TheSunnyD01
    TheSunnyD01 Month ago

    When you’re skinny and don’t have to worry bout this

  • Rishita Khanna
    Rishita Khanna Month ago

    Homemade ranch recipe please

  • imnal
    imnal Month ago

    It looks more like a vegan food uhm......

  • Pratima Rao
    Pratima Rao Month ago

    Check out m.thexvid.com/channel/uc_fglip5elqr-ibatojc3kq for more quick and easy week night recipes with calorific information included

  • a j
    a j Month ago

    how can u have salad with no lettuce? 😫😫😫

  • MsPookie2
    MsPookie2 Month ago

    What does cauliflower taste like?

    • Lory Oly
      Lory Oly Month ago

      MsPookie2 little bit like broccoli. It smells bad when you cook it, but I like the taste, especially with potatoes and Béchamel sauce.

  • struggling constantly
    struggling constantly Month ago +1

    jesus christ..jamie oliver with that olive oil..

  • NoRaisinsPlease
    NoRaisinsPlease Month ago

    Made the first one. Purely disgusting. I hate cumin. Everything is wrong about this. I guess I hate healthy food.

  • Harjuna Duta
    Harjuna Duta Month ago

    Why vegan is so complicated

  • Ayush Srivastava
    Ayush Srivastava Month ago


  • Ryan Klemmer
    Ryan Klemmer Month ago

    The hands in this video need to watch the Tasty knife skills video thexvid.com/video/g-fg7l7g1zw/video.html.

  • Lakshita
    Lakshita Month ago


  • Sochy _
    Sochy _ Month ago +3

    Are you telling me I cannot reach my goals with lettuce. 🤨

  • I am nick
    I am nick Month ago


  • Mohammed #
    Mohammed # Month ago +2

    Who eats raw zucchini

  • abc decorating paradise

    Truly HEARTY Salads!!! Onions and more onions!

  • Liya Solo
    Liya Solo Month ago

    Mouth watery 😛😛😛😛

  • abcrag abc
    abcrag abc Month ago

    Food's amazing! But music sucks

  • RandomdudeZ9
    RandomdudeZ9 Month ago +2

    What next? Pasta without sauce?

  • Abby Alverna
    Abby Alverna Month ago

    Just starve yourself I am doing it

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith Month ago

    Thank You, I have Always HATED Lettuce.. when I go out I order SALAD without Lettuce .. they send me the manager ... lol 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽🤣😂🤣 no Lettuce in my SALAD plz !!!!

  • MysteryMicrowave
    MysteryMicrowave Month ago

    I'll just have a fruit salad

  • Yolanda Just Me
    Yolanda Just Me Month ago

    I will try the 3rd one but the others are not for me.

  • Lee Lu
    Lee Lu Month ago

    Please consider NOT putting any link in the "i". It covers ingredients in the videos as we're watching.... list them in the description box instead.

  • Lydia Dang
    Lydia Dang Month ago

    Anyone else eat salads with chopsticks?

  • Liberal Conservatism

    Is it that hard to eat salad

  • Joseph B
    Joseph B Month ago +1

    Im offended on so many levels rn

  • KAZE Productions
    KAZE Productions Month ago

    Could you make a few vegetarian recipes that doesn't include onion or garlic?

  • Rosa munoz
    Rosa munoz Month ago

    I'm so trying this. Yummy!

  • YouTube lover 1
    YouTube lover 1 Month ago +2

    I need this in my life right now I was almost out of ideas

  • Chaia's Curations
    Chaia's Curations Month ago +1

    I just started a channel please give me feedback!!

  • Tina’s Healthy World

    I love the first recipe 😍 looks so goood

  • Odd Flex
    Odd Flex Month ago

    the first salad was well seasoned until the rest came in SEASON my god

  • AviDragonLady
    AviDragonLady Month ago

    Sadly, I can't eat any of these. None of the are FODMAP friendly. Guess I'm stuck with regular, boring salads...

  • Squidneyyy Jackson
    Squidneyyy Jackson Month ago +1

    Oh kale no!

  • Kellik and Freddy
    Kellik and Freddy Month ago

    I need this for my current diet!

  • crabshark22
    crabshark22 Month ago

    When potato salad isn’t on the list

  • Poonam smart kitchen

    Very nice 👌

  • Cizrelly 16 2018-2019

    You all watch this when you could just make a salad and add everything you want but just don’t add the lettuce?

  • chanelcaviar1
    chanelcaviar1 Month ago

    I hate lettuce so I tend to avoid salads and these recipes are perfect for me. I don’t eat enough veggies as I should so these recipes give me lots of ideas.

  • Nicholas Bogan
    Nicholas Bogan Month ago

    Lettuce free salad is not a salad.

  • Lisa.
    Lisa. Month ago

    Thanks God, i hate lettuce. It tastes like grass, so fucking flavorless. I HATE ITTTTT.

    • Lory Oly
      Lory Oly Month ago

      Lisa. More like paper

  • Rosanne Coffman
    Rosanne Coffman Month ago


  • Maria Casella
    Maria Casella Month ago

    Yes!!!but I also love love salads tooo,would not give up my lettuce,I'm already vegan,gluten,soy,sugar,nut Free for 11 1/2 years,it works for me 😘

  • Ala D
    Ala D Month ago


  • Jane Poultney
    Jane Poultney Month ago +12

    What did the librarian tell the student

    She told him that he shouldn't become a librarian because it's boring and the pay sucks.

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger Month ago

    Lol I eat salads everyday...this looks yummy 😋

  • Bobby Shmurda’s Hat

    nigga who doesn’t eat lettuce

  • The Queenorsomething

    Whooooaaaa, that's loud!

  • Healthy Recipe Channel

    Who here is crushing their resolutions this year?

  • anxious
    anxious Month ago +9

    i just ate a bunch of pasta and 2 ice cream sandwiches

  • sarasthoughts
    sarasthoughts Month ago

    If you put that shit in a salad, it's not a salad

    • Jane Poultney
      Jane Poultney Month ago

      Is macaroni salad a salad?

  • Emily Noodle
    Emily Noodle Month ago

    Lettuce reach our goals.

  • undefinedromance89
    undefinedromance89 Month ago +1

    Tasty: Salads to help you reach your goals.
    Also Tasty: *drenches everything in olive oil*

  • American Baker in Germany

    Yum! Works for almost any diet. ❤

  • Jesse Loza
    Jesse Loza Month ago

    I didn't know i was watching a 5-minute craft videos!

  • Art33mis
    Art33mis Month ago

    Watching this so I can add lettuce later and eat my darn normal salad

  • Bernadette Hernandez

    Need these ideas with all the lettuce recalls! 😂 E.Coli free recipes 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Shay Garza
    Shay Garza Month ago +11

    10/10 recommend the second salad!! I just made it and it was very good, although I did alter the dressing. I added a little honey, garlic powder, chilli and paprika, taco seasoning for some reason, juice from half a lemon, and salt and pepper. And I added corn to the salad. I'm gonna have a nice solid shit later 😋

  • mangostar5
    mangostar5 Month ago


  • M.
    M. Month ago

    PLEASE i am begging you...please make the most giant freaking roll of sushi you could possibly make

  • Noob 333
    Noob 333 Month ago

    You didn't pass the opportunity to say lettuce-less

  • BlankKnight
    BlankKnight Month ago

    how topical

  • daximilian
    daximilian Month ago

    Lettuce does not belong in salad, amen

  • RonHeartsMe
    RonHeartsMe Month ago

    Why are yall in the comments section acting like lettuce is so good for you. It tastes gross and doesn't help you with shit.

  • Johanna C
    Johanna C Month ago

    At least half the Tasty videos I see I keep thinking they REEEEEAAAALLLY need to teach those people some knife skills...

  • Olka [Elmosiowa]
    Olka [Elmosiowa] Month ago

    I NEEDED THIS SO MUCH! Thank you ♡

  • EverythingWonderful

    Love this!!! I hate lettuce, but sometimes I want saled too!!!

  • Jeremy Alexander
    Jeremy Alexander Month ago

    Thank you for showing proper knife technique on that red onion and english cucumber. Asian knife techniques are superior to French. Nice to see.