How to combine food production with reforestation - BBC News

  • Published on Jan 14, 2022
  • Ernst Gotsch, a Swiss biologist who emigrated to Brazil is pioneering a new way of agriculture in Brazil’s semi-arid regions.
    Syntropic agriculture increases, rather than decreases, biodiversity and wildlife by mirroring the local ecosystem. Instead of having just one species dominating a landscape a variety of plants grow in one area which keeps nutrients and water in the soil instead of stripping them out.
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  • brata sena

    its beautiful to see a person that very dedicated with replenish our greenery

  • Chris McKellar

    It is called regenerative sustainable environmentally friendly farming or food production to suit the land and climate. This is what should happening globally instead of mass industrial farming that destroy the land, forests and natural habitat.

  • Moto Tv Woods Farm 🐠🦊

    very encouraging to see this being done

  • Bruh
    Bruh  +16

    Хм, this man have the patience and time to observe and become one with the land, his work leads to less inputs (less water, less fertilizers, etc) and better yields creating micro climates around the land which help the environment in many ways.

  • Lisa Ehl

    It's actually not that new. It seems to apply a lot ot techniques permaculture has been talking about for decades. But it's nice to see those methods in mainstream media. Hopefully it's becoming wider spread.

  • Quickclick

    It's very useful method of cultivation 👍🏽

  • Jornalista Renata Rosa

    What a wonderful action in my country, congrats swiss guy!

  • Grandson little Billy

    Old grandpa vince is an experienced farming grandpa and this is so simple guys you use a combine harvester.

  • Ahmed Omar Abdallah Abdallah

    Great job guys Blessings 🙌

  • Logan malough

    I applaud this. This might actually save the Amazon.

  • My little Atlas

    We have Cactus 🌵 growing in a rainforest! Agro Forestry is a good concept for farm produce on a smaller scale,it’s difficult to implement in a bigger way,forest is being cleared for many reasons, not all are vegans, and all the works as a CO2 sink the Amazon plays,it has been subjected to too much of burps and farts of farm animals.

  • bradantv

    ♥️ كن صافي القلب .... نقي الروح

  • Kinnin  Igan

    Finally. What took you so long? Now for permaculture by Geoff Lawton!

  • Paper Plane

    Wow amazing food

  • Embreis

    now, if only EU farmers would get the incentive to treat their land in a similar fashion we would all be better off. as it stands today, the 'Common Agricultural Policy' (or CAP) is destroying the soil, polluting the groundwater, removing birds, insects and other animals from the land in breathtaking speed - all to have cheap meat on the table from industrial agriculture.

  • Aaron Oneal

    The bbc needs to talk about Ecosia they are a search engine that plants tress

  • black bird

    that's a hopeful story. thanks!

  • Guvy62

    This is a really good idea but it is not new, indigenous people have been farming for hundreds of years like this.

  • Francisco José

    The best motivation


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