• Published on Nov 5, 2018
  • TWICE(트와이스) "YES or YES" M/V
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  • Haruna Lala
    Haruna Lala 7 hours ago

    TWICE 💞the Queens ITZY Princess

  • Im Jaebeum
    Im Jaebeum 7 hours ago

    When is their comeback? Is it also in april just like BTS and Blackpink?

  • Be as ONCE
    Be as ONCE 7 hours ago +1

    Who want a laburi?

  • Be as ONCE
    Be as ONCE 7 hours ago +1

    Waiting for the comeback date whole time?

  • Twice is my name
    Twice is my name 8 hours ago +3

    Good night guys 😴😴 I'll continue str3aming tomorrow morning 😀

  • Nguyễn Thanh Thảo
    Nguyễn Thanh Thảo 8 hours ago

    사랑해 ❤️❤️

  • Nguyễn Thanh Thảo
    Nguyễn Thanh Thảo 8 hours ago

    170M 🔜🔜🔜

  • Richeumar Pereira
    Richeumar Pereira 8 hours ago +1

    Hey boy

  • Nguyễn Thanh Thảo
    Nguyễn Thanh Thảo 8 hours ago

    162.225 💪😍

  • 송용식
    송용식 8 hours ago +1

    *Yes or Yes 163m* ~~ *go go fighting* 👍👍💘

  • 송용식
    송용식 8 hours ago +1


  • 송용식
    송용식 8 hours ago +1


  • twice is life
    twice is life 8 hours ago +2


  • twice is life
    twice is life 8 hours ago


  • Jangjae Lee
    Jangjae Lee 8 hours ago

    Yes or Yes!

  • Empathy Spirit
    Empathy Spirit 8 hours ago +3


  • Ade Nurul Zahra
    Ade Nurul Zahra 8 hours ago

    Ayemaseong grilband twice saya doa kan lagu yes or ye bisa menembus 890 jtx amin terus maju grilband twice di indonesia juga bayak yg mendukung grilband twice yg pada cantik 2

  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best 8 hours ago +2


  • AF Amir
    AF Amir 8 hours ago +2

    *ONCES pls sub my official channel. Thanks*

    • AF Amir
      AF Amir 8 hours ago

      +Brian Ou who are you? Are the president?

    • Brian Ou
      Brian Ou 8 hours ago

      Before you used my username to spread hate comments on other group, it's ok at least you are not fake Brian anymore , but you used AF Amir I hope you can change name because I don't want real AF Amir see you spread hate comments again , you are a shit 👎👎😠😠

  • Army * Once
    Army * Once 8 hours ago +5


  • sna moon
    sna moon 8 hours ago +1

    tzuyu is my first BIAS💜

  • twice is life
    twice is life 8 hours ago +5

    guys, please give time to candy pop. almost 100m. 2m left.

  • Brian Ou
    Brian Ou 9 hours ago +13

    3/26 0.00KST 161,844,150
    3/27 0.00KST 162,224,126
    Today 379,976 views (-5,793)
    JYP Subs 12,000,671(+18,520)
    TWICE Subs 4,399,030(+4,608)
    TWICE Twitter 3,304,134(+3,081)
    TWICE JPN Subs 1,785,780(+1,136)
    📌 TT 450M ASAP

  • Nuny Phompadith
    Nuny Phompadith 9 hours ago +7

    Congrats jyp has 12m subscribe now ❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻

      CHOU TZUYU 8 hours ago +1

      You know what jyp papa is actually more concentrating on group's separate channels. Make sure to subscribe both channels of TWICE.

  • Chaerin Lee
    Chaerin Lee 9 hours ago +2

    Soompi awards are rigged in Blackpinks favor... really only one comback per year and somehow they're more popular than Twice!? I don't think so... that's fine BP can have this meaningless award, Twice will just out do BP in everything else (which they're doing)

    • twice is life
      twice is life 9 hours ago +1

      let's just accept the fact that onces are lazy in voting but at least we tried.

    • Spider Panther
      Spider Panther 9 hours ago +2

      this award based on fan vote + soompi music chart

  • _peanuts ky
    _peanuts ky 9 hours ago +6

    Yeay...TWICE appeared on the ad before I started the video:-D

  • JJANG트와이스
    JJANG트와이스 9 hours ago +7

    I hope ....laburi will become more and more popular as an cartoon ....

    GINGA TWICE MY PRIDE 9 hours ago +7

    162,210,428 views and 2,132,194 Likes!
    TWICE are going to come back next
    month,So be ready to celebrate the
    first 2019 come back for TWICE!

  • Taehyungs Wifi
    Taehyungs Wifi 9 hours ago +4


  • Сказочный Дебил

    Like or Dislike


    162M~~200M fighting ONCES🍭



  • Its T-WI-CE
    Its T-WI-CE 10 hours ago +6

    twice instagram :Twicetagram has reached 8.3m followers!their gaining followers evry week

  • Michael Koh
    Michael Koh 10 hours ago +4

    170M is Coming Soon, keep streaming ONCE!😍🍭
    YES or YES?💗

  • Ranim Army BTS
    Ranim Army BTS 10 hours ago

    انا ارمي bts واحب twice هل من ونس عرب

  • Akid Haikal
    Akid Haikal 10 hours ago +5

    Ready to 12 M subscribed jypentertainment

  • God bless jihyo
    God bless jihyo 10 hours ago +6

    170M before the comback fighting

  • J K
    J K 10 hours ago +5

    170M 😍

  • Kay Hyun Lee
    Kay Hyun Lee 10 hours ago +16

    Tmr is my birthday. My wishes are
    1. Candy Pop reach 100m vi3ws before comeback
    2. Succesful comeback with over 500K album sales and break record vi3ws.
    3. ONCEs stay with TWICE forever.
    Can my kind ONCEs help me to achieve this? 🍭❤
    Sorry can I add 1 more wish?
    ONCEs and other fandoms who have supported us before, please live happily and healthy~I love you all. ❤

  • نارا ونس
    نارا ونس 10 hours ago +2

    Vote for twice

  • Star Love
    Star Love 10 hours ago +7

    Once please pay attention to this comment eventhough i know no one would
    Lets continue to break records and be succesful in 2019
    Lets download soompi and vote twice in all our acc 😊this is seriuos pls lets unite like other fandoms do and vote

  • Yin Quan Wong
    Yin Quan Wong 10 hours ago +9

    Stay Alert~~ ONCE, Our April Comeback will be a great war for us!! Theres others amazing group like our Twice comeback too! please we must stream hard and vote for our Babies

  • Lura
    Lura 10 hours ago +6

    Vote for twice on soompi app once, today is the last day of voting please vote harder

  • elena lena
    elena lena 10 hours ago +1

    Onces it s too much on me i am so sad and scar about this competetion we have to plan and start

  • Park Jinyoung
    Park Jinyoung 11 hours ago +6

    Let's give all our best for TWICE💕 We still have enough time to prepare for their next comeback😄

  • clair De Lune
    clair De Lune 11 hours ago +4

    Onces let s help army for streaming their comeback because it will be in 12th and twice maybe 22nd so they help us too in twice comeback

  • clair De Lune
    clair De Lune 11 hours ago +7

    Iwill go to the dome of tokyo for twice concert😍😍😍

  • Nguyễn Nguyễn
    Nguyễn Nguyễn 11 hours ago +7

    *Who's here right now??* 🍭

  • Anh Quân Nguyễn
    Anh Quân Nguyễn 11 hours ago +6

    i think twice will comeback at 22nd april once let's make it 200million before they comeback please

  • Bang Twice
    Bang Twice 11 hours ago +16

    -Asia's #1 Girl Group
    -Global Girl Group
    -Final Boss of Groups
    -King of Girl Groups
    -Nation's Girl Group
    -Leading Kpop Global Influence
    -One of the most hardworking groups of the year
    -Korean: 2 EPS - 2 Special Albums
    -Japanese: 2 EPS - 1 Studio Album - 1 Drama OST - 1 Movie OST
    -2018 Girl Groups Naver Search: 19,240,000 '#1 for 9 months'
    -Most Viewed Artists on TheXvid Japan and Korea 2018
    -TWICE 24hours ULS
    YES or YES - 918,785
    What is Love? - 899,162(2 roof hits)
    Dance The Night Away - 830,259(1 roof hits)
    -Best Selling Girl Group on Hanteo Chart in 2018 with more than 500K copies sold
    -Best Selling Girl Group on Gaon and Hanteo in Korea and Oricon in Japan
    -Girl Group with the most #1's in iTunes this year - 130
    -Has become the Girl Group with the most Daesangs in history(11)
    -The only korean artist to rank in the 50 of favorite artists in Japan
    -Remains the artist with the most wins on 2018, with '28 trophies'
    -Sets record for most consecutive triple crowns on inkigayo's history(8)
    -TWICE ties SISTAR and 2NE1 and becomes the girlgroup with the most #1 songs (9) on Gaon's Digital Chart
    -Become the artist with the most weeks (54) at #1 on Gaon Social Chart
    -TWICE has become the first artist in MAMA's history to win the category of 'Song of the Year' in 3 years in a row
    - Over 3 Billion views on TheXvid
    - Achieved 4 Million Album Sales
    -Become first and only Idol group to achieve a Perfect All-Kill(PAK) for 3 consecutive years
    -Remains the girlgroup with the Most Songs to achieve a PAK and the most PAK; 186 paks
    - 'TT' first mv by a Kpop girlgroup to reach 400M views
    -Billboard Social Peak #5
    -Billboard worldwide digital song sales peak #2
    -Billboard worldwide album sales peak #3
    -34 songs charting inside the LINE MUSIC's 2018 kpop year-end chart top 100
    -Best-Selling Kpop Artist in Japan's oricon chart in terms of physical album sales on 2018, with over 1.4 million solds
    -Reached 3 million album sold on Gaon Chart 'new record for girlgroups'
    -YES or YES become the eight-biggest 24-hour youtube debut of all time. '31M views on the first 24 hours'
    -Gallup korea 2018 results:
    TWICE ranks #2 for top artist overall in korea '3rd year at #2'
    -First Kpop Girl Group to have a dome tour also fastest kpop group to perform at Tokyo Dome with just 1,256 days after their debut
    -SOLD-OUT Concerts
    Twiceland Zone 2 Fantasy Park (Asia Tour) '90K'
    BDZ Arena Tour (Japan) '70K'
    -First kpop girlgroup to be invited twice at NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen
    TWICE ranked #6, one of the acts with the biggest audience of 42.7
    -Cumulative digital index points of 2018
    9 songs = 2,523,279,971
    -First and only Kpop Girlgroup to get Platinum certified by RIAJ for 5 consecutive times
    -Appeared 9 times on Music Station (First kpop group to appear after 5 years by any kpop group)
    -3 consecutive platinum certifications on Gaon with What is Love,Summer Nights and Yes or Yes after the introduction of Gaon cerification system
    -Gaon's Chart 2018 review
    Digitals: TWICE - #1
    Physicals: TWICE - #1
    Overall: TWICE - #1
    -Billboard Japan Hot 100 year-end chart (2018) consists of 10 releases lead by Candy Pop #8
    -TWICE have 87 music program wins in total being tied with BIGBANG
    -After 108 weeks charting TT left the Billboard Japan Hot 100 remains the longest charting kpop song there.
    -Recochoku - Year-end chart 2018:
    Consists of 2 TWICE releases on both song and albums and TWICE are ranked as #14 artist - Highest position for a kpop artist and a jump of (+44) positions compared to last year
    -First and only Idol group with 3 songs to exceed 2.5 Million Downloads on Gaon after the price change in 2013. (Cheer Up,TT, Like Ooh Ahh)
    -Over "30 awards" won including '4 daesangs'
    -Song of the Year:
    What is Love - MAMA
    Heartshaker - KPMA
    Wake Me Up - Japan Record Awards
    TT - Japan Golden Disk Awards
    Digital Daesang - SOBA
    Best-Selling Artist of the Year - MGA
    Song of the Year - MAMA
    Song of the Year - KPMA

    -Surpassed 3 billion digital points in aggregate on Gaon Chart (2017 + 2018 only)
    -Best-selling digital Girl group from 3rd generation
    -Scores Quadraple Crown on the Gaon weekly charts in korea
    I stan a true group❤

    • Forever ONCE
      Forever ONCE 7 hours ago

      #Twice2 ranked number 1 on world album charts! A repackaged album with their 2 year old songs just in different language did that!

    • MoNa Z ButT
      MoNa Z ButT 9 hours ago

      You will make vedio of all these achievements

    GINGA MAXIMUM ONCE 11 hours ago +7

    Once's!Keep supporting and keep streaming for our TWICE!
    Nothing can stop us before and nothing can stop us now!
    Unity,strong will,never give up are always our strength!
    TWICE X ONCE will always move forward,Let's GO!

  • JaDine_Twice_Got7
    JaDine_Twice_Got7 11 hours ago +7

    Idk but everytime I open my TheXvid app, the first thing I did is to type and search "Twice" then stream twice mv 😊❤

  • JaDine_Twice_Got7
    JaDine_Twice_Got7 11 hours ago +2


  • clair De Lune
    clair De Lune 11 hours ago +3

    Onces we will lose the title of best kpop gg and bp will take it😭😭 ...
    No impossible wehave to fight onces lets prepare for comeback really

    • clair De Lune
      clair De Lune 8 hours ago

      +twice is life please ifyou found why tell me

    • twice is life
      twice is life 8 hours ago

      +clair De Lune someone answered that but i forgot hahaha. and both groups are the best. win or lose, support twice :) that's it.

    • clair De Lune
      clair De Lune 8 hours ago

      +twice is life look please when bts and bp comeback we will see what did they break record after this we will do better this is my strategy . Iwant to ask you why jyp will annonce twice comeback 00:00 kst please explain to me

    • twice is life
      twice is life 8 hours ago

      +clair De Lune but the views of all the title tracks are more than 100m views.

    • zeu xlaught
      zeu xlaught 10 hours ago +4

      +clair De Lune because we have many mvs to stream,they only have 5

  • clair De Lune
    clair De Lune 11 hours ago +3

    Onces the competetion with twice will be soso hard they will compet bp for thetitle onces we have to prepare ourselfs ok really

  • Sam Aryadi
    Sam Aryadi 11 hours ago +1

    WHYEVeRY body love viwed games!

  • Rico Hardjanto
    Rico Hardjanto 11 hours ago +1

    i pick yes because its the same😁

  • 324 Jiayin
    324 Jiayin 12 hours ago +1

    gear it up

  • 324 Jiayin
    324 Jiayin 12 hours ago +1


    GINGA ONLY FOR TWICE 100% 12 hours ago +5

    162,174,417 views and 2,131,942 Loves!
    Always TWICE X ONCE!

  • BillionDollar ARMY
    BillionDollar ARMY 12 hours ago +8

    *cough* *cough*
    HEY ONCE'S! *psssst*
    I just want to tell you that JBJ95 just comeback it's called *AWAKE* and it's Jihoon hyung debut called *L.O.V.E.* Please check them out. It's really good! Thank you! Have a nice Day

  • もちもちだんご
    もちもちだんご 12 hours ago +1


  • もちもちだんご
    もちもちだんご 12 hours ago +1


  • luan ngo
    luan ngo 12 hours ago +6

    Once = Twice = Yes or Yes. ❤ ❤❤

  • z e y n e p
    z e y n e p 12 hours ago +4

    YES OR YES?💓

  • thee Dong
    thee Dong 12 hours ago +4


  • Trisha Nicole
    Trisha Nicole 12 hours ago +16

    Best-selling compilation albums by K-Pop girl groups on Oricon Chart:
    1. #TWICE - 314,567
    2. #TWICE2 - 265,376
    3. KARA Best 2007-2010 - 219,065
    4. The Best - 182,765

  • Hey Its Francis Beltran Jr.

    I will never stop watching this once!!!!!!!!!!


    Once A - Twice have so many comeback on 2018,they should rest.
    Once B - When Twice don't have a comeback,they are still working.
    Once A - I see....concert,dome tour,cf...Photo shoot...ETC.
    Once C - Come on,Twice get time off don't worry.
    Once G - Everyone,Twice are just the hard working type,so be proud!
    If you think our TWICE are overwork,please support them more for
    their hard work,Do not let their hard work be wasted,cherish them!
    The price they pay to become who they are now,is not easy,love em!

  • luke amar
    luke amar 12 hours ago +2

    im so hot

  • Michael Alanano
    Michael Alanano 12 hours ago +5


  • Bie lly
    Bie lly 12 hours ago +4 watch and subscribe to her....great violinist.
    She does great covers in her channel.😊 She did this too..

  • AngelF1X
    AngelF1X 12 hours ago

    มาเพราะพี่เอก shadow die yes or yes 5555

  • malak ranime
    malak ranime 12 hours ago

  • No Name
    No Name 13 hours ago +7


  • YoonSanha Pabo
    YoonSanha Pabo 13 hours ago +15

    2:11 - Nayeon (Im Nayeon)
    - Face Of the group
    - Oldest, Fake Maknae
    - Mostly Starts The Song
    - Center
    - Main Vocal
    - Korean
    - Her Bunny teeth are adorable
    1:02 - Jeongyeon (Yoo Jeongyeon)
    - Second Oldest
    - Lead Vocal
    - (my bias lol)
    - Her short hair is life
    - Korean
    2:35 - Momo (Hirai Momo)
    - Main Dancer
    - Japanese
    - Also a rapper and sub-vocal
    - Jokbal Lover
    1:28 - Sana (Minatozaki Sana)
    - Japanese
    - Vocal and Lead Dancer
    - Protect her
    - Gay
    2:04 - Jihyo (Park Jisoo/Jihyo)
    - God Jihyo and Leader
    - Spent 10 years training :(
    - Main Vocal
    - Pretends to be straight
    - Korean
    1:15 - Mina (Myoui Mina)
    - Penguin
    - Lead Dancer
    - Black Swan
    - Vocalist
    - Japanese
    2:21 - Dahyun (Kim Dahyun)
    - Dubu/Tofu
    - Lead Rapper
    - Extra
    - Korean
    2:25 -Chaeyoung(Son Chaeyoung)
    - Main Rapper
    - Baby Tiger
    - Underrated
    - Korean
    1:35 - Tzuyu (Chou Tzuyu)
    - Youngest
    - Taiwanese
    - Visual
    - Vocal
    -Tzuyu is Pronounced as "chewy"

  • angelyn genisan
    angelyn genisan 13 hours ago +3


  • Darlene Grace
    Darlene Grace 13 hours ago +15

    Once don't just focus on yoy also focus at dtna please thr vi3ws are slower 0lease and also candy pop

    GINGA BELOVED TZUYU 13 hours ago +9

    162,159,921 views and 2,131,864 Likes!
    The day is still young,so keep on streaming!
    Never a day without TWICE,Now that's happiness!

  • Kam Yi Siu
    Kam Yi Siu 13 hours ago +5

    TWICE is our love

  • keyla kayana
    keyla kayana 13 hours ago +4

    Yes or yes!!!😁😁

  • Kimmy Cassie
    Kimmy Cassie 13 hours ago +5

    S T R E A M C A N D Y P O P ! ! !

  • 橘貓小湯圓
    橘貓小湯圓 13 hours ago +5

    TWICE fighting😻😻😻

  • May tube
    May tube 13 hours ago +5

    who's excited for their new comeback!!?? me!!!

  • 生田絵梨花推し
    生田絵梨花推し 14 hours ago +2


  • kenneth panibe
    kenneth panibe 14 hours ago +3

    Ilove Momo

  • Kpop Nics
    Kpop Nics 14 hours ago +16

    Belated happy birthday penguin minaaaaa sorry i have school!!! i'm str3am1ng dis for u❤


    162,146,532 views and 2,131,762 Loves!
    Without TWICE I am like a salted fish
    drying in the sun...I am a Pisces and
    I need my TWICE Ocean,Teaser please!!!

  • 。民
    。民 14 hours ago +1


  • Gabriel garibotti
    Gabriel garibotti 14 hours ago +9

    I love twice
    My love sana utt
    Amazing Sony
    Twice best the world

  • Lin Ch
    Lin Ch 14 hours ago +3

    129,468 Just do it 🔥 Once

  • 林Frank
    林Frank 15 hours ago +18

    KST 3/26 18:00:162,116,981
    KST 3/25 18:00:161,745,931
    Day141 views: +371,050

  • TWo nICE
    TWo nICE 15 hours ago +4


  • sufyan Azizi
    sufyan Azizi 15 hours ago +6

    Fighting 200 million

  • sufyan Azizi
    sufyan Azizi 15 hours ago +5

    This song so good

  • Itzy Dalla
    Itzy Dalla 15 hours ago +6

    ROAD TO 163M!!!

  • clair De Lune
    clair De Lune 15 hours ago +15

    Onces when the teaser comeout wehave to make it trending all over the world for the video will be 1 worldwide

  • 小西川茉佳
    小西川茉佳 15 hours ago +2


  • Frozen Arm
    Frozen Arm 15 hours ago +4

    2018 ! ยังชอบอยู่

  • Sugiarti Sugisa
    Sugiarti Sugisa 15 hours ago +5

    This is amazing!!