Fifa 20 Squad Builder Showdown!!! NEW ICON DIDIER DROGBA!!! 89 Rated Drogba vs Zweback

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • One of the best strikers in Premier League history is a NEW ICON ON FIFA 20!!! 89 rated Didier Drogba Squad Builder Showdown!!! #Fifa20 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Drogba
    Presented by EA Game Changers - Thank you EA for allowing me to participate at this event
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Comments • 354

  • Margieee Margieee

    Mathy potje fifaaaaaaa!!!

  • Aodhan McWilliams
    Aodhan McWilliams 2 days ago

    I know im late but i see a wild Matthew High Definition Gamer in zwe’s facecam

  • Miguel Malveiro
    Miguel Malveiro 17 days ago


  • Person Person
    Person Person 21 day ago

    Finally a drogba icon

  • Umar Ismail
    Umar Ismail 21 day ago

    Music at 1:57?

  • Jens Westra
    Jens Westra 21 day ago

    Matthy Omg ik zie je achter zweback zitten

  • Louis Barker
    Louis Barker 24 days ago +1

    Do a fifa celebrations in real life,plz?!?!?!

  • Abdel Azirar
    Abdel Azirar 25 days ago

    that 'unluckyyyyy' has never been funny nor amusing and its starting to get really annoying

  • Louis Johnston
    Louis Johnston 25 days ago +1

    Zweback is so dumb Andy couldn't have went for malcuit at right back

  • Laurin Wilkes
    Laurin Wilkes 25 days ago

    mattHD having a blast

  • Alex Busch
    Alex Busch 25 days ago

    Andy went and looked at all keepers in Zwe club, dirty bro

  • Louis Johnston
    Louis Johnston 25 days ago +1

    This is the amount of squad builder showdowns Andy will make in Fifa 20

  • Elliott Baker
    Elliott Baker 25 days ago +1

    Vs Zweback ft. MattHDGamer lurking

  • Luke Boon
    Luke Boon 25 days ago

    should change a rule to what capguntom has, if you hit one of the bronzes then make them discard the original player they wanted to put in there

  • Superman Deadstroke
    Superman Deadstroke 25 days ago

    That is unfair because u saw his goalkeeper so u knew who he could pick u completely cheated

  • Brt Brt
    Brt Brt 26 days ago +1

    Didn’t realise how much of a try hard Andy is, picking bad players and playing the game

  • Bobman
    Bobman 26 days ago +1

    Andy saw that zwe had sceszny when he gave him handanovic😂
    Absolute cheat

  • Joz
    Joz 26 days ago

    Hey Andy I know your road to glory channel is just a bit of fun but I really enjoy watching it I’m not asking you to upload daily but could we at least have some content throughout the year instead of you leaving it halfway through the year
    Kind regards josh

  • Phillaz Willaz
    Phillaz Willaz 26 days ago

    Best series on TheXvid

  • Max Bouwman
    Max Bouwman 26 days ago

    lekker smikkelkoppie van matthy op de achtergrond😂

  • Joe Mcleod
    Joe Mcleod 26 days ago

    Why are stats minus 10

  • Adam Catterall
    Adam Catterall 26 days ago

    Is it me or did zwe say lucas leiva not allan

  • Marc Feathers
    Marc Feathers 26 days ago

    6:56 matt chewing to the music

  • Keiron Brown4
    Keiron Brown4 26 days ago

    SBSD with Reev
    Like so Andy can see

  • Bertie Lane
    Bertie Lane 26 days ago

    Bit cheaty to look at his gk and see that when u used handanovich in cm, he only had woszech left as a good goalie

  • Toby Cross
    Toby Cross 26 days ago

    Northampton away kit

  • Toby Cross
    Toby Cross 26 days ago +1

    Zwe what a kit 👞👞

  • Soccer!
    Soccer! 26 days ago

    Zwe really does not know how to play SBSD. Generally, you try to NOT pick the obvious players.

  • JT Thurman
    JT Thurman 27 days ago +1

    Love the new Squad Builder jump cut edit

  • Mr Worldwide
    Mr Worldwide 27 days ago

    Andy with his cheats. You can't name a better duo. No wonder he's been winning recently

  • Josh Sutton
    Josh Sutton 27 days ago

    Im.gunna give a like cause I rate the effort mate but whats with the 76 Def on his card,only reason I clicked was to see if thats true

  • Reactionツ
    Reactionツ 27 days ago

    Yo do I have to pre order fifa to get the ea access or can i just get the ea access for the 8hrs then when fifa comes out just get it then

  • potvis
    potvis 27 days ago

    Matthy op de achtergrond
    Like als je dit zag

  • mephisto40
    mephisto40 27 days ago

    The scripting is more obvious than ever

  • TXZ_ momogray48
    TXZ_ momogray48 27 days ago +1


  • DG Gaming
    DG Gaming 27 days ago

    Why dose the swich over thing sound like the big brother

  • Robbe De Cock
    Robbe De Cock 27 days ago

    Matty in the building

  • Nicholas Warrens
    Nicholas Warrens 27 days ago

    Why does he tell them to blag just say the players

  • luke_072
    luke_072 27 days ago

    16:26 matthy aan t smikkelen bij zweback

  • Faiyaaz Khan
    Faiyaaz Khan 27 days ago

    The transition screen is a bit too long Andy... Enjoyed the video though...

  • Itrolling Devil7
    Itrolling Devil7 27 days ago

    Do sbsd with chesnoidgaming

  • PACYBITS 433 solutions

    Matt tryna be awkwardly out of the frame whilst also enjoying the squad builder showdown.

  • Riki ZZ
    Riki ZZ 27 days ago

    We want more sbsd

  • CreggDeEgg 13
    CreggDeEgg 13 27 days ago

    Ad came up after Andy said bale, it was the bale wish ad...

  • Euan Twiddy
    Euan Twiddy 27 days ago

    How much do u think drogba 89 will be? I really want him

  • Sean McDonald
    Sean McDonald 27 days ago

    Why is Bale so thin in this game???

  • Nicky Thompson
    Nicky Thompson 27 days ago

    Wonder if Andy gets banned from playing fifa like tass did for saying gay 🤔

  • Leo _lloy
    Leo _lloy 27 days ago

    How is that card 89

  • Jake Leibowitz
    Jake Leibowitz 27 days ago

    Please tell me the in-between cut scene glitch thing won't happen during the year.

  • Ayman Adam
    Ayman Adam 27 days ago

    Do with itani REEV and Jack54

  • george N
    george N 27 days ago

    Allan or lucas leiva

  • Mauro Schellens
    Mauro Schellens 27 days ago

    16:25 matthy lol

  • Matthew McG
    Matthew McG 27 days ago

    Why do you keep playing with the trainer arrow on?

  • F Itc
    F Itc 27 days ago

    14:44 random fifalosophy

  • Jonno Hicks
    Jonno Hicks 27 days ago

    How does Bake have more shooting than Aubameyang?!

  • Roan Spillane
    Roan Spillane 27 days ago

    Zwe might be the worst sbsd player

  • ImDamu
    ImDamu 27 days ago

    Like voor mathy in de achtergrond

  • Mystik Vlogs
    Mystik Vlogs 27 days ago

    Zwe went for such predictable players oh dear me

  • lame potato
    lame potato 27 days ago

    you love to see ab sbsd from your boi aj3

  • Euthanized
    Euthanized 27 days ago

    Northampton town kit bois, shoe army