• Published on May 19, 2019
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  • Natalie Barnett
    Natalie Barnett Month ago +19

    and he got to this point because
    ...he never gave up ❤️

  • avni93
    avni93 Month ago +8

    Omg I love Alfie but it’s not Chai Coffee or “guy-ro”

  • Sofie Myers
    Sofie Myers Month ago +1


  • Nerdy A
    Nerdy A Month ago +13

    This may sound random but I really think a nose ring would suit you

  • Stephanie Rogers
    Stephanie Rogers Month ago +10

    Also just wanted to appreciate the way you interact with people on the daily. (The frame at 11:25 is my favoriteeeeeee)

  • Stephanie Rogers
    Stephanie Rogers Month ago +18

    5:55 has my whole heart. What a cool way btw to slide in you’re a viewer, “... for the 90 day challenge” like come on 💛

  • james mai
    james mai Month ago +5

    Greetings Alfie, my company has a technology which adds depth to moving film and stills, I can send you a private sample, and maybe we can help you with your 'depth of field' project. Just let me know. James.

  • Mia
    Mia Month ago +3

    baby Alfie!!! heheheehe

  • Jelly Bean123
    Jelly Bean123 Month ago

    I saw you at the theatre 🎭 x

  • Cody hood
    Cody hood Month ago +3

    What’s that song in the car??? Please please I’m begging, tried Shazam but it’s too shot a clip

  • Jhan
    Jhan Month ago +8

    Wow! That 90 Day Challenge has Morgan looking completely different already! 😱 I wasn't sure that was him when he first showed up in the video!

  • Beautymerge
    Beautymerge Month ago +5

    I saw you the other day in Brighton , you’re the nicest person!

  • Ali Edmunds
    Ali Edmunds Month ago +2

    You're a huge inspiration to me bro and to the new content I'll be making this year. Thank you so much, and keep up the amazing vlogs and beautiful videos.

  • Priscilla Valenzuela
    Priscilla Valenzuela Month ago +4


  • lew97
    lew97 Month ago +1

    look so fit at the start of this , jesus

  • Tamanna Chowdhury
    Tamanna Chowdhury Month ago +1

    Great vlog! 10 years is bizarre! ☺️

  • Mel McCaughey
    Mel McCaughey Month ago +1

    chai is tea not coffee!

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice Month ago

    Enjoyed watching it

  • Ellie. Xoxo
    Ellie. Xoxo Month ago +1

    Omg that wrap looked amazing 👀😍

  • Nami
    Nami Month ago +2

    I’m pretty sure that song at 22:35 is Sam’s song! Sam Tompkins

  • Natalie Kwan
    Natalie Kwan Month ago

    Literally I can't find the new episode of the secrets out.. did I not receive the notifications?

  • niall
    niall Month ago +5

    no matter who you are, if you're reading this, have a wonderful week and if you want to do something then do it. Don't listen to anyone else, just do it. :) x

  • Karis Harnett
    Karis Harnett Month ago +29

    Alfie where is the secrets out! Doesn’t look like it has been uploaded 😥😩

  • Noora Adnan
    Noora Adnan Month ago +27

    I met you in Brighton by coincidence the other day and you’re so fucking humble and sweet but still got nervous for some reason so I just waved and I was too shook to ask u for a pic Bc I literally grew up watching you

  • Grace Gordon
    Grace Gordon Month ago +45

    puberty was good to you.

  • Cheyenne Gamblin
    Cheyenne Gamblin Month ago +7

    wheres the secrets out video!?! cant find it anywhere

  • mmjrr
    mmjrr Month ago +12

    That Glo up though 🤩🤩

  • Nisha Victoria
    Nisha Victoria Month ago +6

    Its so surreal that its been 10 years!! Omg!!

  • Emily Bleach
    Emily Bleach Month ago +4

    There's no secrets out

  • Life According To Rachy

    Oh that food looked so good!
    I’m going there ASAP 😋

  • Kerry Morton
    Kerry Morton Month ago +4

    Getting quite emosh watching this💜

  • Chadaru Xx
    Chadaru Xx Month ago +3

    Omg can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I’ve been watching you for ages. I remember buying your original grey T-shirt merch. 😂😂

  • Paula Murphy
    Paula Murphy Month ago +3

    Aww that puppy was so gorgeous

  • Lizayra
    Lizayra Month ago +2

    Always when you film in the car it looks like you are in an aquarium.. the video sort of waves :p

  • Jenna Rae
    Jenna Rae Month ago +5

    The glow-up from 10 years ago is too real

  • Ickle Bear
    Ickle Bear Month ago +7

    What's the song at 22:35?

  • Merijn Mulder
    Merijn Mulder Month ago +8

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 22:35? I've been searching for twenty minutes but can't find it 😭

  • Eloraïby Cherine
    Eloraïby Cherine Month ago +5

    really enjoying these vlogs but I kind of miss the old pointlessblog videos ( tags , sister vs gf , challenges ....)

  • Jerrica Perry
    Jerrica Perry Month ago +1

    We appreciate u Alfie!

  • BasicallyBrandi
    BasicallyBrandi Month ago +3

    Morgan got cuter.

  • amandahoopla
    amandahoopla Month ago +7

    I'm not sure if the format is any different in this video but it felt really fresh! Something about the pace or editing

  • Jessica Mitton
    Jessica Mitton Month ago +3

    i new that you would do this because your not scared to ask people for things

  • Rali L
    Rali L Month ago +2

    Where the first tshirt from? I really like it!

  • Sofie Miclotte
    Sofie Miclotte Month ago +1

    I love the happy vibes!

  • Seanelliottoc
    Seanelliottoc Month ago +3

    You need to bring back that outro 🙌🏼😂

  • Stefa
    Stefa Month ago +2

    22:36 , what is the song someone help?

  • Emily Graceness
    Emily Graceness Month ago +5

    Alfie, you are a perfect example of an individual who uses social media as a job YET is a great communicator with strangers (remaining polite, small talk etc.) It is very great to see that example from influencers.

  • Cecilia Holm
    Cecilia Holm Month ago

    What's happening to the Secret's Out?

  • Georgia
    Georgia Month ago +45

    It’s sooo funny to see how young you actually started! As you’re a bit older than me I always saw you as "old" when actually you weren’t!!!!!

  • StacyMalibu
    StacyMalibu Month ago +9

    which challenge is he talking about?

    • StacyMalibu
      StacyMalibu Month ago

      @P Lestrange thank you!!

    • StacyMalibu
      StacyMalibu Month ago

      @Tanya Swartz thank you!!

    • P Lestrange
      P Lestrange Month ago +1

      Some healthy food thing or training

    • Tanya Swartz
      Tanya Swartz Month ago +1

      StacyMalibu he has to eat healthy and train in the gym for 90 days. That challenge?

  • Paperaeroplanegirl
    Paperaeroplanegirl Month ago +7

    This was a fun vlog I really enjoyed it and the challenge part was fun too.

  • Sinduja Senthilvel
    Sinduja Senthilvel Month ago +29

    Chai means tea in a few languages in India

    • Noora Adnan
      Noora Adnan Month ago

      Yess it means that in the gulf area too!

  • Sassy Sister
    Sassy Sister Month ago +12

    You did this years ago at McDonald’s and that’s how Zoe found out about apple pies?

  • declan milne
    declan milne Month ago +6

    alfie are you coming to australia for whatever reason any time soon?

  • Georgia Packham
    Georgia Packham Month ago +21

    Anyone know the song as 22:35??

  • Cassie Dix
    Cassie Dix Month ago +5

    What does the eye on your hat mean?

    • Jennifer 5
      Jennifer 5 Month ago

      It's his future self logo

    • Havana-Mae Eiffert
      Havana-Mae Eiffert Month ago

      Like before watching as it's an eye with a heart the heart symbolises like and the eye is watching x as many people like the video before watching it x LBW

    • Esme
      Esme Month ago

      It's his brand future self x

    • TB gaming
      TB gaming Month ago

      Cassie Dix it’s his ‘future self’ brand logo

  • Maryam Abrishamkar
    Maryam Abrishamkar Month ago +6

    Chai is tea in India and most countries in Middle East such as Iran 😊

  • Nasapol Kundee
    Nasapol Kundee Month ago

    I'm from Thailand

  • BriteStarr285
    BriteStarr285 Month ago +12

    Alfie is such a flirt haha.

    • k ä t ë
      k ä t ë Month ago

      I remember him and Zoe talked about this in a video a while ago and he said that he's just really friendly even though it comes off to some people that he's flirting with them lol

  • Sophie mckeogh
    Sophie mckeogh Month ago +6

    what song? 22:35

  • S B
    S B Month ago

    My guest guess:
    Sam Tomkins
    Also in the future I think Proudlock from M.I.C

  • Rachel Feuer
    Rachel Feuer Month ago

    Love you so much Alfie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Gisela Vargas
    Gisela Vargas Month ago +2

    Omg...that is so cute...seeing your beginning! You did gymnastics? Cool. I did gymnastics in high school. No wonder the trampoline and wall climbing!

  • Amanda Khalil
    Amanda Khalil Month ago +6

    Anyone know the song playing at 22:39?

  • Alika Tara Nelson
    Alika Tara Nelson Month ago +3

    Cinzia and Shop is and guests please 👏👏👏👏👏👏👑👏👏👏👏👏

  • Sneha Mulchandani
    Sneha Mulchandani Month ago +7

    That glow up tho

  • nida shafa
    nida shafa Month ago

    Love you alfie

  • idora musa
    idora musa Month ago +2

    What song was that?? :-D

  • elloelloella
    elloelloella Month ago +3

    The way he pronounces ‘exactly’ is so funny 🤣🤣 ezzaktly

  • Jenesis Navarro
    Jenesis Navarro Month ago +7

    Why does young Alfie look like the kid from the Umbrella Academy 😎
    Also has alfie posted the new Secrets Out video? I’m looking for it and I can’t find it

  • Danii
    Danii Month ago

    Loved your take on letting someone else decide what you eat 🙂 and how cute were you in those first YT videos!! Lol

  • peter11612
    peter11612 Month ago +3

    this was a fun vlog :)

  • Luciana Jifi
    Luciana Jifi Month ago

    As always great content Alfie, greetings from México

  • S H
    S H Month ago

    Great video as always!!

  • AbiSays
    AbiSays Month ago +1

    Yesssss loooved the little clip of Hoodie Allen in the car 🤣🤣

  • Sherri Ashton
    Sherri Ashton Month ago +1

    Sometimes I get homesick for Brighton watching these videos 😔

  • Felicity
    Felicity Month ago +2

    Please get Joel and Lia on an episode of the Secrets Out!! They deserve more of a UK audience

  • Sophia T.
    Sophia T. Month ago +4

    Actually ridiculous that you have difficulty getting guests. People should be lining up because you are such a prominent TheXvidr

    • Jenna Rae
      Jenna Rae Month ago

      Sophia T. He said in a previous video that it’s more-so just a scheduling thing... many of the people/friends he wants to interview are more than happy to come on but just have busy schedules :)

  • Lauren Freeman
    Lauren Freeman Month ago +2

    Cheeky bit of ABBA in the background can’t go wrong mate

  • beatriz limon
    beatriz limon Month ago +2

    Wow Alfie hasn't change, he is personally and good vibes have been with him since he first started. 😍😍😊😘

  • A Piece of My Mind
    A Piece of My Mind Month ago +3

    Make sure that when you use the half pipe to wear a helmet! Brain injuries are very serious! And if it were me, I would wear wrist braces too

  • Josh Churchill
    Josh Churchill Month ago

    Loved the video.

  • Shirlley Kastiel
    Shirlley Kastiel Month ago

    Which song is that in the end of the vlog?? ♥

  • India Orr
    India Orr Month ago +5

    What’s the song about 22:30

  • Beluu Ospital
    Beluu Ospital Month ago +6

    what´s the name of the song in the minute 22:35?

  • Soul Of Music
    Soul Of Music Month ago

    Great video

  • Pennystudio99
    Pennystudio99 Month ago +6

    I think you should figure out a new way to do your show "The Secret's Out" without having to rely on guests. I really like the show and wish it was on more often.

  • Katharine Farnsworth

    Please could you film Nala more because she is so cute!

  • Hellokitty
    Hellokitty Month ago +1

    I knew he was gonna make this somehow

  • Rebekah Coles
    Rebekah Coles Month ago +2

    I can’t find the new secrets out video!
    Absolutely love all your videos
    Please so a secrets out with Zoe mark dianne and joe! Xx

  • angelinamariemusic7
    angelinamariemusic7 Month ago +2

    His voice back then lol

    FERK ERFF Month ago +5

    *What's the name of the song @**22:35**?*

  • nessa jones
    nessa jones Month ago +1

    Alfie when do you start canoeing across the channel?

  • Talia Bennett
    Talia Bennett Month ago +4

    What is the song at 22:35?

  • Laura L
    Laura L Month ago

    i cackled when he said babilicious box 😂

  • Bella Christie
    Bella Christie Month ago +1

    Is the secrets out live now because I cant find it

  • Neža Špringer
    Neža Špringer Month ago +5

    can someone pleaseee let me know the name of the song at 22:35 ??

  • Josh Grantham
    Josh Grantham Month ago +6

    What is the song called at 22:35- 22:40?

  • ieasha edmond
    ieasha edmond Month ago +5

    Alfie like gets more better looking the older he gets lol, it's not fair .

  • Abby Clark
    Abby Clark Month ago +1

    That last wrap you had looked AMASING! 😍