Moto E4 Screen Scratch Test Gorilla Glass

  • Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • Hello technology lovers here are we beat and rub some tools on the display of "Motorola Moto E4" for scratch test because it has protection of gorilla glass, then check how much scratches on it's glass.
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  • JasnoGT
    JasnoGT Month ago

    Watching on my E4😁. These are tough phones. Had mine for almost 2 years.

  • Noob Noobski
    Noob Noobski 2 months ago

    I have moto e4 Huawei honor 7a Samsung galaxy a5

  • N Larios
    N Larios 3 months ago

    Phone jus got turned on🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Urumashii 6789
    Urumashii 6789 3 months ago

    eu tenho um moto e4

  • T-Animations
    T-Animations 5 months ago

    Watching this on my Moto E4

  • TECH P.H.
    TECH P.H. 6 months ago

    Bheya agar me is ko test karu agar phone tuta to app mujhe new phone denge Kya?

  • Cai The Titan
    Cai The Titan 8 months ago +1

    Droped my Moto e4 on concrete way to many times and not a scratch.

    • MLGkillerjeffy 3
      MLGkillerjeffy 3 5 months ago

      It's the same with me I droped it on really bumpy concreat and not a scratch

    6IX9INE SCUMLIFE 8 months ago

    Es contra Agua?

  • آلاء سان _Alaa san

    أنا هاتفي مثلو و لكن لونه وردي

  • آلاء سان _Alaa san
    آلاء سان _Alaa san 9 months ago +1

    عربي ليك

  • Carlos Soler Bedoya
    Carlos Soler Bedoya 9 months ago

    Vaya y se le caiga el móvil y queda con mil pedacitos de cuadros...

  • Nicoly Xavier
    Nicoly Xavier 9 months ago +1

    Botem na cabeça de vocês que ele tá TESTANDO

    • Mary Tybuscheski
      Mary Tybuscheski 4 months ago

      O meu celular caiu no chão e nem foi de uma altura muito grande e já quebrou moto E4

    ROLEX 10 months ago

    Bate Forte Arrombado

  • Barbara moraes
    Barbara moraes 10 months ago

    Eu tenho um deu Moura dó

  • DJPlays
    DJPlays 10 months ago

    I have the Moto E4 and that's not what it looks like

    • T-Animations
      T-Animations 5 months ago

      Yours is probably bashe. It's all a Moto e4 and mine looks the same as his. It's a super good phone!

  • Снайпер Вормикса

    у меня такой же телефон и разьеб экрн

  • Wolf
    Wolf 11 months ago

    Na no mames no aguanta tanto pinche mentiroso cara de osos

  • ZLucas Games2040d
    ZLucas Games2040d 11 months ago

    Filha da puta, tem gente que queria pelo menos um, tu merecia morrer

  • NikoLetsGoBowling
    NikoLetsGoBowling 11 months ago +1

    Mobile BDSM. My fuckin tent is pitched

  • kihhat
    kihhat 11 months ago

    Esto puede ser considerado maltrato? :'v

  • Dessa vez irei opinar

    Enquanto ele batia nesse, eu fazia carinho no meu 😥😂😂

  • alejandra basques

    I'm have phone

  • lizah Marques
    lizah Marques Year ago

    mano pra que isso ? da pra mim ja que nao ta satisfeito


    I have mine and I drop it and idint broke it

  • anno queen
    anno queen Year ago

    Bhai Maine bhi yahi liya hai 2 month phele

  • Pepepicapapas
    Pepepicapapas Year ago

    Qué test tan estúpido y pérdida de mi tiempo ver esto

  • Teddy Isbell
    Teddy Isbell Year ago


  • Luz Denice
    Luz Denice Year ago

    Y es el moto E4 o
    Moto E4 plus cual es y con vidrio templado ?

  • Luz Denice
    Luz Denice Year ago +2

    Ya entiendo por q se me a caído y sigue intacto 😁

  • Luz Denice
    Luz Denice Year ago


  • Angel
    Angel Year ago

    De le con huevos compa

  • Yo Yo Slpurio Puri

    Moto e4 is best in so good

  • El Mosko De la Merced


  • Ashley H
    Ashley H Year ago

    When you figure out your boyfriends been cheating on you

  • Pinar Karsli
    Pinar Karsli Year ago

    Moto e4 kullanıyorum

  • Muddashir Shishgar

    moto e4 display बेकर है

  • chiều đông lạnh giá

    Không vỡ thật à

  • DeLimasFreitas
    DeLimasFreitas Year ago

    Fake, mine broke after two short falls

  • Carlos Duarte
    Carlos Duarte Year ago

    Jajajaja ni siquiera le pegas duro el mío se calló y se rompio

  • Cameron Baker
    Cameron Baker Year ago

    Mine slip out my hands and broke I've only had it for like a day.

  • Nivea Rezende
    Nivea Rezende Year ago

    Piada isso aí sério 😂😂😂

  • DerpsyDaisy
    DerpsyDaisy Year ago

    God it's like a pirate sexting

  • chilango Hokage
    chilango Hokage Year ago

    Pobre celular meda lastima de verlo que lo están mal tratando

  • Capitan Gamer
    Capitan Gamer Year ago

    Me cago en la puta

  • iDubbbz 2
    iDubbbz 2 Year ago

    it cracked my phone

  • Ray López
    Ray López Year ago

    Chale y a mi se me callo y se hizo trizas la pantalla

    RAMA KHATRI Year ago

    ullu bana raha h mera phone to tut gaya ab iske paise tu dega kya

  • Tayna alves Barbosa

    ele tem pena de quebrar porque se não ele já tinha botado na mesa e batido com vontade 😜

  • debasish panda
    debasish panda Year ago +1

    Is the already tempered glass touch screen???

  • Julian Armstrong
    Julian Armstrong Year ago +1

    He woopin the phone

  • Julian Armstrong
    Julian Armstrong Year ago +1

    It was typing leters

  • Eky GamingZ
    Eky GamingZ Year ago

    Penyiksaan 😂😂

  • Retnabudi Yati priuk

    Kuat jg ni hp Motorola e4 plus... canggih dah😍😁😁😁

  • snichblustA game
    snichblustA game Year ago

    OMG resist tour fucking test

  • Muzamil Com Com
    Muzamil Com Com Year ago

    Bhai mere ko de ek war main mobile khatam

  • HEADSHOT Gaming
    HEADSHOT Gaming Year ago

    I have also done but I have done little much hard my phone han broke

    SUPREMEACY Year ago

    I have the same phone

  • WG Game
    WG Game Year ago

    Velocidade 2X

  • d r
    d r Year ago

    Dropped mine on the sidewalk and it cracked so bad the microphone broke. Can't make calls without headphones until the E4 Plus I ordered comes in the mail. Obviously, I can still recommend the phone since I ordered it's successor, but it's not drop proof or anything. Otherwise great phone especially for the price. The E4 Plus looks even better, worth the extra money especially since the regular E4 seems to be being phased out. I'll be getting a case this time!

  • Ramesh kumar
    Ramesh kumar Year ago

    Ye to bakbas kuo dikha Raha h ssle