Scooby Doo the Mystery Begins - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on May 9, 2018
  • The third Scooby Doo film goes back to when the gang first met, but the Critic doesn't think it can break the bad Scooby movie curse. Let's see how it plays out!
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    Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins (also known as Scooby-Doo 3 or Scooby-Doo 3: The Mystery Begins) is a 2009 American made-for-television comedy film directed by Brian Levant. It is the third installment in the Scooby-Doo live-action film series, revealing how the Mystery Inc. gang met and the events of their very first case.
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Comments • 6 837

  • Rob Scallon
    Rob Scallon 8 months ago +1988


  • ziad hassan
    ziad hassan 11 hours ago

    I think that white thing on the floor was what is left from two teenagers having sex 😳.

  • Jared K
    Jared K 13 hours ago +1

    Do the one with the dinosaur ghost!

  • jdalefan
    jdalefan Day ago

    Do the last live action movie

  • Solomon Pleasent
    Solomon Pleasent 4 days ago

    there's a fourth movie...

  • Elyseon
    Elyseon 4 days ago

    Bulk and Skull: The Early Years?

    BADO THE SECOND 4 days ago

    Shaggy was held back twice

    BADO THE SECOND 5 days ago

    Ya see I didn't get anything when I watched that but I was a kid when I Saw it

  • ILoveBlue 64
    ILoveBlue 64 5 days ago

    I lost it when Nostalgia Critic said, "I'm Sparticus." in Scooby-Doo's voice.

  • The Bit Gamer 2
    The Bit Gamer 2 6 days ago

    Doug’s shaggy walk though 😂

  • Sigismund, The Emperor's Champion

    I liked the first one


    You still have one more Scooby Doo Movie to suffer through

  • Parker Payne
    Parker Payne 7 days ago


  • 7SidedFilms
    7SidedFilms 8 days ago

    Do the sequel to this movie, than the Daphne Velma spin off movie.

  • Mark Pearson
    Mark Pearson 10 days ago

    Hey there is still one more scooby doo movie critic get on to it

  • Aden Weinberg
    Aden Weinberg 10 days ago

    Wait. That mans voice. It sounds so familiar. Could it be? Optimas Primal is that you?!

  • souptroophat Esplin
    souptroophat Esplin 10 days ago


  • Jess K.
    Jess K. 11 days ago

    Zack Morris is TRAAAASH!

  • RockBeauty :3
    RockBeauty :3 11 days ago

    Your saggy impression is good.

    MURFGAMING1228 12 days ago

    Why do I think the actor who played Shaggy in this one was related to PBG somehow?

  • Temper Just Temper
    Temper Just Temper 12 days ago

    Now will you do the 4th one

  • Little Kathy
    Little Kathy 13 days ago

    I actually liked this movie.

  • Mychael Darklighter
    Mychael Darklighter 14 days ago

    At least Malcolm’s Freddie has enough effort put in to actually be blonde.

  • Denver Goat
    Denver Goat 14 days ago

    a pup named scooby do

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 14 days ago

    Honestly, this was the most tolerable of the movies to me. I can't stand the other movies with how bad they are. I dunno, I mean, I still like Scary Godmother too. xD

  • FullMetalPunk
    FullMetalPunk 15 days ago

    I remember liking this movie as a kid, rewatching this movie really made Me realize how Hollywood thinks that kids are stupid.

  • The Game Knight
    The Game Knight 17 days ago

    Nostalgia Critic, I'm afraid you have one more trial ahead of you:
    If memory serves me right, there is ONE more of these films.

  • Danielle king
    Danielle king 18 days ago

    the dog fancies velma?This is a kids film isnt it?

  • andrew thompson
    andrew thompson 18 days ago

    The intro scooby doo parody Is so f$cking funny.

  • Princess Strickland
    Princess Strickland 18 days ago

    please make fun of "curse of the lake monster" NC

  • Goldenglare_thewindeater

    I feel like if they were going to do another scooby-doo movie they should get Danny from game grumps. I always got a kind of “shaggy” the character vibe from him. And not in a weird way.


    I hate this but I loved the first two scooby doo movies

  • ShadowVanish 42
    ShadowVanish 42 22 days ago

    4:07 Oh god, they roped Firestorm into this.

  • Aralanda Foster
    Aralanda Foster 23 days ago

    W.H.F critic it's just scooby Doo

  • kosher.
    kosher. 24 days ago

    Why'd they make Daphne the nerd and Velma the hot one?

  • wyyyve
    wyyyve 24 days ago

    is no one going to talk about how bad fred is, they couldn't buy a seven dollar bottle of hair bleach?

  • Joseph Rowe
    Joseph Rowe 24 days ago

    No talking, no texting and no eating.
    Ursula: No singing, ZIP *pop*!

  • Joseph Rowe
    Joseph Rowe 24 days ago

    7:55 I can see me lovin' nobody but you!
    For all my life!
    When you're with me baby the skies will be blue!
    For all my life!
    Me and you and you and me!
    No matter how they toss the dice!
    It had to be, the only one for me is you!
    And you for me! So happy together!

  • The HoennRegi
    The HoennRegi 25 days ago

    Who liked because he made a iron giant reference?Just me?ok

  • לוחמי האופל
    לוחמי האופל 25 days ago

    Its hair or you bald

  • Justin W.
    Justin W. 26 days ago +3

    Movie takes place in 1969 but daphne has a cell phone

  • SomeRandom Fangirl
    SomeRandom Fangirl 26 days ago

    "You know, those football mannequins every high school has." My parents' high school has a suit of armor in the lunchroom. Much scarier.

  • BatmanFan 76
    BatmanFan 76 26 days ago +5

    Shaggy: Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
    Scooby: Right Here.
    NC: Oh, Come On! Do You Even Watch The Show?! It's Not "Right Here"! It's...
    Scooby: Over Here!
    LOL 😅

  • BatmanFan 76
    BatmanFan 76 26 days ago +1

    Nostalgia Critic, Where Are Ic?

  • BadSodaProductions
    BadSodaProductions 27 days ago

    That Bioshock reference though

  • Chrissy Hill
    Chrissy Hill 27 days ago

    scoobert doobert

  • Miss Mangas
    Miss Mangas Month ago

    I prefer the first Scooby-doo movie. Yeah, it wasn't perfect but the actors who plays Shaggy and the others were good and the music was nice. Also, the mystery was surprising and the monsters were kinda cool. Mary-jane was totally useless and Scrappy was super annoying though, can't deny it! In this one, the characters are pale copies of themselves. Remove all the charm from the ones in the first movie and you got theses peoples, they are bad except for Shaggy who is pretty funny ^^
    About Scooby, i prefer his old design even if it didn't look exactly like in the comics or the tv show. This new design is freaking scary O-O Oh and he isn't hilarious or interresting either. At least, the old Scooby know how to fight and was always there for his friends. He was captured by Mister Bean but manage to solve the mystery with the others. Here, he is a victim like Peach from Mario; completely pointless.
    Overall, this movie is average; not excellent, not terrible. It's alright if you don't agree with me, we have differents opinions and i respect yours.

  • AlexKnight1986
    AlexKnight1986 Month ago

    So after the last movie when they tackled a villain with the voice of Ratrap/Dinobot/Silverbolt we get a prequel where they’re sentence to detention by Optimus Primal? Lol what’s next, they get mugged by Cheetor? Car jacked by Megatron? Kidnapped by Rhinox?

  • Traffic Jam
    Traffic Jam Month ago

    Please don’t tell me Americans get good Scooby-Doo content on Netflix

  • Yahir Garcia
    Yahir Garcia Month ago


  • Blue eyes Spyro the dragon

    the dead man on the floor looks like mike jeffereys from Battle Bots

  • Faze Mint
    Faze Mint Month ago

    There’s a four Scooby-Doo movie from Cartoon Network

  • Rachael Curran
    Rachael Curran Month ago


  • sound blast
    sound blast Month ago

    Am I gonna be the one to tell him about the forth movie, curse of the lake monster

  • Bryan Johnstone
    Bryan Johnstone Month ago

    Wouldn't having real ghosts in the origin movie completely screw the entire series?

  • Kyle Wolfe
    Kyle Wolfe Month ago

    Scooby Doo's brother is named Scoobydum your welcome

  • jackalantorn
    jackalantorn Month ago +1

    Can any find the (poop like a champion today) sighn

  • Luis Antonio Domínguez Ávila

    You are not funny.

  • Josh The Hipster
    Josh The Hipster Month ago

    16:02 that's actually really cool!

  • Rith Trelin
    Rith Trelin Month ago +2

    TBH, if you showed me a picture of the new Velma, and asked me who she was, I'd probably be able to guess it's her.

  • Toool
    Toool Month ago


  • Fortit Jordan
    Fortit Jordan Month ago

    Malcolm is the best

  • Aid Tl
    Aid Tl Month ago

    Looks like the Lutece’s are up to their old tricks again XD

  • madara x mangaka
    madara x mangaka Month ago

    Zoinks and shit 😂😂😂

  • R. T.
    R. T. Month ago

    17:42 aww that sad little whimper.

  • Jeff Risser
    Jeff Risser Month ago

    Shaved bald head > wispy balding hair

  • DeathGodRiku
    DeathGodRiku Month ago

    Hi Malachite!

  • Rebecca Masterson
    Rebecca Masterson Month ago

    Any plans on doing Scooby-Doo: Curse of the Lake Monster or Daphne & Velma? Would really be interested to see your thoughts on those.

  • Anthony Bundy
    Anthony Bundy Month ago

    Scoobabomber 😂🤣😂🤣😂. I died at that part 😂🤣

  • Logan Huntley
    Logan Huntley Month ago

    “The Scooba Bomber” fucking killed me

  • Cameron Wilson
    Cameron Wilson Month ago

    You know what i just heard. Scooby said Booby rack

  • The Flip Book Boy
    The Flip Book Boy Month ago


  • JustN64
    JustN64 Month ago

    Yeesh CNreal was a nightmare

  • Sarah Randall
    Sarah Randall Month ago

    I'd rather literally eat straight cocoa powder than watch this.

  • Cartoon Takeover
    Cartoon Takeover Month ago

    Plz critique Scooby Doo 4: Curse of the Lake Monster!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago

    "Friends, Countrymen, lend me your ears" is Antony, Critic. FOR SHAME!

  • kumo the dutch Angel dragon

    I always figured that Scooby was named after the Scooby snacks because he likes them and shaggy had some because blue liked them aswell but ok

  • Caidalee
    Caidalee Month ago +4

    Ironic casting of Velma is ironic

  • Anthony Drallmeyer
    Anthony Drallmeyer Month ago

    And guess what? This is STILL not it! There's a FOURTH ONE!

  • darksquirrel409
    darksquirrel409 Month ago

    14:23, that's Velma not Daphne 🤦

  • One Geek Vs All Mainstream

    Honestly the second one with these actors was so awesome to watch growing up.

  • fnaflolbit 101
    fnaflolbit 101 Month ago

    Now it's time for you to review the forth one......

  • Practice Run Studios

    I had a gym teacher whose son plays in the NFL. It's possible.

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant Month ago

    Ok enough of this! Critic It’s time for you to review a actual good Scooby doo movie with an actually good mystery, it’s time for TERROR.
    Get it?

  • Jarod Farrant
    Jarod Farrant Month ago

    Why wouldn’t anyone like scooby as a pet? Great Danes There super cuddly and will tar anyone who mess with their family part.

  • Silent Protagonist
    Silent Protagonist Month ago

    Coke 2 was the killer?

  • Antilles Gaming
    Antilles Gaming Month ago

    What I love about the videos is how he does the commercial break

  • Ghost Recon Retards

    Was that a nod to bioshock?
    I think that was a nod to bioshock

  • Roman Kazinets
    Roman Kazinets Month ago

    So... Controversy over?

  • Philly
    Philly Month ago

    3:15 "ZOINKS AND SHIT!"
    omg I need that on a t shirt. XD

  • Mathias Voorhees
    Mathias Voorhees Month ago

    I love how nobody seems to mind the fact that Scooby is literally THE only dog who looks like CGI crap. Like if I saw that I'm pretty sure I would shit myself.

  • Sketch_ Tepig
    Sketch_ Tepig Month ago

    17:28 to be fair those planes the vice principal has for some reason have fucking bullets in the for some garsh darn reason like all model airplanes do

  • Zed Said
    Zed Said Month ago

    Who knew Hayley Kiyoko was such a good actor that she could seem attracted to Robbie Amell? 🤣

  • Rocket Eagle
    Rocket Eagle Month ago +1

    I actually kind of liked the first two movies. (And Fievel goes west.)

  • TheNerdyCheerleader

    I'm seeing some comments on here saying that the Mystery Inc. show is really good and that kinda stuff, but personally as a longtime fan (literally since the day I was born in 2004) but I personally don't like it much at all.I understand the appeal it's definitely darker and has some complexity but I feel it's not right for the series. I remember it being fun and goofy but just enough seriousness to keep the mystery interesting. It shaped my childhood and to see it changed in a huge way is really sad to me. If you like it than by all means, watch it, enjoy it and don't let my opinion make you think otherwise but personally I don't like it and the changes it made. Another thing I'm seeing is people talking about the sequel to this movie and I can say confidently... I HATE IT SO MUCH! I don't remember much about it but boy the things I do remember I DESPISE. The fact that they made MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER THE VILLAIN PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH! I know she was possessed or whatever but still, as a little kid who loved Velma so freaking much , seeing her villainised was Earth shattering for my tiny brain. And the way they un-possesed her was super dumb as well, I was happy shaggy and Velma kinda ended up together but I still couldn't forgive the other things from this movie and the Lake Monster one (especially the Lake Monster) . Fred having dark hair and being all jocky also severely pissed me off, and again even as a little kid I though Scooby looked HORRENDOUS. I want to be apart of the film industry (specifically model making or texturing in animation) so I'm way too critical on movies I watch but yeah, I hated these movies so much for ruining one of my favourite franchises of all time even to this day, and making it into a putrid movie. Btw I actually really like the other two live action Scooby-Doo movies but that might be nostalgia and good memories talking, but I feel they captured the original spirit and character at least a little better than these abominations did, and the CGI for Scoob looks half decent. Thanks for reading my long rant about this Stuff 😊💖💜🌈💕✨🤩💎👍🏻

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith Month ago

    Critic looks a lot like shaggy lol!

  • Miss Me
    Miss Me Month ago +3

    did you know that Velma was played by Lesbian Jesus?

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake Month ago

    How terrifying would getting stoned as fuck and watching this be?

  • Tito Altimari
    Tito Altimari Month ago

    Where's blond Fred?