Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - All 40 New & Returning Assist Trophies We've Seen So Far (+Origins!)

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • We take a look at all of 40 Assist Trophies we could find in the
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct as well as the E3 Demo! This includes brand new ones like Alucard, Zero from Mega Man, Chef Kawasaki from Kirby, Majora's Mask's Moon, Rathalos, along with returning favorites from Smash Bros. Wii U & Brawl, such as Gray Fox, Nintendog, Knuckles Joe, and tons more!
    ➤ Thanks to KeitaroTime for the Ghirahim footage
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Comments • 2 123

  • Lucario Quaza
    Lucario Quaza 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure they haven't played monster hunter world, since they pronounced Rathalos wrong

  • DickButt Disguised As a Shpee

    I miss Swapnote.

  • Skunk Man
    Skunk Man 8 months ago

    Hey you forgot the devil from the famicom exclusive devil world

  • FurretStudios FurretStudios

    Nikki could be a very instresting fighter

  • dembonez19
    dembonez19 9 months ago

    I need Muddy Mole and/or Jinbe from Mole Mania to be something in Sma5h. Spirits, something. All of these obscure Nintendo games are making their showing, but not that one.😞

    METALMAN4Wii 9 months ago +1

    I won't go in the Kapp'n Rape Bus!

  • Munch KING
    Munch KING 9 months ago

    DIdn't part of that say there was going to be 50+ Assist trophies? SO that means there's at least 11 more.
    EDIT: Yeah the Midna bit says over 50.

  • Beau Rafferty
    Beau Rafferty 9 months ago

    the only returning one from brawl and not sm4sh is gray fox

  • TheNCSmaster
    TheNCSmaster 9 months ago +1

    I hope Isaac becomes a new character and not just an assist trophy again

  • Freddy Williams
    Freddy Williams 10 months ago

    I think they should be renamed Assault Trophies. After all, they seem to get the salt flowing!

  • Chuzzle Films
    Chuzzle Films 10 months ago

    I realized so far, is that Gardevoir WAS a assist trophy yet never appeared yet...

  • Cole Takahashi
    Cole Takahashi 10 months ago

    That's a weak sign off. You can do better then that. Saying good bye is just lazy.

  • Cole Takahashi
    Cole Takahashi 10 months ago +1

    The metriods suck the head not the face.

  • ebay boi
    ebay boi 10 months ago

    Rip waluigi ;(

  • Danie Bello
    Danie Bello 10 months ago

    Yooo ifff Skull Kid with Majora’s Mask was a playable character thooooo

  • Marc Julius
    Marc Julius 10 months ago

    Guys imagine Waluigi was a fighter and they introduced him as an assist trophy to tease us

    RIVARAPTOR 10 months ago +3


  • Quazar_ Pudding YT
    Quazar_ Pudding YT 11 months ago

    2:44 This Had Better Be A Joke!!!

    TURDY_ WATER 11 months ago

    This is off topic but imagine the star allies sparkler from Kirby star allies for Kirby's final smash

  • Logan Bondoc
    Logan Bondoc 11 months ago

    that's Wayforward want Shantae be to a playable character in smash bros ultimate and they Shovel knight as assist trophy to give all hints of about Shantae in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

  • Logan Bondoc
    Logan Bondoc 11 months ago +1

    Have you notice that Shantae is about to be in super smash bros ultimate.

  • Michus V
    Michus V 11 months ago +2

    I feel like the only one who thinks Shadow is a lame idea. It should be Tails, he's Sega's Luigi.

  • Lord Pingu
    Lord Pingu 11 months ago

    who likes lyn better than lucina?

  • Kill me Now hehe
    Kill me Now hehe 11 months ago

    They should have the baby yoshies from new super mario bros u, except for the glow in the dark one, bexause that has no use.

  • Philippinemapper / BFDI Saw

    You forgot Bomberman was battling with Ashley

  • Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd
    Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd 11 months ago +1

    Kapp’n is short for Kidnappn’

  • Mariah Sterling
    Mariah Sterling 11 months ago

    Fronk stage for smash ultimate or fronk for sma5h

  • Daniel The Guy With a Not Creative Name.

    Facts:Being Assist Trophy ins't a bad thing.

  • Volting Master
    Volting Master 11 months ago +2

    Shovel Knight - Too Scared of Meta Knight
    Ashley - Too Scared of Bayonetta

  • Kalen Stevenson
    Kalen Stevenson 11 months ago

    RIP Ghirahim

  • CrimsonLightning098
    CrimsonLightning098 11 months ago

    If Banjo-Kazooie are in the game I want Mumbo as an assist trophy or maybe even Conker.

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 11 months ago

      Conker can't be assist, he ins't a characters in banjo kazooi games

  • Lindsey Barker
    Lindsey Barker 11 months ago

    Along with chef Kawasaki they should add Landia from Return to Dreamland. That would be so cool.

  • Justin Pino
    Justin Pino 11 months ago +1

    Nintendo: Would you like Krystal?
    Fans: Yes!
    Sakurai: Assist trophy!
    Nintendo: Would you like Ashley?
    Fans: Yes!!
    Sakurai: Assist trophy!
    Nintendo: Would you like Bomberman?
    Fans: Yes!!!
    Sakurai: Assist trophy!
    Nintendo: Would you like Shovel Knight?
    Fans: Yes!!!!
    Sakurai: Assist trophy!
    Nintendo: Would you like Lyn?
    Fans: Yes!!!!!
    Sakurai: Assist trophy!
    Nintendo: Would you like Waluigi?
    Fans: YES!!!!!!!!!
    Sakurai:............... Assist trophy!......
    Nintendo: Would you like Simon Belmont?
    Fans: Uh....
    Sakurai: Make him playable with Richter as an echo!
    Nintendo: Would you like Bandanna Dee?
    Fans: Yes!
    Sakurai: Hmmmm......

  • SoLink #DC
    SoLink #DC 11 months ago

    6:07 NOOOOOO I WANT GIRAHIM PLAYABLE !!! #SakuraiGirahimforsmash

  • Bird Brain
    Bird Brain 11 months ago

    Mr ressetti never forgetti
    Also i miss the exitbike racers

  • SamWeltzin
    SamWeltzin 11 months ago +2

    I'm still glad Krystal's an assist trophy, even after all this time since she was confirmed as such.
    Yeah, playable would've been better, but I was convinced Nintendo wanted to forget about the post-StarFox 64 canon entirely. This is a nice nod to fans like me who enjoy the games that came after.

  • ABorealis Glfry
    ABorealis Glfry 11 months ago +1

    4:40 "she"? Isnt sukapon a guy?

  • Opertictheflyguy600
    Opertictheflyguy600 11 months ago

    What if they make some playable roster and assist trophy at the same time like what they did with the dragon from monster hunter

  • Chicken0w0
    Chicken0w0 11 months ago

    *sees shovel knight* MY HEARTH 💔💔

  • Jays 2006
    Jays 2006 11 months ago

    Why is alucard not a fighter?

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 11 months ago

      @O.H. X-90 because castlevania, have two characters, guest franchises only have 1...

    • O.H. X-90
      O.H. X-90 11 months ago

      Jays 2006 Because he is too OP, nuff said.

  • Edgardo Martinez
    Edgardo Martinez 11 months ago +1

    Notice cuphead and Mugman aren't.............hmmmmmmm

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 11 months ago

      @Edgardo Martinez Final Fantasy Explorer and Treathrythm for 3ds...
      Also his franchise FF have alot of games in Nintendo platforms

    • Edgardo Martinez
      Edgardo Martinez 11 months ago +1

      @Marcuz 245** cloud ain't too

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 11 months ago +1

      Cuphead ins't in Nintendo...

  • Byø Kőrā
    Byø Kőrā 11 months ago

    You've missed some I'm pretty sure saki amamiya is still an assist trophy

  • Andrey Kusanagi
    Andrey Kusanagi 11 months ago +2

    i'm still hoping for an SF assist trophy. preferably Chun-Li, but if it's another major character (like say Akuma) i'm OK too.

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 11 months ago

      Akuma is guest in another game(tekken)

  • Pink Saber Attack
    Pink Saber Attack 11 months ago +3

    Everyone talk about too many fire emblem in characters yet they ask for Waluigi in an already large Mario roster

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 11 months ago +1

      @Pink Saber Attack ah good taste

    • Pink Saber Attack
      Pink Saber Attack 11 months ago

      Gerexo Molarroid I see want to see either Isaac or Waddle Dee

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 11 months ago +3

      Smash fandom is so stupid at this point, they wants Geno, paper Mario and Captain Toad too...

    ZOMBIEBONNIE GAMING 11 months ago

    why not make everyone happy
    classic Nintendo controller: Allows player to play as an assist trophy when thrown at
    Example: shovel knight and waluigi can be played as

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** 11 months ago

      Sound cool, but the people only complain for the "competitive fighting game" of smash

  • R R
    R R 11 months ago

    Oooo Shadow could come on🤩

  • owen the Master
    owen the Master 11 months ago +1

    Poor starfy....
    Everyone is crying about waluigi and Ashley, at least they still have games being made.
    This is pretty much all the prince of pufftop has left

  • Jsigma16
    Jsigma16 11 months ago +1

    Its weird to see the Smash community divided just because the assist trophies lol

  • Meme Machine
    Meme Machine 11 months ago

    Oh snap skull kid is Still not decomfirmed

  • Noowis
    Noowis Year ago

    wrath-uh-lohs not ray-sa-loss

  • The Three Furby's

    Awww Ashley is not playable ;(

    • O.H. X-90
      O.H. X-90 Year ago

      The Three Furby's Too bad, beating up little girls is not allowed.

  • Kearko
    Kearko Year ago


  • Christian Evans-Walker

    Assist Trophies
    Technically not in the game
    Super Smash Bros fan logic

    But seriously I played Brawl and a little Wii U, I am excited for this game

  • Tanner Wooden
    Tanner Wooden Year ago +1

    Unpopular opinion:
    Starfy should be playable
    Come at me

  • JoeliRavioli
    JoeliRavioli Year ago

    Rip Shovel Knight.....R.I.P!

  • thatguyonyoutube
    thatguyonyoutube Year ago

    just saying it's pronounced 'wrath-o-loss' not 'Wraith-o-loss'

  • Ridku13
    Ridku13 Year ago

    Does anyone know the background song at 2:35? What stage is it from?

  • richboy27 rick
    richboy27 rick Year ago

    Magnus and shadow aren't assist trophies (unless they just haven't shown magnus yet). Shadow and magnus for ultimate???

  • Play-Yan Music
    Play-Yan Music Year ago


  • Mr.PBBaconL L
    Mr.PBBaconL L Year ago +1

    *Returning Assists*
    Chef Kawasaki
    Shovel Knight
    Squid Sisters
    Burrowing Snagret
    Arcade Bunny
    Gray Fox
    *Smash 4:*
    Dr. Kawashima
    Color TV-Game 15
    Mother Brain
    *Brawl & Smash 4:*
    Knuckle Joe
    Hammer Bro.
    Samurai Goroh
    Dr. Wright

  • Colossal Q
    Colossal Q Year ago

    New assist trophy’s are pretty much saying, “ HEY! you see that character that you really wanted to be a playable character?! Well guess what!!! It’s an assist trophy instead!”

  • thesebsanimation studio


  • Francisco Tapia
    Francisco Tapia Year ago

    Are assist trophies finally going to be useful

  • Gigabite 765
    Gigabite 765 Year ago

    there should be around 10-15 more assist trophies as when midna is being shown underneath her it says theres more than 50 of them

  • Engie49 Roblox
    Engie49 Roblox Year ago

    maybe gooey will be an assist trophy

  • Turtlelover300
    Turtlelover300 Year ago

    they already confirmed more than 50 assist trophies

  • smart kid that is actually depressed

    Klaptrap will probably be King K. Rool's assist trophy

  • WDKinc
    WDKinc Year ago

    I hope Little Mac comes back. He was the best in Brawl, I can't believe they removed him.

    • O.H. X-90
      O.H. X-90 Year ago

      WDKinc Make a better joke, unfunny kid.

    • WDKinc
      WDKinc Year ago +1

      It was a joke.

    • O.H. X-90
      O.H. X-90 Year ago

      They can't bring back what's already playable. Little Mac being both playable and assist trophy in this same game would be stupid and retarded, even for you, mindless troll.

  • Hero Hunter Dabi
    Hero Hunter Dabi Year ago

    Imagine if Sans from Undertale was an assist trophy. 😂

  • Chocola
    Chocola Year ago

    "dr. kawashima attacks with violent numbers"

    • O.H. X-90
      O.H. X-90 Year ago +1

      Chilly But 10 is the most violent number of all.

  • Notakin
    Notakin Year ago +5

    Am I the only one that is glad that Shovel Knight is an Assist Trophy?

  • Satarobotta
    Satarobotta Year ago

    CommanderVideo was on smash 4 as a collectable trophy, he was the first indie to be on smash

    • Marcuz 245**
      Marcuz 245** Year ago

      Paulo Tokimaro Satarobotta Vamp/Bat but not the first indie assist trophy

  • Monkey
    Monkey Year ago +1

    I’m hoping all will return