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  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • Showbiz entrepreneurs Danielle Barnet, Singer of the ’90’s classic ‘The Key, The Secret’, and band engineer David Holmes, entered the Den to a guitar performance and were quickly off to a ‘rocking’ start with their pitch for their fiber-optic guitar lead business - LightLead. However, Peter Jones seemed unconvinced at the company’s ability to generate repeat sales: “If this lead lasts a lifetime, then you’re not going to get any repeat business - have you thought about that?”
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  • Dragons' Den
    Dragons' Den  4 months ago +212

    Would this be useful to you? More importantly, are you able to afford the hefty price tag?

    • Fennex Agent
      Fennex Agent Month ago

      This is an ingenious product! Though I'd make a few changes. Not a "lifetime" and might be even as fragile (or more fragile) than a copper cable, but I do like it. I do like the analogue nature of it, no digital / latency, etc. I do not like the batteries. The price tag is a bit too high IMHO for a product that was not tested en scale. I am amazed it didn't fly after securing a deal in the den. It is unlikely that the patent claimed here is defendable as there are and were products that transmit analogue signal over fibre.
      Is this dead as dodo or still has a chance to be resurrected? Yes, I can see the company is dissolved and the site not responding, but I still hope this will see the light one day in some form or shape.

    • Ed
      Ed Month ago +1

      @Relative Truth Na it's utter bollocks.

    • Relative Truth
      Relative Truth Month ago

      @Ed thanks for the reply. Yeah, thought i missed something, guess not. A hard sell... good luck to them, but a must have?...

    • Ed
      Ed Month ago +1

      @Relative Truth if he was trying to make a comparison then the best way to achieve that would be to actually compare them other cables objectively, I don't think sound quality is as much a selling point as durability in this instance anyhow since they don't make any mention of concepts such as signal to noise ratio at any point.

  • Mathius S
    Mathius S 2 days ago

    Is that Kat from East Enders?

  • loopykill
    loopykill 3 days ago

    All about saving the planet and resources but only If it breaks

  • Duane Buckley
    Duane Buckley 3 days ago

    tooka had the key

  • itsGuy
    itsGuy 4 days ago

    I searched for this product, could not find it for sale, then noticed I can't find anything other than dragons den mention it.. I think they went under.

  • F ab
    F ab 5 days ago

    This product sounds like a good idea to people that have never picked up a guitar in their life.

    Reality is copper cables are relatively cheap, work perfect for electrical conductivity, and are surprisingly strong. U either have to treat your cables like crap or have a freak occurrence like dropping an amp on a cable to break them.

    Also having to power a guitar cable with double A batteries is just ridiculously inconvenient. I'm sure they could prove on some type of frequency table that their fiber optic table is marginally less noisy but it seems like something that will have a very niche demand. If anything id be interested in knowing what other inventions with fiber optics this guy has done.

  • ClubLulu
    ClubLulu 5 days ago

    That ladies face scares the hell out of me.

    OHTK-FTW 7 days ago +1

    Everyone here complaining about the repeat business need to check what happened to GoPro. As shitty as it sounds - repeat business is very important even if 100m people buy it

  • CanYou SeeMe
    CanYou SeeMe 7 days ago


  • Thomas Aganwonyi
    Thomas Aganwonyi 8 days ago

    Russell Crowe look-alike..

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 9 days ago

    Is she on something? Maybe still not come down from her Urban Cookie Collective days.

  • Christophe Capeau
    Christophe Capeau 9 days ago

    I wonder how they managed to transfer an optical signal a d keep it analog?! That make no sense to me...
    But if it really does that in some ingenious way then they are seriously underselling the tech... this could be huge not only for guitars

  • Brendan Willett
    Brendan Willett 11 days ago

    At the end when they accept the offer when the lady said thank you so much and her eyes got really big and started talking slow I just imagined her saying rose bud

  • Michael Freeman
    Michael Freeman 12 days ago

    Touker's sound 👍

  • MadMax382
    MadMax382 13 days ago

    She seemed too desperate. You wonder what she wouldn't have gone for, almost like a heroin addict who offers her body for the price of a fix. I wouldn't trust her: even stating she was part of a band that got to no.1 wasn't strictly accurate; with virtually the next breath she says she replaced the singer.

  • the thing
    the thing 13 days ago

    8:53 what a manacing sight

  • Michael Byrne
    Michael Byrne 15 days ago +1

    Here's a prime example of 2 people who didn't necessarily need advice, just simply needed the money to get it off the ground

  • D G
    D G 16 days ago

    Where's Jenny when you need her? She'd surely invest!

  • Big45
    Big45 17 days ago

    Sarah looks tasty 😏

  • Chace Bonanno
    Chace Bonanno 18 days ago

    I would love run my mic through that to my interface

  • TheLoos3Goos33
    TheLoos3Goos33 18 days ago

    And that is why we have shitty products. Instead of making the best they want 'repeat business'. He literally wants the product to degrade over time. That is anti-consumer as all hell. Being well made isn't a fault in the product ffs.

  • Ak Jay
    Ak Jay 18 days ago


  • TheLochs
    TheLochs 18 days ago

    I'm a pro guitar player. I'd buy one of these. I have standard cables that have lasted 20+ years, I treat them right. However, I do LOSE cables. People forget stuff, duh.

  • Michael Choe
    Michael Choe 20 days ago

    Go to Shark Tank USA

  • 6project6nightmare6
    6project6nightmare6 22 days ago

    They clearly forgot that their main buyers are musicians who would rather buy the £6 STAGG cable than the £50 handmade one.

  • richman1ST
    richman1ST 23 days ago

    Sometimes jenny annoys me so much i imagine burying her alive but my biggest fear is she would get out

  • Paul Hirsh
    Paul Hirsh 24 days ago

    Good jack cables get lost or stolen long before they fail.

  • T T
    T T 24 days ago

    Peter Jones peddling inbuilt obsolescence

  • Jack Mackay
    Jack Mackay 27 days ago

    He is now the majority shareholder

  • OG fletcha
    OG fletcha 28 days ago

    She got them crazy eyes

  • Belly dancer samba dancer Sandrine

    That poor guy is out of breath just walking around with an electric guitar 🎸 for 30 seconds!

    TERA PLAYER 28 days ago

    I'm happy for them

  • Gun Runner
    Gun Runner 29 days ago

    That lady has done way to much LSD ,her brain is fried.

  • Des Sherwood Guitar Tuition

    They should give a cable to Eric Johnson. Problem solved.

  • Devon Cavan
    Devon Cavan Month ago

    Peter Jones doesn’t know what he’s talking about, just few months ago I spent £15,600 on a set of Nordost ODIN cables for my stereo system and I tell you now, it’s worth every penny. I definitely see a market for this product, and it’s the first of its kinds to ever hit the market.

  • Please Read
    Please Read Month ago

    She looked fuckin psycho at the end with her bloody eyes like she wanted to suck his blood. Looks like a vampire haha

  • F D
    F D Month ago

    If they wouldn't be friends with Tucker's friend, he wouldn't had approach it from the emotional side and he wouldn't had invested.

  • NomNomerz
    NomNomerz Month ago

    So, guess we know to stop buying from Peter Jones' companies since he doesn't like products with decent longevity...

  • Davie Noodle
    Davie Noodle Month ago

    That chic has abused drugs so much to the point her eyes are popping out her skull. They are not in it for the money, they were in it for the glory.

  • Ruslan Kim
    Ruslan Kim Month ago

    Planned obsolescence is not what we need our future

  • Tom Alexander
    Tom Alexander Month ago

    Russel Crow's stunt double

  • Sufian Amin
    Sufian Amin Month ago

    when the investors know the business is too good they ask for the background of the entrepreneur

  • Francois Kotze
    Francois Kotze Month ago

    she is actually a very very good singer and her song i got the keys is amazing for that time and even at todays standards a very good song better than most of the crap songs our kids listen too... i always wondered what heppen to her and the urban cookie band... wow how time goes buy so fast

  • og gamer 76
    og gamer 76 Month ago +1

    She looks like she's on drugs

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    The big advantage of this is bandwidth. You can put way more data through an optical cable than a copper table of the same diameter with less noise

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    It's not the frayed copper cable that creates a radio tuner, it's the guitar pickups (inductors) + the capacitors in the amplifier.

  • lonely star
    lonely star Month ago

    2:07 jenny I wish I had learned...for that reason I'm out

  • Jaina Acoustag
    Jaina Acoustag Month ago

    All of the usual DD jokes aside, what a great product.
    It's rare that I actually see any products on this show that I'm excited about. Good for them! I wish them all the best.

  • vinay nams
    vinay nams Month ago

    If someone like Peter Jones can be a Millionaire I will be a Billionaire!

  • Jon Cocks
    Jon Cocks Month ago

    Touca hendrix

  • William Rigby
    William Rigby Month ago

    I find it amazing how much percentage these people give away. For a small sum of 70k an he walks away with over a third of the business....... Only one winner there.

  • tomredman
    tomredman Month ago

    she looks like a nutjob

  • pasoundman
    pasoundman Month ago

    It would help if the pitchers actually understood their product first. I'm certain (as an audio endineer) that they haven't a clue. Just having only 2 protoypes is the simple giveaway.

  • Alex Butters
    Alex Butters 2 months ago

    She really wanted him to give it a good strumming the dirty old boot

  • Cathal Griffin
    Cathal Griffin 2 months ago

    I'm sure the dragons love metal

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy 2 months ago

    Shes like a headless chicken...

  • Bilal Patel
    Bilal Patel 2 months ago

    She's scary man

  • sophia NAQVI
    sophia NAQVI 2 months ago

    That was nice

  • MrMERT03
    MrMERT03 2 months ago

    Send the cables to Yamaha or Casio .

  • Zamiul Haque
    Zamiul Haque 2 months ago

    Lowkey Touker was hopimg they reject his offer. He jumped when they accepted lmao