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  • Published on Jul 10, 2019
  • Showbiz entrepreneurs Danielle Barnet, Singer of the ’90’s classic ‘The Key, The Secret’, and band engineer David Holmes, entered the Den to a guitar performance and were quickly off to a ‘rocking’ start with their pitch for their fiber-optic guitar lead business - LightLead. However, Peter Jones seemed unconvinced at the company’s ability to generate repeat sales: “If this lead lasts a lifetime, then you’re not going to get any repeat business - have you thought about that?”
    An international sensation, Dragon's Den features entrepreneurs pitching for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
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  • Dragons' Den
    Dragons' Den  11 days ago +122

    Would this be useful to you? More importantly, are you able to afford the hefty price tag?

    • Jonny Fakeman
      Jonny Fakeman Day ago

      @Kevin Bower Nonsense, Wireless setups are garbage. Have seen countless pros in my life staging big shows and I have never seen a professional outfit using a wireless setup like that. When I was backstage with Glen Campbells band, I didn't see any wireless setups! They would have never risked it.
      Same goes for every professional live outfit I have had the pleasure of seeing on tour. Where the hell are you finding professional bands using wireless setups for their cabling?

    • throwaway889
      throwaway889 2 days ago

      @Kevin Bower about 1% of the market is people running around on a stage the size of Download or Glasto

    • Joe D34df1ng3r
      Joe D34df1ng3r 3 days ago

      @Gavin star Better than sounding like an obnoxious cunt I guess

    • Hypno Toad
      Hypno Toad 5 days ago

      @Ed the details are not important my good sir. Now if you will excuse me I must go and paint my fence using a ceiling fan and some bits of rubber.

    • Hypno Toad
      Hypno Toad 5 days ago

      @SquidCaps But snakeoil is great. I personally use potent Snake oil because it means I can stay in slippery bastard for longer. Obviously special snake oil is even better but the materials take too long to find.

  • Cameron retason
    Cameron retason 4 hours ago

    For some reason I thought this was a celebrity special with Michael Mcintyre and Haley the tea lady.

  • S SY
    S SY 15 hours ago

    Make them as small as possible, more chances to lose them and buy again.

  • Cobra 6
    Cobra 6 Day ago

    Pauze at 8:07 now thats how big mine is, how big is yours :D?

  • fredinabun ;
    fredinabun ; Day ago +1

    They are made out of copper for a reason and that's because they do break.

  • gomey70
    gomey70 Day ago

    As a guitarist myself, this is a terrible product. It needs two AA batteries to work for a start. If a battery is weak, will the lead fail on stage? Can it carry phantom power for a condenser mic? And of course it can be broken. It can also be lost/left behind at a gig. These offer no real advantages over a traditional lead. There's a reason traditional guitar leads have been around for over half a century. They're cheap and they work.

  • Voicist
    Voicist Day ago

    Lost leads, stolen leads, damaged leads, spare leads... Come Peter, put some mental effort into it

  • Gavin Leahy
    Gavin Leahy Day ago +1

    Entrepreneur: I have developed a new type of food that burns up prior to exiting the colon
    Dragons: sorry, we can't invest in that, we have equity in toilet roll companies

  • John Long
    John Long 2 days ago

    "The Man in the White Suit" anyone ??

  • Gary Owens
    Gary Owens 2 days ago

    Hope they go far x

  • Pontefract -W-Banker

    The dragons love planned obsolescence.

    UNSOLVED HORROR 2 days ago

    No repeat business from existing customers however new guitar players are born everyday. That's like saying books are worthless because once you read a certain one it's no repeat business from same customer.

    UNSOLVED HORROR 2 days ago +1

    Application gets accepted to be on the dragons den.

    Jenny: I'm out

    UNSOLVED HORROR 2 days ago +2

    Tuca is like the cool down to earth rich kid that has snobby friends at a rich school

  • Natasha S.
    Natasha S. 2 days ago

    These two are great. Very intelligent product and made with such a passion. They just needed an enterpreneur with them to negotiate better. They could have gotten a better deal.

  • dogsitter68
    dogsitter68 2 days ago

    everything is going fiber optic

  • witty d
    witty d 2 days ago

    Is Jenny Out? Before the videos even started

  • Dimpled Sunflower
    Dimpled Sunflower 3 days ago

    Peter Jones is so freaking hot!! Then Taj is cute

  • James Ward-Parrish
    James Ward-Parrish 3 days ago

    Her crazy eyes are freaking me the fuck out.

  • Alfs Awful
    Alfs Awful 3 days ago

    She’s fucking insane, I wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with that batshit crazy conchita

  • Ilnia Ilnia
    Ilnia Ilnia 3 days ago

    in this era of reviews-based purchases I think the sale of quality durable products really outdoes repeat sales of average, short-lived and relatively inexpensive products like cables. I really think Peter made a mistake in dismissing them

  • enkibumbu
    enkibumbu 3 days ago

    British people are so funny. Having said that, I'm out.

  • Dave England
    Dave England 3 days ago

    Could’ve got a decent guitarist at least

  • Anisti Barrett
    Anisti Barrett 3 days ago +3

    8:50 she got them crazy eyes going on 😂

  • annakeye
    annakeye 4 days ago

    Peter Jones sure is idiotic sometimes. Of course they'll get repeat business. Does he really think that musicians buy just one cable? Does he not understand that new people are picking up musical instruments every day? That they'll often buy several leads to fill different needs? People lose their leads. They get broken or ripped off. Honestly, what a moron although it does teach me one thing. That anything Peter Jones manufactures is designed to crap out.

  • Ad Hc
    Ad Hc 4 days ago

    Cable guy looks so much like Nathan Lane.

  • Edward's Chapman
    Edward's Chapman 4 days ago

    Nothing lasts a lifetime no matter how good it is

  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig 4 days ago

    the song she sings only has 8 words and a ooohohoh

  • Luciene Curtis
    Luciene Curtis 4 days ago

    Love this lady lover her ... and as a musican we need good cables that LAST. Just price it right; not everyone will buy it

  • Marlon Brando
    Marlon Brando 4 days ago +1

    If Touker hadn't invested I would have offered all the money for 25% no prob..

  • Disembowell
    Disembowell 4 days ago

    Imagine wanting to sell the same product to people several times over, because you believe quantity is superior to quality; now you're thinking like Peter Jones

  • Goat K
    Goat K 4 days ago

    Customers who actually want quality products, especially when you're talking about a relatively niche market such as professional musicians, despise planned obsolescence and will not only pay a premium for something that will last a lifetime (or close to it) but they'll reccomend it to everybody else they know. Not just reccomend but insist upon it.
    This is case with many goods from tools to shoes to luggage. Sure you can make something cheap that's designed to break and capture a wider market + repeat sales but you also have to compete with every other company making cheap products designed to break. You aren't setting yourself apart and you're alienating a lot of customers who have no desire to go that route.

  • Tom Colins
    Tom Colins 4 days ago +1

    Stupid woman. She gave away any bargaining potential by showing her desperation and emotions even before he made his offer.

  • Sebastian Hetland
    Sebastian Hetland 5 days ago

    For some reason this woman anoyes the shit out of me! I would never been able to work with a woman like that! Seems like a crazy woman😳😅🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Richard Christopher
    Richard Christopher 5 days ago

    How false is that woman, terrible acting!

  • Cal E.
    Cal E. 5 days ago

    Peter is kinda wrong there. The music industry is so large and constantly growing, new artists are always being formed and obviously there will be constant buyers, as long as the product is within reasonable price range and lives up to its expectation, I don't see a problem in the product selling.

  • Innovative innovation

    I think that is the most stupid comment Peter has came out with so far.

  • Hungry Hiker
    Hungry Hiker 5 days ago

    "Bless your heart, Mr. Toulker!"

  • Maurice Nowell
    Maurice Nowell 5 days ago


  • Thomas
    Thomas 5 days ago

    She seems abit mad...

  • Ilnia Ilnia
    Ilnia Ilnia 5 days ago +1

    musicians need multiple cables, different lengths, spares, they buy new instruments and need more
    who's making a fortune selling a new cable to a single person every 2 years? who'd buy the same one again after it stops working?

  • Munz 1710
    Munz 1710 5 days ago

    I have read all the harsh and upsetting comments about Danielle Barnett.
    Please guys if you do not have anything nice to say please keep your opinions to yourself.
    This is why people suffer from mental health issues in which some cases they sadly commit suicide.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there is a limit.
    I personally think there is nothing scary or weird about her and she does not look like that kat slutter and she is million times prettier and classier than her and she seem like a sweetheart I can chill out with.
    Please leave Danielle alone. She is doing what she loves and is slaying it and trying to make a living to support herself and family.
    P.S: she was the manager of my favourite boyband point break.

    RIALAS 5 days ago

    Guitarists are dinasours with 1950's tube amps. Try selling them an optic cable lol.

  • scoobysnacks209
    scoobysnacks209 5 days ago +1

    i would of thought Russell Crowe would of had enough money for 100 cables

  • Nathan Raymond
    Nathan Raymond 5 days ago +1

    They did it!!!!

  • Nathan Raymond
    Nathan Raymond 5 days ago +1

    It’s such bullshit that the best product can be a bad business because there is no repeat business..

  • RBFITNESS blake
    RBFITNESS blake 5 days ago

    My name Jenny....
    And guess what I'm outtt

  • ㅤㅤ
    ㅤㅤ 5 days ago +1

    Announcer: Welcome to Drago...
    Jenny: I'm out

  • Toast
    Toast 5 days ago

    The short, fat piggish bloke talks to people like they’re stupid. Fat headed prick

  • Boss Play TV
    Boss Play TV 6 days ago

    DANIELLE IS NOT 'Singer of '90s classic The Key The secret' that was Diane who is RIP please amend

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 6 days ago

    That woman looks too scary I’m sorry😭

  • MH Digitechnology
    MH Digitechnology 6 days ago

    this show is so amateur compared to shark tank
    so cringey too
    'bless you touker'
    no excitement in anything
    im off to watch shark tank

  • sharp harpoon
    sharp harpoon 6 days ago

    she's afraid, she's *out*

  • J. Rhodes GGMU
    J. Rhodes GGMU 6 days ago +2

    Russel Crowe and Kat Slater have a great product.

  • Grimmy 777
    Grimmy 777 6 days ago

    When they personally can't invest without offering anything, like contacts the Dragons literally make up a ton of shit to explain why they are out. Peter the biggest

  • AbdulM 73
    AbdulM 73 6 days ago

    It’s so funny, people in comments are making jokes about Jenny and “I’m out” when she’s not even in the clip 😂 😂

  • milreed truth
    milreed truth 6 days ago

    who is the hot dragon?

  • John Rumble
    John Rumble 6 days ago

    LOL Peter Jones just showed he's a dirt beg praying on repeat consumers who are fooled into buying shitty product. Clearly quality isn't party of his way of doing business and any future buyers should remember this when given the choice between a Peter Jones product and the other guys.

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 6 days ago

    How can i find out how well these grateful pitchers have done

  • Jordan Earle
    Jordan Earle 6 days ago

    To answer Peter's question a new generation of custom are born every day so there is always repeat business until the next technology comes and replaces this one.
    I feel that would of made Peter bite

  • Niamh Moore
    Niamh Moore 6 days ago

    Where can this be got ??

  • Creative Creeper
    Creative Creeper 6 days ago


  • Manj Anonymous
    Manj Anonymous 6 days ago

    peter jones = substandard products

  • The Impressionist
    The Impressionist 6 days ago

    Touker the metal head 🤣

  • Hypno Toad
    Hypno Toad 6 days ago +1

    I'd use it as shower gel or bacon flavoured snacks for my dinner guests. I know that's not what it's for, but I'm the kind of man who doesn't use things in the way that they're are meant to be used. For example; my kitchen sink is my bed, my door way is my plate and my ethernet cable is my dust pan and brush. I hope this comment helps you find that special someone in your life. If it does I will of course require a one time payment of £7580.00. Payable in 3 instalments. I do not accept American express.

  • Heart2HeartBooks
    Heart2HeartBooks 6 days ago

    There goes my great idea for a reusable machine washable condom! Damn...my dreams shattered! Even my wet ones!

  • Graham
    Graham 6 days ago

    When that pastry crimp spoke it was Cringeworthy. 😖

    • Graham
      Graham 6 days ago

      @howcanyoudothistome1 yep mr Kipling hired them gnashers to crimp his mince pies, Rumour has it they were more effective then an industrial crimping tool.

    • howcanyoudothistome1
      howcanyoudothistome1 6 days ago

      Graham pastry crimp?

  • joeandjoe2
    joeandjoe2 7 days ago

    I love other people's misery, It's like a sweet nectar.

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 7 days ago

      Running around on stage or just messing around with friends with a wire tripping me up nah I'm good

  • Sounder
    Sounder 7 days ago

    This makes me so mad, makes my blood boil, honestly the obsolescence bull crap in a world that we know were being so frivolous with our resources and it's only going to get worse. Some truly psycho individuals are holding the reins on the future for 'their' personal gains. Peter Jones go fuck yourself, no really go fuck yourself you sad selfish shitstain of a man. You have kids. Think of them.

  • Martynas Izatavicius
    Martynas Izatavicius 7 days ago +1

    That woman looks too scary I’m sorry😭

  • joshua murray
    joshua murray 7 days ago

    She looks like a female Russel brand

  • Ed
    Ed 7 days ago

    What a load of bollox, they didn't even explain what this has over a digital &/or a wireless connection. No wonder it didn't get anywhere.

  • doh1959
    doh1959 7 days ago

    so did i hear right she was the lead singer in a song that went to number one but i wasnt really

  • Sam
    Sam 7 days ago

    Good presentation, 10/10 product...and for that reason i'm out

  • Solo12313
    Solo12313 7 days ago

    Legend says Jenny invested after the show

  • Maxadax
    Maxadax 7 days ago +24

    if I buy a cable and it breaks then the next cable I buy is from another company. The Dragons are idiots.

    • sven n
      sven n Day ago

      @19may0001 not necessarily. I don't have an iPhone, however their phones are pretty good

    • 19may0001
      19may0001 Day ago

      @sven n only delidued people buy iPhones

    • Disembowell
      Disembowell 4 days ago

      @sven n iPhone headphones are cheap and shit

    • sven n
      sven n 5 days ago

      People will continue to buy iPhone headphones

  • Sadaf Ahmad Break Free 9 To 5 Prison Channel

    She's weird, she looks scary like a vampire. Weird.

  • Sadia Gizmoalchemist

    How can i find out how well these grateful pitchers have done

  • Truly FANFUKINTASTIK forever

    Or unbreakable cables

  • Truly FANFUKINTASTIK forever

    Simply the best..
    That is what I would have called the company

  • Ada Jones fan
    Ada Jones fan 7 days ago

    Jeg orker ikke se på denne dritten. Dette er søppel og du kan fjerne videoen den er piss

  • Stephen Kajekere
    Stephen Kajekere 7 days ago

    iPhone charger and Peter are friends indeed

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 7 days ago

    She's great! P s Products that don't last am I missing something?

  • Rex makepeace
    Rex makepeace 7 days ago +1

    Does Sarah actually invest money? Every episode I've seen her on, she's always out.

    • Ed
      Ed 6 days ago +1

      @Samir Mouladad Not notably less than Sarah, I've watched Jenny invest in quite a few businesses so far. Many people just mindlessly copy one another without regard for 'truth'.

    • Samir Mouladad
      Samir Mouladad 6 days ago

      She actually does though

    • Ed
      Ed 7 days ago

      Exactly, yet the joke is about Jenny ad nauseam for some dull reason.

  • Natei
    Natei 7 days ago

    There you go right there folks, things are made from crappy meterials because there is no "Repeat buisness"
    I understand how the world works, doesn't mean I have to like how it works.

  • kai vasey
    kai vasey 8 days ago

    Running around on stage or just messing around with friends with a wire tripping me up nah I'm good

  • Malcolm X
    Malcolm X 8 days ago

    That bird is retarded

  • kingklabe
    kingklabe 8 days ago

    We live in a world of planned obsolescence.

  • Sloth h
    Sloth h 8 days ago

    Any guitarists here who think this is a good idea?

  • Michael Hall
    Michael Hall 8 days ago +1

    Sarahs head is massive! It's just one big head on some shoulders. No neck!

  • christom ngrace
    christom ngrace 8 days ago

    omfg that bearded guy hes super adorable

  • Sash Shah
    Sash Shah 8 days ago

    she had too much red wine

  • Jordan Underwood
    Jordan Underwood 8 days ago

    What a legend

    RIALAS 8 days ago

    No thanks, nothing wrong with cables. How does that thing even work, rechargeable?

  • TheRealHarrison 17
    TheRealHarrison 17 8 days ago +1

    Wait so he bought 35% of the company. If those 2 are equal holders (50% each) he's now reduced them to 32.5% each, making himself the majority shareholder 🤔😂

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 8 days ago

    Nice looking?

  • Cheese Smoke
    Cheese Smoke 8 days ago

    Fair point, Here in Aus we have a brand of fishing reel that are so hardy and tough they last forever. The company went broke, I think they got some financial help though I cant remember.

  • Kinder Surprise Mechanics

    Loving these constant uploads. Is this an actual official BBC channel?