Roblox’s greediest developers…

  • Published on Dec 27, 2021
  • Description: feed into MY greed 12/31 3pm est:
    Today I talk about Roblox’s top games and how they got lost in the sauce and sold their souls

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  • Flamingo

    dont attack anyone in this vid, i just wanna make funny joke about a funny situation

  • Supenly
    Supenly  +5

    I love how Preston went from making a game with no microtransactions to a game you can barely play without spending money

  • erich
    erich  +3

    This really makes me appreciate other games like Jailbreak for not putting tons of micro transactions and actually listening to community feedback. It can really show how devs view their community.

  • Sebastian Leal

    The fact that Albert is literally 100% right about how these games are literally preparing children to be depressive gamblers in their adulthood is SAD

  • Expensive D.S.

    We love games that ACTUALLY listens to the community feedback. Thats how games grow.

  • Anirvin Iyer

    The nft's were actually funny, and upsetting at the same time. really makes me wonder how far the devs can go for money

  • LagViper
    LagViper  +73

    Preston went to actually making a good game without spending much money, to selling nft's to gamble for, and games you can't really play without wasting your entire life savings!

  • BuilderPlays

    I'm so happy, flamingo actually called Preston greedy

  • spriteordie

    Human greed still terrifies me to this day

  • Hooter
    Hooter  +929

    I would always imagine albert at 60 years old still making merch ads for his videos.

  • RepsDev
    RepsDev  +19

    Man you have gained my respect by 101% for helping out the animator who was not paid by myusernamesthis.

  • TeaKat
    TeaKat  +474

    I love how the videos keep taking darker turns, like spongebob, when they throw in dark jokes for the adults but keep it relatively family friendly for the kids.

  • J R
    J R  +8

    Lets just take a minute to appreciate Paige for all the hard work on editing

  • SusOverlord001

    ''I like money''

  • Volix
    Volix  +219

    I like how Albert doesn't even know nor care what he does, he just does everything off the cuff.

  • LEK815
    LEK815  +126

    "Speaking of gambling for kids, what is Adopt Me up to?"

  • kʏmı
    kʏmı  +5

    hey Albert, just wanted to let you know you help so many people daily with your vids :D !

  • I am warranted

    No matter what video he makes, we can all agree that it's all equally good.

  • screw.jayyyy

    thank you for actually calling out preston. you’re completely right, i quit that game after it got that bad. it was fun for a while but

  • sid s
    sid s  +126

    Preston being the owner of Big Games is like Tim Cook being the CEO of Apple. They both can make things overpriced