Browns are simply living up to expectations, what Daniel Jones has that Eli doesn't | NFL | THE HERD

  • Published on Sep 23, 2019
  • Colin Cowherd opens up today's show and recaps some Week 3 NFL action. Hear his reaction to the Cleveland Browns' loss to the Los Angeles Rams and Daniel Jones first start and big comeback win for the New York Giants over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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    Browns are simply living up to expectations, what Daniel Jones has that Eli doesn't | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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Comments • 784

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    How many games will the Browns win this season?

  • Dr Fu Minshew
    Dr Fu Minshew Month ago

    They are not the youngest team, the Dolphins are the youngest team.

  • I.P. Freelly
    I.P. Freelly Month ago

    Well they shur got rolled by Baltimore

  • Gardens First
    Gardens First Month ago

    Hey collin get ready for some umble pie look what happened to Baltimore ravens and it is only going to get better

  • Dylan Markham
    Dylan Markham Month ago +1

    Yikes this didn’t age well

  • Carl V
    Carl V Month ago


    • Carl V
      Carl V Month ago

      Just living up to expectations, you know.

  • Ray Baker
    Ray Baker Month ago +1

    Well, this aged liked a child actor.

  • Brian Curry
    Brian Curry Month ago

    Memo to John Dorsey, thanks for Ziegler and Peppers for the head case OBJ and O where are his talent Vernon ........Mucho Gracias

  • Germaine S
    Germaine S Month ago +1

    What happen to you begging the giants not to take him and him being a bust

  • Spicy Tuna
    Spicy Tuna Month ago

    The Giants offensive line isn't even that bad anymore... They were FAR worse last year. Hernandez, Halapio and Zeitler are solid middle linemen with Soler and Remmers being average enough to rank them in the middle of the NFL... Theyre not the Cowboys, the Steelers or the Packers but its enough to suffice with a more agile QB than Eli.

  • David Ethan Schuyler


  • Nick T
    Nick T Month ago

    hahahha colin is roasting baker so bad

  • PullupintheG G35
    PullupintheG G35 Month ago

    So the browns weren’t favorited to go to the superbowl before the season started? They were overhyped.

  • Liz Brown
    Liz Brown Month ago

    They'll go hard at Baltimore mark my words.

  • Jim Carroll
    Jim Carroll Month ago

    I live n Texas I watch every second of every giants game

  • McLean Blades
    McLean Blades Month ago

    I don't get it. Why are the Browns fun to watch?

  • CoachFogg
    CoachFogg Month ago

    All of that was true until you get to Cleveland lacks character. That's b*******!

  • Ericstraordinary
    Ericstraordinary Month ago

    Colin looks like a Jim Carrey character.

  • Jack Tuttle
    Jack Tuttle Month ago

    "When you have an historically inept franchise and you give them a glimmer of hope they massively overreact 😂"

  • Gerrit Van Dyke
    Gerrit Van Dyke Month ago +1

    You also told us Mark Sanchez was better than Aaron Rodgers you clown

  • Big Giant Head
    Big Giant Head Month ago

    Colin right this time. Check.

  • Slick Migillicutty
    Slick Migillicutty Month ago

    This guy... I’m with him, enjoying orange bleeding every week

  • masamune28954
    masamune28954 Month ago

    I like Colin but he is a complete bandwagoner. He is annoyed if a traditionally bad team does good.

  • John Seeker
    John Seeker Month ago

    Didn't Colin question this pick on his show back in April? I believe he criticized the Daniel Jones pick.

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel Month ago

    Pats fan here....please sit Manning out. that is all, thank you (BTW: keep Alex smith out too).

  • White Lives Matter
    White Lives Matter Month ago

    The browns are the most penalized team in the first three weeks. You think that comes from good coaching? Howcome the Patriots never lead the league in penalties? They have great coaching that's why. Next three games ravens,49ers, Seahawks. This team could be 1-5 by October. Wait till their expensive diva wr starts in on the coaching and young qb.

  • Brandon Joncas
    Brandon Joncas Month ago

    Gotta agree with Colin on the ravens game. Freddie will wanna win it but it;s prety difficult vs that ravens d

  • Chris Moyers
    Chris Moyers Month ago

    Browns will always suck...from Pittsburgh.

  • Michael Winslow
    Michael Winslow Month ago

    Let Eli Play - how many Super Bowls has Daniel Jones won?? Um zero. The rest of the team sucks - i hate the Giants

  • Brian Campbell
    Brian Campbell Month ago

    They had to have the Buccaneers miss basically an extra point to win. And the Buccaneers are trash

  • Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Since OBJ the Browns offense is not the same...

  • VSauce 4
    VSauce 4 Month ago

    Eli Manning was done for 3 years a real team knows when to move off

    • Chuck Chilla
      Chuck Chilla Month ago

      VSauce 4 Half of those loses weren't Eli's fault the O line was terrible but I'm glad they've moved on now bcuz he isn't the player he was 7/8 years ago and nowadays you have to be able to move out the pocket if need be and he just had statues for feet.Even his brother wouldn't survive in today's NFL if he didn't have a superior O line that's the only reason Brady is still at a high level bcuz his O line protects him well

  • Anthony Stone
    Anthony Stone Month ago

    Dorsey was also an Alex Smith guy. It wasn’t his idea to trade up and get Mahomes.

  • Lachlan Dykes
    Lachlan Dykes Month ago

    love how colin shortens someone by a foot to make a point his 6 foot and a half

  • 1958yankeefan
    1958yankeefan Month ago +1

    Hey, if I’m mistaken, I’ll own up to it, so help me out. I don’t remember any of these schmucks voicing any concern about the Browns O Line holding them back! It was always about all the stars signed, and winning their division and SB talk!

  • Joe Hewitt
    Joe Hewitt Month ago

    Mayfield doesn't have the talent. Why is he overated?

  • zoneoutking1
    zoneoutking1 Month ago

    I love it when he snaps on Baker lol

  • f conzo
    f conzo Month ago

    Too much transparency Freddie. You lost your mojo from last year and your QB got
    married to his press clippings and his wife. You both lost focus this year resting on your laurels. Get back to where you once belonged!

  • HKGuy Snowman#1
    HKGuy Snowman#1 Month ago

    Talk about crazy Browns fans 😂 How about you Collin, The thought of comparing Jones after 1 game to a Hall of Fame QB in Eli Manning who's won 2 Superbowls, NOW THATS FUNNY

  • mike lefty
    mike lefty Month ago +1

    Just to think there are ppl out there looney enough that wanted Eli to remain at QB 😂😂.. I would have personally paid a bum off the street to replace Eli.

  • Dank_MEMES
    Dank_MEMES Month ago

    Listen, ya'll are doubting the Browns. There going 10-6, maybe 11-5. Go Browns

  • josh espedahl
    josh espedahl Month ago

    Kyler murray Is a better qb than Daniel Jones

  • Carlos Menendez
    Carlos Menendez Month ago

    Talk about tired and not fun. Did you just say Seacrest out? Damn.

  • kobe42beast
    kobe42beast Month ago

    “Baker and Browns” is hilarious

  • youngbuck0911
    youngbuck0911 Month ago

    "Hes not a great athlete hes Johnny Manziel" .... wow. That's all Manziel was you spoon.

  • joe nobody
    joe nobody Month ago

    They are who you thought they were

  • aditya baradwaj
    aditya baradwaj Month ago

    Seacrest out... What decade is this??

  • m Ì k É.! 1
    m Ì k É.! 1 Month ago +1

    It’s still the BROWNS! No news there!

  • Robert Baxley
    Robert Baxley Month ago

    Colin when Baker has success: I never said he was Johnny Manziel!
    Colin when Baker loses: He’s Manziel! He’s Tebow!

  • Knuckle
    Knuckle Month ago

    Colin been hates Baker since Day 1 when he enter college. So im not surprise about this.

  • Charlie Chocolates
    Charlie Chocolates Month ago

    What has darnold done?

  • John Grams
    John Grams Month ago

    Picking up Jones dropping 5'11 guy

  • John Grams
    John Grams Month ago

    Colin just docked Baker 1/2 " U know he's trying to get under his skin calling him 5'11

  • John Grams
    John Grams Month ago

    Baker cost me in Fantasy big time he's an overrated scrub

  • Charlie Prott
    Charlie Prott Month ago

    Agree with what you're saying, but I think the Giants O line is above average now with the new additions on the right side. In fact, it might be the strongest group on that team now. But of course mobility adds that extra dimension to the offense and yes, the team is excited to get wins with this guy at the helm. They want to play for him.

  • open minded TRUTH!!!24/7

    People are so smart on sports but browns are missing there 2 other great wrs and there great tightened there also missing 3 defensive backs all starters there 2 wrs out are better then most wrs in the NFL and when they get back calloway is a top wr better then most when hes back Baker will be back to shining people think about who all there missing this is bs browns would he 2-1 if there starters would been in and they would of beat the superbowl contender rams these guys are morons and if you know football you'd know its bs I cant wait to see there reactions once those players are back there gonna feel dumb because Cleveland is actually looking really good the offensive line can be better but they are gonna be fine they should of been blown out by rams just wait people

  • NoctemAeternusMusic
    NoctemAeternusMusic Month ago +2

    It’s hilarious watching these people that spent the whole offseason bashing Jones suddenly jumping on the bandwagon...

  • TheActiveNoLife
    TheActiveNoLife Month ago

    I like how everything he criticizes baker for, his best buddy Russell wilsom does.

  • NoctemAeternusMusic

    Dude im a Ravens fan but even I have to say the Browns are better than they look. They’re right on the verge of being very good. I mean, holding the Rams to 20 points is not an easy feat, and they were one play away from tying the game at the end.

  • Jack Clifford
    Jack Clifford Month ago

    Colin definitely did his homework when he asked Urban Meyer that question about Joe Burrow 😬