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  • first verse
    first verse 55 minutes ago

    you'll regret if you don't click the link

  • Rap Monster TH
    Rap Monster TH Hour ago

    Are you Psy ?? Love U !!!

  • Kim Karil
    Kim Karil Hour ago

    Woah! Seungri and Mino 🔥

  • G-K
    G-K 2 hours ago

    7M Today 😀

  • Katya Sko
    Katya Sko 2 hours ago

    one word. minute2:39

  • 方正
    方正 2 hours ago


  • The artistic Redfox
    The artistic Redfox 2 hours ago

    1:00 blackpink?

  • Ulfa Ktb
    Ulfa Ktb 3 hours ago

    waktu opening mirip kuda yang dipake aw***n

  • 赤木もにょ
    赤木もにょ 3 hours ago


  • Lyonya
    Lyonya 4 hours ago

    So dangerous 😂😂

  • Gabe G
    Gabe G 4 hours ago +1

    4.7k dislikes from G Dragon fans 🤣

    • tessachan 97
      tessachan 97 3 hours ago +1

      Gabe G lol I'm gdragon fan too but I love this

  • Y Nguyen
    Y Nguyen 4 hours ago

    Ui sao lạc lỏng quá khi khi GD Taeyang Top Deasung quay lai thi lại thiếu aeyo dễ thương này. Chăc còn lâu lắm lắm đây. Bigbang.......

  • If Jennie vevn breathes, My wig is snatched

    At first i thought Mino was GD. He looks so hot in here😍

  • taehyung kim
    taehyung kim 5 hours ago +1

    mino 😘

  • 핼소딘
    핼소딘 5 hours ago +1


  • silly being
    silly being 5 hours ago +2

    One of the reasons y I fell in love with Panda Seungri😍😋

  • Kim Stella
    Kim Stella 5 hours ago

    Seungri looks like PSY

  • aa 10677
    aa 10677 6 hours ago

    2:32 Jaja Yoo Beung Jae

  • Syarafina
    Syarafina 6 hours ago +1

    Speed to 1.25 or 1.5 .. super crazy song

  • Fernanda Coleman
    Fernanda Coleman 6 hours ago +1

    PSY vibes

  • 지드래곤{Good doy}

    권지용 사칭 송민호 ..

  • Mariana siqueira
    Mariana siqueira 7 hours ago

    Ue nera Psy nera? **Avisa pra produção que faltou o Putin

  • Lydia M
    Lydia M 7 hours ago +2

    wow views on this MV increase faster than on 1,2,3 :)

  • 橘妹的爱
    橘妹的爱 7 hours ago +2

    I miss Big Bang.

  • AR MY
    AR MY 7 hours ago +2

    🔥10m fighting🔥

    • Lydia M
      Lydia M 7 hours ago +1

      let's do it :)

  • AR MY
    AR MY 7 hours ago +2

    ❤10m fighting❤

  • Kiara tae
    Kiara tae 8 hours ago +1

    we r u from XD

    • tessachan 97
      tessachan 97 4 hours ago

      Kiara tae I'm from Germany and you?

  • thuy thuan
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  • sarah malik
    sarah malik 9 hours ago +3

    There's so many references 😮🙇‍♀️

  • nisha jelek
    nisha jelek 9 hours ago +1


  • Hozuki Akaki
    Hozuki Akaki 9 hours ago +1

    that gd bait XD

  • Machiada Aoi
    Machiada Aoi 9 hours ago +1

    Cool mv. ❤

  • MyThuy Bui
    MyThuy Bui 11 hours ago +3

    Great ❤️

  • Tee Mai
    Tee Mai 11 hours ago +1

    Now Seungri look like PSY lol =)))

  • Noémie
    Noémie 11 hours ago +2

    This song deserves more views

  • TV빵빵
    TV빵빵 12 hours ago +1

    3:29 데프콘

  • Emily Thompson
    Emily Thompson 12 hours ago +1

    Mino look so hot in this outfit 😂

  • شوشةة هه ةة
    شوشةة هه ةة 12 hours ago +2

    Seungri is the best 😘😚

  • leina1980
    leina1980 12 hours ago +6

    Omgosh this why I miss Big Bang so much is this type music SEUNGRI thanks for this💋💋💋💋

  • sunny smile hobi
    sunny smile hobi 12 hours ago +1

    I'm not gonna post anything on social media but I'll leave this here. This mv doesn't have a lot of views because it's politand has psy sound, plus the recent scandal with mino prolly gave it bad reviews and stuff. Not tea just facts

    • Yessica Del Cid
      Yessica Del Cid 3 hours ago

      sunny smile hobi Also when the MV was released there were problems to find it.

    • sunny smile hobi
      sunny smile hobi 7 hours ago

      Lydia M listen sweaty, I never said I hated this mv. I was just commenting on the fact that this song probably isn't popular because of the political symbolism. I actually quite like the stuff seungri is producing and putting out. I will always support him don't attack me assuming I'm an anti

    • Lydia M
      Lydia M 7 hours ago +1

      so are u trying to hate on this MV? what's the point of ur comments? we don't want haters here. Seungri is working so hard for VIPs on his own all we want is to give him our support. if u can't , please leave

  • Kpopagem BR
    Kpopagem BR 12 hours ago +1

    1:31 novo membro do BLΛƆKPIИK

  • Elena NothernOwl
    Elena NothernOwl 12 hours ago +1

    It's brilliant! YG the BEST! :DDD

  • Ferzh
    Ferzh 13 hours ago +1

    Wonder which was GD's reaction to this video

  • Ms WrestleBlog
    Ms WrestleBlog 13 hours ago +1

    Omg, the throwback feels. Love it!

  • KaleChipsGaming
    KaleChipsGaming 13 hours ago +1

    psy psy psy everybody psy psy psy 😂😂😂

    • klynb
      klynb 11 hours ago

      I miss Psy.

  • Mì Tôm
    Mì Tôm 13 hours ago +1

    Where is my GD. I want to GD sing😢😩😢

  • Egune Zasca
    Egune Zasca 13 hours ago +1

    The mino part is very nice

  • btsin
    btsin 13 hours ago +1

    we all thought mino was gdragon

  • Army BTS
    Army BTS 13 hours ago

    Hay alguien que able sea latina ?

  • be tolla
    be tolla 14 hours ago

    مجانين 😭😂😂😂

  • Laura BB
    Laura BB 14 hours ago +2

    Mi hermoso y talentoso Seungry , ojalá volvieras a Perú 🇵🇪❤.

  • Sãr Nyan Nëkø
    Sãr Nyan Nëkø 14 hours ago +3


  • Sãr Nyan Nëkø
    Sãr Nyan Nëkø 14 hours ago +3

    1M 🌟
    5M 🌟

  • Sãr Nyan Nëkø
    Sãr Nyan Nëkø 15 hours ago +5

    Why does not this have hundreds of million?.. WHERE R U VIP *-*

  • Sãr Nyan Nëkø
    Sãr Nyan Nëkø 15 hours ago +5

    ONE OF THE BEST COMEBACK OF 2018 YEAR 😱😍 Definitly.

  • Black_ _Tan
    Black_ _Tan 15 hours ago +2

    from ALGERIA

  • Youssef Baktaou
    Youssef Baktaou 15 hours ago +1


  • Taehyung's Gongjunim
    Taehyung's Gongjunim 15 hours ago +3


  • Vincent Zhang
    Vincent Zhang 17 hours ago +1

    This gave me a PSY vibe LOL

    MINO SVT 17 hours ago +3


  • Optimal Bean
    Optimal Bean 17 hours ago +2

    who's streaming!!!!!!!!!!

  • pcy유카
    pcy유카 17 hours ago +2

    where r u fromすごくハマってます!seungri さいこう👍🏻👍🏻

  • coffee chocolate
    coffee chocolate 17 hours ago +1

    Ohhh Daniel became an actor ?

  • Unicornio Feliz :v
    Unicornio Feliz :v 17 hours ago +2

    YG siempre haciendo polémica.
    Me hace acordar a el estilo de PSY
    Igual, me encantó :')

  • Kate r
    Kate r 17 hours ago +1

    PSY 2

  • Daniela Gomez
    Daniela Gomez 17 hours ago +2

    Ya me quede traumada con esta canción😍❤ lo amo

  • hunnie's mmy
    hunnie's mmy 17 hours ago +2

    Mino 💜💌

  • Sammy Lee
    Sammy Lee 17 hours ago +3

    Damn, I was thinking JYP was the best, now I'm like YG

  • Gris Ybarra
    Gris Ybarra 17 hours ago +1


  • Sara Lorenc
    Sara Lorenc 17 hours ago

    Sam Okyere and Daniel Lindemann

  • 빅뱅Kwon Ji-Yong
    빅뱅Kwon Ji-Yong 17 hours ago +1


  • morelia R.R
    morelia R.R 17 hours ago +2

    Mino 😍

  • JB's trash
    JB's trash 18 hours ago +1

    P A N D A🐼

  • TaeTae 95
    TaeTae 95 19 hours ago

    Why is this age restricted? 😂

  • Matthew Meier
    Matthew Meier 19 hours ago

    Donald Trump is WAAAAY fatter than that.

  • Elfie Kyu
    Elfie Kyu 19 hours ago +1

    Why I feel this is the next Gangnam Style🙀🙀🙀

  • that1 weeb
    that1 weeb 20 hours ago +3

    This is what i call art

  • Mèo MiMi-VN
    Mèo MiMi-VN 20 hours ago +4

    I love BigBang 😍

  • Mayra Quisirumbay VIP
    Mayra Quisirumbay VIP 20 hours ago +1

    Nuestro Seungri ha crecido aquí una mamá orgullosa 😍😛
    Vamos ya falta poco a los 7M ⏳💪

  • Drake Charles
    Drake Charles 21 hour ago

    Sexy Oppa Ganam Style Vibe

  • Charlene Luvambu
    Charlene Luvambu 21 hour ago +2

    I love the way Mino is rapping 😍😍😍

  • 신문읽는사내
    신문읽는사내 22 hours ago


  • Lindsay
    Lindsay 22 hours ago


  • Okuurrrt Eoww
    Okuurrrt Eoww 22 hours ago +1

    BRKN: North Korea and the U.S gets together
    WHAT WASN’T INCLUDED IN THE NEWS: K-POP STAR Seungri crashes the party

  • Noctis Lucis
    Noctis Lucis 22 hours ago +1

    SEUNGRI Performed at A Nation !! you guys can watch it at bigbangupdates website

  • 박찬민
    박찬민 22 hours ago

    DUU-DU DUU-DU 00:17
    WHERE U FROM 2:31

  • Amal Exo-l Army
    Amal Exo-l Army 22 hours ago +1

    He look diffrent from BIGBANG SWAG his style Omo 😍💜💖💙❤ black hair 🖤
    Where are you from?
    Nan Oppa Morocco 😍💕💖
    Waiiiit Mino Oppa Omo so LIT💜💖
    Remind me of Psy's Gangnam style with that style black nd white.... that tall orange hair Omo like Oppa GD Era 😍❤

  • BTS Vibes
    BTS Vibes 23 hours ago


    BTS BLACKPİNK 23 hours ago


  • Kat Tan
    Kat Tan 23 hours ago +3

    Fuckkk I can’t stop rewatching mino’s rap part

  • JA Iowa
    JA Iowa 23 hours ago +4

    Where R U From?
    From GD's WHO YOU and Taeyang's RINGA LINGA both on the road to 100 Million.
    Next stop: Seungri's 123!!!

    • Asmah Uchiha
      Asmah Uchiha 19 hours ago +1

      I'm from streaming so many different bands lol
      Where are you from and 123 happens to be on my list

  • Julie Bayog
    Julie Bayog 23 hours ago +1

    LMAO Oh my god im loving this, psy and seungri needs a collab ASAP

    • Julie Bayog
      Julie Bayog Hour ago

      I didn't know that, aw that's a shame.

    • klynb
      klynb 11 hours ago

      Psy blew Seungri up in Gangnam Style, so I don't think Seungri would be interested.

  • Эльнара Гусейнова

    Один. Только один вопрос. Куда вы дели В. В. Путина? А? Уже 4 срока наш президент, а его нет в этом клипе. Чо за подстава?🍋😆

    • Hidden Ninja
      Hidden Ninja 6 hours ago

      Наш занят. Рыбачит он. Да и медведя пора выгуливать. Попросил Сынри за за него поприсутствовать. По моему Сынри неплохо справился).

  • Kent Lee
    Kent Lee Day ago +1

    1:01 wait wait wait wait what? Is that suppose to be from ddu du ddu du-Black Pink

  • Süheyla Şimşek
    Süheyla Şimşek Day ago +1

    I'm from Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Fatma Styles
    Fatma Styles Day ago +1

    Every time I see Mino my heart resets I swear❤️ This is a total BOP👌🏽 Oppadeul chaaresso👏🏽

  • Xan Ax
    Xan Ax Day ago +1


  • Nur Asy-Syifaq
    Nur Asy-Syifaq Day ago +1

    woww!!! i feel proud when seungri said KL... u are the best! keep up the good work!! hwaiting!!!

  • Life in Seoul Korea and Asia

    BUT MV is so funny very good job! Song is catchy it would be nice if it was on Korean clubs but Djs never play..just in NB2 maybe :(

  • Life in Seoul Korea and Asia

    Music sounds like mix of some Britney Spears's songs.. not anti just noticed this and telling