Why Victoria’s Secret Has Declining Sales

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • Real fam, do you think Victoria’s Secret has declining sales because they haven’t embraced women of all body types?
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  • lena A.
    lena A. Hour ago

    has nothing to do with sizes!!! they are crazy expensive for people to afford, they need to make it more affordable

  • hotdice82
    hotdice82 5 hours ago

    Bull crap 💩, nobody buying Vicky Secret because it is overpriced.

  • AI JI
    AI JI 7 hours ago

    did Adrienne get Jeannies bobbi pins ? hahahah

  • Kel G.
    Kel G. 10 hours ago

    I got itty bitty titties so I ain’t gonna spend $40 on a bra when I can’t even fill them in 🤷‍♀️

  • Humberto Llamas
    Humberto Llamas 11 hours ago

    I love Jeannie, she always has something great to say ❤️

  • msmarsi009
    msmarsi009 11 hours ago

    I stop buying at Victoria secret because they are so expensive.

  • misterwattt
    misterwattt 13 hours ago

    HA is victoria secret even still a thing?....totally out of line on their behalf and they need to come into this generation a bit and accept every body for who they are no matter shape or size. Talk about totally body shaming....

  • Tonia's Reviews
    Tonia's Reviews 14 hours ago

    Honestly their panties fall apart so fast now, so I’ve recently purchased target panties are they are comfortable inexpensive and don’t fall apart in the wash.

  • vim Field
    vim Field 16 hours ago

    I love that we as women are standing up for each other. But I still gotta make this point, we also need to do away with the curvy/plus size sections and just include bigger sizes with all products. There are some cute items that I would love in the normal sections that aren’t in the curvy/plus size sections. I feel like that’s still a little discriminatory because it’s still a bit of limited choice.

  • Jerah Flore
    Jerah Flore 16 hours ago

    What these big companies dont get is that plus size women and transgender women are a fantasy to a lot of men something they find hard to believe. Not every guy likes a super skinny girl let alone fantasize over them

  • Gladys Wangari
    Gladys Wangari 18 hours ago

    Uhhhm why did Jeannie and Adrianne change places?

  • BlackGirlLovesAnime6

    Isnt tommy Hilfiger racist?

  • Alejandra Camarena

    Okay I'm sorry ladies, but it's simply because the quality has declined as to where there prices are inclining. Please don't make this a bigger issue than it needs to be specially the Christian women on the panel.

  • Kay Rahman
    Kay Rahman Day ago

    Rubbish quality bras. Extremely disappointing

  • Manuela Lopez
    Manuela Lopez Day ago

    Plus there quality is horrible the material is just garbage 🗑

  • A DS
    A DS Day ago

    I don't think it looks good to have obese women modeling on high-end runways. I also dont think it looks good for anorexic women to be modeling either. Im just saying how I feel about it

  • stella manurung
    stella manurung Day ago

    I think is because VS is so overpriced

  • Aminah Sankareh
    Aminah Sankareh Day ago

    Their DDD cups is not really DDD. It’s much smaller than other brands! A total scam...

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown Day ago

    Their prices don't match the quality, pussy area too small for the pussy lips, Way too expensive, don't carry clothes for thick girls, AND bitches be stealing.

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown Day ago

    Owww Jeanie looking nice

  • Hailey Fortson
    Hailey Fortson 2 days ago +1

    I honestly don’t think it’s because of body type... it’s because people are realizing that they can get a good bra elsewhere, cheaper #BetterDeal

  • Dian Stalion
    Dian Stalion 2 days ago +1

    They have declining sales is probably due to firing Adriana Lima as angel...lolz

  • Becca E
    Becca E 2 days ago

    I’d say it’s the price of their lingerie. It’s ridiculous how much they charge x

  • KeepingUpNessieVlog
    KeepingUpNessieVlog 2 days ago

    I love VS but the clothes material SUCKKKKK!! After a wash or two it’s trash it’s ridiculous - on the website there’s no XL only stores have XL and it sells out fast it’s annoying

  • Tinker Bell
    Tinker Bell 2 days ago

    We dont wear Tommy Hilfiger over here, plus size or not, you dont like the color of my skin and same with American eagle, H&M, Gucci, Prada etc. 🙅🏽‍♀️ we good luv.

  • Hash Francois
    Hash Francois 2 days ago

    Don't they have Lane Bryant?? Because they go up to 52K in bra size

  • Yourlegaladdiction
    Yourlegaladdiction 3 days ago +2

    They tried to reach the sportswear demographic and lost their main one in the process because their lingerie became sportswear inspired and not sexy anymore (I was a part of this one). Only issue is that they also failed to reach the new demographic because it's too expensive for them.

  • Ma mooi dju
    Ma mooi dju 3 days ago

    The time is changing so people let the fashion industry know there them close are nothing without us.the fashion industry always turning ghetto clothing to chic.headdik

  • galilee18
    galilee18 3 days ago

    I stopped shopping at that store years ago. Their quality was not worth the price. Got better panties at Tjmaxx and Marshals anyways. And I see more women in these streets that don’t look like Victoria models then I see ones that look like them. Can’t relate

  • Ms. Nelle Rodriguez
    Ms. Nelle Rodriguez 3 days ago

    VS sales are declining because the prices are TOO HIGH.
    I have the biggest problem with the prices of their bras.
    Yeah they SHOULD include plus size.
    I don't wanna see a MAN wearing the same underwear as me. Sorry not sorry.

  • Chileshe Zulu
    Chileshe Zulu 3 days ago +1

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  • Chileshe Zulu
    Chileshe Zulu 3 days ago +1

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  • Lilredrobyn TDOT
    Lilredrobyn TDOT 3 days ago

    Overpriced, poor quality and size exclusivity has killed Victoria's secret. Bye bye😘

  • Candace Henry
    Candace Henry 3 days ago

    I feel like back then it would’ve been great to have plus sizes ect.. but now that plus size women are being catered to more I don’t think it’s that necessary to be inclusive or not. I feel like it’s too late to jump on the wagon. No one wants their stuff anymore, there are better options with BETTER quality for bigger women’s It’s their brand to have skinny women. And they’ve stapled that for years unfortunately. You can’t change something that don’t wanna be changed. I think this discussion should have been more vocal back in the day, but let’s shine light on those brand that do cater to “normal” women

  • Shaydah Delfanian Smith

    Their material isn't wonderful... Still love VS though.

  • Sameyamia MIA
    Sameyamia MIA 3 days ago

    Tamera you look classic glamour today 🤩

  • Sameyamia MIA
    Sameyamia MIA 3 days ago

    FENTY Savage is where it’s at 💆🏽‍♀️👙👑

  • Hermidas Love
    Hermidas Love 3 days ago

    Short women runway 😭

  • Hermidas Love
    Hermidas Love 3 days ago

    What about short women 😭😭

  • Rebecca Haleva
    Rebecca Haleva 3 days ago

    Always confused as to why we are promoting plus size as the alternative to model thin. Both are extremes that are unhealthy. Perhaps we should take a look at all the negative health effects before being body positive at every size and promote a normal healthy weight.

  • Selena Rose
    Selena Rose 3 days ago

    They focused on size when they could of used this segment as a platform to condemn transphobia. SMH.

  • Franco Juan
    Franco Juan 4 days ago +1

    Because American women are growing out of healthy sizes and getting too fat and ugly to wear sexy clothes

  • Honest Bee
    Honest Bee 4 days ago

    Expensive and bad quality. Honestly i find better stuff in HnM. Fits my body and makes me look 😍

  • Kendomcum IG
    Kendomcum IG 4 days ago

    The real say all women should be treated right and that’s why there sales are declining... however, the comments say cheap fabric for high prices lol

  • AnnaTubeism
    AnnaTubeism 4 days ago

    Look at how real, sexy and lovely the hosts look and they are not VS models . VS is not very feminist . The brand is not reinventing itself, it's passé

  • Gilberth Pavon
    Gilberth Pavon 4 days ago

    10 to 12 not really ladies unless your 6 feet tall. Lay off the hoo hoos and twinkies

  • phyllis johnson
    phyllis johnson 4 days ago

    Put the plus size in, trangenders no!

  • Acacia Desirae
    Acacia Desirae 4 days ago

    I do love their bras tho, they are expensive but they are my favorite! That bombshell bra does wonders! Until I got pregnant and my boobs quadrupled in size and they said they didn’t have my size in the store and had to order online...

  • Jena Lynn
    Jena Lynn 4 days ago

    Their quality has gone down dramatically

  • Sommer Harlow
    Sommer Harlow 4 days ago

    Sizes are B.S!! I was so skinny I looked anorexic and because of my build/bone structure, my pants were a size 10/12. Your build has just as much to do with clothing size as weight.

  • Shantica H
    Shantica H 4 days ago

    I only buy perfumes and body spray from Victoria Secret.

  • Lloyd Norwood
    Lloyd Norwood 4 days ago

    Sorry but VS shouldn't be forced to carry merch for big women. Surely there are brands that don't mind serving that market. Sounds to me like Big Girl Bullying.

  • April Lemons
    April Lemons 4 days ago

    The quality of the product is the issue. It's over priced for what you get. Also, not everyone can be a model...that isn't going to persuade to buy or not buy the product. The product itself is what will persuade me.

  • Emma Spiller
    Emma Spiller 4 days ago

    But didn’t Tommy Hilfiger say he doesn’t make his clothes for black people? We can’t dismiss one and then support the other 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Cassie Jen
    Cassie Jen 5 days ago

    Who the hell wants transgender women in the ad? Plus size yes but not transgender

  • Cassie Jen
    Cassie Jen 5 days ago

    The women on this show are bitter

  • bunni babie
    bunni babie 5 days ago

    everyone is realizing they are too expensive and they're stuff isn't even that cute, can get much cuter underwear for much cheaper

    BRANDY D 5 days ago

    Tell it Loni, "I go to the club and I go to the concession stand!"

    • BRANDY D
      BRANDY D 4 days ago

      +Jessica Lee I am able to shop at Victoria Secret (small top, bigger bottom, healthy, average size of statistics reported) and have enjoyed junk food, fairs, strawberry festival, buffets, etc. but whole point of Loni's comment was to say make to available to call. Not all men want a size 0. Some look sickly. The whole world needs to be body positive and celebrate all sizes as long as your healthy, big or small. Ultimately, she is saying I go have a few drinks (calories) and go have a slice of pizza (calories) after to enjoy time. Shamimg any size yet understanding what we all thru, temptations, trying to lose weight or gain weight, acceptance of society, fitting in where you belong.....saying "Nah, I am me no matter my size, appreciate me, know my insecurities (cause we all got them), and keep it moving. Be loved, accepted, and able to shop everywhere no matter size."

    • Jessica Lee
      Jessica Lee 4 days ago

      So do plenty skinny girls so I don't understand that comment. I don't go to club but I have been eating junk food all of my life and I remained skinny. Different bodies process food differently. Plenty of skinny people eat very unhealthy foods.

  • 김지원
    김지원 5 days ago +2

    *Victorias Secret is that she doesn’t eat*

  • JasmineS2012
    JasmineS2012 5 days ago

    They really be just letting them get drunk asf on this show lol

  • AnnMarie Stratton
    AnnMarie Stratton 5 days ago

    We figured out Victoria's secret... she hates the bodies of the average sized REAL woman, size 10+...
    Diverse shapes are beautiful and realistic... So Bye Felicia!!! You won't be missed.

  • Fina R
    Fina R 5 days ago

    I think it’s just that their panties are super expensive and that people are starting to find cheaper alternatives...

  • Indigo Lopez
    Indigo Lopez 5 days ago

    Its Fenty Savage that's killing em lmao

  • Reel Life
    Reel Life 5 days ago

    No shade but why are we pushing the LGBT so hard in our face? It's their business. They should not have to be force to market to a certain group. FYI I do not wear their stuff but I believe as a business they should stay true to self. Change in that direction is not always a way business should want to go.

  • Cool Kidd
    Cool Kidd 5 days ago +3

    Nah they’re just high as hell and I’m not playing 18 dollars for some body mist TF

  • Millsy Kooksy
    Millsy Kooksy 5 days ago

    Victoria Secret uses slave prison labor

  • Devon Elizabeth
    Devon Elizabeth 5 days ago

    I rather buy from a company that’s inclusive and even if they were it’s still super overpriced.

  • arnesha nelson
    arnesha nelson 5 days ago

    Everytime i go to the mall i pass right by VS nd go to bath nd body W

  • caricia angela
    caricia angela 5 days ago

    Put Jordyn in their shows, you'd see how the sales shoot up

  • M ah
    M ah 5 days ago

    It is because their core consumers are young women who cant afford a 70 dollar glitter jacket as the cost for living goes up. Trying to order a weeks worth of clothes from VS would run you almost 600 dollars the average colleged age woman cant afford that.

  • Ayanna Lopez
    Ayanna Lopez 5 days ago

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  • kiara moodley
    kiara moodley 5 days ago

    How insulting that bigger realer women aren’t subjects of fantasy !?

  • Shenice Says
    Shenice Says 5 days ago

    They shot themselves in the foot by not being inclusive and so we hit them in the corner pocket where it counts.

  • kiara moodley
    kiara moodley 5 days ago

    Let them keep declining!!!!!!

  • Lorna Levi shoeswomen

    there not making the drawes big enough now you going under get it ahhhhhh bye🧤

  • Lauren Rodriguez
    Lauren Rodriguez 5 days ago

    What’s Jeanie she’s crazy stuttering

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H 5 days ago

    I’m so confused. Y’all keep saying Victoria secret is too expensive. Bras are expensive in general. Victoria secret isn’t that expensive. It’s an average price. I’ve seen way more expensive underwear. You’re gonna pay a lot for underwear. You should want to so you know it’s good quality.

  • Jasmine H
    Jasmine H 5 days ago

    53 stores honestly don’t sound that bad. The market is just increasing. Victoria secret used to be the only place to get cute underwear. Now with online stores and more brands, I think it’s just a natural decline and people are making a big deal out of it. 53 isn’t 5300.

  • Melissa Moore
    Melissa Moore 5 days ago

    $54 for one night gown um expensive.

  • Jessica Thinks
    Jessica Thinks 5 days ago +2

    There are more problematic brands out there that continue to do well. Numerous fast fashion brands have been embroiled in controversy but continue to thrive; same for luxury brands. VS has lost its target market w/ their inelastic prices. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • jessica semexan
    jessica semexan 5 days ago

    To expensive n the quality sucksss

  • Tea Norman
    Tea Norman 5 days ago

    It’s dated no matter so called pretty women you put on there

  • jessica semexan
    jessica semexan 5 days ago

    Love that sweater on loni

  • Brittney Christine
    Brittney Christine 5 days ago

    How about more fair trade clothing brands?? All these fast fashion brands use sweatshops while the higher ups enjoy yachts and mansions .

  • Alexandria Isenhart
    Alexandria Isenhart 5 days ago

    Actually the average size of a woman is a 16

  • Chanel Mone
    Chanel Mone 5 days ago

    I don’t know Rihanna had clothing line thought Fenty was just make up

  • Hadjo Khan
    Hadjo Khan 5 days ago +4

    Normal size is 10 and 12?
    Excuse you.
    All sizes are normal. Get a grip.

  • Ruby Kay
    Ruby Kay 5 days ago

    Loni is my spirit animal

  • Jamaizing89
    Jamaizing89 5 days ago

    La Senza is where it’s at 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Abbie Mansa
    Abbie Mansa 6 days ago

    They got rid of their swimwear . And wanted to promote that expensive activewear . Like my gym membership is already pricy-i am not gonna pay for expensive clothes to go there too!

  • Alicia Wedderburn
    Alicia Wedderburn 6 days ago

    I think they're sales have declined because the don't have extended sizes, they're merchandise is overpriced and the quality isn't great. They also have competition that have better quality at affordable prices.

  • MnMn Bahr.
    MnMn Bahr. 6 days ago

    So next they should have a hijabi/muslim friendly lingerie ... crazy ppl, calm down

  • KinkyCurlyDiva16
    KinkyCurlyDiva16 6 days ago +2

    I dont want to see no damn transgender women in a fashion show, damn can us born women have anything

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 6 days ago

    This has nothing to do with fat girls or trannys rofl. Their prices are overpriced and there are a lot of competition so...

  • Charlotte DOLO
    Charlotte DOLO 6 days ago

    Skinny is not the new sexy anymore. They need to realise that. The world is evolving, they should to.

  • Yadi A
    Yadi A 6 days ago

    Fat people shouldn’t be wearing vs or men .. gross wtf!!!

  • Moon Patience Ongara

    Skinny girls have no money 😅

  • MArie Livingston
    MArie Livingston 6 days ago

    The quality of Victoria's Secret stuff has fallen off while the prices remain high. Not surprised.

  • Karyn Alberto
    Karyn Alberto 6 days ago

    Actually, Victoria's Secret and pink sizes run HUGE. Besides their panties and bras, which are normal true to size, their clothing are for ALL sizes!! I'm not sure how this makes sense.

    • WB Sims
      WB Sims 6 days ago

      Basically people stopped buying cuz their to expensive