Best of the Worst: Night of the Lepus, Zombie 3, and Silk

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • Take a trip down memory lane as Best of the Worst celebrates the 35th anniversary of the release of the first camcorder by filming an entire episode on VHS cameras! You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be nauseous from the horribly blown out low grade imagery. The only reprieve would be the fact that all three movies watched are 2K and 4K restorations available on blu-ray, but the movies themselves are just terrible so it doesn't matter.
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  • John T. Campbell

    Making an executive decision to push the _Whopper Button_ and watch Pass Thru?!?

    Isn't that betraying the public Trust?

    • John T. Campbell
      John T. Campbell Day ago

      Having absolutely no value for you 2 on the streets?!

      Isn't that immoral?

  • ThisIs ReadyMade
    ThisIs ReadyMade 4 days ago

    Jealous of that K-tel shirt.

  • akrabbim
    akrabbim 4 days ago +1

    You really need to have a "Best of the Breen" episode. Granted, you may all go mad, but we'd enjoy it.

  • Angel Fallen
    Angel Fallen 5 days ago

    Anyone else thinking Loris from dragula with night of lepus?

  • Crazy Uncle Hank
    Crazy Uncle Hank 7 days ago


  • vissova
    vissova 7 days ago

    there's something surreal about shitty VHS quality footage with high quality audio.

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares 7 days ago

    I literally get chills when they break the glass

  • Tim Portantno
    Tim Portantno 10 days ago

    When all else fails, you bring... The Breen!

  • Pneubeteube
    Pneubeteube 11 days ago

    How did I miss this episode Holy shit
    Edit: actually I do remember now, but the fact it was all low quality didn't get remembered at all, which is pretty interesting as someone else pointed out. Also, everyone should know shore leave, it's the episode where Kirk and and Spock have (imo) their most subtle intimate moment right at the beginning of the episode.

  • Darrell Covello
    Darrell Covello 11 days ago

    Killer bunnies.... RUN AWAY!!

  • Brian Fuller
    Brian Fuller 12 days ago

    Night of The Lepus is a so bad it's good classic. Zombie 3 is a hot mess with a troubled production but we get zombies. I luv Silk.

  • Mr Cat
    Mr Cat 13 days ago

    Clearly they needed the Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch.

  • Luke Wells
    Luke Wells 14 days ago

    Say what you will about Neil Breen. As clunky as the delivery is, the guy has a point.

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 15 days ago

    Neil Breen is the computer guy from the NSA episode of South Park

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden 15 days ago

    37:14 See also They Hunger 3: Rude Awakening which also does the "zombie radio" thing (possibly an homage to Zombie 3).
    58:20 What about .40 caliber guns? Yeah, I'm just playing with words.

  • Eric J
    Eric J 15 days ago

    You know how real lawyers and detectives are always pointing out that most of what they do is fairly boring and methodical, nothing like what's portrayed in cop and courtroom dramas? Seems like Silk decided to actually portray all that boring procedural crap..

  • ComiXProvider FTW_02
    ComiXProvider FTW_02 16 days ago


  • Adele Thomas
    Adele Thomas 16 days ago

    Fantastic! People need to experience this.

  • nekotyto
    nekotyto 16 days ago

    Just to let you know, there are giant rabbits already and the most they ever do is lay down in unwanted places like a couch or over a air vent.

  • Darsh
    Darsh 17 days ago


  • Mr. Sotack
    Mr. Sotack 18 days ago +3

    The entire democrat party has essentially become Neil Breen.

  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee 18 days ago

    The funniest thing in this video is Rich describing Waco as a "little fracas."

  • Chris Diamond
    Chris Diamond 20 days ago

    I love stumbling onto the hidden movie reviews, so friggin funny

  • OmarSaletovicPrins
    OmarSaletovicPrins 24 days ago +1

    Do another one with 70mm film and use that gorgeous 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

  • Riotous Behaviour
    Riotous Behaviour 27 days ago

    This video subverted my expectations. Therefore it is a success.

  • ohboy
    ohboy 29 days ago

    neil breen is a comrade

  • markiangooley
    markiangooley 29 days ago

    The female lead of Silk is remarkably decorative (and pushing forty, I think), but I guess that wasn’t enough to save the film...

  • shraman108
    shraman108 Month ago

    Mike's shoe is untied. This seems to mean something.

  • David Augros
    David Augros Month ago

    don't do this again

  • J R
    J R Month ago

    "nasty bunny mouth" you take that back or i am leaving

  • Matthew Rutledge-Taylor

    Wouldn't just leaving Silk out in the sun for a few weeks be lazier?

  • TheNeonRabbit
    TheNeonRabbit Month ago

    Can confirm the bunny death scream. It's done to warn the Gods that they'll soon have a lepus warrior on their hands

  • FrankieTheWop
    FrankieTheWop Month ago

    Always bet on Breen

  • Rick Lucey
    Rick Lucey Month ago

    I have to say ZOMBIE 3 looked maybe awful like NOTL but hell it looked funny and entertaining as hell and not boring so it has that I think. At least from the scenes you all showed I got that vibe!

  • Rick Lucey
    Rick Lucey Month ago

    How have I not seen ZOMBIE 3? I am dying from these scenes in it!

  • Rick Lucey
    Rick Lucey Month ago

    Fun and funny stuff as usual!

  • SirSamJuan
    SirSamJuan Month ago

    This video freezes at 44:15 for me. TheXvid can't handle the Breen

  • Michael Charavell
    Michael Charavell Month ago +1

    "Thank you Neil Breen!"
    ~Drunk man in his bath tub.

  • Michael Charavell
    Michael Charavell Month ago

    "Thank you Neil Breen!"
    ~Drunk man in his bath tub.

  • Neitenth
    Neitenth Month ago

    Passthrough isn't on Blu-ray, you frauds.

  • Matias Benitez
    Matias Benitez Month ago +2

    Neil Breen was the original Thanos.

  • Poe-Tay-Toe
    Poe-Tay-Toe Month ago

    I think Mike jackknifed in pain when they said they don't know what Star Trek is.

  • Ed
    Ed Month ago +1

    What cameras did they use?

  • Put Your Quarter Up Gaming

    There is no way you can edit Neil Breen movie footage for comedic effect and still not have it look better than the finished product

  • Bricka Crick
    Bricka Crick Month ago

    did they mention that night of the lepus is featured in the first matrix movie?

  • Zak22wolf, the Ultraman Zenith

    I just did a quick check. Basically, Neil Breen's solution to world problems is to wipe out a near equivalent to the population of the United States.

  • Maximo Wilson
    Maximo Wilson Month ago

    What's with the early 2000's camera

  • Rey187
    Rey187 Month ago

    44:58 yet another horribly obvious continuity error where the arm holding the gun switches from right to left

  • Gringo Fett
    Gringo Fett Month ago

    I think Neil Breen is probably going to lead a bunch of people into self destructive UFO cult.

  • Priscilla Asagiri
    Priscilla Asagiri Month ago

    "are you one of us or from out there"? "Yes".

  • Internet Police
    Internet Police Month ago +1

    I don't know why I keep coming back to this video. Maybe I like the camera gimmick. Maybe it's because Neil Breen.

  • Wilster Wonkels
    Wilster Wonkels Month ago

    fucking furries

  • Jojevis McLain
    Jojevis McLain 2 months ago

    "OH I meant Ferrari" -me every time I am cocky but wrong

  • Christy H
    Christy H 2 months ago +4

    "somebody forgot to carry a 1"
    underrated joke!

  • Noah Birthisel
    Noah Birthisel 2 months ago

    THe feeling this could become porn at any minute.

  • catrachocolo
    catrachocolo 2 months ago +11

    "the Branch Davidians had their little fracas with the FBI". 86 dead people. Little fracas....
    Never change, Rich!

  • Big Blue Weeaboo
    Big Blue Weeaboo 2 months ago +2

    Rich Evan's "aaaaaw"s give me life.

    God I love rabbits

  • Ken Barney
    Ken Barney 2 months ago

    Eyes on breen!

  • Andvare
    Andvare 2 months ago

    It's never Lepus.

  • 99goat99
    99goat99 2 months ago

    Also, Josh is the one whose face lost the least amount of recognizability (if that's a word) with the VHS quality. He looks the lest changed by the drop in quality... I dunno... I think I could recognize him in 5 pixels, if you know what I mean. LOL

  • 99goat99
    99goat99 2 months ago

    The more I watched this VHS-quality episode, the more I forgot about's as if my brain forgave it, and reverted to some earlier state of expectation for video quality.....then again, I turn 50 this year, so yeah....

  • AlhazredsGamingGoo
    AlhazredsGamingGoo 2 months ago

    Honestly, the rich people dialog is the most believable thing in a Neil Breen film

    Not that that's saying much.

  • Croatilillious Partridge

    Watch in 144p for maximum VHS.

  • Alexander Crews
    Alexander Crews 2 months ago



  • Fredd Marshall
    Fredd Marshall 2 months ago

    So would you say their decision was a Neil Breener?

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley 2 months ago +1

    I know someone's probably commented this by now, and that it will be impossible to see amidst the 3500 other comments but regarding the death screams of rabbits: during the siege of Panama in which Panamannian dictator Manuel Noriega fled to the Vatican Embassy, mandating force not be used in his capture or risk an international incident and undermining the entire international law and amnesty system, they used massive speakers that blared "Panama" and recordings of rabbits being slaughtered. He quickly gave up as it was unbearable.
    The army later apologized and paid for PTSD treatment due to the psychological trauma caused by being unwillingly subjected to Van Halen.

  • MrPooPooJohn
    MrPooPooJohn 2 months ago

    Also, Mike and Jay are the best editors on TheXvid.

  • MrPooPooJohn
    MrPooPooJohn 2 months ago

    Based on this footage, you guys would have seriously had the best public access show back in the 80’s-90’s. It’s like I’m actually watching an episode from it.

  • TheEndKing
    TheEndKing 2 months ago

    Can you imagine showing up to be a zombie in some zombie movie, and then they stick you in a shark tank and tell you to grapple it?

  • Dunkage
    Dunkage 2 months ago

    The first rule of trashing a movie is to know your shit. Granted, the True Drive-in experience is something millenials will never be able to grasp (much like how the american ones slaughter any word in French and most in English) but ignorance of Dates is just plain lazy. Somebody must have typed "Night of the Lepus" into their phone during the research phase so it is mind numbing that this segment ascribes 1968 as the release date. It was a perfect drive-in movie on its release in 1972. As a rule these movies had 3 simple rules: they must be under 90 minutes to fit 3 snack bar runs into what was usually a double or triple bill. They must fail to meet the expectations set by the posterized version of the print ad and finally, they must not distract the post pubescents who had finally made it to third base in the back seat.
    Giant bunnies fit the bill. We wouldn't get a properly menacing rabbit until 1975 with "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."
    I like your content but as long as I've got your attention, I found it odd that in one of the Xmas videos someone mentioned their appreciation for yuletide horror movies but chose to mention a knock off but neglected to give props to the one that started it all... the truly disturbing "Black Christmas" (with fuckin Lois Lane of the 70's Superman movie!)
    C'mon guys, if your goal is to educate don't stop at the surface level... go in for the Deep Dive.
    Wait til you get your mits on "Food of the Gods," "Empire of the Ants" and Willam Shatner's bite at the apple "Kingdom of the Spiders." Moreover, if you want to see a Pre Star Trek, shirtless Captain Kirk in "Incubus!" This movie was the first and only movie that was completely written and spoken in what was intended to become the universal language of Esperanto. If it's
    Schlock you want... look further!

  • Sam Stone
    Sam Stone 2 months ago

    Only Jay would do this. What a good chap.

  • Arin Son of Jack
    Arin Son of Jack 2 months ago

    16:41 Is that the crazy Colonel grandpa from Laserblast? Thanks, IHE.

  • Woopywomp
    Woopywomp 2 months ago

    They shouldve referenced back to the bunny screams when reviewing "Us"

  • Carson's Collectibles
    Carson's Collectibles 2 months ago

    To this day, the “call my agent” joke is one of the funniest things Mike has ever said.

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff 2 months ago

    (27:12) You know, Mike, there is a Santa Monica in Philippines.

  • KingThrillgore
    KingThrillgore 2 months ago

    Someone should just send all of Neil Breen's movies to the FBI.

  • Phial Substance
    Phial Substance 2 months ago

    I am a psychologist (in training) and henceforward I endorse Neil Breen lol

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max 2 months ago

    Mike was is a Corvette

  • jonhon
    jonhon 2 months ago

    Neil Breen is a breenious

  • Nicholas Spinicelli
    Nicholas Spinicelli 2 months ago

    That Neil Green newsroom section reminds me of Kane from The Brotherhood of NOD.

  • the spectrum is the construct

    that neil breen dude looks alot like the late tony joe white.

  • C s
    C s 2 months ago +19

    Breen: Violence bad. Also Breen: I will eliminate you, this is my universe!

  • Jiyva
    Jiyva 3 months ago

    rich is so white he just glows like a lamp evey scene

  • GinoZump
    GinoZump 3 months ago

    you fucked up the sound, it's way too clear

  • CrazyPangolinLady
    CrazyPangolinLady 3 months ago

    Rory Calhoun? The man who’s always standing and walking?

  • alinkyng
    alinkyng 3 months ago

    That WAS a Corvette.

  • fixxxer3456
    fixxxer3456 3 months ago

    I've watched this a few times and there had to be VHS cameras with better quality right? I don't remember all camcorders having as much of a washout effect

  • CountArtha
    CountArtha 3 months ago

    You can tell which camera is VHS and which is BetaMax.

  • Fluffy Gutts
    Fluffy Gutts 3 months ago

    Wait, what! Breen's listing off all the bad things people do then he say's children and animals, are they bad too lol Are they part of the problem??

    • JasonPoophess
      JasonPoophess 6 days ago

      He listed "people that hurt children and animals".

  • LordAini
    LordAini 3 months ago

    We only want common sense Neil Breen control.

  • unfa
    unfa 3 months ago

    I think Dr. Breen from Half-Life was named after Neil Breen.

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 3 months ago +1

    Episode 6 of Best of the Worst. You guys watched both The Vindicator and Cyber Tracker, but didn't really talk about them, instead devoting the episode to Robot Jox and ROTOR. The Vindicator you found "alright", a bland, Saturday-morning-cartoon style movie, and Cyber Tracker was so boring you couldn't even pay attention to the back of the box.
    There was also several Wheel of the Worst episodes where you gave up on videos: Episode 16 had you skip over a shitty makeup tutorial video (that I can't remember) for Shoji Tabuchi, Episode 32 has you skip a dog training video for Rainbow's Remedies, Episode 46 had you make a series of failed Executive Decisions and watch every tape on the wheel (at least partially), and Episode 51 had you skip over Octopuff in Kumquat, the last tape the OG Wheel of the Worst landed on, for A Day Full of Joy.
    So, no, Silk isn't the first movie you gave up on.

  • TheLegend1800
    TheLegend1800 3 months ago

    Neil Breen in: I Bought a Drone and Learned How to Use the Fade Effect in Windows Movie Maker

  • The Wilhelm Scream
    The Wilhelm Scream 3 months ago

    I like how all of their shirts seem to be of the same time the camcorders were released, so many layers to this episode!!!!!

  • Taco Carlsón
    Taco Carlsón 3 months ago

    What I got from Neil Breen's film: Build The Wall

  • peter gildersleve
    peter gildersleve 3 months ago +1

    The version of Zombi 3 you were watchng is vey different the original release the plot and setting was change and unrelated footage added you should seek out Zombie flesh eaters 2 the uk release of the film it makes more sense

  • jaxxstraw
    jaxxstraw 3 months ago

    "It's all Breen"

  • KNJfan
    KNJfan 3 months ago

    Crazy people need an deserted island where they can be dropped into and never be seen again

  • Draco Mundo Streams
    Draco Mundo Streams 3 months ago

    Zombie is the final fantasy of movies

    GABADON 3 months ago

    50:45 - I'm just a simple sheep herder in rural Ireland and even /I/ know that you don't cut between characters and keep the fuckin' background in the EXACT SAME SPOT.