Best of the Worst: Night of the Lepus, Zombie 3, and Silk


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  • Paul Sciarra
    Paul Sciarra 15 hours ago

    That particular scene from Killer Clowns from outer space scared the crap out of me as a kid

  • Saige Pilgrim
    Saige Pilgrim 22 hours ago

    Bunny trauma.

  • An Di
    An Di 2 days ago

    0:42 referee Cameron Mitchell.

  • jmwild1
    jmwild1 3 days ago

    These guys are hack frauds. Isn't that cheating the public? Isn't that immoral?

  • _ musique
    _ musique 3 days ago

    No Knights of the Coconut references? No Watership Down? Both classic bunny horror!

  • Baron Feyd
    Baron Feyd 5 days ago

    bunny death rattles have NOTHING on cow screams. HOLY FUCK those are horrifying. Was camping with a friend near his farm, and at like 2 am I hear the worst blood curdling scream i have ever heard in my life. I thought the cows were being mutilated by fucking aliens. Someone back me up with this.

  • Dragonomics
    Dragonomics 5 days ago

    The moment I saw the Neil Breen DVD, my heart leapt from my chest into heaven.

  • Joseph Roddy
    Joseph Roddy 5 days ago

    don't worry, Mike. I am obsessed with TOS and caught your mistake instantly! HAHA! Love Shore Leave. Hilarious.

  • Neal
    Neal 7 days ago

    37:05 oh fuck, they infected Three Dog!

  • Joseph Christ
    Joseph Christ 7 days ago

    I just want to let you all know I saw Twisted Pair in Seattle last night and it was everything I could have hoped for and more.

  • Sam Lenn
    Sam Lenn 8 days ago

    What was the 80's style song during the credits of this episode? Lyrics pull up nada.

  • Andrew Stage
    Andrew Stage 9 days ago

    hot shit pass thru!

  • lennonscat
    lennonscat 9 days ago

    My dad had that carry on shoulder camera/camcorder when I was growing up

  • Konkoly
    Konkoly 10 days ago

    I love gimmicks!

  • David Little
    David Little 11 days ago

    can someone link me to the part where mike screams so I may visit it for years to come

  • BecauseICan
    BecauseICan 12 days ago

    Why is this funnier on VHS? lol

  • Connor Coulson
    Connor Coulson 13 days ago

    Zombie 3 has some legitimately creative ideas. Zombies that can strategise is a scary idea.

  • Milquetoast Eugenicist
    Milquetoast Eugenicist 13 days ago +1

    Confessions of a Twisted Pair.
    Anyone remember Dick Millard? (Was it Dick Millard?) You know, of Crazy Fat Ethel 2 directing fame? No? He's done other work. Sex Weirdo? The Slut? Confessions of a Dirty Pair? No one?

  • ReaperSound
    ReaperSound 13 days ago

    19:05 did he just throw his gun at the curlin nascar?

  • Possibly Dell Honne
    Possibly Dell Honne 13 days ago

    When Neil Breen was brought into the mix I lost my fucking shit

  • Coffee & Comics
    Coffee & Comics 13 days ago +3

    Mike should have a Star Trek discussion hour, where Mike, Jay, Rich, Josh, et al, watch Star Trek episodes from the Original Series, the Next Generation, the Animated Series, or even Voyager, & then Mike can overly explain the moral dilemma, ethical situation or whatever is going on, & explain the weird characters on Voyager, or who the characters are & Jay & Rich can be all confused & bored & ask Mike stupid questions about Star Trek.

  • flogiston2ify
    flogiston2ify 14 days ago

    Include Witcher from 2001 in your next BotW

  • GuyUWishUWere
    GuyUWishUWere 15 days ago

    night of the lepus is a missed opportunity to make a horror movie about killer playboy bunny's

  • hitler's penis
    hitler's penis 15 days ago

    40:30 I genuinely started squealing and cheering.

  • Christian Fischer
    Christian Fischer 16 days ago

    breen there - done that!

  • Dusty Trails
    Dusty Trails 16 days ago +1

    I genuinely can't believe they didn't show their reaction to the ending of Pass Thru, where Neil and the woman walk through a field of dead bodies while triumphant music plays; I was waiting the whole episode for Rich to blow out the mics watching that!

  • KohinaREC
    KohinaREC 17 days ago

    Mr. Breen
    Makes it all clean.
    Neill should create a detergent.

  • canicheenrage
    canicheenrage 17 days ago

    I guess night of the lepus was a horror movie intended for the australian market.

  • byz88
    byz88 18 days ago

    I can't wait to buy this episode remastered on blu-ray!

  • vsGoliath
    vsGoliath 19 days ago

    Now all we can do is hope and pray that Neil never gets his hands on a Death Note. He'll make Light Yagami look like a fucking pacifist.

    DEATH WORKSHOP 19 days ago

    Neil Breen read SIEGE

    WILD LIFE 20 days ago

    When Neo goes to see The Oracle in The Matrix, Night of The Lepus is on a TV in the waiting room.

  • Marcus Zyker
    Marcus Zyker 20 days ago

    I feel like if you decapitate a zombie at the base of the neck; it’s dead. There’s no blood flow going to the brain. Or if you shoot it in the neck and sever the spinal cord, it’s down. Completely down for the count

  • Marcus Zyker
    Marcus Zyker 20 days ago +1

    Zombie 3. This time it’s trees

  • V. Paul Janbazian
    V. Paul Janbazian 21 day ago

    Wait, Deran Sarafian was in Zombie 3?

  • Shawn's Legacy
    Shawn's Legacy 22 days ago

    I'm here because Neil Breen hates jewies.

  • John Heath
    John Heath 22 days ago

    I cant do these with Richs laugh. I cant. Sorry

  • David Christian
    David Christian 22 days ago

    I remember seeing Night of the Lepus on a Saturday morning movie when I was a kid in the 1970ies. I don't remember what I thought about it. I just remember giant rabbits moving in slow motion getting electrocuted. Movies like that were kinda ubiquitous in those days, so I think most ppl didn't think much about them. Like, every Saturday, after the cartoons were over they'd show a couple of those. Sometimes they'd be the old Godzilla type movies, sometimes they'd be really weird ones.

  • DanteKinkade
    DanteKinkade 22 days ago

    So Night of the Lepus also has a killer guy in a bunny fursuit wondering around.

  • Jackoclubs88
    Jackoclubs88 22 days ago

    i'm sure there's some guy that loves "exploding varmints" that might be able to help with the huge rabbits...

  • Connor Ollive
    Connor Ollive 22 days ago

    is VHS replacing Rich Evans?

  • Dipstick 2177
    Dipstick 2177 22 days ago

    oh christ that shift from VHS filter to no VHs filter makes it look like a fucking animated film

  • Zach Bonnell
    Zach Bonnell 23 days ago

    Neil Breen looking at a black woman "I will eliminate all of the people like you!"

  • ReverendNillerz
    ReverendNillerz 24 days ago

    You guys should watch some of those Wakaliwood movies that are made in Uganda on one of your shows, it could give some really poor movie makers some attention and also it would be fun to watch!

  • gay lord
    gay lord 24 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the song used in the credits? Is it from one of the movies that they watched?

  • Temmie Plays!
    Temmie Plays! 25 days ago

    I find it hard to believe Jay has never seen MST3K
    that smokey set gag ( at 7:43 ) is a staple of Joel comedy, and a running gag anytime a set was full of dry ice, or a smoke machine.
    Come to think of it, the only person I've seen even reference MST3K is Jay, BUt I get why they don't talk about em much as they would be spoiling some real stinkers.

  • Wonko Sane
    Wonko Sane 25 days ago +2

    I picture the scene with the FBI as they investigate Neil Breen. Wooden faced FBI agents are looking at a screen. We hear but don't see..."Rich, talk about his ball sack! YES, WE SEE HIS BALL SACK!" "Shut it off..." says the lead agent.

  • DJ Slapalottaguchi
    DJ Slapalottaguchi 25 days ago

    3:04 you mean Atrazine?

  • elgritton
    elgritton 25 days ago

    My fucking brain is hacked by RLM, I was thinking Tremors when they say it was a boring tremors

  • Madzlick Chinatown
    Madzlick Chinatown 26 days ago +2

    No shit, this looks so much more natural than the standard HD mode.
    I feel like I'm watching a 90s public access/off-air infomercial. I like it.

  • Crusader820
    Crusader820 26 days ago +5

    "If it can be destroyed by the truth, it DESERVES to be destroyed by the truth."

  • D.M.S.
    D.M.S. 26 days ago +2

    They made me google death screams of bunnies and now I'm an expert in handling bunnies.
    After three hours of research, I realised they ment the animals... I think I'm now on a special watchlist of the FBI.

  • QuiqueNet
    QuiqueNet 26 days ago

    39:08 mike´s face tells us everything we need to know about this movie

  • Eric Staples
    Eric Staples 27 days ago

    Wow, that moment when you realize the Russo Bros have been stealing from Neil Breen since Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

  • Mephilis 78
    Mephilis 78 27 days ago +1

    Night of Lupus

  • Whiskey Tango
    Whiskey Tango 28 days ago

    My dog got a hold of a bunch of bunnies hiding out near our house...I remember thinking "who's watching aliens because I can hear the screams."

  • Dave
    Dave 29 days ago

    For the people that wanted Best of the Worst steamed live: What if they were to watch a movie as boring as Silk?

  • Holden Caulfield
    Holden Caulfield 29 days ago

    50:40 holy fuck that looks just like George Soros

  • theinternalkiller
    theinternalkiller Month ago +1


  • Stefan Raeburn
    Stefan Raeburn Month ago

    *E Y E S O N B R E E N*

  • TheTaelus
    TheTaelus Month ago +1

    Bunnies also scream when fucking. Just get some audio from a breeder.

  • camion165
    camion165 Month ago +2

    17:05 You know "Night of the lepus" is bad when you hear the name "Jack and Jill" in the same scene.

  • pale demon
    pale demon Month ago +2

    This is what separates RLM from ANY OTHER youtube channel and especially other film channels.
    every single episode is just pure entertainment and quality, but the fact that they filmed in VHS adds an extra layer of awesomeness

  • Stephen Falk
    Stephen Falk Month ago +1

    Get Neal breen on the show

    • theinternalkiller
      theinternalkiller Month ago

      He's a crazy director but from his interviews he seems like a nice guy. Crazy directors are the coolest people to talk to (usually). I'd be more scared of Daddy Derek cuz that guy seems a bit unstable.

    • Stephen Falk
      Stephen Falk Month ago

      That would be part of the

    • Erling Hansen
      Erling Hansen Month ago

      I can't begin to imagine how awkward it would be 😂

  • insignia9989
    insignia9989 Month ago +6

    Neil Breen traps people in film contracts when selling them houses. That's how he is doing this.

  • Willy Beamish
    Willy Beamish Month ago

    You guys picked some horrible fucking shit to watch this go around.

  • Jonatan Pina
    Jonatan Pina Month ago

    This is true.

  • Declan Doherty
    Declan Doherty Month ago +2

    that shit with Silk has to be the most devastating drag they've ever done. They watched ALL of the Geritol Follies, BUT SILK WASN'T EVEN WORTH THEIR TIME

  • The Anime Alliance
    The Anime Alliance Month ago

    Mike, rabbits are, like, everywhere. We hear them being eat by coyotes on the west coast too.

  • speier
    speier Month ago

    Rich is so fuckin' blown out in the VHS footage... I didn't think it was possible for Rich to get any whiter.

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - Month ago +1

    IT'S CLEAN! :)

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - Month ago

    *Zombie 3* seems like a cruddy Italian version of *Return of the Living Dead* (which is pure 80s Zombie GLORY!!)
    But CMON! the 'flyng zombie head' moment was GOLD! XD (30:30)

  • canefrogfury
    canefrogfury Month ago

    Standing up like a little Rory Calhoun, yessss.

  • Mauricio Aguilera
    Mauricio Aguilera Month ago

    Breen for president!

  • Chris Wolfe
    Chris Wolfe Month ago

    Holy shit, I have seen a scene from Night of the Lepus before. It has haunted the edges of my consciousness for probably twenty years now, going back to that day at my grandma's house when someone was watching a movie about giant rabbits. I haven't actually been sure that the movie existed at all until this moment.

  • Arya Suri
    Arya Suri Month ago

    FINALLY. A Niel Breen episode without fucking Max Landis.

    • Oda Swifteye
      Oda Swifteye Month ago

      Well Max Landis is certainly not coming back anytime soon.

  • Hack Fraud Pharmacy

    pass thru is essentially Logan meets Infinity War. the Logan part being him transporting the two girls across the desert, away from bad guys pursuing them. the infinity war part being the mass suicide. Thgil's character is essentially Wolverine meets Thanos.

  • Hamilton Jones
    Hamilton Jones Month ago

    I'm almost positive that Night of The Lepus is on in the background during the scene in The Matrix when Neo visits the Oracle. Check it out!

  • Bethany Bluth
    Bethany Bluth Month ago

    Comicbookgirl19 would be an excellent guest for this show

  • Garret Voight
    Garret Voight Month ago

    Ah yess the Ferrari Corvette, of course! HACK FRAUDS

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis Month ago

    Breen to the rescue!

  • MrMoneyclips
    MrMoneyclips Month ago

    I love it when RLM just says "fuck it, let's do this instead."

  • Ben Mazzara
    Ben Mazzara Month ago +2

    “That’s the movie where a zombie fights a shark.”
    That’s a sentence that needs to be said far, FAR more often.

  • Timmy Sweets
    Timmy Sweets Month ago

    Mike hates us

  • Bake
    Bake Month ago +1

    we got a film on killer bunnies and there aint ONE Monty Python reference in this here video

  • Peter Austin
    Peter Austin Month ago

    Rich really likes those rabbits. "Tell me about the rabbits mike"

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith Month ago

    The laziest way to destroy a movie is to lay it in the hot Californian summer sun and watch as nature slowly destroys it like it is doing to our northern half.

  • Gene Convoy
    Gene Convoy Month ago

    Is poor video quality replacing poor content quality?

  • Philip Vazquez
    Philip Vazquez Month ago

    This was a pretty funny episode up until the Neil Breen movie. Then it was comedy gold

  • johnstephenalbert
    johnstephenalbert Month ago

    With that VHS image quality, I kept expecting Mike and Rich to start smoking cigarettes.

  • dylan storm
    dylan storm Month ago +1

    So the question is, where was Thgil during the events of Infinity War? Will he appear in phase 4 (Captain Marvel)?

  • Metalgear SolidSnake

    do you drnk pepsi or coca cola?

  • Metalgear SolidSnake

    Best of the worst of Van Damme movies:)

  • Metalgear SolidSnake

    Looks like GTA3:)

  • _
    _ Month ago +1

    I'm so happy Neil Breen has found a relatively harmless way to channel his psychosis. Can you imagine what he'd be doing if he weren't a "film" director?

  • AuthorityCat
    AuthorityCat Month ago +3


  • Alex Delarge
    Alex Delarge Month ago

    I think they just slowed the bunnies down too much. It would have looked better if the effect was a little lessened.

  • Honey Butter
    Honey Butter Month ago

    its odd seeing people in this video quality act so naturally.

  • Chaos one
    Chaos one Month ago


  • Mitch Holladay
    Mitch Holladay Month ago

    it’s weird that the audio is so clear. but the video is VHS quality. Makes you realize how valuable audio quality is towards overall production.