Nakamura too strong for Nepomniachtchi | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019

  • Published on Nov 30, 2019
  • Hikaru Nakamura played a fine game of chess to beat Ian Nepomniachtchi in round 14 of Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019. Check out the game in this video!
    Video: ChessBase India
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Comments • 100

  • Oyutur Gantur
    Oyutur Gantur Month ago

    i love hikaru

  • Tithe3016
    Tithe3016 Month ago

    Why did NEPO do that last move?! LOL he just gave up a piece

  • Tithe3016
    Tithe3016 Month ago


  • Khairul Imam
    Khairul Imam Month ago

    Hikaru plays too many game against people on bow his expression against Nepom the same when playing stream 😆

  • cinematic sage
    cinematic sage Month ago


  • larry89
    larry89 Month ago

    Ends with a pawn fork.. ouch

  • Designer
    Designer Month ago

    I can beat napom lol he had a chance to fork the queen and castle but chose to eat a useless pawn 🤦🏽‍♂️8:04

    • Shivendra Rana
      Shivendra Rana Month ago

      Also..maybe he took the pawn so that he could make space for his queen to attack the king

    • Shivendra Rana
      Shivendra Rana Month ago

      Yeah bro you are right..but if he thought of folking and took blacks rook then he would lose his knight..maybe nep did not want to lose his knight

  • Mathew Mccoy
    Mathew Mccoy Month ago

    fuck is everyone sick over there

  • finmat95
    finmat95 Month ago

    Too strong for? no, Nepomniachtchi is too weak, too slow

  • Vikraal
    Vikraal Month ago

    His ponytail cost him the game

  • Jim Godwin Panganiban
    Jim Godwin Panganiban Month ago +1

    0:55 That reaction 😂

  • Hidden Cuber
    Hidden Cuber Month ago +1

    And my doubt is ," what's the science behind the coughing during every chess game? "

    ABC TRAVELER Month ago +2

    9:37 the camera man coughed on Hikaro

  • BobbyKite
    BobbyKite Month ago +2

    Does every professional chess player have major adhd?

  • Atomic Chess
    Atomic Chess Month ago

    Atomic Varyant videoları için kanalıma bakabilirsiniz Türkler burdaysanız. Eğitici videolar çekip atıyorum abone olarak destek olabilirsiniz

  • Richard Casterly
    Richard Casterly Month ago

    Had he only cut that man-ponytail, his testosterone levels would've increased and made him dish out more strategic moves.

  • Supersaiyan211
    Supersaiyan211 Month ago +2

    I have seen so many videos,,,,,
    I always notice the coughing sound and mostly importantly everytime i don't understand who won in the end;)

  • Critical Ed
    Critical Ed Month ago +4

    For the love of God... put up an onscreen board so viewers can follow smh

  • Zavier Rose
    Zavier Rose Month ago +1

    Everyone is sick in India wtf. Coughing very 5 secs

  • Thanos Mantzavinos
    Thanos Mantzavinos Month ago +1

    Who won and why??

  • Flavius Daniel MindSIEntertainment

    9:51 is it me or queen h4 is winning on the spot? Now give my likes.

  • Darius Hammond
    Darius Hammond Month ago +2

    I don't know what's harder, chess or pronouncing this guy's name? 😵

  • Hilltycoon
    Hilltycoon Month ago +1

    takes, takes, takes, takes, takes, takes, resigns

    • MrGodofcar
      MrGodofcar Month ago

      I'm glad I'm not familiarized with that.

  • Sangkhom Bo
    Sangkhom Bo Month ago +1

    Ian nepomniachi is so humble

  • Utkarsh Dixit
    Utkarsh Dixit Month ago

    Was that draw or win by nakamura

  • Smart Me
    Smart Me Month ago +1

    Cough tournament as it will be known in future

  • Scopper Gaban
    Scopper Gaban Month ago

    Dont spoil the winner please. haha

  • Data Science
    Data Science Month ago

    Not a right angle for watching chess game, camera man thought he capture gamers and their expressions than the game.

  • Uriz Mentaz
    Uriz Mentaz Month ago

    Jaja se la persona que se estaba muriendo de tos

  • Cagri Haciyusufoglu
    Cagri Haciyusufoglu Month ago +1

    Tata is firing workers all around the world...

  • Reptar Slice
    Reptar Slice Month ago

    yeah it's speed chess but I'm just going to casually gaze into the audience for 10 seconds and act like I don't care

  • Official Music
    Official Music Month ago +5

    with all the coughing the past few videos I think I've contracted bronchitis myself

  • Giuseppe Perrone
    Giuseppe Perrone Month ago +29

    Is everyone in this room suffering from long cancer?

    • MrGodofcar
      MrGodofcar Month ago +4

      They are suffering from short cancer.

    • Why Watchme
      Why Watchme Month ago

      Nobody should have that ponytail.

  • Gimnasio GetFit
    Gimnasio GetFit Month ago

    Ese Nakamura siempre bien mamón.
    Pero en sus directos otro pedo.

  • Joss Cald'rón
    Joss Cald'rón Month ago

    What happened Nepo, xd

  • Vincent Aguirre
    Vincent Aguirre Month ago +5

    3:50 At tree-fiddy, Nakamura has tree-fiddy on his clock.

    • Timmy Fay
      Timmy Fay Month ago +1

      Loch Ness monster confirmed. Hikaru is the loch Ness monster of blitz.

  • Y Leighton
    Y Leighton Month ago +4

    From where I can buy a chess board like the one in the video ?

  • Thebest Bargis
    Thebest Bargis Month ago +2

    How's the smog in India?

    • Otaku hunter
      Otaku hunter Month ago

      what's the relation to this content?

  • Höher wertiger
    Höher wertiger Month ago


  • Kirti Dongre
    Kirti Dongre Month ago +1

    The man at left to Erwin Lami with brown pant is nakamura's first coach

  • TT0
    TT0 Month ago +6

    10:10 he see

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar Month ago

    Nakamura at 0:07 be like hath milane me itna sochna pd gya.. Game me kya hga😂

  • Sushma Dwivedi
    Sushma Dwivedi Month ago +22

    Is everyone knowing that today is magnus Carlsen's birthday. If anyone is knowing then please like and comment . I also request chessbase to make a video on carlsen .

    • ensayofr
      ensayofr Month ago +1

      We do not care

    • Nadie :v
      Nadie :v Month ago

      Happy birthday goat!

    • Zac
      Zac Month ago

      Happy birthday!

  • tùng võ thanh
    tùng võ thanh Month ago

    why the audiences is jus a bunch of peole who coughing. why can't u guys just stfu and watch the game? If you sicks, stay at home. That's fking annoying

  • Eduard 992
    Eduard 992 Month ago +4

    I don't understand why you guys are so upset with the coughing. I tend to ignore it

    • Otaku hunter
      Otaku hunter Month ago +1

      @kalep the re4l indeed but if the same individual keeps getting irritated and focus their attention to that in every video than the issue befalls on the viewer.

    • kalep the re4l
      kalep the re4l Month ago

      Shark. Jo you know what i mean and dont argue and being bitter

    • Shark. Jo
      Shark. Jo Month ago

      @kalep the re4l lmao so better shut off body functions

    • kalep the re4l
      kalep the re4l Month ago +1

      Eduard 992 because its you, chess tournament need a quite surrounding.

  • mario_
    mario_ Month ago +4

    his step father , heavy breathing in the front row.

  • Pascal Minette
    Pascal Minette Month ago +2

    Something fell on Nepo'' s head since days and everybody seems to ignore it.

  • Pascal Minette
    Pascal Minette Month ago +27

    The man with the rod :
    Well ...maybe searching for gold here wasn't a good idea...

  • bla link
    bla link Month ago

    Holy fuck there's a lot of coughing wtf is this I hope it's not as loud to the players as what I'm hearing

  • Bivek Karna
    Bivek Karna Month ago +97

    When Hikaru shakes head sideways, I hear "takes takes takes...."

  • Mehul Verma
    Mehul Verma Month ago +1

    Why are they coughing so much? What city is this?

    • Shark. Jo
      Shark. Jo Month ago +4

      @Mehul Verma it's called pollution and inida has a massive problem with it.
      Not to say they all cough because of that

    • Mehul Verma
      Mehul Verma Month ago +4

      f_used all Kolkata people seem to have some sort of tuberculosis...there is an epidemic running in the city

    • f_used
      f_used Month ago +3

      Considering the event is named India chess blitz, it’s in Kolkata, India.

  • Samuel Pereira
    Samuel Pereira Month ago +6

    Straight up blunder on the last move tho

  • Jason Michael
    Jason Michael Month ago +34

    9:37 people up on the stage are coughing on the players too.

  • JHJNC89
    JHJNC89 Month ago +6

    I'm glad Nakamura won just because of the other guys man bun.

    • Shark. Jo
      Shark. Jo Month ago

      That's not superficial at all

  • TheEsotericZebra
    TheEsotericZebra Month ago +11

    i just realized these people probably cough all day every day. Its just non stop coughing. Coughing at breakfast. Coughing at the movies. Coughing at work. Coughing on the plane. Coughing in bed with your wife. What a life lol

    • MrGodofcar
      MrGodofcar Month ago

      What a life, right? To be wasting on comments like this.

    • bubai porey
      bubai porey Month ago

      Are you here to listen their cough sound or to watch the game?...chill man just ignore it

    • Midway23
      Midway23 Month ago +1

      They should go to the doctor...not go to big chess tournament.

  • 4Hour
    4Hour Month ago +48

    The coughing continues

    • MrGodofcar
      MrGodofcar Month ago

      @Troy S Wow, you have functional ears.

    • Troy S
      Troy S Month ago +2

      It’s horrible to listen to. Every live chess event is like this. Something about the quiet environment and audience being bored. They get into coughing competitions.

    • Jofx
      Jofx Month ago +9

      *Coughing intensifies*

    • hmrhuang
      hmrhuang Month ago +2

      Indeed. Makes you think something may be wrong with their environment. Oh wait, there is (rme)!!!!!!!!

  • ElPapushitoxd
    ElPapushitoxd Month ago +1

    Si!! Arriba Naka.

  • Kmillz TFT
    Kmillz TFT Month ago +5

    Manbuns look terrible.

  • rubetube92
    rubetube92 Month ago +57

    Hikaru should get Nebo’s ponytail as a trophy

  • Francesco Bonaccorso
    Francesco Bonaccorso Month ago +8

    weird handshake

    • Farid Es Salhi
      Farid Es Salhi Month ago +1

      No ping pong are worst

    • hmrhuang
      hmrhuang Month ago +10

      Pro chess players have the WEAKEST handshakes of ANY sport!