What If the Soviet Union Reunited Today?

  • Published on Mar 27, 2017
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  • Incompetent Engineering
    Incompetent Engineering 3 months ago +2410

    Putin watched this video and went "Why not?"

    • Alex D
      Alex D 7 days ago

      @Dritanov Sulechvoride I love Americans in the comments justifying/condemning imperialism 🤣 it’s okay when we do it bro, we’re built differently

    • BlueCreeper12
      BlueCreeper12 11 days ago

      First target: Ukraine
      (But seriously, I think it’ll happen, maybe idk prob not)

    • Data Turashvili
      Data Turashvili 11 days ago


  • Cadence Sousa
    Cadence Sousa 3 months ago +1330

    Here we go everybody. Looks like we're gonna see how accurate this video is

    • Slav Shark
      Slav Shark 8 days ago +1

      bro you give the largest army to putin and he cant do shit to luxemburg with it

    • The Ianverse
      The Ianverse Month ago

      @cadence Sousa I’m your 900th like

    • Nauris2111
      Nauris2111 Month ago

      The resurrection of Soviet Union isn't possible because Baltic States and Poland are now NATO members and invading them would mean the beginning of WWIII, which is why Russia still hasn't done that.

    • Harrison Fross
      Harrison Fross 2 months ago +1

      @Jack Tracey Which is funny cuz between Putin's Russia, the Russian Empire, and the USSR, the reds have now proven to be the most competent of the three.

    • United Balkan Serbia
      United Balkan Serbia 2 months ago

      they forgot mongolia

  • JC05
    JC05 2 months ago +471

    "What if the Soviet Union Reunited Today?"
    Putin: *And I took that personally...*

  • MyUsernameisDifferent
    MyUsernameisDifferent 7 months ago +276

    just imagine the USSR and China having an alliance
    considering the Sino-Soviet Split is dead

    • Chareesh Lingala
      Chareesh Lingala Month ago

      @Connor O'Brien how on earth-

    • Moe Moe
      Moe Moe 3 months ago +1


    • Eric Liu
      Eric Liu 4 months ago

      Mike Pompeo would shit his pants about hearing that.

    • Ying LUO
      Ying LUO 5 months ago +1

      @Many Bones in china what evey one see was Soviet Union( big brother/Polaris brother)but is not Soviet revisionism

  • The Field Marshal
    The Field Marshal 9 months ago +542

    “This pandemic will make Russia go back 30 years in all aspects”
    Russia: 30...years...?
    *Russia’s flag turns red and a hammer and a sickle appears
    *Nervous sweating

    • Нонна X カチューシャ
      Нонна X カチューシャ Month ago +1

      No it' will Online Soviet reunion

    • Auhsoj Acosta
      Auhsoj Acosta 2 months ago

      The Russian federation was sent back into time. And they will not repeat their previous mistakes.

    • Griffin
      Griffin 2 months ago

      @HoLDoN4Sec it was in theory, but really the government was centralized.

    • CraftBuzz Wonky
      CraftBuzz Wonky 2 months ago +1

      30 Ours

  • Breenud39 TV
    Breenud39 TV 2 months ago +194

    Russia after watching this: *Hmm let's find out*

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok 2 months ago +148

    this aged well

    • RiveristPH
      RiveristPH 11 days ago

      @Trellz dear putin, please dont invade belarus

    • Trellz
      Trellz Month ago

      @Kees de Jong a few weeks ago like in febuary

    • sexmansex
      sexmansex Month ago

      @Kees de Jong uh...

    • Kees de Jong
      Kees de Jong Month ago

      @Trellz when did that happen?

    • Trellz
      Trellz Month ago

      @Cantlonia Animations russia invaded ukraine

  • DumFukkJuice
    DumFukkJuice 2 months ago +21

    Well this aged like fine wine

  • Noctis
    Noctis Year ago +3196

    Didn’t the Simpsons have an episode where they announced they’d never actually split at all?
    If the Simpsons said it...

  • ARJ K
    ARJ K 2 months ago +37

    Watching this again in 2022 and now this hits a bit different.

  • Styge
    Styge 2 months ago +80

    Seeing the current situation developing, I have a feeling that this video won't age well...

    • 5tarSailor
      5tarSailor 8 days ago +1

      @idc the amount of copium you're inhaling is giving me a contact high

    • idc
      idc Month ago

      @underlove ryz how much videos of the U.S. propaganda have you watched man?

    • underlove ryz
      underlove ryz Month ago +2

      @MitMeetsMadness well, you don't know how it'll goes....

    • MitMeetsMadness
      MitMeetsMadness 2 months ago +3

      Nay, current Russian government is conservative and capitalistic, no way it wants to recreate USSR, except just territory, but that's not "recreating USSR".

  • Pranaya Razzaq
    Pranaya Razzaq 2 months ago +25

    The meme potential will be HUGE

  • Joshua Rae Wa-ay
    Joshua Rae Wa-ay 2 months ago +2

    What if the entire Asia-Pacific become a country? Either as an Empire, a Federation or a Union?
    Edit: Let's add Oceania and Australia

  • jesusnt christ
    jesusnt christ 2 years ago +4656

    Canada: Shouldn't Alaska be with us?
    U.S: No, it should be with us.
    Soviet Union: Actually....

    • Miroonay
      Miroonay Month ago +1

      @eqramer Мы не захватили а колонизировали освобождёные от нацистов территории, и если ты считаешь что не только власти но и народ такой как ты говоришь то ты не прав

    • Miroonay
      Miroonay Month ago +1

      @ImPedofinderGeneral Во первых не подорили а продали, а во вторых он был не царём а Императором

    • Miroonay
      Miroonay Month ago +1

      @DRAGIN DEEZ NUTS Да блять он был Императором

    • Miroonay
      Miroonay Month ago +1

      @DMS1983 Он был не царём а Императором

  • pretty_crap_content_lemme_tell_ya

    This aged well

  • The_ Shinam
    The_ Shinam 2 months ago +8

    Putin : And I took that personally

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick 2 months ago +24

    Looks like Putin was wondering the exact same thing.

    • Reefed  🇺🇦
      Reefed 🇺🇦 3 days ago

      @underlove ryz do you know something called a joke

    • underlove ryz
      underlove ryz 3 days ago

      @Reefed 🇺🇦 well, he kinda struggle for invading Ukraine :> so....I don't know if he could do other ex Soviet Union Countries

    • Reefed  🇺🇦
      Reefed 🇺🇦 6 days ago

      @RiveristPH or just at the same time

    • Reefed  🇺🇦
      Reefed 🇺🇦 6 days ago

      @RiveristPH ok

    • RiveristPH
      RiveristPH 11 days ago

      @Reefed 🇺🇦 Ukraine first then belarus

  • Josh Marksman
    Josh Marksman 2 months ago +8

    this video aged well

  • somerandumguy
    somerandumguy 3 years ago +3337

    "the largest reserves of oil will be....."
    *USA has entered the chat*
    ".....found in this country of USSR"
    *USA has left the chat*

    • Brian Ticas
      Brian Ticas 4 months ago

      @Kyle Lerie the usa had a chance to kill russia after ww2. But the usa let them breathe.

    • Brian Ticas
      Brian Ticas 4 months ago

      Naw. The usa wont fold like that. Come on man.

      ABLERU EXPORTS 5 months ago


    • H
      H 7 months ago

      @Kunal Nagarkoti *win

  • Brandon B
    Brandon B 3 months ago +19

    I’m playing this when Russia invaded Ukraine

  • Sreejit Mukherjee
    Sreejit Mukherjee 2 months ago +10

    TheXvid decided to recommend me this video when russia is invading ukraine and everybody is wondering what will happen if russian invades all former soviet union countries and soviet union reunites again😰😰...youtube algorithm is getting better day by day..

  • Eric Forsberg
    Eric Forsberg 7 months ago +6

    Here is a list of potential "Alternate History" subjects to explore.
    What if the Roman Empire never fell?
    What if Tecumseh actually united all of the Native American tribes and formed an actually single nation to stand tall against US encroachment?
    What if the Lusitania was never sunk?
    What if the Titanic made it safely to New York?
    What if the Bubonic Plague never happened?
    What if William the Conqueror's entire fleet was dashed to death by a storm in the English Channel in 1066?
    What if William Shakespeare was never born?
    What if Queen Elizabeth I was murdered in her cradle by her Catholic sister?
    What if JRR Tolkien had written and publish numerous texts on Ancient Languages instead of writing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings?
    What if Abraham Lincoln wasn't assassinated?
    What if Commodore Perry and and the American fleet in Edo harbor had been blown out of the water leaving Japan to remain an isolated nation where no Westerners were allowed?
    What if the United States had lost the Mexican-American war?
    What if Columbus had lost his ships at sea before reaching "The New World"?
    What id the Italian Army had conquered Greece in WW2 without the German's having to help?
    What if the Serbian assassin had missed his targets; the Habsburg Imperial Heir and his wife, prior to WW1?
    What if the Japanese had sent a third sortie of bombers to Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941, and then followed it up with a land invasion?
    What if George Washington had been killed in battle?
    What if JFK wasn't killed in Dallas?

    • rico tv
      rico tv Month ago

      What if Czecho-Slovakia never split? Or reunited today?

  • Yousef kharoub
    Yousef kharoub 3 months ago +7

    USSR reunites.
    RealLifeLore : what if the USSR split up

  • Guenther Steiner
    Guenther Steiner Year ago +2515

    USSR: gets back
    Poland: Why do i hear the boss music?

    • pham minh duc
      pham minh duc 29 days ago

      article 5 activate

    • Aclypse
      Aclypse Year ago

      @A Man of Culture Ya actually i did some mistakes i tried finding this comment to edit my reply and Ya hahaha

    • A Man of Culture
      A Man of Culture Year ago

      @Aclypse Poland never got Moscow in 1921.

    • leads
      leads Year ago +1

      Fok smash my door

    • NeonSidee
      NeonSidee Year ago

      @Aztec Tajger lmao

    COMPUTER MAESTRO 2 months ago +17

    Caught in 4k he is a time traveller

  • unsuspecting man
    unsuspecting man 2 months ago +17

    Well, this video aged well...

    • Party Pandamonium
      Party Pandamonium 2 months ago +1

      @Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers not only have you commented this under every single comment that says this, you made a similar joke an hour later

    • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers
      Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers 2 months ago

      You know who the NPCs are by this same joke appearing hundreds of times

  • B_player _uk
    B_player _uk 2 months ago +11

    Well this is definitely a weird time to be recommended this

  • Cactus Amigo
    Cactus Amigo 2 months ago +4

    In the current circumstances this video isn’t aging well

  • Jared Allsen
    Jared Allsen 5 years ago +26206

    It would be a Soviet Re-Union.

  • HyperAva
    HyperAva 3 months ago +13

    Putin : Good question , lets find out

  • Complex
    Complex 2 months ago +21

    Well boys this is happening so let’s see how accurate this is

  • speak freeley
    speak freeley 5 months ago +1

    Gorbachev missed an opportunity by bringing in perestroika too late. Had he bought it in two years into his rule every Soviet republic would have been on board, including the Baltic nations, & the Soviet Union would have definitely lasted much longer. However the chance was missed & certainly the European Soviet republics wanted to go their own way. The failed coup just quickened the USSR's demise.

  • Space Boy
    Space Boy 2 months ago +7

    This aged well.

  • AlternateHistoryHub
    AlternateHistoryHub 5 years ago +4460

    Ain't no reunion like a Soviet ReUnion. Also it was great collaborating together!

  • Kyla Jessie
    Kyla Jessie 2 months ago +6

    Trump in 2017: I'm the worst president.
    Putin in 2022: Hold my vodka...

  • TopHatClan
    TopHatClan 2 months ago +43

    USSR: were back baby!
    All of Europe and America: Well time for another cold war...

  • パオロ さま
    パオロ さま 2 months ago +8

    from what's happening today, this would seem like it will become a reality

  • Mukhammad Dzul Nurfaizal
    Mukhammad Dzul Nurfaizal 2 months ago +7

    Not USSR anymore, but Putin Empire with Putinism as ideology

  • JnJ Aganon
    JnJ Aganon 2 years ago +3233

    “Soviet Union? I thought you guys broke up.”

    • Falcon xd
      Falcon xd 14 days ago

      I'm a Russian and I'm drunk
      I'm 5
      I'm drunk on vodka and also riding a bear in the middle of Siberia

    • Zach Schultz
      Zach Schultz 2 months ago +2


    • Ethan
      Ethan 2 months ago +2

      They predicted the future again

  • Aditya Kumar Singh
    Aditya Kumar Singh 2 months ago +15

    Got this recommended just as Russia invaded Ukraine. 👍

  • Rüisu
    Rüisu 2 months ago +8

    Well, I guess it's gonna happen very very soon

  • The Agnostic deist🇮🇳
    The Agnostic deist🇮🇳 2 months ago +12

    This one aged like a fine wine🍷

  • Kevin Zeitz
    Kevin Zeitz 2 months ago +12

    Putin, 2022: "Let's find out."

  • Jake
    Jake 11 months ago +1996

    Meanwhile in a alternative universe "what if the soviet Union fell today"

    • AdamCS
      AdamCS 4 months ago

      @Sorame no it's worst univers

    • Sorame
      Sorame 4 months ago

      @AdamCS yes

    • AdamCS
      AdamCS 4 months ago

      @Sorame no

    • Sorame
      Sorame 4 months ago

      The greatest universe

  • 『格好つける』2nd
    『格好つける』2nd 2 months ago +7

    this one didn't age quite so well

  • Loggy Gaming
    Loggy Gaming 2 months ago +9

    Ah yes this is happening right now

  • Daniel Desmond
    Daniel Desmond 2 months ago +5

    This aged well 😟

  • Just Some Painter
    Just Some Painter 3 months ago +5

    This video aged like fine wine

  • TheGamingAirCon
    TheGamingAirCon 2 years ago +909

    i imagine poland would have a heart attack and ukraine would have several mental breakdowns and flashbacks

  • Awesome Bear Audiobooks
    Awesome Bear Audiobooks 3 months ago +14

    This show how much Russia and many other republics stagnated for the last 30 years. The USSR was the 2nd largest economy on Earth, surpassing India, Japan, France, only being second to the United States. The USSR was also the largest producer of wheat in the world, the largest producer of steel in the world, the largest producer of space satellites in the world...
    We were also among the leaders in the production of high-tech medicine and even robots, both industrial and scientific. In fact, the first robot to reach the Moon ad well as the planet Venus was Soviet, and my American friend once told me that NASA still uses data collected from the surface of Venus provided by the Soviet scientists as far as several decades back.
    And yet, now, even if all those countries were to reunite, they would only be on the 8th place economically... Not to mention the population stagnation due to diseases, crime, drugs, lack of affordable healthcare and much more... Capitalism decimated our countries, made us weaker, and also made our population more stupid, with us reading less, knowing less about sciences, and having way smaller, pettier dreams and hopes... Just worse in every possible metric.

    • Awesome Bear Audiobooks
      Awesome Bear Audiobooks 2 months ago +1

      @aditya t I'm, not quite sure what you're talking about, man, what kind of stagnant economy? USSR was an agrarian backwater country in the 1920s, producing 10 times less steel than the USA, having an underdeveloped transportation system, almost no technical capacity to produce even basic things like tractors on a mass scale, having hunger looming over the Soviet people almost every year...
      And yet, by 1960s, the USSR overcame the USA in the production of steel and grain. Yes, overcame. Not everything is measured in dollars, sir, we had the richness of our people constantly growing in many ways, including improved medicine, education, food quality, ever-growing transportation networks, including trains and modern airplanes... That's not stagnation, man, that's literally what real progress is.

    • aditya t
      aditya t 2 months ago +1

      don't call it capitalism ivan, call it the oligarchy it is, which happens to be run by powerful families from the former regime, since you people lacked the resolve to have a real liberal democratic revolution. there's a reason why there's only one 'communist' economy in the top ten - even which is just state capitalism. besides, the USSR was stagnant anyway and was surpassed by Japan well before its dissolution.

  • boog
    boog 2 months ago +7

    Soviet Union isn't that far now

  • SovietOnion
    SovietOnion 3 months ago +6

    USSR: Hey I have come back

  • Somewhere Else
    Somewhere Else 7 months ago +2

    Y'know, an easy way to get around it being communist is calling it the Russian Empire, in which the soviets did what they could to reclaim the territory of.
    But we all know the USSR was chosen because it's the more popular one.

  • Duffy The Dragon
    Duffy The Dragon 2 years ago +7207

    Here’s a fun fact, the Soviet Union didn’t use land mines,
    they used land Ours.

  • MarekCMonster
    MarekCMonster 2 months ago +5

    Putin took this a bit to seriously

  • Enfield1337
    Enfield1337 2 months ago +7

    This is what gonna happen soon, i like how this got into my recommendeds

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 2 months ago +10

    What a time to get recommended

  • Tree Mallow
    Tree Mallow 2 months ago +9

    this hits different today

  • Sagar Tomar
    Sagar Tomar Year ago +1952

    USSR :- reunites
    India:- long time no see friend

    • Mistypie
      Mistypie Month ago


    • Mistypie
      Mistypie 2 months ago


    • xdnsve xd
      xdnsve xd 3 months ago

      @Vedant Kolavennu for us india ussr was our best friend, but for ussr it had better commie friends like north korea, china and cuba

    • Vedant Kolavennu
      Vedant Kolavennu 3 months ago

      @xdnsve xd
      USSR was the best friend of INDIA

    • Vedant Kolavennu
      Vedant Kolavennu 3 months ago

      @xdnsve xd Sorry I forgot to write also there

  • Joe Dark Matter
    Joe Dark Matter Month ago +2

    in 1980's when i watched the Olympic , i remember the USSR was always at the first place, hundreds of Gold medals, the US had no chance.

  • Blood Bath and Beyond - Pop Goes Metal Covers

    Putin: Write that down! Write that down!

  • iceberg789
    iceberg789 2 months ago +7

    Putin's dream probably.

  • Brian Rothery
    Brian Rothery 2 months ago +7

    This didn’t age well

  • Omer Cohen
    Omer Cohen 2 months ago +4

    I love how I got this as a recommendation just as Putin tries to revive it

  • Max Rush
    Max Rush 2 months ago +13

    putin must have watched this recently

  • James P. Sullivan
    James P. Sullivan 3 months ago +15

    Bit of an awkward time for this to be recommended

  • Alessandro Frioli
    Alessandro Frioli 2 months ago +11

    Putin is working hard for that

  • Aa'eve
    Aa'eve 2 years ago +2538

    *Meanwhile in some alternate universe*
    -What if the United States reunited today?
    Edit: People are fighting in the replies lol
    Also: Warning, some dude named
    "The North" is harrasing anyone that has facts on their sides, do not engage.
    Edit 2: Whatever just grab some popcorn or some shit.

    • Diarrhea 4 sale
      Diarrhea 4 sale 2 months ago

      @Matthew Tuckman sus

    • Matthew Tuckman
      Matthew Tuckman 6 months ago

      @Devarsh Dey ?

    • Brine O'Connor
      Brine O'Connor 7 months ago

      @Western Kalim hmm, I can tell you for sure if it even doesn't happen in our life time it will happen

    • Hello
      Hello 8 months ago +3

      @AustraKaiser I did not find the North, probably deleted due to embarrassment

    • AustraKaiser
      AustraKaiser 9 months ago +1

      I read the whole comment and thought: "Warning, some dude called The Popcorn is harassing people, whatever just grab some Northern shit".

  • Satellite Boy
    Satellite Boy 2 months ago +7

    He jinxed himself

  • Chassa Nacion
    Chassa Nacion 2 months ago +8

    How many people watching this now after Ukraine And Russia war started..

  • Sophia Krause
    Sophia Krause 9 months ago +16

    Soviet union: *reunites*
    Germany: *gets split in 2 again*

  • 凌殤魂
    凌殤魂 2 months ago +13

    Putin after watching this video:

  • robojim6
    robojim6 Year ago +2008

    USSR: reunites
    NATO: cold war two: electric boogaloo

    • Terra Playz #saveukraine
      Terra Playz #saveukraine 5 months ago

      We are dang OOFed

    • Diamandore
      Diamandore 6 months ago +1

      @Pradeep Muthyala oh god more headache. the russian revolution chapter from the ncert is already eating my brain up

    • kayra gür
      kayra gür 7 months ago

      @Kamla Devi I am pretty sure its deltarune chapter 2

    • Pradeep Muthyala
      Pradeep Muthyala 7 months ago +2

      not another chapter in history

    • TheRealWaffles
      TheRealWaffles 7 months ago

      @Kamla Devi tf is that? This is a British saying

  • Sarem Rashid
    Sarem Rashid 6 months ago +1

    The city of St Petersburg have a chance to be renamed to Stalingrad or even valgograd mainly because this was the first Capital.

  • Harry O'Mahony
    Harry O'Mahony 3 months ago +5

    Looking a bit more realistic now

  • Fade ツ
    Fade ツ 5 months ago +1

    Man, USSR got one of the nicest borders I've ever seen.

  • Scarred Fan
    Scarred Fan 2 months ago +5

    oh boy this aged very well.

  • Lunk
    Lunk Year ago +683

    i once called russia the USSR because my map was *very* outdated

    • Sunny Peenek
      Sunny Peenek 5 months ago


    • something I guess
      something I guess 6 months ago

      @Soulplexis my school has old globes and maps probably from 1990.

    • KoolKen X200
      KoolKen X200 6 months ago +1

      Lmao as a kid I was so confused why everyone was calling Russia the Soviet Union until my 8th grade history teacher explained it to me

    • BKcom123
      BKcom123 6 months ago +1

      My map is confusing. It shows russia and other sovietvstates as a independence country. But russia have leningrad

    • German EmpireBall
      German EmpireBall 6 months ago

      @Кот Василий What about the baltic states?

  • Dominik Novák
    Dominik Novák 2 months ago +6

    5 years off. But still a good guess...

  • flaminibro
    flaminibro 2 months ago +7

    This video just got a whole new meaning….

  • Kenraali
    Kenraali 2 months ago +5

    Very relevant video for today as this is what Putin is striving for. A neo-Soviet Union.

  • Sider
    Sider 8 months ago +8

    We need the Union back, comrades.

    • Sider
      Sider 2 months ago

      @ingro petinal I made this comment just for the lols. lol

  • Halk66
    Halk66 5 years ago +3676

    What if the World became a country

    • GlowingMia 🇺🇦
      GlowingMia 🇺🇦 Month ago

      Then every war would be a civil war

    • Sahil Sahoo
      Sahil Sahoo 2 months ago

      A dream come true for smugglers.

    • Weird Eurasian Boy
      Weird Eurasian Boy 2 months ago

      One final 12 hour Geography Now Marathon before the channel stops posting content 🥺

  • P Foster
    P Foster 4 months ago +2

    RLL: What if the Soviet Union reunited today?
    Putin: What do you mean, "WHAT IF"??

  • delta
    delta 9 days ago

    This video will one day be used in history classes to explain the reunion of the Soviet Union

  • Shogun570
    Shogun570 2 months ago +4

    wow, what a hypothetical situation, hopefully it doesn't happen!

  • HunterCool22
    HunterCool22 7 months ago +5

    *(United Nations)*
    Russia: “The Soviet Union will be pleased to offer amnesty to your wayward “Wessel.”
    United States: “The Soviet Union? I thought you guys broke up?”
    Russia: “Yes, that’s what we wanted you to think!”
    **Flips name plate to Soviet Union**
    Soviet Union: “MUHAHAHAHA!!!”

  • Jelly David Ramirez
    Jelly David Ramirez 9 days ago +3

    I wish the Soviet Union reunited I MISS IT

  • Rovloxin lil
    Rovloxin lil 2 months ago +6

    Well, this is happening now!

  • That green Guy
    That green Guy 5 months ago +21

    I'm Ukrainian, and I really hope it doesn't happen if it's going to be like it was, but if theyd change some things like not closing all communications with the rest of the world or the education system, and not radicalize communism then sure why not

    • That green Guy
      That green Guy 3 days ago

      @underlove ryz actually I'm living in Portugal with my parents :) It's just that the rest of my family is in Ukraine:(Hopefully it'll end soon

    • underlove ryz
      underlove ryz 3 days ago

      Oh well, I hope you doing great in your basement 😅

    • Entername
      Entername Month ago

      So basically don’t be like the USSR despite being the USSR 😂

    • 43Cubes
      43Cubes Month ago

      this aged badly

    • Roronoa Zoro
      Roronoa Zoro 2 months ago +2

      @HuuPhuc Lecao looks like you guys predicted future haha

  • sub2pewds12
    sub2pewds12 2 months ago +8

    this age well

  • syed hamza ali
    syed hamza ali 2 years ago +691

    if soviet union comes back we will get more memes

  • William Bozek
    William Bozek 3 months ago +6

    Bro Russia has so much land that they can just build new cities or towns

  • Jakub Putaj
    Jakub Putaj 3 months ago +3

    Disclaimer, Poland never was a part of ussr, Poland was unindependent but borders never was a part of it

  • JE
    JE 2 months ago +16

    4 years after this video posted we’re going to see how right you are. 😂

    • Miroonay
      Miroonay Month ago +2

      Путин увидел это видео и подумал :
      Путин: Да почему бы и нет?

  • Acoustic Shred
    Acoustic Shred 2 months ago +5

    If Soviet Union came back we would need Soviet rulers like Lenin not like Putin or Stalin

    • Matija Sedmak
      Matija Sedmak Month ago +1

      No, only Gorbachev. He had the best rules.

  • Masao
    Masao 2 years ago +564

    *_Russian Government: (resigns)_*
    *_Everyone on Europe: oh. i don't like where this is going_*

    • Joël Pichette
      Joël Pichette 2 months ago

      Microsoft Windows scheduled maintenance in progress!
      Putin swaps the hard drive and backup tape. Russian Government: (resigns)
      СССР OS/2 Готовый
      Запуск программы Привет, мир! сейчас.
      USSR OS/2 Ready
      Launching Hello World! now.

    • Jamiesucks
      Jamiesucks Year ago

      You also watch the videos of NFKRZ?

    • valentino.3630
      valentino.3630 Year ago

      European union is 3x stronger than Russia kid so shhh

    • Flame
      Flame Year ago +1

      3:15 Baku has more population than Tashkent and Minsk, but maybe in his opinion, bigger means having more area, and I don't know about other cities, but Baku is too crowded.

  • abdulali Mebarki
    abdulali Mebarki 7 months ago +1

    "I don't hope this happens, WE HOPE THIS HAPPENS!"

  • Nykrev
    Nykrev 6 months ago +4

    “United forever!
    In friendship and labor”

  • Michael Latay
    Michael Latay 6 months ago +8

    If the USSR reunites their will not be a new "New Soviet Rivalry" if the USSR reunites they will have to be good by following Lenin's Laws, treat both Republican and Democracy as equal, support the lgbt rights, defend judaism for their country and use the slogan Peace, Land, and Bread.