• Published on Feb 25, 2018
  • What sleeping habits do you have? Do you identify yourself as any of us in this video?
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  • JianHao Tan
    JianHao Tan  Year ago +1219

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  • park asmr
    park asmr 13 hours ago +1

    The first one is so my dog.

  • The_Potato_Guy XD
    The_Potato_Guy XD 22 hours ago

    2nd one is me

  • Zena Ghali
    Zena Ghali Day ago

    And can I tell you a challenge on your Chanel can you burn your necklace in your neck pls I will like

  • Zena Ghali
    Zena Ghali Day ago

    Hey I'm sorry ☹️😔😔 it was my sisters

  • Zena Ghali
    Zena Ghali Day ago

    Can you burn your necklace on your neck

  • Zena Ghali
    Zena Ghali Day ago

    Hey can you stop making those stupid videos and I'm your friend I was in your school and next time I will tell them your address and I changed my name and profile so shut up Cristin

  • Nirali Shah
    Nirali Shah Day ago

    I am a mix of all types

  • candy violet lover

    Denise is always Perfect

  • Space Wolf
    Space Wolf 2 days ago

    Man Vincent used to be so skinny

  • Clash Royale - Tactician

    1:55 stay for some time, I almost never laugh so hard!!! 😂😂

  • Help Me
    Help Me 3 days ago

    Every time something hits me i hit it back so I’m not that mad

  • cute bunny
    cute bunny 3 days ago

    I am a heavy sleeper and an open eyed sleeper too. my mother says that I look so dangerous when I am sleeping

  • linda wu
    linda wu 4 days ago

    You forgot the bed wetter

  • Iam Binu
    Iam Binu 4 days ago


  • energetic
    energetic 4 days ago

    you forgot wanking but oh well.

  • xAlison x
    xAlison x 5 days ago +1

    Vincent: *gasps* ARE YOU DEAD?!?!!

  • Allie Pickle
    Allie Pickle 5 days ago +1

    ``The lucky pet`` I WISH I WAS DAT PET. Like if you are lazy!

  • jennifer anne dumdum

    Too CUTE!

  • jennifer anne dumdum

    The dog is so cute

    SELINA LIN 5 days ago +1




  • •Ocea nix•
    •Ocea nix• 5 days ago

    Please sub to me i am a new youtuber!!

  • Uma Dzanic
    Uma Dzanic 5 days ago

    The girls in this video are so beautiful :o 😍😍

  • Nagisa And Kanake
    Nagisa And Kanake 5 days ago


  • Sebina Chen
    Sebina Chen 6 days ago

    Hear her voice when she says that

  • Snowy Cola Nation
    Snowy Cola Nation 6 days ago +1

    I’m the perfect sleeper

  • Toasty Animations
    Toasty Animations 6 days ago

    I am the light sleeper and the deep one at the same time I don’t hear the loudest sounds but I wake up at the most silent sounds

  • Robert O'Hara
    Robert O'Hara 7 days ago

    Please everything

  • IIMiaPlays Roblox And GachaII

    *sleep on the freaking couch*

  • Chloe Tv
    Chloe Tv 8 days ago

    I know my phone always drop on my face

  • Leticia Khadij
    Leticia Khadij 8 days ago

    The first one is soooo cute

  • Its Zareen
    Its Zareen 8 days ago

    Wait that is in my birthday February 25!

  • Kayla Heart
    Kayla Heart 8 days ago


  • This is Sparta!
    This is Sparta! 8 days ago +1

    you guys write that 8 type of people's but it's not 9 its 10 typa

  • Sterr Bj
    Sterr Bj 9 days ago

    Um vincent is actually my 7 year old friend

  • 설탕SugarPlum Edits

    I’m in bed watching this 😂

  • xXFrostFortChillyXx
    xXFrostFortChillyXx 9 days ago

    Me: see title
    Also me: HMMMMM.
    Also also me: we all know what one of them are *wink wink*
    Jesus:for u have sinned and will be punished
    Jesus:I will send u to hell
    Me:fine I might as well deal with no one thinking of the word starting with ‘s’ end with ‘x’

  • Nguyen Thu Ky
    Nguyen Thu Ky 9 days ago

    Denise I have a question

    Y R U SSOO CUTE like everything u do is SUPER CUTEEE

  • roblox,kpop fans
    roblox,kpop fans 9 days ago

    at 3:45 she say "you should learn from your sister Denise" but she supposed to say "u should learn from ur sister Jasmine"

  • Kaitlyn Bergshtein
    Kaitlyn Bergshtein 9 days ago

    I am the light sleeper

  • Sigge Musen
    Sigge Musen 10 days ago

    This made me so tired 😴...

  • Harriett Gough
    Harriett Gough 10 days ago

    I sleep with my eyes open 😂😂when my mum first saw it when I was little she did think I was dead

  • Manaquein Manahil
    Manaquein Manahil 10 days ago

    We sleep for 24 hours

  • xęlïýìä 2007
    xęlïýìä 2007 11 days ago

    Can I take my pillow
    Screw the pillow
    LOL 🤣🤣

  • Nia Carter
    Nia Carter 12 days ago

    Wow DEBBIE has a waterfall in her mouth😂😂😂😂

  • Shadow Kugo
    Shadow Kugo 12 days ago

    Do i really dead cause i sleep and i dont close my eyes?

  • ƘɑԵɑƘíʍíƘմ方ミク

    The second one is me xD

  • Badger Queen
    Badger Queen 12 days ago

    I am the procrastinator. Right now I am supposed to be asleep 😁

  • Aleena Sharjeel
    Aleena Sharjeel 13 days ago

    For some reason I can't sleep at all ,like I was watching TheXvid till 3 am

  • Aleena Sharjeel
    Aleena Sharjeel 13 days ago +5

    TheXvid:what type of person are you in bed
    Me:I'm the person who watches this video at 3:39 in the morning lol

  • • Abigail AF •
    • Abigail AF • 13 days ago

    Why does Denise really look like Rosé from Black pink?!😂😍

  • •Mythical Animations•

    I'm the light sleeper XD

  • Ikram Abuzaid
    Ikram Abuzaid 13 days ago

    3:16 *min*

  • Amir Yahkeem
    Amir Yahkeem 13 days ago


  • Mazin Alkiaat
    Mazin Alkiaat 13 days ago

    I love your voice

  • Cøøkiie Печенье
    Cøøkiie Печенье 14 days ago +1

    I’m the one who watches Hao Tan vidoes

  • GøD Łørd Tåjìmæ
    GøD Łørd Tåjìmæ 14 days ago

    My sisters room is like Denise and she is a perfect sleeper but her room is full of teddy bear and her diy decorate and her wally colour is navy blue

  • Gacha Melina
    Gacha Melina 14 days ago

    2:21 to 2:38 made my pee in my pants 😂

  • victou tep
    victou tep 15 days ago

    Wooow she is in a great body shape let me ask my brother if he wants to date her so she will be my future sister yay wait he just said he can but his taken though he wants to be friend with her.When was he taken ?He was taken yesterday evening at 8oclock and they are going to be bf and gf sorry

    • victou tep
      victou tep 15 days ago

      I’m so sorry for you but kip your greatest shape girl

    HAU LIM ANDY Ng 15 days ago


  • Kenzie Everdeen_Carpenter

    1:28 thats my mum which is super annoying if i wanna take the phone off her. any movement wakes her lol

  • Its me The Hotdog
    Its me The Hotdog 16 days ago

    0:10 that's me when my dog is sleeping I hate waking her up

  • Jannet Amosco
    Jannet Amosco 16 days ago

    Can you make video 10 types of people can't sleep

  • Matt Holding
    Matt Holding 17 days ago

    2:30 haha

  • XxCotton-KittyXx 14268
    XxCotton-KittyXx 14268 17 days ago +9

    The first one was soo adorable BECAUSE OF THE PUPPY :D AAAAAAAAAH

  • XxAngel-TonixX
    XxAngel-TonixX 17 days ago

    Do you sleep with the light on or off?

  • Bala Arul
    Bala Arul 17 days ago +1

    My big sister is always on her phone at night

  • I'm Noor
    I'm Noor 18 days ago

    Ha ha

  • Candice OrtizYT
    Candice OrtizYT 18 days ago

    Tap this if your a drooler i am sometimes

  • cassandrAA
    cassandrAA 18 days ago +1

    9 types of people in bed
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    i a m s o r r y

  • BTS_ TaeKook
    BTS_ TaeKook 18 days ago

    I am the light sleeper!😫

  • Aleira’s world
    Aleira’s world 19 days ago

    I’m the drooler

  • kpop _ trashe
    kpop _ trashe 19 days ago

    I thought this was gonna be sexual, why am I like this eye-

  • Aaron Oribello
    Aaron Oribello 19 days ago

    1:09 my fav

  • Henrijs Feders
    Henrijs Feders 19 days ago +1

    This channel is the best 😍🙌

  • SG HUSKY 292
    SG HUSKY 292 19 days ago

    Yes my ipad always hits my face...um...yea...ok... OK NOW BYE!

  • KoreanPop Good Virus
    KoreanPop Good Virus 19 days ago

    Despite the fact that I relate to some of these, why isn't anyone alking how cute Denise looks with blonde hair

  • •ØwØ_ w0t
    •ØwØ_ w0t 19 days ago

    I’m the drooler XD

  • Slazerr
    Slazerr 19 days ago +3

    I love it how they have to have an extra second

  • Macy Cherry
    Macy Cherry 20 days ago +1

    Anyone see the hand behind the bed at the scene PERFECT SLEEPER

  • Nyisis salgado
    Nyisis salgado 20 days ago

    Because of the last one how about " # Types of People in an Interview."

  • Stella J.W
    Stella J.W 20 days ago +3

    0:20 that’s literally me hahah
    Me: Closes eyes for 10 minutes.....
    Gets up and


  • Ƙαψʆεε ;D
    Ƙαψʆεε ;D 21 day ago

    Who watched this in bed.

  • Naeeda Farhat
    Naeeda Farhat 21 day ago

    Your chanels are lame

  • Unicornlovers Xo
    Unicornlovers Xo 21 day ago

    Im the drooler

  • clumsy and crazy 9002

    Number 2 is my habit

  • Sakura -Chan
    Sakura -Chan 21 day ago

    We can all relate to our Mom saying that to us...

  • Dilan Rebin
    Dilan Rebin 21 day ago

    Am i true or false reply In the comments

  • Dilan Rebin
    Dilan Rebin 21 day ago

    Attention go to 0:30 did anyone see the phone bouncing on the bed and the editor still makes broken glass sounds

  • Sally Commerford
    Sally Commerford 21 day ago +6

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I finally got my first like,
    And why is the like button blue?

    • chaesthetics
      chaesthetics 19 days ago +1

      Sally Commerford bc you liked it what else?

  • Taemaec
    Taemaec 21 day ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • sing kan
    sing kan 22 days ago

    honestly when the phone dropped thats me in bed everyday at like fucking 2 am

  • Ammarah Cele
    Ammarah Cele 22 days ago

    My sister sleep with her she open

  • BirdMaster 2010
    BirdMaster 2010 22 days ago

    I’m a light sleeper

  • Janneleelumie
    Janneleelumie 22 days ago +1

    Thats how to tall JianHao tan to not look at the phone at night.

  • rose 1254
    rose 1254 23 days ago

    0:27 that's me lol

  • mohofrojo321
    mohofrojo321 23 days ago

    So im american. I just relized i can kake a very good asian accent

  • Rehana Bianchi
    Rehana Bianchi 23 days ago

    that was only one video or thing i dont know i said 9 PEOPLE IN BED

  • sofiaxx xx
    sofiaxx xx 23 days ago

    My life in a nutshell

  • Van Nguyen
    Van Nguyen 23 days ago

    They drive at the passenger seat?