Nigel Farage Disagrees with New Brexit Survey Results | Brexit: What The Nation Really Thinks

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
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    Nigel Farage isn't impressed by the new findings and believes Britain would vote the same if another Brexit referendum were to occur.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  4 months ago +12

    Watch the FULL episode here:

    • Dom Loz
      Dom Loz 18 hours ago +1

      Channel 4, your bias in the audience and panel towards remain speaks volumes. It’s almost like you are scared of the leave argument.

    • CheesestringXX
      CheesestringXX Day ago


    • downtownCAIRO
      downtownCAIRO Day ago

      Channel 4, when not trying to sell war they try and meddle and push agendas on the public (at the behest of elite special interest groups). Propaganda, no thanks!

    • Lee j Cator
      Lee j Cator Day ago

      it is total bullshit I have not voted in 2018 so it is a fake test maybe just in the Channel 4 show and are you sure everyone is from UK voting in that show bulshit

    • Irene Crescenzo
      Irene Crescenzo 2 days ago

      Just like in the United States here, Buyers Remorse is real. The true majority don't want Trump and the true majority don't want Brexit. This is what happens when you have a knee jerk reaction election and now people actually had to think about it deeper now. Who would have figured?

  • canopus101
    canopus101 2 hours ago +1

    Farage is right, hopefully. If not, don't worry, the EU is at the end of its days. Other European countries, fed up with mass immigration, poverty, unemployment and so on will smash the whole undemocratic edifice to bits. I can't wait!

  • doug godfrey
    doug godfrey 3 hours ago

    The vote was to leave .A re- vote can be taken on 4 yrs. after the vote is acomplished.

  • Melanie Ellson
    Melanie Ellson 4 hours ago

    Bollocks lying basterds. Just like the weather man. Never gets it right

  • Paul Cannon
    Paul Cannon 5 hours ago

    Quite right Nigel Farage! It's monstrous duplicity.

  • Paul Cannon
    Paul Cannon 5 hours ago

    It's too late! And ridiculous. Government inept

  • Khal Kand
    Khal Kand 5 hours ago

    Too late !!

  • Derek C
    Derek C 5 hours ago +1

    Is this propaganda or what ? 20,000 is way too small an amount of people to call it 'the nations opinion'.

  • Kevin Dickerson
    Kevin Dickerson 6 hours ago +1

    Sky BBC itv all biased to remain leave means leave disgusted with the way this is going

  • Dyer Nabot
    Dyer Nabot 7 hours ago

    Why are the MSM so biased ? - I didn't which way to vote -I relied on our 'elected' government to make the right decision-I read their booklet which we all recieved -it looked like a safe 'done deal'-However -since the referendum I can't believe what a 'hostile and un-democratic' the Eu is -Only someone who had a financial 'gain' would vote to stay -To give-up our democracy to stay in that 'cess pool' of self serving beaurocrats would be disrespectful to both past and future generations.

  • alan roberts
    alan roberts 7 hours ago

    Nigel Farage is 100% correct. This was a remain setup from the start. If we had another vote the leave would be even greater, why’ because at least 19% to 27% that voted to stay voted because of the fear they were told on the booklet posted through their doors. This is fact, why. Because I asked over 900 people why they voted. They voted because of fear. This was at J.C.B. Rocester. Took a while but got there in the end. So stop trying to go against the will of the people, or democracy will be dead.

  • Paul Eckersley
    Paul Eckersley 7 hours ago +2

    Thats a load of crap. More people want to get out now. EU is getting worse n people now know it cozza the immediate history.

  • jack wilson
    jack wilson 8 hours ago

    Fake stats and people still clap

  • David P
    David P 11 hours ago

    You get swings when a political party is in power, usually the opposition increases popularity. So a General Election every two years

  • David P
    David P 11 hours ago

    This presenter is so biaised. Hates Brexit and Trump

  • charteres55
    charteres55 12 hours ago

    you just have to look at the comments and count the thumbs up and thumbs down to see that this is false news

  • john thorley
    john thorley 13 hours ago

    Have they forgot that poll's said we would not leave in the first vote. So the answer is believe the opposite

  • roland gunslinger
    roland gunslinger 13 hours ago

    Long live the ideals of the European union....

  • Ron Peel
    Ron Peel 14 hours ago

    Every single guest on this biased BBC programme was a Remainer even though two cautioned against another referendum - that does not make them Leavers; It makes them 'scared-of-losing-their-seats' MPs. Yes, It was five Remainers against one Brexiteeer. The audience too; that was packed with young activists - they are always the most vocal. So, I say to the young, whilst watching this, try spotting the PROPAGANDA.
    He is right, if another referendum was to happen, he would, explain again why we must leave but he would also appeal to those to whom democracy matters. Many with REMAINERS tendencies would vote Brexit because they can see what Brexit has expose; a non-representative parliament dictated to my the, the elite, the rich and those dark forces of whom we know little and of whom we should all be scared. History will show Farage to be a political giant , a thinker and a strategist.

  • Derek Delboy Trotter
    Derek Delboy Trotter 15 hours ago

    HAHA the whole of Cornwall for remain? fuck off, I live in Cornwall and no one I know voted to remain and none of those people would vote to remain in another referendum

  • 1chish
    1chish 16 hours ago

    Only Channel 4 could suggest that 20,000 people represent something more than 70% of the electorate. Suits their Leftie anti Brexit position. They are of course publicly owned so another Establishment organ.

  • Leonard Jenkins
    Leonard Jenkins 16 hours ago

    I have noticed recently that channel 4 news is absolutely biased and unreliable when presenting the “news” without their spin imbedded throughout. This is without doubt “fake news”. Every general election that I have been aware of to judge public opinion 6 months or more after the new government has taken office has returned a negative result towards the incumbent party. Gauging public trends from general elections is bound to deliver a much more accurate result due to the amount we’ve had, every 5 years or less than using smoke and mirrors to return a negative result to what the electorate voted for in a referendum, of which in my lifetime there has been only two.

  • Winner
    Winner 17 hours ago

    Never before in the in the field of human democracy, have so many been betrayed by so few.
    IF, there is another vote, then Democracy is DEAD IN GREAT BRITAIN.

  • Kevin Higgins
    Kevin Higgins 18 hours ago

    I think Europeans must be laughing at us. We cannot agree on anything.

  • Kevin Higgins
    Kevin Higgins 18 hours ago

    Sorry Nigel, I don't agree with you.

  • pip excell
    pip excell 18 hours ago

    The NHS is crumbling because you, the government want it privatised, you are cutting budget when it doesn't need to be cut and you are trying to destroy it so do not bullshit us into thinking otherwise.
    It has nothing to do with brexit.

  • Dom Loz
    Dom Loz 18 hours ago +6

    Standard MSN. 80% remain audience and panel, 20% leave. They are terrified of the leave argument. If Nigel gets his own Brexit party up and running I will 100% be voting for it.

  • Tee Pee
    Tee Pee 20 hours ago

    What an absolute load of rubbish, if this stupidly goes to another referendum it will be 60% leave.

  • MHL83
    MHL83 21 hour ago +4

    0.24 Imagine if Dimbleby sounded as smug as that when presenting election coverage.

  • Absolutely!
    Absolutely! 23 hours ago

    Stop trying to normalize this. Vote was taken. Respect it.

  • Asim Hamid
    Asim Hamid Day ago +1

    Nigel Farage for Prime Minister 👏😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤✊

  • bassman1505
    bassman1505 Day ago

    Typical Channel 4 smarmy presenter - I saw him harass a bunch of politicians at Westminster trying to get just one of them agree with his leading question but he was exasperated when no-one did lol (that is MSM does - their questions either are phrased to make you sound ludicrous or for you to agree with them, very cosy.)

  • J.D
    J.D Day ago

    UK in shambles today as the world is laughing!

  • john wightman
    john wightman Day ago

    all the polls before the referendum gave a remain majority

  • mjt1658
    mjt1658 Day ago

    Channel 4 is even too left wing for Corbyn

  • David Jones
    David Jones Day ago


  • Tigger the cat
    Tigger the cat Day ago

    If we have another referendum I'm never voting for anything again because it's meaningless.
    We voted leave. lets f@cking go...

  • ludbrit peter
    ludbrit peter Day ago

    Analysis of Revoke Clause 50 after 1310887 signatures
    For distributing to Brexiteers who claim "massive foreign voting"
    United Kingdom 1261367 of total 1 310 887
    France 10563 Cyprus 237 Egypt 25
    Spain 5957 Malta 215 Argentina 25
    Germany 4669 Guernsey 207 Taiwan 25
    United States3984 Thailand 198 Latvia 23
    Australia 2560 Hungary 121 Monaco 20
    Netherlands2194 Bulgaria 119 Oman 20
    Ireland 1813 Yemen 96 Bahrain 19
    Canada 1588 Malaysia 83 Belize 18
    Gibraltar 1293 China 71 Serbia 18
    Belgium 1257 Brazil 69 Jamaica 18
    Italy 1231 Romania 66 Ukraine 18
    Switzerland 1235 Mexico 58 Cambodia 16
    Sweden 1129 India 56 Tanzania 15
    New Zealand 917 Vietnam 55 Sri Lanka 15
    Denmark 715 Qatar 51 Peru 14
    Austria 662 Slovakia 49 Lebanon 14
    Portugal 605 Iceland 44 Réunion 13
    Hong Kong500 Israel 43 Lithuania 12
    Norway 465 Estonia 42 Morocco 12
    Greece 433 South Korea42 Barbados 11
    Luxembourg418 Kenya 36 French Guiana 11
    Finland 377 Cayman Islands33 Kuwait 10
    Emirates 370 Philippines31
    Singapore 340 Indonesia 28 107 Countries= 359
    Czechia 314 Russia 28
    Japan 275 Slovenia 27
    South Africa 257 Saudi Arabia26
    Jersey 247 Colombia 26
    Poland 238 Croatia 26

  • Geordie Crusader

    Sorry but were out...........yes I believe the polls........................not

  • Tim Heldt
    Tim Heldt Day ago

    Let’s leave and give the NHS the millions promised, or I want to re-vote

    • illegitimo888
      illegitimo888 Day ago

      Rubbish, NHS England, a vehicle for ethnic cleansing, not an English national anything, and not fit for purpose.

  • jon py
    jon py Day ago

    So the poll shows the same thing they showed before the referendum, conducted by a clearly biased media on a proportionately tiny sample. Well done Channel 4, you’re clearly learning (rolls eyes)

  • illegitimo888
    illegitimo888 Day ago

    Scumbags who campaigned relentlessly against a leave vote, lost, created the 'brexit' narrative, and continued to campaign relentlessly against the peoples decision, while completely ignoring the real issues. Issues like, why was no provision was made for a possible no vote Why has no provision been made for actually leaving, which has left the UK with no negotiating position or credentials at all. Also, why have they completely failed to take Cameron to task for abandoning his position and appointing a judas remainer as a sacrificial goat.

  • Jesper Gotthelf
    Jesper Gotthelf Day ago

    Nationalism is the politic and cooperation is here to stay

    • illegitimo888
      illegitimo888 Day ago

      that nationalism is a strawman. this is England. I'm English. I want English national rights.

  • frenky0077
    frenky0077 Day ago

    Farage should shut up. He is a liar.

  • Big Dil
    Big Dil Day ago

    What a load of bollox.

  • Juliana Storace
    Juliana Storace Day ago

    Bullshit ballocks

  • William Green
    William Green Day ago +9

    No people haven't changed their minds I vote leave democracy where is it people voted to leave so bloody get on with it

  • guyverjedi
    guyverjedi Day ago

    What a joke. L9l

  • Gaby
    Gaby Day ago

    New referendum ,1- CLEAN LEAVE 2- REMAIN...fair enough I believe and then all this crap goes away.

  • jacx x
    jacx x Day ago

    Nigel looks like a slapped arse....

  • Alan Dillon
    Alan Dillon Day ago

    We kerp getting told we voted Leave in 2016 and thats it. What! Even a criminal has a second chance! So now we know far more than we did give us another vote!

    • Alan Dillon
      Alan Dillon Day ago

      +illegitimo888 Well before the leaving vote May couldnt get immagration down from outside the EU at 4,250ml which was higher figure than migrants from within the EU of 3.500ml over a 6 year period. So it's arguable that the vote to leave the EU was infact lazy politics and ended 'throwing the baby out with the bath water', as they say. We had an opt out in taking migrants or not unlike the rest of the EU. Equally, the EU migrants were mainly white, Christan, Well educated up to British standards in most cases. Qualified, similar Europran Western Cultuter and values, spoke or eager to learn English. By being out of the EU we are told we will have to recruit from the rest of the world to keep Britains ecomomy active. That means many None White, None Christian, hardly speak English, a culture and values that sees femail mutilation, burning women if raped, sexually attacking homeless street children and often killing them (think of Rochdale Etc). Where extram Christianity is practiced in places in Africa or voo doo and witch craft. Remember the Black girl killed by her aunty in the UK because she thought shecwas possessed? Were people are mutilated, killed for being different. Or maybe go to Caribbean and look what that has given Britain since the 60s? Hmmmm! Dont even think this will not happen already this year. Britain has taken more in from the rest of the world since 2008 because business need them. Maybe you think we will recruit from New Zealand, Austrailia America etc (white) we will but they will be students doing the British European trip after university working in bars, resturants and hotels but not working in commerce, finance sector etc as Britain needs. I'm not racist but I am aware of the culture differences of India, Pakistan,Afraca compared to Europe. Do I want Nigerian African fundimental Christans dictating how the Churches should view aspects of life we take for granted as being unacceptable she trying to influence our politicians. NO just as I don't want fundermentalist Muslims doing similar. But Brexit opens that door wide! Congradulations you get whtat you voted for! You say British coulture in a new vote....think again!

    • illegitimo888
      illegitimo888 Day ago

      Nah, waste of time. The next referendum should be about whether we want to continue with mass immigration and ethnic cleansing or whether we want the preservation of English culture and national rights.

  • Alan Ford
    Alan Ford Day ago

    Surprise surprise.... Fake news from Chanel 4... back in 2016 they said the people would vote to remain until the votes were counted.... Cameron was so surprised he resigned......

  • I.H Investments
    I.H Investments Day ago

    20,000 compared to over 33million votes in 2016 that’s just over 0.06%of the total votes I didn’t think channel 4 were that ridiculous yet I find myself proven wrong, this is all done to try and mislead its viewers and the public to push towards remain IF there is a 2nd referendum but what they seem to forget is that the public has had enough chaos and let’s LEAVE already 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Gary Morris
    Gary Morris Day ago

    Russian hacks again. That's what remoaners say happened in 2016 so it's fair to assume same here.

  • steve bailey
    steve bailey Day ago

    This modern day British Government,,Now recognized throughout the world as mankinds most corrupt anti democratic establishment that has ever existed in the history of world politics.Take heed all you perpetrators of communism and treason to your own country and it's people.You are making the same old arrogant assumptions that you are all going to get away with treason without any retribution,carry on with your traitorous agenda and very soon you will feel the almighty wrath as did the mighty roman empire.

  • steve bailey
    steve bailey Day ago

    That twat hosting that debate whoever he is was clearly as bias as fuck and absolutely seethed inside when nigel recieved applause for stating the more probable facts.You could easily tell by his manner and agitation when the 2 MP's in the front and the women MP let him hear words he didnt want to hear.Hahaha.You can tell just how childish and spoilt those remoaner lot really are when they let a super bias prick like that host conduct such a debate..I cant wait to see the remoaners cry and stamp their feet just before they throw themselves off beachy head when they finally lose,talk about poetic justice for what the pricks have been trying to do ever since losing the referendum..Hahaha.

  • Carlos Ochoa
    Carlos Ochoa Day ago

    Fuckrage didn't do shit just stirred it up. Incompetent French bastard.

  • steve bailey
    steve bailey Day ago

    Hahaha...Oh Right,, so youve made up your own little survation whatever that word means,,hahaha, and hey presto,your winning by your make believe little wheel,,hahaha,what a bunch of fucking jackasses that remoaner lot really are,,,you couldnt make it up could you,,lol,,THEY DID !!!. hahaha

  • Bellini33
    Bellini33 Day ago

    What a complete and utter load of crap from lefty news

  • Thomas Reilly
    Thomas Reilly Day ago

    712 likes - 53.13% of the total
    628 dislikes - 46.86% of the total

  • Sheila Whitfield

    Bet all the audience were remainers, I voted leave and so did my family and would vote leave again, I do not under any circumstances want our money given to faceless people who we have no control over, be prepared we voted you in we can vote you out.

  • FoI2eman 82
    FoI2eman 82 Day ago +7

    It's funny that it's all foreigner's who were smilling and clapping at the fake poll.

    • FoI2eman 82
      FoI2eman 82 14 hours ago

      Foreigner's are welcome to Britain, if they money to buy a home, a clean passport, support themselves and their family and bring skills that we need in key jobs. Allot of them come over with nothing, no job skills and can't use basic english and their goal is to leech and abuse our system.

    • James Mato Richards
      James Mato Richards 14 hours ago

      How do you see a foreigner?

  • Georgia Raynes
    Georgia Raynes Day ago +1

    Look how many immigrants are in that audience. One of the reasons we want to leave.

    • illegitimo888
      illegitimo888 Day ago

      Condom nationality pseudo British, imported to destroy the working class uproot the working class communities and replace them with primitive ethnic chauvinists. Cleansing England and the English from the narrative.

  • Georgia Raynes
    Georgia Raynes Day ago

    Rubbish, more propaganda. Just like CNN in USA when they put out poll results saying Hillary would win easily. It sounds like most of the audience want to remain and the BBC certainly does. The media will always be behind the new world order.

  • krillins moustache

    we voted to leave fuck another referendum try all you might

  • krillins moustache

    I'd like to see the evidence this could have been made by anyone lol

    • Alan Ford
      Alan Ford Day ago +1

      ... I live in London... before the last Referendum 2 of my colleagues were approached by someone conducting a poll and asked how would they vote... one colleague said leave.... the other said remain.... the person conducting the survey did not record the answer of my friend who voted leave but recorded the response of the colleague who said remain.... they only collect data that gives them the result they want....

  • D Max
    D Max Day ago

    Time for a FAREXIT...

  • Thomas
    Thomas Day ago

    I'm 19, why is this old cunt telling me what 'young people' voted/will vote for. Nigel all the way. Brexit = Democracy.

  • Info FourtySeven

    If you had to attribute one politician in this video as the most representative of the politics of hate - i.e. divisive and self-destructive - who would that be? And who would you choose that most represents the politics of love - e.g. coming from a genuine interest of meeting the needs of 'all involved' that's fundamentally nurturing and nourishing, resulting in a healthy thriving situation - who would that be?

  • D D
    D D Day ago +2

    Respect the people's vote draging this out is costing the tax payers money they dont have

  • D D
    D D Day ago

    Brexit is nothing bit a false flag the original vote is the vote of the people and the initial vote is leave so get it done

  • Stefan
    Stefan Day ago

    Nice precursor for the USA. Surveys and media take the place of the people. Of course the nation is divided, that is why you have a Parliament!!

  • Mattie Harris
    Mattie Harris Day ago

    The ppl that voted to stay have condredicted them self's an where's the real facts of it. An you gotta be a fool to stay an pay 39 billions to pay to stay in the EU each year to Brussels we leave that money doesn't go to EU so think before hand?? An stats ain't real facts of truth

  • dave english
    dave english Day ago

    So are T May and her MPs watching this? We need a referendum.

  • Mid Englander
    Mid Englander Day ago

    Pure and utter rubbish. When were surveys ever accurate? Do they think we believe this propaganda?

  • Akola Foxwere
    Akola Foxwere Day ago

    so the people who voted leave for some wierd reason which they clearly regreted and fucked them selfs over so theyre hypocritical in this sense. are now voting remain? 2 years to late to say remain

  • Catrina B Cross
    Catrina B Cross Day ago

    The presenter is biased

  • Simian Rogue
    Simian Rogue Day ago

    Utter shit propaganda. I hardly think a poll of 20,000 people represents the entire country.

  • Lee j Cator
    Lee j Cator Day ago

    The only reason why people have voted in on this it's because the government are belonging it hanging it out making people scared and worried and worried the government should stop messing people's minds about and do what was first asked end of story

  • Nathan Bennett
    Nathan Bennett Day ago

    Bullshit poll. Pure propaganda

  • Jimbo joker
    Jimbo joker Day ago

    I hope I will still be able to get German and polish beer .

  • Roger Mullan
    Roger Mullan Day ago

    Half the country wants to stay and half the country wants to go and we wonder why parliament is deadlocked

  • Nicholas Lynch
    Nicholas Lynch Day ago +1

    Biased left wing media. We will leave with No Deal.

    • Julian potatoe
      Julian potatoe Day ago

      Nicholas Lynch Bollox at best you’re on a zero hours contract. I bet you’re hoping Brexit will earn you a council house.

    • Nicholas Lynch
      Nicholas Lynch Day ago

      +Julian potatoe as a matter of fact I work and pay my way in this world prick

    • Julian potatoe
      Julian potatoe Day ago

      Nicholas Lynch your clearly haven’t a job or liabilities. Only benefit scroungers share your beliefs.

  • Miguel Schoengarth

    NIgel Farage is remembering me to Tricatel from the movie "The Wing or the Thigh" ....

  • Plerp Plerp
    Plerp Plerp Day ago +2

    Farage earns eighty odd thousand pounds a year to stand in Brussels and do nothing but making acrimonious remarks like a petulant child and sanctimonious accusing other MEPs of "never having done a job in their lives while in the same breath admitting that he doesn't even do the duties he is being paid to do with "tax payers money".
    I can't take him seriously. I find him tiresome to listen to. And he does talk a lot for someone who has nothing to say.
    What people don't realise is that referendums are nothing more than a political tool politicians use to put a stamp of popular legitimacy on something the government intends to do anyway.
    Brexit shoehorned a monumental decision over the social, political and economical future of the UK by the likes of Farage, Johnson, Cameron, and co into an asinine, simplistic narrative: if you want to stop immigration and save the NHS, vote leave. If you are worried about the economy, vote stay. And people fell for it. Both sides of the campaign have been fleeced.
    Maybe if the referendum had been about whether to be part of a political union or not, as Farage constantly claims, which was also the bit the government didn't mention in 1975 either, then probably the answer from the public could have been "How the fuck should I know?"
    What has followed is also a typical example of the "let them eat cake", authoritarian, centralised behaviour of the UK government towards its voters.
    Nobody on either side mentioned anything at the time about the consequences, WTO, northern Ireland, customs union, free trade or anything like that. It was all about taking control of borders, money and rules.
    Farage behaving like David Hasselhoff constantly singing "I've been looking for freedom" is rather pathetic and doesn't help matters.
    The government has played Russian roulette with UK's democracy. Now the gun cylinder has stopped on the bullet and they've shot themselves in the foot because the public is slowly recogning how disenfranchised they really are.
    Brexit is a complete and utter farcical mad hatter's political tea party. And while everyone is having fun playing the hokey-cokey with EU membership, the country is still economically divided and in a state of constant misery caused by the government's political, fiscal and economical agenda which has not changed since being part of the EU and will not change after leaving.

  • Karen Walkeden
    Karen Walkeden Day ago

    Bullshit everyone I know wants out now with NO DEAL. WE WANT OUT.

  • homerclint50
    homerclint50 2 days ago

    FUCKING RIGHT ON NIGEL!!!!!! i have been saying exactly the same. . . . . i was right about DT for president, for Brexit and for the tories not to get a majority in the last election and made a lot of money on all 3 but a much bigger certainty is for Brexit to win by a much larger margin if they dare go there with a 2nd vote.

  • J.J.moony
    J.J.moony 2 days ago

    For those that throw the democracy line that it's not democracy if you don't do what was layed out at the time, but doesent democracy also mean you can Change your mind!

    • illegitimo888
      illegitimo888 Day ago

      No, you can't use the media to campaign against leaving for five years solid and call it democracy. What would the vote have been without all of the the cheating?

  • Davids Travel Tips
    Davids Travel Tips 2 days ago

    Channel 4 Is Pro EU and just another propaganda news outlet.

  • Robert Highbury
    Robert Highbury 2 days ago

    2016? there were thousands of School leavers since the Vote last to leave now the Young people realize how bad their Parents lost their will to vote,

  • a true patriot
    a true patriot 2 days ago +7

    who did the counting Dianne abbot or owen jones come on

  • Behavior
    Behavior 2 days ago

    Farage, Trump, Putin, Modi, etc.,etc.,etc., WTF! Have we forgotten The Wars past. Fascist are back and we need to put an end to their rhetoric. Frees Speech, Yes. Hate Speech, Fuck NO! Europe, Don't forsake your past. Don't repeat your same mistakes again. 'Get up. Stand up. Stand up for you Rights!'

  • Lady on google
    Lady on google 2 days ago

    What survey? Where have these magic figures come from? Young people and everyone else had the right and means to vote and knew when the vote was. If they didn't it's tough luck. Just like anything else, we vote and that's it. Not do it again because someone doesn't like the result. Total crap.

  • john mcvitty
    john mcvitty 2 days ago

    What a load of complete bollocks

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 2 days ago

    Easy answer. The bastards lied and now we know it. NHS no change, in fact we will be worse of not better and any independant economic expert agees. Duh!! of course people change their minds. Without political integrity we have no futute and cant even start to trust the people we voted to look after us..

    • illegitimo888
      illegitimo888 Day ago

      do you mean we will die on the cancer waiting list sooner?

  • Junior Black
    Junior Black 2 days ago

    United kingdom Pick yourself and dust yourself and start all over that's the only deal on the EURO_exit

  • me me
    me me 2 days ago

    Fucking liars liars playing ppl mind bullshit they gonna spend money on us yes for few days Tommorrow they will make excuses this and that

  • sumarianson
    sumarianson 2 days ago

    If they were to disregard the democratic vote in 2016. However, that result does not tally with my understanding. All of my friends that voted to stay would now vote to leave as they now better understand the reasons for the Brexiteers voting the way they did. Plus they dislike the EU for the things they said about us and our democracy.

  • Gael force
    Gael force 2 days ago

    Farage has a great personality. Don't agree with him on anything though.

  • pospouris
    pospouris 2 days ago

    Haah haah haah is this the new Fawlty Towers? Brilliant, loved every moment of it, and Bassil faulty as the Tv host, couldn't imagine of a better comeback. Once again bravo!!!