Nigel Farage Disagrees with New Brexit Survey Results | Brexit: What The Nation Really Thinks

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
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    Nigel Farage isn't impressed by the new findings and believes Britain would vote the same if another Brexit referendum were to occur.
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  7 months ago +13

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    • Leslie Hall
      Leslie Hall 28 days ago

      @Lord Diamond sorry in my opinion you are talking nonsense can you not see what is happening in the eu which is led by Germany. Migration causing big problem unemployment but you give me 500 pounds every week il give you 200 long would you keep that up

    • Lord Diamond
      Lord Diamond 29 days ago

      @Leslie Hall they both lied but now I'm more informed to know that brexit is just self-harm.... we will literally be the first country to put economic sanctions on ourselves... and if you support that then that's treasonous.

    • Leslie Hall
      Leslie Hall 29 days ago

      @Lord Diamond and I suppose the remain side didn't tell lies catch yourself on .And typical of television station Muslim lady in prominent place behind farage .channel 4 is a joke I look forward to the day when they might be proved wrong

    • Leslie Hall
      Leslie Hall 29 days ago

      A bit stupid 1.1million people voted to leave in Scotland and 330 000 voted to leave in n ireland so your first pictures are a bit stupid and Nigel is right loaded audience

  • mike dar
    mike dar 3 days ago +1

    Had we had this problem in America.. where a decision to elect Trump was delayed endlessly and propaganda endlessly went on and on.. such as elected markets would crash, trading partners evaporate, jobs would suffer, and the ever popular universally used in any country 'the tax cuts will actually be a tax raised!... then of course Trump would never have gotten into office... which was what the elite didn't want here as they don't want a Brexit in Briton.
    Eventually the lies become believed.. if endless application happens and the promises never get a chance to be fulfilled.
    After the election we still have the Elites trying to remove Trump even after the promises were delivered, more GDP growth, more jobs, higher wages, higher markets.
    it would behoove the British peoples to not believe the Elites that have their own vested interests well ahead of the British Nation... we learned this lesson across the pond!

  • Tony P
    Tony P 4 days ago +3

    I think the votes on the Brexit Party showed his video a load of bollocks , Wto Brexit party all the way !!

  • Ian Cooke
    Ian Cooke 9 days ago +1


  • Ed Philipse
    Ed Philipse 9 days ago


    TRAKARU ALVAREZ 11 days ago

    Simple fact.
    No matter what happens there will be at least 50% of the population that will not be happy.
    There can no longer be a government that represents the people.
    This is different to standard elections where in reality there is no significant difference between the main political parties of Conservative and Labour.

  • baeten frederic
    baeten frederic 16 days ago

    ps I have not vote for remain?but I willnever admit to give my tax money send to some shit fcuk country who can help them self

  • Lord Laventus
    Lord Laventus 16 days ago +1

    C4 leftie shite

  • Gary Olson ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    Bunch of shit b/c Nigel won!!!!!!!!!!

  • vimaldob
    vimaldob 17 days ago +1

    Fake survey

  • Tim Tom
    Tim Tom 18 days ago +1

    Hahaha channel 4. You people have no idea do you.

  • Helicopter Waffle
    Helicopter Waffle 18 days ago +1

    This is hilarious that this is even a thing and it was aired. Il go with the actual referendum result. This channel 4 one is worthless.

  • MauriatOttolink
    MauriatOttolink 18 days ago

    See H.M. Queen Caroline disdainfully shaking her head with a smug, supercilious smile.
    She outlined NONE of the reasons people really voted Leave.
    The real reason is the massive likelihood of total loss of sovereignty which is now looming large. Martin Schultz is pushing for total integration by 2025. Members of the Union who object will just be rejected.
    Where did it start?
    After WW2 at the founding of the EEC.

    “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the Super State without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to Federation"
    By Jean Monet..Never elected to anything, advocating Eu. govt. by fraud & deceit...
    The first disguised step was The fraudulent Common Market.
    I'm sure that that would address Queen Caroline's problems of getting school places for kids or Doctor's bloody cetera!

  • MauriatOttolink
    MauriatOttolink 18 days ago +1

    I have done my own survey on the comments to this sitcom of a video.
    My results aren't a percentage...They are total, every single one.
    Nobody has made a supporting reply. THATS 100% however you look a it.

  • MauriatOttolink
    MauriatOttolink 18 days ago

    Go on Baby.. Fill your church with the converted and get 'em cheering by telling them what they want hear.
    You ignore the point that the efforts to get us out are based upon what the actual referendum said.
    Just because you and the other whinging bad losers disagree, doesn't mean that the REAL referendum should be ignored.
    "This bloody democracy lark is fine until I don't get MY way, then it's all wrong."

  • Tiny mod
    Tiny mod 19 days ago

    Fake news

  • Alex Morris
    Alex Morris 20 days ago

    Another stitch up job by the remainers

  • Brian Weaver
    Brian Weaver 21 day ago

    As we have observed from the leftist polls leading up the the Trump obliteration of Hillary Clinton, it is very likely the TRUE poll would be around 58% leave, 42% remain.

  • multiManchoo
    multiManchoo 22 days ago

    We we’re successful before we joined the Eu and we’ll be successful afterwards fact. The only time we weren’t was when we’re in. Simple, the rest of arguments is just twaddle or personal gain. End of story. .

  • graham stapleton
    graham stapleton 22 days ago

    Remember remain won last time according to the BBC and all media it was not true then , Its not true now, i could not find an online poll that agreed with them ,Lets see at the next elections when the politicians voting against there voters fall , But hey this filth is set up for life at our expense. they dont care. So dont worry about our social care under funding and every other under funding problem , we can afford the,( its in our best interest EU payments ). Now the only question i ask is .Are you going to grow up and see this?

  • Triple F
    Triple F 22 days ago

    Vote Leave: Spreads lies, uses Russian dirty money to overspend on campaign, smears all educated people as remoaners
    Channel 4: Truth
    Vote Leave: REEEEEEEEEEE

  • Twiglet
    Twiglet 23 days ago

    Channel 4 and Krishnan full of shite as usual

  • jimjam 3267
    jimjam 3267 24 days ago

    Can't stand that reporter, real lump of dog sh¿t.

  • Alex Kerr
    Alex Kerr 25 days ago

    The BBC did the poll after taking advice from Westminster

  • Ashby Ashby
    Ashby Ashby 26 days ago +1

    And Nigel yet again destroyed them in May 2019 elections.🤣

    • Ashby Ashby
      Ashby Ashby 22 days ago

      @Jonathan Hall I totally agree

    • Jonathan Hall
      Jonathan Hall 22 days ago

      Ashby Ashby let them continue to live brainwashed by their own propaganda. The more they feel like they are winning, the harder they will fall when they get tossed in the next general election. The voters voted to leave. There is no changing that. The more they beat a dead horse the more seats they will lose. They are playing right into the hands of the Brexit party. Get ready for a political revolution in Britain like you have never seen before.

    • Ashby Ashby
      Ashby Ashby 22 days ago

      @Triple F you are probably one of these maniacs that believe Labour is a remain party!? 🤣🤣. Why dont you look up Jeremy's ANTI E.U speeches in the 70's & early 80's you little millennial

    • Triple F
      Triple F 22 days ago

      Nah remain parties altogether have a higher percentage. Sorry snowflake

  • redic
    redic 26 days ago

    lol the map in reality looks a tad different. I hope they re watch this the fucking twats.

  • King Brilliant
    King Brilliant 27 days ago

    BBC or Channel's a close call between who are the biggest liars and charlatans.
    So much for polls.. Farage swept the board with the greatest landslide in electoral history since this hit piece.

    • Triple F
      Triple F 22 days ago

      Yet remain parties hold a higher percentage when put against leave parties. Now ino u leave twats can’t handle true logic but that seems like an obvious loss

  • CULT68
    CULT68 28 days ago +1


  • Tez diz
    Tez diz Month ago

    I have never had a conversation WITH anyone about brexit tellingl me they have changed there mind

  • Rowan James
    Rowan James Month ago

    This man actually believes the shit that he is shovelling.

  • glen revell
    glen revell Month ago

    What lies , I will never believe anything on channel four again. This reporter has just lost all his credibility with these lies.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace Month ago

    Well Nigel? Where are all those unicorns on business? Companies wouldn't leave our shores? Wheres all the money for the NHS? Ummm. All going to eat shit now.

  • richies quest
    richies quest Month ago

    The EU election reults will prove this to be complete properganda from the left wing media.

    • Triple F
      Triple F 22 days ago

      Thank god you didn’t bet money on that then lmao remain parties together have a higher percentage u utter faggot

  • Catrina Deeley
    Catrina Deeley Month ago

    Channel 4 is so biased I wonder who funds them?

  • 19thewanderer
    19thewanderer Month ago

    Fuck Channel 4 lying bias bastards, False News . 2nd to BBC twats.

  • Clonmore
    Clonmore Month ago

    Biased Channel 4. What a surprise. Not

  • Tommy Brooks
    Tommy Brooks Month ago

    Channel part funded by the EU nothing more than a PROPAGANDA puppet! Fake news channel.

  • Peter de Villiers
    Peter de Villiers Month ago

    Why are there so many muslims covered in the backing shots? We are a European nation.

  • Daryl Younger
    Daryl Younger Month ago

    Britains people made a decision that has been overturned by its own government. That's not democracy....that's a dictatorship

  • Daryl Younger
    Daryl Younger Month ago

    Britain you are heading for radical socialism.
    Stupid young people brainwashed by stupid fat journalists

  • Daryl Younger
    Daryl Younger Month ago

    Interesting to note nearly all Nigel Farage videos have the comments disabled.
    Britain decided with a referendum to leave. Just because a fat journalist says something in front of people doesn't mean a damn thing.
    You should look at who is in your country now.

  • Jason Ashmore
    Jason Ashmore Month ago +1

    Load of bo lacks I don't know anyone that wants to remain

    • Triple F
      Triple F 22 days ago

      Probs cos u live in ur step dads basement u faggot

    • Mike Grayton
      Mike Grayton Month ago

      You should get out more. Now you know one.

  • LifeInStone
    LifeInStone Month ago

    What a mess up. Brexit is a disaster

  • fred fanto
    fred fanto Month ago

    Channel four is a pathetic station very bias

  • chris bobobo
    chris bobobo Month ago


  • son of anorchy
    son of anorchy Month ago

    what a load of sh^t

  • Marc Carter
    Marc Carter Month ago

    How is it when they do these pointless polls/surveys noone seems to know anyone that has been asked.Its all made up bullshit.

  • COYF Tigers
    COYF Tigers Month ago +1

    Channel 4 is shite

  • Frank Jenkins
    Frank Jenkins Month ago

    A salute rubbish Tottal crap survey . We will see on the 23 rd may

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh Month ago

    Nigel Farage: ‘If Brexit is a disaster I’ll go and live abroad, I'll go and live somewhere else."’ on LBC 28.03.2017

  • Alex Morris
    Alex Morris Month ago

    What a load of tosh

  • Hannibal Barca
    Hannibal Barca Month ago

    What kind of fucking imbecile would believe this utter shite?

  • Bjornlooser
    Bjornlooser Month ago

    Who has EVER seen a poll with no undecided? Which proves that poll is complete and utter bs.

    • Triple F
      Triple F 22 days ago

      The poll that went around didn’t have a third option u dick face

  • Peter's Perspective

    Audience and panelists grossly over-represented by leavers.

  • Robert Wagner
    Robert Wagner Month ago

    That’s why Brexit party is on 34% of the EU vote let’s face it this suits the program to come up with this result. On this basis it would still be close and deserve a third fourth vote etc. more lies from Lucas there were nowhere near 700000 on that march

  • alphabetaxenonzzzcat

    Do you know what - this has convinced me. You see when I voted to leave there was a Russian with a gun to my head who made put the cross in the box to leave. ;-). Hehehehehehehehehe.

  • JOHN Riley
    JOHN Riley Month ago

    She is obviously looking for young people's votes

  • JOHN Riley
    JOHN Riley Month ago

    They are so desperate aren't they

  • JOHN Riley
    JOHN Riley Month ago

    We chose to leave why can't they just do it? It is because their jobs will be under fire and maybe reduce their large pay amounts

  • JOHN Riley
    JOHN Riley Month ago

    What these idiots don't realise is that we have had 1. Vote to leave and this imaginary vote to stay so we need a third vote to say best of 3

  • Johnny Bravo
    Johnny Bravo Month ago

    vote Tommy Robinson

  • Steve Anston
    Steve Anston Month ago

    Go away biased Channel 4.

  • local vet
    local vet Month ago

    Nigel speaks the truth, he is battling to preserve our very democracy.

    • local vet
      local vet 22 days ago

      ​@Triple F 17,410,742 mil wanted to leave it's the16,141,241 mil remoaners who won’t accept the democratic will of the people. The balance of power is about to change in the house of Commons for good.

      All you remoaners have, standing on his soap box is Femi Oluwole, all is now lost.

    • Triple F
      Triple F 22 days ago

      Funny how he fights for democracy when the vast majority of people don’t want to leave

  • local vet
    local vet Month ago +1

    The host is remoaner he was happy to attack leavers.

  • Alan Lynas
    Alan Lynas Month ago

    WTF!! The presenter said that the 54% to 46% was a clear majority??? In that case the 52% to 48% was also a clear majority - they can't have it both ways. Who are these people who changed their minds? The only people I know who have changed their minds are the ones that just want to get out now. I don't know anybody who now says remain instead of leave. One last point, din't the polls taken before the 2016 referendum say that remain would win by about the same margin . . . . we all know what happened next don't we.

  • mike marsh
    mike marsh Month ago

    How Pathetic of Channel 4 to manipulate a so called poll of 20,000 people, figures can be used to produce any result. It would be interesting to know who they actually targeted. Pollsters consistently only ask a perceived type to fit what’re the poll is about. Never believe the 4, Sky or the BBC

    • Temps Perdu
      Temps Perdu Month ago

      You have no absolutely no evidence of that. It's hardly surprising that support for remain has been increasing over the last three years, the original vote was very close and a lot of people are fed up with the Brexit project now and just wanted it binned.

    • Temps Perdu
      Temps Perdu Month ago

      This is Channel 4, not the BBC.

  • libraiis
    libraiis Month ago +1

    Nigel has never sold out his integrity on Brexit no matter how many are stacked against him. In a room full of hate he still holds true. Great man.

  • Stanley Stewart
    Stanley Stewart Month ago

    Margine I meant to spell , sorry

  • Stanley Stewart
    Stanley Stewart Month ago

    They done a small survey with all remainers & made a figure up which was close but all propaganda for the MSM & the Elites who have got more wealth from us hard working public in Britain & leave would win by a bigger margind than back in 2016 & Nigel Farage was spot on , I voted to leave & why are we all paying tax for these Bastards to rob our hard earned cash , I'll be asking the question soon to HMRC who are skint by the way FACT , so where is all our money gone , just Remdmber people that income tax is a Voluntary tax & there is no law in the UK that we need or should be paying income tax , look up Sherry Jackson who was jailed in the states for daring to question for someone high up in the IRS to tell her where the law is stating that the American people have to pay income tax , she was rewarded with her P45 & 3 years in prison for letting the cat out the bag & for me it is all based on lies & fear & intimidation, wake up people & just ask the question, good luck .

  • malcolm chambers
    malcolm chambers Month ago

    Funny that lots of people that voted remain now say they want to leave, if you survey the members of the conservative party throughout the country, along with the uninformed younger people who are probably not even old enough to vote! this is the result you will get.
    At the end of the video, Farage correctly says that if another referendum was voted on, the leave majority will be found to have increased by a large ammount.
    Just like a rotten fish, their survey stinks!

  • Victor Burger
    Victor Burger Month ago

    BBC propaganda! If you wrer to ask 20,000 people who voted to remain, then you would get a 100% result. Why has there been no body saying we will not accept a leave result at all. Just as the left refused to accept a leave result./

    • Temps Perdu
      Temps Perdu Month ago

      This is Channel 4, not BBC. It's not propaganda, just reflects a credible shift in public opinion, although some Brexiteers blinded by their own bias may not wish to believe that.

  • Stalker
    Stalker Month ago

    Remoaner's your all Traitors. Let that sink in. We're out you libtard Muppets. 🇬🇧😂🇬🇧😂🇬🇧😂

    • Triple F
      Triple F 22 days ago

      Leavers are traitors. U want to destroy our country you inbred faggots

  • dave k
    dave k Month ago

    That's polls... it means shit now.. brexit brexit brexit

  • John Wall
    John Wall Month ago +1

    Just like leavers to moan about a survey you make pig shit look intelligent you thick twats

  • tony barham
    tony barham Month ago +1

    this so called survey is a load of bo cks

  • Mark Bird
    Mark Bird Month ago

    Lets see how that pans out on the 23rd of may 2019..... this is clearly bullshit !

  • Monty
    Monty Month ago

    Channel 4 hate straight white English blokes

  • The-Truth
    The-Truth Month ago

    I never got asked .

  • 64mkx
    64mkx Month ago

    Wow such a bias pro Remoaners panel.

  • Follower JC
    Follower JC Month ago

    Also, I would like to add, that many people who are now clambering to remain are either fairly new immigrants, or Islamic, or both, or young people who don’t know any better - all these have in common, one thing: they have no idea of our great nation’s history (or want to understand it) and have no loyalty or real affiliation to this country or pride in it. If they did, they would see the broader picture. The last Brexit on record was Henry VIII when he took Britain out of the EU dominating Roman Catholic Church. It was the same then, we were dominated by some Roman honcho wearing a dress and a silly hat. We got out and we were much better for it. It’s not religious any longer, it’s the monster of secularisation instead. Both are un-Democratic. That’s the point.

  • Follower JC
    Follower JC Month ago

    What is the so-called Poll? They didn’t ask me or millions of others. Sorry, this poll is a farce. The true vote of LEAVE was made by millions of people using their feet to attend a poll booth....not some guys with their own agenda twiddling knobs on a computer in an office somewhere!

  • Follower JC
    Follower JC Month ago

    What is the so-called Poll? They didn’t ask me or millions of others. Sorry, this poll is a farce. The true vote of LEAVE was made by millions of people using their feet to attend a poll booth....not some guys with their own agenda twiddling knobs on a computer in an office somewhere!

  • Ralph Clark
    Ralph Clark Month ago

    20,000 people - wow! That's less than 50 people per MP in Westminster - bound to be accurate then! These polls are a farce.- small wonder they hardly ever get it right

  • Danny Pritchard
    Danny Pritchard Month ago

    How did they get these numbers?

  • Karl Wright
    Karl Wright Month ago +1

    Who did they ask? I didn't get asked and I voted last time so really it's not an accurate poll. Wankers.

  • Sam Worrall
    Sam Worrall Month ago

    shadow international trade secretary and he can't even correctly recount the figures he was told 5 seconds prior. The labour party is a joke

  • outlaw bob
    outlaw bob Month ago

    wow some propaganda,maybe there should be another poll as i dont agree with this one...

  • Linda Ibbetson
    Linda Ibbetson Month ago +1

    What a load of rubbish 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I wouldn't lose too much sleep Nigel x

  • john wilks
    john wilks Month ago

    Fararge shouldn’t have appeared on this “programme “ he should have known it going to be a left wing stiichup just look at the audience.

  • Shopaholic undisputed heavy weight champion

    I’m from Devon and I can tell you right now the South West has not gone REMAIN !! Walk around the streets of Exeter and Plymouth and ask them !!!!!!!

  • Meat Biscuits
    Meat Biscuits Month ago

    Man... This hasn't aged well

  • peter adams
    peter adams Month ago

    more bullshit from remainers.

  • 23rdJune
    23rdJune Month ago +1

    I can't think of his name now, but the host is simply purring when he reveals the poll results. So much for independent journalism!

  • Kyle Netherwood
    Kyle Netherwood Month ago +2

    You're right. Polls are reliable and Theresa got a massive majority in 2017.

  • david wilson
    david wilson Month ago

    You already voted. IT IS NOW LAW. DUHHH! FKN DUHHH!!!Does England have a rule where if you are the scum bag have multiple votes until you get WHAT YOU WANT? Scum sucking channel 4 is part of the fake news push...for multiple votes. LOL! CHANNEL 4 IS A PILE OF SNAKE SHIT.

  • Free Box
    Free Box Month ago

    Its May 13th 2019 and Farage you are totally on the button. Democracy may not be important to London or our useless MPs, but to all students do you remember the promise about uni fees . Well then you should be voting for Democracy as this will be your future. You let them get away with that one on uni fees what is up next 4 u . Maybe your army the British army sent into action without your vote. DEMOCRACY IS THE BREXIT PARTY .

  • Andy Mac
    Andy Mac Month ago

    Fucking nonsense.we voted out and thats what we want.if this is not delivered there will be anhorchy you fools

  • Hog Rider
    Hog Rider Month ago

    Farage is a moronic thug who would plunge the country into disaster. But I don't think the Poll is VALID, since the polls said exactly this BEFORE the referendum, but the ACTUAL referendum said leave.

  • Bertie BO
    Bertie BO Month ago +1

    whatever one's loyalties, it's frightening to see how universally biased news programmes have become. As a democrat I have nothing against their progressive liberalism but surely other people should be permitted to propose differing views without fear of studio persecution.

  • Bertie BO
    Bertie BO Month ago

    these rigged/compromised surveys are a cause of complacency among remainers as we saw at the referendum. I am a 2016 remainer who believes the pro brexit vote would be greater in a second referendum.