Google Keynote (Google I/O'19)

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • Learn about the latest product and platform innovations at Google in a Keynote led by Sundar Pichai.
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  • อนุชิต พรหมประสิทธิ์

    Thank You. Your'e love Google.

  • Evan Lexington
    Evan Lexington 14 days ago

    Anyone 2020

  • Akurathi Lohith
    Akurathi Lohith 15 days ago

    why google not creating a car dashboard device, like which that gives the complete information about the car as well as sending a message automatically to there a family member that if anything happened to the car.
    and in the youtube comment Draft box required. I hope it's helpful those comments pointwise while watching long videos.

  • Akurathi Lohith
    Akurathi Lohith 15 days ago

    Will this Voice command works?

    which are really more important and helpful.

    1. Hay Google, send a Massage to my sister once I reach to my home, that I have reached my home safely.
    2. Hay Google, Send me a notification that once the Pizza delivery boy reaches to my home.
    3. Hay Google, Send a message to my wife if my mobile is in low battery.

    If not I have a solution for google.

  • Umesh Dhaked
    Umesh Dhaked 17 days ago


    SATYAM DIXIT 18 days ago +1

    This is awesome

  • Waseem B
    Waseem B 22 days ago

    which projector was used for screening

  • lxphilip
    lxphilip 25 days ago +2

    did it translate 1/1/2020 to 1/1/2019

  • Ali Qazilbash
    Ali Qazilbash Month ago

    Sundar is so nice!

  • sandeep kakkar
    sandeep kakkar Month ago +2

    33:07 Google assistant is available in Australia but not Tasmania?🤔

    CHERRY TOY ART Month ago


  • Daniel Poul
    Daniel Poul Month ago +1

    waoooooo that really nice. Can I know how do you detect the person have finished talking and its time for the machine to reply.

  • Brian Iklabuay
    Brian Iklabuay Month ago

    It's good going to a keynote. I have thought it would be an hour keynote, but okay.

    NATHAN BAIRD Month ago

  • Tech Creators-தமிழ்

    Love You Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Fans hit the like button

  • Shubham Tripathi
    Shubham Tripathi Month ago +1

    cant see shark in my space
    Can you let me know why?
    From India

  • Sunil Nannawre
    Sunil Nannawre Month ago

    Some time us doesn't uny any language that time how to able understand that language scan modules

  • Victor Madara
    Victor Madara Month ago

    where is shona language

  • HASI 144
    HASI 144 2 months ago


  • Mahedi Hasan
    Mahedi Hasan 2 months ago

    Very good

  • karthickn1
    karthickn1 2 months ago

    Google your release of android os is not sufficet ,if the next version of os is released ur output should be wat innovation your team done in the google apps don’t say we will give more security to the device,bcoz the os which I using now has more no more security is the issue,wat type of flexibility your are giving case of your security the device speed also has the same case...

  • Kumar Gaurav
    Kumar Gaurav 2 months ago

    Thanks ////////............//////////

  • shyam kawdkar
    shyam kawdkar 2 months ago +2

    Hats of to your team google.....👍👍

  • Nishith Pandya
    Nishith Pandya 2 months ago +3

    hey google don't steal my data 😂

  • murali viju
    murali viju 2 months ago +4

    Along with it, it would be appreciated if u convert foreign-language movie to local language subtitles on the screen. So that lot of people can enjoy and encourage the global movie industry as well.

  • Prateek Das
    Prateek Das 2 months ago +1

    One day I am going to be a part of This Very Show

  • STYLE 2D
    STYLE 2D 2 months ago

    so cool

  • Lafet Videos لفة فيديو


  • Gajanand Ahirwar
    Gajanand Ahirwar 2 months ago +2

    I proud of you sundar pichai

  • Vishvajeet Ramanuj
    Vishvajeet Ramanuj 2 months ago +2

    I love the feature of federated learning
    So Google can collect data it need for better model and less interference with privacy.
    I also loved Google cared privacy. I am privacy sensitive. But if Google care that much about privacy then I will not hesitate much using its products

  • Eric Cute
    Eric Cute 2 months ago

    I wish you will hire me even as a Janitor to your building. I would accept it. Being part of such company is a great achievement on me.

  • Eric Cute
    Eric Cute 2 months ago +6

    Thank you Google for coming into our lives

  • Zeeshan sayed mohammed
    Zeeshan sayed mohammed 2 months ago +2

    Sundar pichai we love u

  • chimical09
    chimical09 2 months ago

    Worst company in history. Stop !

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 2 months ago


  • Vijay Vijay
    Vijay Vijay 3 months ago

    Google open reward no come survival

  • Apple Exposed
    Apple Exposed 3 months ago +2

    More Apple knockoffs. Whoooo!!!

  • Tofique Anwar
    Tofique Anwar 3 months ago +3


  • roman2011
    roman2011 3 months ago +10

    i can't wait till Google replace these annoucers with AI.

  • Jake
    Jake 3 months ago +8

    Why are there no comments on this, but 2 Mil views? 🤠

  • Ahriman13
    Ahriman13 3 months ago

    I laughed my ass off as piachi talked about privacy 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Rizwan Ahmad
    Rizwan Ahmad 3 months ago +2

    who is going to make those 3d illustrations

  • Abhay
    Abhay 3 months ago +1

    India 🇮🇳

  • Imran Bajwa
    Imran Bajwa 3 months ago

    nice work

  • Brecht Cantalice
    Brecht Cantalice 3 months ago +5

    What I want to know is how they got the projection on screen to be that bright and vivid in the daylight

    • Human NCIC
      Human NCIC 2 months ago +2

      I Thinks It's An LCD But Also It Seems Like It's A Projector

    • William
      William 3 months ago +1

      Brecht Cantalice it is kind of hard to see but it looks like there is a white shade covering the the whole area. I assume they are in SF so they are protecting from both the sun and possibly rain.

  • Venu Gopal
    Venu Gopal 3 months ago