• Published on Apr 11, 2017
  • Ok we didn't get an ACTUAL reality show we just made a spoof on TheXvid ahaha
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  • Ariana Ascention
    Ariana Ascention 11 hours ago

    I’d low key watch “knitting with the Dolan twins” not gonna lie

  • OceanLPS
    OceanLPS Day ago

    6:30 lol me going grocery shopping for my mom and getting an imperfect fruit

  • OceanLPS
    OceanLPS Day ago


    Actually nobody:

    Not even Ethan's big mouth:

    Grayson: I've been iN hErE, cOoKiNg aLl dAy, sWeAtInG mY bOoBs oFf!

  • allie watson
    allie watson 2 days ago

    grayson crying lowkey reminded me of that meme of kim k crying 😂


  • Frxnch Toast
    Frxnch Toast 3 days ago

    This should be a *nextflix original series*

  • David Rosario-Rivera

    Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner both entered the chat 😂

  • justaweirdø 538
    justaweirdø 538 9 days ago

    my _bubs_ 2:03 😂

  • Grace 3
    Grace 3 10 days ago +1

    I want a part two oh my goshhhh

  • Sophia Haley
    Sophia Haley 11 days ago +2

    This is my favorite Dolan twins video of all time!!

  • Mariela Hernandez
    Mariela Hernandez 12 days ago +1

    The call was the best 🤣😂👌

  • kayla o
    kayla o 13 days ago +1

    the way ethan kept looking at the camera-

  • Nitro Arie
    Nitro Arie 13 days ago +2

    What are bubs...?

  • Cool Cat 27
    Cool Cat 27 14 days ago +2

    Ethan: stop accusing me of watching pornographic films

  • angels tapes
    angels tapes 14 days ago +1

    they are the biggest drama queens

  • Jany Puebla
    Jany Puebla 16 days ago +1

    2019? Need part 2 😭😭😭😭

  • Jordan Campbell
    Jordan Campbell 16 days ago +1

    9:18 of Grayson bullying Ethan

  • 嫌い生活
    嫌い生活 16 days ago +1

    When i saw the beginning of the vid when i saw gray crying i was oike 💔

  • Daisy Bidmead
    Daisy Bidmead 16 days ago +1

    3:40 - 3:49 better than Laura lee

  • Krystal Lee
    Krystal Lee 17 days ago +1

    Everyone is commenting about random things but are we going to acknowledge that they are *great* actors

  • Angelica Amorim シ
    Angelica Amorim シ 17 days ago +2

    Who else wants “keeping up with the Dolans” ??😂💓

  • Oof itsJocelyn
    Oof itsJocelyn 18 days ago +1

    When e accidentally makes a edit 😂

  • E K
    E K 19 days ago +1

    Please make a part 2! 😌

  • Juliana Linker Eq
    Juliana Linker Eq 20 days ago +1

    “I need boobs, butts, and explosions!!!! That’s how you get views” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Phoebe Mcloughlin
    Phoebe Mcloughlin 22 days ago +1


  • Rose Bvbbles
    Rose Bvbbles 23 days ago +1

    *I aM haViNg a fUlL fLeDgEd fReAkOuT rIgHt nOw*

  • Kiera Dias
    Kiera Dias 23 days ago +3

    Who else wants a part 2?

  • Eva Cecile
    Eva Cecile 24 days ago +2

    I’m still waiting. I need a part 2!!!!

  • Abercy Castillo
    Abercy Castillo 24 days ago +1


  • Savage Unicorn
    Savage Unicorn 24 days ago +2

    Grayson: *has dyslexia*
    Also Grayson: "audacity" and "succulent"
    :I'm not making fun of him, or anyone with dyslexia, i just though it was funny. Have a good day!:

  • Bella McGrath
    Bella McGrath 25 days ago +2

    this is actually the best thing I have ever seen

  • Gacha Roblox Lovely Games Too

    grayson can have i have ur pancakes?

  • Aloma Bollen
    Aloma Bollen 26 days ago +2

    the amount of sass this video contains has me rolling😭🤣💀

  • Amaia Murat
    Amaia Murat 26 days ago +1

    “It’s just a white knife” 💀

  • Xania Fleming
    Xania Fleming 27 days ago +1

    He got what he deserved

  • Scarlett Roman
    Scarlett Roman 27 days ago +3

    I just love how Grayson looks in this video especially his hair 😍😍

  • Chloe hart
    Chloe hart 27 days ago +3

    Is it just me or who else actually wants this to become a show

  • Talia Marie.x
    Talia Marie.x 28 days ago +2


  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants 28 days ago +1

    3:15 omg😭🤣”honestly”

  • Jaelyn Lapouttre
    Jaelyn Lapouttre 29 days ago

    the editing was so funny love it how it's straight static and not even the colors of the rainbow

  • A Grumpy Twin
    A Grumpy Twin 29 days ago

    Crying Gray is me when my twin refuses to hang out with me

  • grayxx ethanxx
    grayxx ethanxx Month ago +1

    Gray is MOOD all day every day.

    He was so over the top and I loved it.

  • Slaybyasha
    Slaybyasha Month ago

    3:15 better than all of those fake cries from TheXvidrs lmao 😂( Aka, Laura Lee)

  • Melli/Moa
    Melli/Moa Month ago +1

    2:02 ”sweating my bubs off” hahahaah😂😂😂

  • jionysus
    jionysus Month ago


  • Jordyn Isley
    Jordyn Isley Month ago

    Part two?!!? Pleaseeeee

  • skinny
    skinny Month ago +2

    they would honestly be amazing actors

  • danny_da_kill810
    danny_da_kill810 Month ago

    Is this a parody of the Kardashian’s

  • Jasmine King
    Jasmine King Month ago +1

    8:24"ethan just pops up haha hes so cute

  • Mallory H
    Mallory H Month ago +2

    Bananas help with acne maybe if Ethan ate the pancakes then he wouldn’t have acne 😂 ✌︎✌︎✌︎✌︎

  • Candece Salas
    Candece Salas Month ago +4

    Grayson acting like Kim Kardashian the whole video lol
    And Ethan acting like Kourtney

  • Jasmine King
    Jasmine King Month ago

    Grayson looking angry in the car oml😍😍

  • Sharkyz
    Sharkyz Month ago +1

    When Ethan played the video he edited I lost it

  • Sophie Stella
    Sophie Stella Month ago

    “FrEaKed out on”

  • Sophie Stella
    Sophie Stella Month ago +1

    They’re acting is soooooo good and funny 😭🤣🤣

  • Sophie Stella
    Sophie Stella Month ago

    The slapping bit just cringed me out so much

  • Merrell Love
    Merrell Love Month ago +1

    Lmao this is how they act in today’s videos

  • SoftieeEdits
    SoftieeEdits Month ago

    Graysons and ethans hair😍

  • Wølfië_plãyz 101
    Wølfië_plãyz 101 Month ago +1

    Idk why but i thought that grayson was gonna cry almost the whole video

  • Brooke Asper
    Brooke Asper Month ago +2

    3:48 how every reality show is😂

  • Maryam Isah
    Maryam Isah Month ago +3

    They are so cute