A House with a Pin in it's Balls

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • Shot & Edited by: instagram.com/mrtaylorstephens
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  • mintiiko
    mintiiko 3 hours ago

    his son must be so embarrassed

  • Dr eliahhh
    Dr eliahhh 9 hours ago

    I might get hate but I think...

    *He is stronger than ricardo*

  • Яна Иванова

    The poor kid

  • CFD
    CFD 5 days ago

    This makes me so happy!!

  • Jersey Jack Pinball
    Jersey Jack Pinball 7 days ago

    Hi Jack! We make the world's most fun and innovative pinball machines and would love for you to you visit our office in Chicago :)

  • Master of the Universe

    Can we get this guy to host meme review on pewdiepie's channel

  • 007vsMagua
    007vsMagua 12 days ago

    When I was a kid in the early 60's, word would get around town which pinball machines were TILT resistant at which bowling alleys. With a little pocket change we could have fun at the alley eating Slim Jim's.

  • Random Adam
    Random Adam 16 days ago

    He kinda looks like Jablinski

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 17 days ago

    Haha your vioce is so hardcore

  • Chris
    Chris 19 days ago

    This guy may have potential.

  • my crazy life
    my crazy life 19 days ago

    “Mother father”

  • my crazy life
    my crazy life 19 days ago

    Whoa that intro!

  • Mark Rosacay
    Mark Rosacay 20 days ago

    bruh dis id gold

  • Alexander Herlan
    Alexander Herlan 20 days ago

    J-Bizzle should play the ballsaxaphone.

  • Turfey
    Turfey 20 days ago


  • Victor Hurwitz
    Victor Hurwitz 22 days ago +1

    2:41 aww that's hot

  • REMiX BOY0_0
    REMiX BOY0_0 22 days ago

    Jack Black for TheXvid rewind

  • keifijeiforkdsokfkfc
    keifijeiforkdsokfkfc 23 days ago

    liked by lazarbeam lol

  • T Carroll
    T Carroll 27 days ago

    60k yeah baby

  • Santi Garcia
    Santi Garcia 27 days ago


  • Hyenabro
    Hyenabro 28 days ago

    Best Jab video ever

  • flame god
    flame god Month ago

    I love this channel it's so funny

  • Natalie Arachy
    Natalie Arachy Month ago

    He sounds high when he talks

  • IAMnutty
    IAMnutty Month ago

    Lazar beam liked this video

  • Double A Dude Avila Family

    I liked the Nacho Libre meme/skit or whatever you want to call it

  • ThisGrl Here
    ThisGrl Here Month ago +1

    The cutest man on earth

  • Channel Happiness
    Channel Happiness Month ago

    Love that Pitfall T. As a kid my first gaming system was an Atari 2600 and Pitfall was my jam ✌

  • Zachary Adkins
    Zachary Adkins Month ago +1

    you are a satinst. If you dont change your ways you will end up in hell
    with lucifer... YOU ARE A SICK PERSON>not much talent either, so
    there is that too....

    • I Review Cinema
      I Review Cinema Month ago


  • Joe Shakalaka
    Joe Shakalaka Month ago

    Haha Sammy can’t handle pops’ shit

  • Sunny B
    Sunny B Month ago

    i love how he makes jokes from his own movies

  • It is I Rosie
    It is I Rosie Month ago

    I love how he used a phrase from Nacho Libre 😂

  • zorvic08
    zorvic08 Month ago

    I remember watching a house with a clock in its walls on my b-day

  • BunnyQueenBB QUEEN
    BunnyQueenBB QUEEN Month ago

    what is your job right now?

  • BunnyQueenBB QUEEN
    BunnyQueenBB QUEEN Month ago

    are u rich?

  • Derek Wofford
    Derek Wofford Month ago

    Wheres the pinball video of you playing bonzai run?

  • Aidan V
    Aidan V Month ago +1

    That was a home run mother father

  • Turner Lott
    Turner Lott Month ago

    lol this is in lazarbeam’s liked videos

  • Oisín Noone
    Oisín Noone Month ago


  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones Month ago

    I always wondered what would happen if nobody told Jack Black how to act.

  • eclips
    eclips Month ago

    Love pinball sometimes you see them in small town local bars places were time stands still .

  • Maqle
    Maqle Month ago

    This guy is literally the perfect example of an adult baby

  • James Wolfe
    James Wolfe 2 months ago

    I heard they might be relocating The Pinball Hall of Fame closer to the strip.
    Which would lame-out, because the last time I was there, you could get on any machine.
    Now, if'n all the crowds, s'gonna schnuck's.

    RUNNY EGG 2 months ago

    Fantastic video Jacky Boy 💪🏻
    I have s similar video on my channel searching for oldies of gaming .. Check me out 💪🏻

  • Stephanie Levendoski
    Stephanie Levendoski 2 months ago

    “Get that corn outta ma face” ha ha best line ever

  • Winicius Vale
    Winicius Vale 2 months ago

    Legendas em português

  • SoftandFading
    SoftandFading 2 months ago

    He's wearing an Activision PITFALL shirt. That's next level.

  • Arcade Hollywood
    Arcade Hollywood 2 months ago

    Dig this channel Jack!!!!

  • ness dwon
    ness dwon 2 months ago

    Did Grizzly Adams have a beard

  • Blackghoste
    Blackghoste 2 months ago

    *pewdiepie:* Stops the subscribe to Pewdiepie
    *T-Series:* Overwhelmingly passes Pewdiepie
    *Jack Black joins the game*

  • WHAC420
    WHAC420 2 months ago

    melting eyes look like lots of spooge

  • Spencer Lambert
    Spencer Lambert 2 months ago

    Love the Mario one there

  • Never Forget
    Never Forget 2 months ago

    This is in lAZARBEAMS liked videos LOL

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 2 months ago

    This title gave me ligma.

  • DIBZ3
    DIBZ3 3 months ago


  • hoomafloom
    hoomafloom 3 months ago

    kung fu panda show us your karate

  • Itz•Ruby•Doobie
    Itz•Ruby•Doobie 3 months ago +1

    I can’t get over the title 😂

  • Squiddles
    Squiddles 3 months ago


  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer 3 months ago

    Who gave Jack black Cocaine?

  • Abigail Vic
    Abigail Vic 3 months ago

    1:05 the best movie, I meet you for that character. 🤣

  • Rocko711
    Rocko711 3 months ago

    Imagine walking into the pinball Hall of Fame. And seeing Jack Black sing All-star. WHAT

  • Tariro.V Svunurai
    Tariro.V Svunurai 3 months ago

    You are funny without even trying love this guy

  • Tariro.V Svunurai
    Tariro.V Svunurai 3 months ago

    This is the best channel 🤣😂😂

  • Zikarta
    Zikarta 3 months ago

    Into the wild 2

  • Thedonkey 239
    Thedonkey 239 3 months ago


  • Ryan Caithness
    Ryan Caithness 3 months ago


  • Jennifer Murdock
    Jennifer Murdock 3 months ago +1

    He sure plays a mean pinball...

  • rexer19858
    rexer19858 3 months ago +1

    For anyone who is interested, this is the song at the end of Jablinski games thexvid.com/video/JN3WRIQ7_dE/video.html
    Took me a while to find.

  • Overrated
    Overrated 3 months ago

    Week 1 of no gaming videos this week

  • Poodle
    Poodle 3 months ago

    After three months I now just notice that the title uses "it's" instead of "its".

  • maple Tree
    maple Tree 3 months ago

    you receive countless messages every day, as most famers do, and those whom contact you want something. Admittedly that is so fking shitty. BUT, I don't want anything from you. Just sending you a message that you are an awesome and hilarious person and the world is that much better to have you and your comedic talents in it.😊🌴

  • MadHatterCiesus
    MadHatterCiesus 3 months ago

    There. Is a pinball. Hall of fame. In this world.

    *inhaled deeply*

  • SpookTunes
    SpookTunes 3 months ago

    When you realize that the undertale sound effect plays in the intro

  • Grace Aliana
    Grace Aliana 3 months ago +1

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! I really want to meet you, you seem like an amazing guy to meet!!! You are my role model, and I have always been your biggest fan!!!

  • Woopdeedoogaming
    Woopdeedoogaming 3 months ago

    Nacho Libre is still one of the best movies I know.

  • dominik zakrzewski
    dominik zakrzewski 3 months ago

    you better then pewdiepie and t series

  • Nothing but FunStuff
    Nothing but FunStuff 3 months ago

    His kids are kind of rude ignoring him when he talkd to them . . . I would kill to get a fathet like jack

  • Games soundtrack
    Games soundtrack 3 months ago


  • Veeva Verona
    Veeva Verona 3 months ago +9

    "That was a home run, Mother Father.." -Jack Black 2019

  • biLAWL
    biLAWL 3 months ago

    Nice to see he reppin teddyfresh


    We get a free look at those arcade games and how they work.

  • S1ipperyJim
    S1ipperyJim 3 months ago

    C ya nest queef

  • LadyGrimm
    LadyGrimm 3 months ago


  • bigbusa1
    bigbusa1 3 months ago

    Come stay in our #oasisarcadeairbnb near atlanta jack ! Google "tinyhouse arcade"

  • Jimmy Boi
    Jimmy Boi 3 months ago

    Ah yes, the house with a *cock* in its *balls*

  • The Mysterious Stranger That doesn’t exist

    A pin in its balls

  • Loki Lover476
    Loki Lover476 3 months ago

    1:00 Moooooood 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Papa Knagg
    Papa Knagg 3 months ago


  • Random not so Popular youtuber

    The video name sounds so painful

  • Roobeemo
    Roobeemo 4 months ago

    Watch the ads so my king can get that shmoney🅱️😎

  • Roobeemo
    Roobeemo 4 months ago

    Why can’t jack black be my dad :(

  • Humphrey Biggins
    Humphrey Biggins 4 months ago

    Jack Black looks like my Uncle in here

  • TheAVJ2
    TheAVJ2 4 months ago

    Attack from mars ?

  • C.C
    C.C 4 months ago

    This guy should voice Po in kung fu panda

  • UltimateIllusion 1991
    UltimateIllusion 1991 4 months ago

    T-Series was never the threat.

  • Adam Blarek
    Adam Blarek 4 months ago

    Damn good job Jack! Great content I subscribed and notified. Rock and rolllll bayybeh

  • AWildZingioThatDoesntPostVideos


  • Ren Gundo847
    Ren Gundo847 4 months ago +3

    Jack Black song All Star:
    Me: you just made me realise you are the king of memes and you also just made my day!

  • A Willy
    A Willy 4 months ago


  • Ilustrado
    Ilustrado 4 months ago

    Papasharks, can I buy your dad for $40 and a bag of weed?

  • Ilustrado
    Ilustrado 4 months ago