HTC Vive Pro Eye hands-on: first VR headset with eye tracking

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • The HTC Vive Pro VR headset was unveiled today at CES 2019 and comes with built-in eye tracking. The device is called the Vive Pro Eye, and it promises to bring higher-quality VR experiences, thanks to a technique called “foveated rendering.” This renders sharp images for wherever the human eye is looking in a virtual scene and reduces the image in the periphery. There’s no pricing yet, but it’s supposed to launch in the second quarter of 2019.
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Comments • 260

  • FlyAway
    FlyAway Month ago

    Just asking but can my laptop run vrchat at 60fps with htc vive:
    GTX 1050 2gb
    I7 7700k
    16gb ram ddr3
    Windows 10

    • Jan Kowalski
      Jan Kowalski Month ago

      No chance because of the graphic card

  • skytreker
    skytreker Month ago


  • zalbortrox zalbortox
    zalbortrox zalbortox 2 months ago +3

    Now to track the blinking for an scp game.

  • Hakeem Hakim
    Hakeem Hakim 2 months ago

    So, this is a kit that can be added to the vive headset? LOL.

  • EmoK1ller OwO
    EmoK1ller OwO 3 months ago +1

    They should make the fov to 150-200 since it won't use a lot of processing power on the whole display

  • Abdelraouf Tria
    Abdelraouf Tria 3 months ago

    For Only 1999 dollars!

  • Simulacra
    Simulacra 3 months ago

    is it a module that i can put into my current vive pro? Or do i have to buy a whole new one

  • Juahn Cho
    Juahn Cho 3 months ago

    The first vr eye tracking headset came out to the market 2 years ago. FOVE

  • Christmas Is Awesome
    Christmas Is Awesome 4 months ago

    So is it a whole new headset or an add on? I am thinking of getting a VR headset anything soon...

  • Joel Nyström
    Joel Nyström 4 months ago

    This gonna work with original vive?

  • Emvolts
    Emvolts 4 months ago

    People still come to the verge for tech LOL

  • Luke Charles
    Luke Charles 5 months ago

    so when are they releasing their knuckle controllers? damn.

  • WVDM
    WVDM 5 months ago

    About time... wanted VR eyetracking for years.

  • Ston Brothers
    Ston Brothers 5 months ago

    This came out of absolutely no where, I'm glad that VIVE is taking the leap!

  • Prof Gordon Land
    Prof Gordon Land 5 months ago

    Who wants to look like an outer space monster? Regardless whatever it does, who wants to run around like this? Do we really need such monstrous rubbish? Just look out of the window and see the World in 16K! Stupid people!

  • rkl08551
    rkl08551 5 months ago

    *vr deadborn

  • Johannes Morgenroth
    Johannes Morgenroth 5 months ago

    3:09 even HTC uses VRCover

  • Kevin Schmidt
    Kevin Schmidt 5 months ago

    It's cool, but I'm disappointed after 3 years HTC hasn't come out with a successor to the Vive. We really need a wider field of view, higher resolution, finger tracking VR package that's $799 or under for everything.

  • Kieran Pavy
    Kieran Pavy 5 months ago

    What will the next HTC Vive be called?
    My bet is "HTC Vive Pro Eye X"

  • Kim Janson
    Kim Janson 5 months ago

    They still use fresnel lens on that, really? deasent lens would not cost that much, now people are replasing them with Samsung gear VR lenses. Really HTC.

  • Julio Sunga
    Julio Sunga 5 months ago

    for the low price of 1500 USD... without the controllers and tracking station. looking at HTCs pricing history, this aint far fetched.

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg 5 months ago

    I wish someone would make a stand-alone high performance VR headset with eye tracking & inside-out motion/orientation tracking & which ends the screen door effect once & for all.
    Something like that would be the clincher for me -- I would buy it straight away & never look back.

    • Dr. Zoidberg
      Dr. Zoidberg 5 months ago

      @Mshojat Oculus quest does interest me.
      I have a similar problem with AR -- I have a vision for how these things will be once they're really really good, so I can't help but be disappointed by the reality. Honestly, I wish I could just fast forward about 10 years, you know? 2030 is going to be a crazy time to be alive.

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      That will come, with time but from the sounds of what you're saying it's obviously very impractical/impossible for now.
      SDE isn't that big of a deal right now though if you get a good quality display. Foveated rendering wouldn't even fix it, since there still needs to be a higher resolution display which just doesn't exist yet (for now).
      Even when such a thing does exist, while you might buy it, most people don't have the 5000 dollars to spend on such a crazy product. Eventually the price will obviously be more manageable, but again that would take even more time.
      It certainly won't be crazy top of the line display, or will it have eye tracking, but Oculus Quest has potential to be a real hit.

  • ziher123
    ziher123 5 months ago

    Pimax has it too.. and it makes this headset already obsolete

  • Emergent Healing
    Emergent Healing 5 months ago

    Its impressive with all the tech they're able to squeeze in but that just looks terrible.

  • Lain
    Lain 5 months ago

    If only I could afford this. Guess I'm stuck with my day 1 (or whatever day I actually got it) Rift.
    Don't get me wrong, I love my Rift, it's lighter, the touch controllers are more natural to hold, and it's good if you're only just getting into VR since it's also much cheaper now, but Vive is currently way ahead with higher resolution and eye tracking, and it's not a walled garden of proprietary bullshit.

  • Suyong Choi
    Suyong Choi 5 months ago

    I'm excited for this one

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 5 months ago

    I hope it doesn't gives me headaches after using it.

  • SierraSierraFoxtrot
    SierraSierraFoxtrot 5 months ago

    It's the first recent HMD with BUILT IN eye tracking, but you could get eye tracking added to an HMD before.
    Seeing how this is for professional use, it's not such a huge leap, though a standardised device means more software.

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      I'd say this is probably not entirely for professional use. It may just have a professional _focus._ There will probably be a bit of people designing games that support the feature, just for now it won't have much adoption due to limited people purchasing the device.

  • Grolivier
    Grolivier 5 months ago


  • 0Asterite0
    0Asterite0 5 months ago +1

    Perfect for lewding in vr chat

  • Reece Paine
    Reece Paine 5 months ago +1

    Just gunna wait till like 2020 to buy vr i was going to buy an oculus but the tech is advancing so fast there is new upgrades each year

    • DCJ
      DCJ 5 months ago +2

      Honestly that's a safe bet. I'm happy with my new psvr and I'll probably wait till like 2021 to get a new gen one

  • Jack Yarrow
    Jack Yarrow 5 months ago

    Still think VR is just a gimmick!

    • ziher123
      ziher123 5 months ago

      I thought same thing a year ago, glad i was completely wrong

  • Joris S.
    Joris S. 5 months ago

    So could you just upgrade the vive pro to the pro eye version?

  • Richard Vondracek
    Richard Vondracek 5 months ago

    How big is the "real/virtual resolution" if you count in the eye tracking extension of the canvas?

  • Hasan F
    Hasan F 5 months ago

    your hands must be really tired from all the gesturing

  • gary hall
    gary hall 5 months ago +1

    my pimax 8k has eye tracking

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      I don't think Pimax has eye tracking itself. It just has an add-on module for it. Stuff like Vive support an add-on module as well as far as I know, so it wouldn't be different in that sense.

  • Tim Stevenson
    Tim Stevenson 5 months ago

    Nice hoodie!

  • Hynek Borůvka
    Hynek Borůvka 5 months ago

    FOVE robbery. They came like 6 years later and still make news...

    • Hynek Borůvka
      Hynek Borůvka 5 months ago

      @Mshojat That's fair. Still, you can get your hands on it and it supports everything that modern HMD should. Overall, I am happy developer options got big boost with this update.

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      Fove isn't available to consumers though.

  • Devin Dykstra
    Devin Dykstra 5 months ago +3

    It's far from the first VR headset with eye tracking

    • Mi 28
      Mi 28 5 months ago

      Rift DK1 wasn't the first VR headset either. And yet here we are.

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      What other headsets have it?
      The only thing I'd say is that this product hasn't released yet, so it doesn't really count yet.
      I'm aware of Fove, but that isn't a consumer headset yet either. Like I said Pro Eye isn't yet either, but it will very likely be before Fove.
      Considering you said "far from" I presume you have at least 2 others to mention aside from Fove (since Fove doesn't even count)

  • Walle
    Walle 5 months ago +1

    Pimax 5k+ already has eye tracking (MRTV) Bigger FOV(200) Better SDE. HTC is is fall behind.

    • Walle
      Walle 5 months ago

      There is no reason to buy Vive or Rift cos Pimax is far better. I got my 5k+ last week and i can tell the difference in immersion is huge. (higher res,bigger FOV)

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      I don't think Pimax has eye tracking itself. It just has an add-on module for it. Stuff like Vive support an add-on module as well as far as I know, so it wouldn't be different in that sense.

  • portzblitz
    portzblitz 5 months ago


  • Kenny Laysh
    Kenny Laysh 5 months ago

    I don't know why it isn't just an addon for the current Vive Pro. From what I gather, it's the same headset, same lenses, just with eye tracking. I already have a pro, let me just add in the tracking.
    That, or work on an honest to god Vive 2 which has it built in with better lenses, and built in wireless. This seems like a strange way to move forward on the product.

    • DCJ
      DCJ 5 months ago

      They seem to be working incrementally and I think that's okay, it's kind of like like smartphones. A Samsung S3 and S4 are similar but a S4 to S9 is quite a leap.

  • tvspelaren
    tvspelaren 5 months ago

    Virtual Boy rip off

  • Harrison Hoffman
    Harrison Hoffman 5 months ago

    Still has wires? No thank you!

    • Adrien Hascour
      Adrien Hascour 3 months ago

      MSI sell small laptop & backpack to wear it in your back. No more wires behind you, go play in the street

  • vacationboyvideos
    vacationboyvideos 5 months ago

    Is the rtx 2060 nvidia good? I a thanking about getting that one...but not sure if it's all that powerful? I want it to be smooth on rv

  • Bego Lu
    Bego Lu 5 months ago

    problem of vr is control,, please make control easy used

  • Matt Noh
    Matt Noh 5 months ago

    I dont understand foviated rendering. It sounds like bullshit... Heres my logic..
    That screen you're viewing with is fully capable of rendering both sides of what you saw. You don't really change the reality of pixel density, with software. The quality of the game, maybe hindered by the processing power of whatever computer you were using, but it didn't seem like thats what you were talking about, you sound like you're talking about foviated rendering being some kind of magical software that made games clearer... Theres no way that game didn't already have that level of definition already, it was obvious foviated rendering merely acted as a crutch to processing power. This was not made clear whatsoever by this video.

    • Julius Burton
      Julius Burton 5 months ago

      Yea it is just a crutch for rendering. Maybe he didn’t fully understand it. Or simply didn’t think it needed explaining. Still great tech though.

  • Vanity Assassin
    Vanity Assassin 5 months ago

    Way to screw over your Vive Pro customers.

    • Vanity Assassin
      Vanity Assassin 5 months ago

      @HauntedLolita look up when the pro came out.. less than a year ago.

    • HauntedLolita
      HauntedLolita 5 months ago

      Technology improves over time.

  • csaba fajka
    csaba fajka 5 months ago

    Valami baszott idegesítő hangod van.

  • João Serra
    João Serra 5 months ago +1

    good to finally see some optimization in something... but at what cost?

  • NKPyo
    NKPyo 5 months ago

    FOVE was the first VR headset with eye-tracking. The title is wrong. I'm pretty disappointed in the fresnel lens in this headset.

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      Fove isn't available to consumers though. I wouldn't really count it for that reason.

  • Tounsi Behi
    Tounsi Behi 5 months ago +1

    Htc should just give up and die.

  • mick2d2
    mick2d2 5 months ago +1

    It'll be interesting to see the price/performance of the Vive Pro Eye plus reasonably priced gfx card versus the price/performance of the Vive Pro plus ridiculously priced very high end gfx card.

    • mick2d2
      mick2d2 5 months ago

      @Mshojat Yes, that's what I meant. foveated rendering performance vs full screen.
      At the end of the day, the headset isn't necessarily the biggest expense.
      Not if you need to spend 1500€+ on the GPU & CPU in order to hit a decent frame rate.

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      Using foveated rendering (you didn't mention); yeah that would be interesting. I feel like Vive Pro is probably a crazy price though.

  • Dalek LIVE
    Dalek LIVE 5 months ago

    Business use huh?. So essentially this isn't the Vive pro second gen. This is Vive pro + at a more premium price.

    • GoBIGclan
      GoBIGclan 3 months ago +1

      It's exactly what they say it is. A vive pro with eye tracking for developers and businesses to use and test with. Nothing more, nothing less. You're not their only target audience

  • JoshTruff
    JoshTruff 5 months ago

    FOV rendering has nothing to do with clairity? Did they say their system was unable to render at high settings or at that SS rate? It only has to do with helping to gain better fps no? It should not be comparing detail it should be only comparing the same detail levels but one eye is rendering everything at that level and the other is only rendering from the center out. If you can't tell one is worse than the other (FOV should always be worse) then you have an actual test.

  • Old Man Reactions!
    Old Man Reactions! 5 months ago +3

    one day it will be immersive and not a cluster fudge.

  • U Tubby
    U Tubby 5 months ago

    The cable has to get the chop. I refuse to buy another HMD that requires a tether.

    • U Tubby
      U Tubby 5 months ago

      ​@Henry Yopp I am aware of that. Let me rephrase, I refuse to buy another HMD that has a tether. Better?
      The fact is, this is a very lazy HMD, it has no improvements over the Pro which in itself was only fairly minorly changed from the OG Vive. And yet they will still charge too much for it AND expect you to buy an addon if you want wireless AND an adaptor for that addon because its exactly the same as the Pro. VERY lazy. It should be wireless out of the box no question.

    • Henry Yopp
      Henry Yopp 5 months ago +1

      Neither the Vive, Vive Pro or Rift *require* a tether, you just have to spend the money and buy the wireless add-ons.
      (TPCast, Vive Wireless )

  • Pultset
    Pultset 5 months ago

    You didn't ask them about the performance? How much more fps you get out of games?

  • Suraj Pradhan
    Suraj Pradhan 5 months ago

    I hope they move away from the crappy frenel lenses and upgrade the crappy headphones. The frenel lenses are horrible! Sweet spot is tiny and god rays are horrible. Probably the worst I have ever experienced. Hopefully they upgrade to the Gear VR lenses from the factory.

  • Oscar Lee
    Oscar Lee 5 months ago

    That car demo shows just how blurry VR is. The foveated view is better than standard, but still really terrible by normal monitor standards. I got a VR headset a few months ago and sold it within a week because of how low-res it was.

    • Cim
      Cim 5 months ago

      That car demo was plain old false marketing though. People don't know what "foveated rendering" is and they are using that to sell snake oil.
      Foveated rendering is a tecnique used to *lower detail* where you're not looking, so that performance can be increased. It does no way make a scene any less blurry or higher resolution. Showing a side-by-side where one side is blurry and the other is not in no way demonstrates what this does.

    • Oscar Lee
      Oscar Lee 5 months ago

      @Henry Yopp It's still clearer than the VR headset I had (Lenovo Explorer). I'm using a 27" 4K monitor anyway, so it is quite crisp.

    • haggler
      haggler 5 months ago +1

      I guess it depends on what headset you are using. The pimax 5k+ and 8k are perfectly clear and less screen door effect. Also the odyssey+ has anti-sde tech.
      Btw I think they purposely blur it more for the demo to showcase it and supersample only the eye tracked area. They could just supersample the whole image like hmd's now but the point is to show it off and also show that you can save on performance with foveated rendering.
      The real test is if they did a vr foveated demo with full ray tracing.

    • Henry Yopp
      Henry Yopp 5 months ago +1

      Oscar Lee Go stick your face an inch from your monitor and see how crisp it is now. The only reason your monitor seems sharper is because you are farther away from it.

  • RingoFreakingStarr
    RingoFreakingStarr 5 months ago

    It's great that we finally have at least one VR HMD that has eye tracking capabilities. Foveated rendering will be the gateway to HMDs that have enough pixels to make virtual desktop working possible while still allowing current hardware to run it. However...HTC really dropped the ball by only including the current Pro panels in this new VR HMD. Foveated rendering only gets that "wow" factor if you have a high resolution panel in the HMD. If they had put 4k panels in there with some apps that use foveated rendering, that would 100% be a game changer.

  • NatWestc
    NatWestc 5 months ago

    I think eye tracking is a let down for HTC most people want bigger FOV and higher resolution first, then later eye tracking not now...

  • Gerard's Horticulture Culture

    Cant wait to try it👍👍

  • Matt Lynch
    Matt Lynch 5 months ago

    Someday I can use eye tracking to line up headshots in csgo lol

  • KY
    KY 5 months ago

    Oculus is going to release their new VR for $400. HTC can't be to expensive compared to the oculus if they want to compete.

  • VladimirRussia29
    VladimirRussia29 5 months ago

    I think I should become an optometrist

  • Person Person
    Person Person 5 months ago

    All I heard was 'we don't know how much it's going to cost'

  • I'm Ugly Creature
    I'm Ugly Creature 5 months ago

    3:28 : 3:42 Time to pay rent...lolz

  • John Williams
    John Williams 5 months ago

    Litearally stole the idea from Varjo.

    • Darth Buzzer
      Darth Buzzer 5 months ago +1

      Hardly. Everyone has been working on eye tracking, many before Varjo. It needs to be a standard of all VR headsets.

  • RazorbackPT
    RazorbackPT 5 months ago

    How does Foveated rendering increase image quality? The screen still has the same amount of pixels. I thought the point of Foveated rendering was just to help performance.

    • Darth Buzzer
      Darth Buzzer 5 months ago +1

      They're just supersampling in your fovea region and undersampling elsewhere.

  • Aaron G.
    Aaron G. 5 months ago +5

    Will this mean that the older versions would be cheaper? I really wish we could get a vr headset with controllers for around 70 bucks.

    • ssj3vegett0
      ssj3vegett0 Month ago

      Not to sound Mean, But i agree its expensive. but its the same price of a smart phone we all have im sure you own as well, Buy the Proeye with the same means you did getting your phone

  • Om Morendha
    Om Morendha 5 months ago +1

    Enterprise uses of HTC vive ?

  • FrostFinn123
    FrostFinn123 5 months ago +152

    That public speaking VR app is basically my nightmare

    • gamhacked
      gamhacked 17 days ago

      Who needs horror games, eh?

    • MultiTesseract
      MultiTesseract 5 months ago +1

      I was watching the video happily, then the app popped on the screen with all those people looking at me and an actual chill went right down my spine.....

    • Synerrox
      Synerrox 5 months ago +3

      I think this could be useful for people like us, who think public speaking would be a nightmare.

  • Hank Moody
    Hank Moody 5 months ago

    I love vr, but there is no content for it. The same old games. Vr is in it's infancy.

    • Hank Moody
      Hank Moody 5 months ago +1

      @Tom In VR absolutely it's amazing. Your right it is first gen, which means the upcoming gens are going to be incredible

    • Tom In VR
      Tom In VR 5 months ago

      It is just in the first gen. That's true, but there are new games coming out very often, and I find it way more fun than flatscreen.

  • Youtubeman
    Youtubeman 5 months ago

    what about FOVE?

  • StarsideNews
    StarsideNews 5 months ago

    so i have a vive pro will there be a way i can get this into my headset if not HTC is kinda losing me

    • Tom In VR
      Tom In VR 5 months ago

      Probably yes? We can't be sure, it's more a "let's hope."

  • Gabriel Dalposso
    Gabriel Dalposso 5 months ago

    Fovea is actually the first VR HMD with eye tracking

  • Gonzalo Sanz
    Gonzalo Sanz 5 months ago +8

    Loving that Aphex Twin hoodie 😎

  • Donghyun Lim
    Donghyun Lim 5 months ago

    I thought they tracked eye movement like they track head movement. It would be awesome if they pull that off.

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton

    Awesome news. Disappointing its not a completely new hmd though.. Is it same resolution/lenses? I take it the fov will be the same? Oh well, with foveated rendering and eye tracking it won't be long before truly great vr arrives. And with Nvidia rtx raytracing and dlss(deep learning super sampling) combined with foveated rendering we can finally have high resolution high fps damn near photo realistic vr.. We just need wide fov and truly high Res screens.. Oh and variable focus/depth.. Soon I hope.. Maybe Oculus rift 2..?

    • wotever99ninynine Hamilton
      wotever99ninynine Hamilton 17 days ago

      @DEDSEC R13 yeah, that should have been a thing already. it should work perfectly without too much effort. if it existed, i might go dual gpu for the first time. vr could be sooo much better than it is. its almost like they dont want it to get better..

    • DEDSEC R13
      DEDSEC R13 17 days ago

      @wotever99ninynine Hamilton You forgot VR SLI , One gpu per eye :)

    • wotever99ninynine Hamilton
      wotever99ninynine Hamilton 5 months ago

      @Mshojat yeah, you're right about raytracing, it's just a shortcut for developers to do less work at the cost of us needing better gpus to power it etc. It looks better but it's negligible. Will be treat in vr in the future though. Do you really think dlss won't be good for VR? Vr needs supersampling, way more effective than anti aliasing. So a low performance ss option would be great wouldnt it? Yeah, foveated rendering will be awesome. All that will be needed then is higher res screens and a cable cable of 8k/16k etc. What's the specs for this new usb virtual link thing?

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago +1

      bwahaha, that raytracing stuff is not only a bunch of extra work to implement, but it _kills_ FPS. It's also totally unnecessary to get cool relatively realistic-looking graphics. DLSS is probably not really necessary or super useful for VR either.
      I agree that foveated rendering could be great though. Also eye tracking can make some personal experiences much more personal (both multiplayer/multi-person and non-multiplayer), as well as likely help quite a bit for certain gimmicks in games (avoid looking at the monster, or having things change when the player is not looking at them, etc.)

    • Mikael Peter Resting-Jeppesen
      Mikael Peter Resting-Jeppesen 5 months ago

      240Hz please :D

  • infirmux
    infirmux 5 months ago +1

    this is perfect for everyone - HTC privides a developer kit, software developers and gfx card manufacturers prepare their software, then other VR headests (of versions) can just be launched with eye tracking included.

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel 5 months ago +2

    They should have made the headphones earcups for over ear

    • Adnovi
      Adnovi 5 months ago

      That's medically and scientifically inaccurate. People run and gun on the gun range with ear protection on all the time and don't suffer from "frequent ear infections" and VR is no different. Please don't spew false medical information. They absolutely can and should make earcups for the hardware, they just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    • Henry Yopp
      Henry Yopp 5 months ago

      You will get too hot and sweaty and get frequent ear infections, VR is very physically active.

  • Sidhanth Mekala
    Sidhanth Mekala 5 months ago +16

    what if a person is cross eyed?

    • Matthew Lake
      Matthew Lake 5 months ago +8

      I'm guessing it'll still work? Cos each eye is tracked independently. There are quite a number of people with a lazy eye, so surely they've come across this and tested it. It may actually be an even better headset for treating amblyopia than current headsets because of the eye tracking.

  • Catalepsy
    Catalepsy 5 months ago +3

    Not the first eye tracking VR headset, Fove had this for a couple years

  • Yin Yang
    Yin Yang 5 months ago

    Common HTC isn’t it time to go for transparent oiled screen?

    • Tom In VR
      Tom In VR 5 months ago

      Transparent oled? So we're talking AR, not VR.

  • John Johansson
    John Johansson 5 months ago +4

    Did they improve the resolution of the screens too? That’s a dealbreaker for me.

    • Fredrick Rourk
      Fredrick Rourk 5 months ago

      There are hacks and lens upgrades for the stock Vive.

    • Mshojat
      Mshojat 5 months ago

      @Ben Martin
      I don't think it would help much though; it mostly helps to speed things up on slower GPUs, or in situations where video processors are not fast enough, to indeed give a bit better detail of specific things the person is looking at. I suppose that VR can be pretty demanding though; lots of content out there that pushes things to the limit (ex. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, or presumably Star Citizen)

    • Ben Martin
      Ben Martin 5 months ago +5

      Its the same resolution as the vive pro, which is better then the vive. The new rendering allows the vive to make the picture you are looking at even clearer with the same amount of pixels.

  • adamlee007
    adamlee007 5 months ago


  • elevengiant
    elevengiant 5 months ago

    for beats saber???

  • domitry jobby
    domitry jobby 5 months ago

    Can't wait to have one

    CEKROM 5 months ago +1

    Interesting technology & the colour is also not bad =D

  • Michigan Sunde
    Michigan Sunde 5 months ago +2

    If this monstrosity is the only way for hobbyists / nobodies to develop eye-tracked VR software in 2019, then it will sell *ludicrously* well.
    Literally every headset in the future WILL have this feature. It's completely mandatory. I've just been waiting for anybody who'll actually sell it for cash-money instead of bogarting it behind elitist "Request Info" forms designed to weed-out loser "ethusiasts" or "wannabes" like myself. 🙁

    • Michigan Sunde
      Michigan Sunde 5 months ago +1

      @Abram Carroll Amen, brother! :D It's all quite obvious WHAT needs to be invented, and I cheer these brave inventors from the sidelines. The time is coming when "fixed-focus headset" is as much of a slur as "3-dof headset" is now. It's on us to appreciate the present even though we can see the future right over the next hill. And !!YES!! to VR employment! My perfect dayjob is one where I wear an HMD, maybe some trackers, and *nothing* else. :'D

    • Abram Carroll
      Abram Carroll 5 months ago +1

      Gen 2 is eye tracking + varifocal combined with depth of field in the game/software and foveated rendering. That will also bring the productivity software, like virtual office, and we will see the first virtual business. Hire employees anywhere with no need for them to move.

  • Odinson
    Odinson 5 months ago +2

    I just ordered a Vive Pro! It better be upgradeable with this eye tracking and not force me to have to buy a whole new headset FFS! This is the real kind of game changer that should have been part of the Vive Pro package in the first place.

    • haggler
      haggler 5 months ago +1

      Id maybe return it and get a cheaper temporary windows mr hmd for $150 while you wait

    • Zamundaaa
      Zamundaaa 5 months ago +1

      It's HTC. Looking at their prices for replacement parts you're probably almost as cheap off buying the new Vive Pro if they offer it as an add-on.
      I hope they calm down with the pricing but Idk if it's possible...

  • Darkinator
    Darkinator 5 months ago +12

    When you can buy the eyetracking addon seperatly i gonna buy it. But im not BUYING a Vive Pro AGAIN just for Eye Tracking

    • kStuen
      kStuen 4 months ago

      and let's not forget actual support for this in games. That could take years :/

    • Daath144OccultistMaster
      Daath144OccultistMaster 5 months ago +5

      You can sell your old one and buy a new brain or both.

    • epserchan
      epserchan 5 months ago

      There is already an eye tracking addon called aGlass

  • Aphexx
    Aphexx 5 months ago

    Great Hoodie!

  • ronnor hgih
    ronnor hgih 5 months ago

    Definitely not the first eye tracking tech in a headset...

  • Michael Derflinger
    Michael Derflinger 5 months ago

    How quick is the resolution adaption response? I imagine that saccades are quite challenging. Saccades: quick eye movement for focusing objects or symbols.

    • xponen_
      xponen_ 5 months ago +2

      we won't notice it, our consciousness is quite slow; we will only notice a difference a second later. Subliminal perception is probably a non-issue if the image doesn't mean anything.

  • Bananas4banabas
    Bananas4banabas 5 months ago

    Nintendo should sue them for ripping this off the 3DS

  • Lincken
    Lincken 5 months ago +3

    2:24 why Is one speedometer low res but the other is not? They are both on the standard rendering side.

    • GogogoFollowMe
      GogogoFollowMe 5 months ago

      @xponen_ looks more like antialiasing instead of higher res, imo

    • xponen_
      xponen_ 5 months ago +5

      it's not 2 different rendering, it's a same rendering with someone's eye gazing to the right, they just put a line in the middle to show difference. 2:16

  • Angultra
    Angultra 5 months ago +1

    Never considered this to increase perceived resolution / sharpness without increasing it overall. Could be quite a game-changer.

    THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE 5 months ago

    HTC is still a company?!