Azriel Blowing Latch - Disclosure

  • Published on Jan 21, 2015
  • Azriel singing Latch - Disclosure!
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  • sally portis
    sally portis 3 days ago

    Please go home to your family Azriel, they love and miss you.

  • Dreamer
    Dreamer 12 days ago

    Come back to what you loved doing. Hope one day you will be truly happy.

  • Rachel Holmes-Logan
    Rachel Holmes-Logan 21 day ago

    Better than the original by far

  • Natalie Melendez
    Natalie Melendez 22 days ago

    Wow this is so sad to watch

  • Michael Peterson
    Michael Peterson 25 days ago

    Look at the joy on her face. Yeah she never wanted to be a singer just like that smoke alarm didn't need batteries. Get out of there girl, you are loved.

  • Belle Belle
    Belle Belle 26 days ago

    Angel come back x you can do it

  • Miss SlimSagittarius
    Miss SlimSagittarius 26 days ago

    They only going to be free when he is dead I'm sorry I'm not though really real facts.

  • Mercy H
    Mercy H 28 days ago

    Beautiful! What happened. Kelly damaged this beautiful baby!

  • 7mandoblu
    7mandoblu Month ago

    😢💔 This breaks my heart. I hope she finds her self respect and leaves that asshole.

  • soulsearch1234
    soulsearch1234 Month ago

    And to think, she could have made it big if she just escaped from R-Kelly, told her story and came out. Now she looks like a clown with these antics if hers

  • Mickow Komani
    Mickow Komani Month ago

    Girl please go home

  • Tina Patterson
    Tina Patterson Month ago

    Wow her voice is amazing! We missed out on some good music from this one 💯 but hey she's grown and can make her own decisions 💓 we can do nothing but wish her the best in life

  • Kamryn Titcomb
    Kamryn Titcomb Month ago

    Beautiful voice but thought you hated singing????

  • I B
    I B 2 months ago

    She’s so cute and adorable. I could definitely see her being a star. I feel bad that she hasn’t gotten to pursue her dream and instead got mixed up with the wrong type of industry person. I wish she can have a career, but with someone who is actually going to help her with her singing career in the industry. Not just try to seduce her like R. Kelly did. I see a lot Aaliyah in her for some reason even though she’s more extroverted and bubbly. Azriel, if you ever read this, I hope you know that you have talent and can be a real star.

  • Christina Thomas
    Christina Thomas 2 months ago

    Now is your time to shine hunny. Now is your time to fly don't let anything hold you down.

  • Trenell Selmon
    Trenell Selmon 2 months ago +1

    What's shocking is the difference in her looks in 4 years. I guess R Kelly had to dress them up to look older cuz just 4 years ago she looked 12.

  • Alicia Mickle-Peals
    Alicia Mickle-Peals 2 months ago +2

    Please, get in contact with your Mom and Dad. They love you! You only get one Mother and Father on earth. Just tell them you love them. Don't regret it someday.

  • TheChemi
    TheChemi 2 months ago +1

    She so gorgeous poor girl head all messed up

  • Kaci McDaniel
    Kaci McDaniel 2 months ago +1

    Azeriel you sound so beautiful I'm a fan. Live your dreams. You doing fine and you happy. To become one of the greats you will have to shed some people out of your life. Even sometimes family. No one knows your love walk but you. Everything is in devine order. If you wasn't with R Kelly no one will care who you are. You'll be looked as a wanna be celebrity but you now you gained that status. These haters in the comments wish they had your clout pay them no mind with they blessing you and cussing filled with envy about you being with R Kelly. You with the King. Many blessings added to your life♥️♥️😇😇😇

  • Tessie Chandler
    Tessie Chandler 2 months ago

    Love it

  • Lee
    Lee 2 months ago


  • Jane B
    Jane B 2 months ago

    Her voice brings healing I pray that one shes able to pick up where she left off and use her God giving gift. Xoxo

  • Laronda Thomas
    Laronda Thomas 3 months ago

    Such a beautiful voice I pray you find your way back home to your real family. R kelly truly manipulated Azriel.

  • Mindy March
    Mindy March 3 months ago

    Can't sing huh don't wanna sing huh fuck I'm crying it's like a lil Whitney Houston gtfoh

  • kaitlyn Amira
    kaitlyn Amira 3 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Tanya Watson
    Tanya Watson 3 months ago

    Your voice is amazing...

  • Alicia Mickle-Peals
    Alicia Mickle-Peals 3 months ago

    Beautiful singing Azriel..

  • Flawless by Lola
    Flawless by Lola 3 months ago

    I saw you on TMZ today looking beautiful. It saddens me you don’t want to sing anymore. Btw I love that Birkin bag ❤️

  • Diamond posey
    Diamond posey 3 months ago

    Love her voice 💜

  • ittybittyschmidty
    ittybittyschmidty 3 months ago

    She should be the new Ariel, she gave her voice and power up for a man. Except R Kelly isn't a man, he's a monster. I support you, I believe you, you can be free.

  • Crosado777
    Crosado777 3 months ago

    Voice of an angel, I hope she wakes up soon

  • gorgeous lyric
    gorgeous lyric 4 months ago

    She can really sing tho I just can’t believe she never wanted too especially with a cover on TheXvid

  • janaye porter
    janaye porter 4 months ago +1


  • Asanti Brown
    Asanti Brown 5 months ago +3

    I like this song better then the original

  • llw53one
    llw53one 5 months ago +1

    Love, Love, Love the voice! It’s such a full voice! Well controlled and I LOVE your tone! Thanks for sharing! Peace and Blessings to all!

  • Flawless by Lola
    Flawless by Lola 6 months ago +1

    Azriel, I think of you and Jocelyn everyday. Praying for you ladies.

  • Alexis Johnson
    Alexis Johnson 6 months ago

    Girl PLEASE WAKE UP and run away as fast as you can

  • Jae Mason Thomas
    Jae Mason Thomas 6 months ago

    This is proof that one mistake can completely change the trajectory of your life and visual proof of why it is so important to protect our children. This young woman should be in college in a performing arts program but instead she is being abused by a sadistic pedophile. statutory rape is not consensual it's still rape And Stockholm syndrome is real. The saddest part is this young lady will probably never be the same young lady that we see in this video again but I pray that God will renew her spirit and heal all that monster tried to destroy..

  • Jovanni Nicklas
    Jovanni Nicklas 6 months ago +1

    its sad shes so talented this by far one of the best covers of such a challenging song to sing

  • josephine armstrong
    josephine armstrong 6 months ago

    So many other stars would love to help her in her singing and would love to help her make it to the top is where she belongs , and the only women in her mans life

  • Barbara Moreno
    Barbara Moreno 6 months ago

    Even IF you “hate singing” even IF R Smelly is making u “feel” loved and man who TRULY loved u would let such a talent go to waste he would be everyday reminding u of your gift from God and doing all he could (and yes he can) to help that talent flourish... u have not even experienced real healthy relationships or gotten to know yourself completely to know what really makes u happy..(I only say these things because I was there living and thinking how u are) an older man KNOWING how much u have to explore should not have allowed your first experience to be a selfish isolated sister wife situation...Because u have not seen better u don’t even realize your worth better... when u do, I pray you truly understand the REAL VALUE of your worth .. you are a magical spirit who is allowing your light to be dimmed ... watch when u leave him you will reach your full potential idek you and my heart goes out to u

  • Brandon Mayfield
    Brandon Mayfield 6 months ago


  • Lesa Williams
    Lesa Williams 7 months ago

    She can really sing Just saying she might have Herpes and R- Kelly told her that now that you have Herpes you have to stay with him because nobody's going to want her

  • Tanya Watson
    Tanya Watson 7 months ago

    But she did not want to sing. Singing was like a job to her.... YEAH RIGHT.. Please go home to your mother and father and start a real singing career..

  • Tammy Hines
    Tammy Hines 7 months ago

    A riel is such a beautiful spirit. The heart wants what the heart wants; nevertheless- she’s beautiful. I see so much of her mom & dad in her features. This young lady is truly beautiful-inside & out.

  • Blessed 1
    Blessed 1 7 months ago

    She looks like 1 of those goodie 2 shoes girls that DOESN'T want 2 be that but is because her family wanted her to be. #imjustbeinghonest

  • 24hours church dot com
    24hours church dot com 7 months ago

    ~ ~

  • huniebear10
    huniebear10 7 months ago

    Azriel, please wake up and free yourself from the binding clutch of R. Kelly. You have such an amazing talent and you sound like an angel. Pursue your dreams baby girl and be the best musical entertainer you can ever be. You still have so much life to live. Be the best you and know that the only man you truly need in your corner besides your father is God! R. Kelly is not for you. God will never guide you wrong. In tears because your story breaks my heart...

  • Victorias Secretions
    Victorias Secretions 7 months ago

    Azriel is talented, smart, and articulate. Shes gonna either wake up or GROW OUT OF THE R RAH. I believe she will leave in a few years, get mental help and be okay. Joycelyn.... Shes the dumb one im worried about her frfr.

  • Sonya Arnold
    Sonya Arnold 7 months ago

    They should taking her the show the voice she would of made by now or.american idol

  • Elle Bee
    Elle Bee 7 months ago

    Wow...a siren. #Surely

  • Sunshine Blaque
    Sunshine Blaque 7 months ago

    Your family misses you, hope all is well

  • D D Williams
    D D Williams 7 months ago

    This is the young girl Rkelly nasty ass found SEXUALLY attractive. And the Pee Hive defends his nasty ways

  • Navy gurl
    Navy gurl 7 months ago

    If he hadn't been stupid she could've made good music, made it big and got signed. Maybe he wouldnt be broke because she would've still had money oh but my bad...she doesn't want to sing oh well.

  • Jeanette Fuentes
    Jeanette Fuentes 7 months ago

    she must give some amazing HEAD!

  • Latingurlbc
    Latingurlbc 7 months ago

    Look how genuinely excited she looked. I love the way she sings this song, from all the songs she sings this one is my favorite.

  • Lu Loa
    Lu Loa 7 months ago

    What a talent!!! Wauw!

  • Ronda Robbins
    Ronda Robbins 7 months ago

    r kelly going to the lake of 🔥 for this one

  • Pls WaLuigi Dom Me
    Pls WaLuigi Dom Me 7 months ago +1

    Wait but she killed herself because her parents wanted her to sing right 🤔🤔

  • Ms Moni
    Ms Moni 7 months ago

    💞😢🌈 that was beautiful...