Empire Earth: 500,000 Years of Real-Time Strategy

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Review and retrospective on the RTS game Empire Earth from 2001! Half a million years of human history (and possible future) is covered in this PC gaming classic from Rick Goodman, designer of Age of Empires.
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  • jeff singleton
    jeff singleton 5 hours ago

    Are there any games like this still around

  • Joshua Butherus
    Joshua Butherus 11 hours ago

    Wait, at 10:00, shouldn't that general only be seeing through one side of the binoculars?

  • J Shankle
    J Shankle Day ago

    Epoch = Epic ??? Wrong pronouncation

  • Enjoy Capitalism

    The best Part was playing germany in WW1 and saving a polish women from russian soldiers lol

  • Verbal Ästhet
    Verbal Ästhet 3 days ago

    Ayoyoyo Wololo!

  • Alexander Jürgen
    Alexander Jürgen 5 days ago

    I've been wanting to play a game like this but can't decide which one, I have a Windows 7 laptop.

    • AplexaS 420
      AplexaS 420 3 days ago

      Alexander Jürgen Rise of Nations Thrones and Patriots

  • po ko
    po ko 5 days ago

    3 commercials in 18min video ? Pfffffff

  • Alice Von-Schott
    Alice Von-Schott 6 days ago

    Rise of Nations>aoe2>empire earth

  • Pandaoniman
    Pandaoniman 7 days ago +1

    "Even if the AI leaves a bit to be desired, considering how much it tends to cheat."

    Rolls on cavemen with tanks... then mechs.

  • Shai Ful
    Shai Ful 7 days ago

    Nice I will try to look for the game..

  • Aldi Ibrahim
    Aldi Ibrahim 7 days ago

    We need a remake of empire earth.. add more units and campaign... Add tiger tank

  • ster88
    ster88 8 days ago

    In 2011 you get widescreen 👍

  • Big Bud
    Big Bud 9 days ago

    I just never got to playing it, when i was younger i got big into the stronghold series. You should review any ome of those games that would be amazing

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott 9 days ago +1

    What are your thoughts about Rise of Nations?

  • Mateusz Koteja
    Mateusz Koteja 10 days ago

    This is the gamę with the greatest number of problems to launch ive ever had.

  • WBCSaint
    WBCSaint 14 days ago

    Absolutely LOVED this game in college. We used to play on the school LAN. There was one Friday night where we started a giant multiplayer game at 11pm and we didnt "finish" until 7am when we all with the most advanced societies found a SINGLE scout from the stone age randomly wandering around the map. He got nuked and the game was finally over...

  • Peter Siegel
    Peter Siegel 15 days ago

    Why is this the first time heard about this masterpiece. Civ but an rts instead of turn based sign me up.

  • Patrick clemmensen
    Patrick clemmensen 17 days ago

    HA ! now we got your serial key :P
    But damn i have missed this game! it was sooo epic!

  • 8534964
    8534964 17 days ago

    I miss empire earth heaps wish who ever brought sierra would bring it out. I miss that box wish I still had it.

  • turcitox
    turcitox 17 days ago

    You are under attack!

  • Adam Diehl
    Adam Diehl 19 days ago

    I've always wanted to try this one. I grew up with the Ensemble games, Total War games and Rise of Nations. This one looks like a must try for me.

  • Yehezkiel  Rickjoyner
    Yehezkiel Rickjoyner 19 days ago

    i regret myself for losing the manual because the first time i played this i was like "The F@ck am i supposed to do"!!

  • BootySauce
    BootySauce 20 days ago

    Song name?

  • Keanu Dominic Palma Ortiz

    For a less than 1gb game it has a lot of features to enjoy!

  • Keanu Dominic Palma Ortiz

    The really looks like age of empiresp

  • diego
    diego 20 days ago

    Sorry but homeworld was the first 3d RTS

  • mikemgw18
    mikemgw18 20 days ago

    I only ever had a pirated version of the game and it had no character audio, so this is new to me 😂

  • Djonluc
    Djonluc 20 days ago

    why havent anyone remastered this game or atlease make another game like this, its way too good of a game to just die

  • Li Feng
    Li Feng 21 day ago

    Empire Earth were on of my favorite RTS game I ever played I only compare it with AOE 2&3 no other games comes even enough , sadly it wont run on linux no matter what I tried .

  • Reverend Mose
    Reverend Mose 21 day ago

    I hope of no need to inform you of the FLOSS PC Game 0 A.D. currently in development, in the style of Age Of Empires set in the time of Sananda whom you call Jesus.

  • The Last Knee Bender

    3:23 hey isnt that the guy who narrarated for shows on nat geo and the history channel

  • xTony92
    xTony92 22 days ago +1

    I love Empire Earth, not many people like or even know about this game

  • Rob MacNeil
    Rob MacNeil 22 days ago


  • Sven Franssen
    Sven Franssen 22 days ago

    Ahh yess Empire Earth. What a great game! Tbh this game was actually before my time but i got to know it through our anual LAN party in my town. We still play it every year!

  • vincipaolo esposito
    vincipaolo esposito 23 days ago

    Il mio primo gioco / My first game :')

  • Ray Hightower
    Ray Hightower 23 days ago

    Ah, the simple pleasure of nuking cavemen.

  • Jacob
    Jacob 23 days ago

    Haha I died when I saw the B52s fly in and nuke the stone age civilization. I'm gonna have to grab this game at some point for sure!

  • anter176
    anter176 23 days ago

    EE3 is a damn shame, if i remember correctly the idea, or at least how it was presented, was awesome, but boy it did not pull through on that

  • Dustin Laxton
    Dustin Laxton 24 days ago

    what is wrong with dell? My envoirnment at work is all dell infrastructure and it is just fine no issues and actually pretty nice equipment. Easy to support.

  • Iyus Yusra
    Iyus Yusra 24 days ago

    I love this game when i was a kid, and i love typing Mynameismethos then spawning lot of bomber

  • Phelix Kelevra
    Phelix Kelevra 26 days ago

    I am amazed how people can be that incredibly bad at voice acting... It's like they are doing it on purpose... I mean, they have to be doing such an appalling job on purpose, you cannot be this bad... It's just not possible to be paid to do something like that...

  • N2B
    N2B 26 days ago

    have you played Recoil? thexvid.com/video/TgffQUf3tDs/video.html

  • Demonichellfighter
    Demonichellfighter 27 days ago +2

    Remake this masterpiece like AOE1 and 2 have been done now.

  • J M Archer
    J M Archer 27 days ago

    Screw temples. We used to use snipers to counteract prophets. :)

  • Peter Glover
    Peter Glover 27 days ago

    Please review sid meier's alpha centauri. Such an underrated epic game with a great sci fi back story. Used to love this game as teen

  • Anthony Fernandez
    Anthony Fernandez 27 days ago

    God this game destroyed my pc back in the day

  • Natcroix
    Natcroix 27 days ago

    Is this game available on steam?

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 27 days ago

    Back then when Earth is a huge Empire.

  • DonkeyFilms
    DonkeyFilms 28 days ago +2

    14:13 You can tell that the voice this guy was doing started to hurt his throat and was regretting it the further he was recording lmao

  • SGNRyan
    SGNRyan 28 days ago

    You should play 0 AD

  • jbfeelings Drinumist
    jbfeelings Drinumist 28 days ago


  • Reza B
    Reza B 28 days ago +5

    Modern aircraft attacking stone age civilzation
    I think that's how alien sight story start.

    • Fernandes Fusion
      Fernandes Fusion 24 days ago

      Except they not Will do that . They Will at alast slave humanity from shadow like Illuminati wait?

  • keo warner
    keo warner 28 days ago +14

    "Nuke 'em back to the stone age"
    you nuked em back to the paleolithic era

  • CorrupT
    CorrupT 28 days ago +4

    That guy has only one eye in all the different time periods because it's supposed to represent you, the ageless and apparently immortal supreme commander

  • chris b
    chris b 29 days ago

    I miss those old game boxes with the tech trees and detailed instruction manuals. Played this one many a time. And man I didn’t think the graphics could get any better.

  • Henry James Evans
    Henry James Evans Month ago

    absolutely loved this game.

  • Dennis The Menace
    Dennis The Menace Month ago

    Im not super sure where I read it so take it with very fine grains of salt, but I heard the rights to music from the Empire Earth games were sold to documentaries and nature shows for their purposes. I can't verify this at all and when I looked it up nothing came about but It's a nice thought

  • Dude McNuggz
    Dude McNuggz Month ago

    Damn. I miss the days when games came with physical products worth delving into. Such a shame that it's lost to time.
    To be fair, I suppose it saves on trees - not having to use so much paper and cardboard - but damn, those were the days.

  • phantumgrey
    phantumgrey Month ago

    Alienware is such a rip-off.

  • agus sandi
    agus sandi Month ago

    One of the best rts, EE2 and 3 is bad, imo

    • Dennis The Menace
      Dennis The Menace Month ago

      @agus sandi Yeah the generals are kinda weird, but I think it's fun to march your giant dude next to a tank of approximately the same size

    • agus sandi
      agus sandi Month ago +1

      @Dennis The Menace the graphic weird, why they make a General bigger than other 😄

    • Dennis The Menace
      Dennis The Menace Month ago

      You didn't like 2? I thought it was pretty good, but I never played 3