Linda Moulton Howe They Are Doing Something Different and No One Can Explain It

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
  • Linda will present her incredibly in-depth investigation of high strangeness cases that involve different non-human beings and alien communications. Human experiencers have returned from missing time episodes in which hypnosis or spontaneous recall reveals information about E.T. manipulation of timelines, other dimensions, genetics, soul and body relationships and resurrection technology. Linda Moulton Howe's program will include dozens of illustrations done by human experiencers about the alien presence with which they have interacted, along with audio interviews and video..
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  • Hadzana Hadzib
    Hadzana Hadzib 23 days ago

    What an eye opener! And what do we do with all this information? 🤔

  • Vern Tingley
    Vern Tingley Month ago

    Winners never quit, and quitters never win .

  • Carolina Nielsen
    Carolina Nielsen Month ago

    Thank you Linda Moulton Howe

  • NetWarpLeaperNr1
    NetWarpLeaperNr1 Month ago

    The boundary of a black hole is called ''The/an Event Horizon,'' Linda M. Howe. That's what theoretical physicists call it.

  • The Bearded One
    The Bearded One Month ago

    Well now Linda, you know Obama would never lie... he never had any interest in letting the truth out. He was THE worst president ever.

  • Meyan Onlee Myseph
    Meyan Onlee Myseph Month ago

    She's still not telling the whole truth......

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis Month ago +1

    The come from levels below. they are silicon beings, their intent is to harm. They are not meant to be on our plane.

  • SNP1999
    SNP1999 2 months ago

    Could the massive extinction of species be a substantial part of the evolution and ascension process ? Do plants, trees, insects and animals have souls ? Reading Dolores Cannon, one does in fact come to believe that they actually do, even rocks ! It is just a theory of mine, but could the disappearance of so many creatures mean they are being "transfered" by the EBENS to a parallel, ascended Earth before humans are allowed to get there ? One could discuss such things until the cows come home, but it is an interesting thought. I would love to meet Linda Moulton Howe to discuss all aspects of the fascinating allen agenda.

  • John Dory
    John Dory 2 months ago

    To many ads..

  • Warren Young
    Warren Young 2 months ago

    I love Linda's work so much, she is amazing!.massive respect from me, u.k

  • waldo rodriguez
    waldo rodriguez 2 months ago

    where does cern fit into all this and what have the allience said about it...?...

  • Robert keys
    Robert keys 2 months ago

    I believe we are like lab rat...!!!

  • Robert keys
    Robert keys 2 months ago

    I met my twin..or my doppelganger.. Or it was dam scary look a like!!! My parents, moved around alot back then, i was a kid..maybe..14..!!!

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 2 months ago

    So I am off to read, Our Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, per LInda's closing comments. Thanks for that Linda!!!

  • BigM Bucket
    BigM Bucket 2 months ago

    Was right about 2016 it’s started!

  • bilo10 widz
    bilo10 widz 2 months ago

    They live here under the sea in an octopus’s garden in the shade

  • Caliman Arzate
    Caliman Arzate 2 months ago

    Has anyone heard of a close contact with a non-earth entity which results on the subject/abductee is "asked" to do something, sort of a test or challenge i.e. "drowning a defenseless bird" before the actual "abduction" (i.e. being in the craft away from home?. I have had that "sensation/memory" for years (since 6y.o.) and it intrigues the heck out of me to see if it is self-made false memory or something entirely different. I am serious, anyone (this is 1st time I say it openly!)

  • mmedeuxchevaux
    mmedeuxchevaux 2 months ago

    @UAMN TV: you Iost one subscriber for not incIuding original recording date.

  • Becky Weaver
    Becky Weaver 2 months ago

    This is from 2016! Post the dates!

  • technojunkindatrunk
    technojunkindatrunk 2 months ago

    Just before the 20 minute mark, Linda stated the transcription was from 1992.

  • Perry Staten Staten
    Perry Staten Staten 2 months ago

    Beware of the military industrial complex.

  • Perry Staten Staten
    Perry Staten Staten 2 months ago

    Linda, the arrival of planet X the 10th planet will have aworldly devastating event entering our system,as before.

  • Shanny K
    Shanny K 2 months ago +1

    was 2016 as pivotal as she suggested?

  • Arky Haynes
    Arky Haynes 2 months ago +1

    I figure all those not offendded, as well as the curupt, are your hybrids, clones & impostors!!!

  • freek musbach
    freek musbach 2 months ago

    Do wonder how my family and friends would react if I all of a sudden I show up ten years younger!? Not suggesting there's no truth in her claims but again, id have some serious explaining to do! And this is an way older reading indeed. seems like a not so nice way to market yourself unless you mention the year this was recorded.

  • Pamela Roy
    Pamela Roy 2 months ago +2


  • Pamela Roy
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  • kopytek36
    kopytek36 2 months ago

    The very obvious reason why the Grays and other entities are so against nuclear weaponry is that detonations do damage in other dimensions/frequencies, not just our own. Very dangerous tech that should be abandoned for more peaceful forms of energy.

    GARY GRAY 2 months ago

    ET should put an end to all ominous activity on planet earth?? Sweep the bastards away!!

  • jim boniface
    jim boniface 2 months ago

    excellent thank you. One thing you said that caught my attention. That they, when we pass over, can only follow us so far. They do not know where we go. I accept that we have been genetically altered. But after reading the Gnostic book of John I believe the the Farther/Mother gave us something extra. And that's what they don't have. A, there is a lot of jealousy from other species. And B we are better than them even though we are still children so to speak. What that extra bit is,is Love, passion compassion. And because of that the negative forces have been trying to muck us up ever since

  • madman97064
    madman97064 2 months ago

    " You don't want to know " ??
    Yea I do

  • Matthew Matteson
    Matthew Matteson 2 months ago

    In mecina that overwhelming feel was just like that and as we drove out we instant jad feear lifted immediately

    • Matthew Matteson
      Matthew Matteson 2 months ago

      The entire 37 yrs of my life i believe that i been here for many many many different lifes and, That i always wanted to go home . i wS 3 yrs old having same dreams i have today and remember longer ago more than short term .

    • Matthew Matteson
      Matthew Matteson 2 months ago

      That lady talking about her daughter is when i started getting my memories back and years later tryed telling my wife about how she was speaking through mental telepathy while she was watching them poke at me an i was watching her in glass maade too watch tryin to screem and neither of us could hear anything at all eventhough her moyh was moving and she banged on the glass.

  • ronald pellet
    ronald pellet 2 months ago

    how rude those people just walking away walking around while Linda is many dont even think

  • God Spark
    God Spark 2 months ago

    I'm listening to the audience and they are not seeing the big picture. No wonder we are where we are in evolution.

  • Matthew Matteson
    Matthew Matteson 2 months ago

    That was 8+ yrs ago

  • Matthew Matteson
    Matthew Matteson 2 months ago

    I've been sick ever since .

  • Matthew Matteson
    Matthew Matteson 2 months ago

    Me and my ex wife where abducted together dor 3 1/2 hrs while standing out in 0 degrees ioutside hotel room smoking same cigrette when came back an was only in our under where and she had a robe on. 3 to 4 week after we met. In mecina N.Y..

  • God Spark
    God Spark 2 months ago

    Linda, their lying for their benefit. We come out ahead of them and that's what they are trying to prevent.
    The body is a container like hardware, the mind is the software. The personality is the spirit of that body and alternate spirits for each body that all connect to our one soul. The soul is connected to the infinite creator. There is what we call originals, star seeds from alien ownership to harvest at any time. There is also sparks also know as travelers, nomads, experiencers. Which are the spark that the infinite creator is constantly creating for indefinite experience to learn teach, teach learn for endless creation in all directions. Outer, inner, multi, alternate and so on. We are infants learning to become gods. This is something the extraterrestrial races don't want.

  • God Spark
    God Spark 2 months ago

    The soul is connected to the spirit consciousness not in the body. The soul can not be touched or hijacked. The spirit of the bodies can and can be cloned. Messing with the spirit body and spirit consciousness gets them closer to our essence of our soul. They are jealous of our tremendous being and want to maintain that soul control. Kind of like a monopoly on spirit alternate realities. To gain percentage of energy to obtain the soul.

  • God Spark
    God Spark 2 months ago

    They lie, lie, lie, manipulate us like little 5 Year old children.
    We are enslaved by whoever is in power or in charge at the time. They have been fighting since the beginning.

  • T.O Tha P
    T.O Tha P 2 months ago

    That hallucination part is bs tho

  • God Spark
    God Spark 2 months ago

    Again, the misinterpretation of spirit and soul has been used the wrong way for generations.
    The Egyptians were the closest to information.
    The spirit consciousness is with and radiates about the body. The spirit and spirits of every infinite reality of us has only one infinite soul connected to all your spirits of the body. The soul is outside the 3d reality, connected to the One Infinite Creator.

  • Ddd Kkk
    Ddd Kkk 2 months ago

    where ebons capture time makes sense.

  • lizaliza33011
    lizaliza33011 2 months ago

    These are Demons . Entities who hate humanity . The bible and the book of enoch speak of these things this is nothing new . The story is just retold new age style. Why would the aliens / demons get angry when the women question there reason for desecting animals for humanities benefit. Why couldnt they just stop what was coming , because they are doing the opposite of what they say. They are lying !

    • Raven Crow
      Raven Crow 2 months ago

      Very interesting theory, do you have any evidence to support your beliefs. FYI using Abrahamic dogmas as evidence is only credible to believers...solely. If you have solid credible evidence to support your views...please do expound and share.

  • Tazp Zawichost
    Tazp Zawichost 2 months ago

    Time is density mathematics is about time, know there is the other part where is time; time is density.

  • Tazp Zawichost
    Tazp Zawichost 2 months ago

    walter russells pereiodic table, then look at it in 3d and you will see the vortex. then ll research ,UFO book 9 pge 10, theres more but you'll find it,what your looking for open your mind and stop complaining, there was no beginning and there will be no end.

  • Michael byrd
    Michael byrd 2 months ago +1

    There has been too much done to this generation and they have decided not to release anything which is truly a shame

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    this is from 1989

  • Claudette
    Claudette 2 months ago

    It’s said that now in January 2019, a total of 26 families control the wealth of the world.

    SHAWN SURVIVOR 2 months ago

    Wow. Man oh man Linda .. I’ve been following everything to do with this stuff . From one side of the world to the other .. and this video just squared everything up to now . I’m literally piecing together a thousand things that all connect to what u were saying ... remember the greys day to the abductees.. ( come with us , this is your time .its your time now ). Wow


    Let No Man Nor Being Deceive You
    In Any Such Ways Or by Any Means
    Know Them By Their True Fruits
    And Know Them By Their True Deeds
    And Thee Age Of False Prophet's Lingers

  • chefjimmie1
    chefjimmie1 2 months ago

    With all due respect, if "nonhuman" entities had the capability to "change time", the entire physical reality in which we live could be made to be non-existent. Our space/time/energy reality, in order for there to exist anything at all, (within the constrains of our physical universe which is, in essence, _information_ existing in codes, as in the DNA which comprises all carbon based life, and compounds in elemental objects without life) that information which comprises all things must be impervious to tampering. In other words, nothing would exist if it was able to be tampered with by any type of "obfuscation" whether material, energy or spiritual. And as we understand physicality and energy, the time factor is inherent within the same confines of space/energy/physicality, it is all the more improbable that embedded time, which is a RESULT of our reality, could be altered in any way. We must then take that understanding to the next level and surmise that any "intelligent" being, posing as another being from our reality of time/space/energy that is claiming that time travel is achievable must in fact, be the opposite of the One who has made this reality, i.e. the Originator and Sustainer of the codes of our reality, the Creator Jesus Christ. And, if they claim to be something they are not, and claim to have abilities that they do not have, they must be from the obfuscator, Satan. Don't trust them.

  • May Amundsdatter
    May Amundsdatter 2 months ago

    Thank you Linda for your valuble sharings, and I look forward to your next teaching ***

  • scott honey
    scott honey 2 months ago

    Looks like Linda is doing VERY well! reminds me of the last election when Hillary was dressed in designer clothes talking about caring about the poor! GMAB!

  • Ty Clark
    Ty Clark 2 months ago +1

    23Jan2019. Uncertain if Ms. Linda would read this message n guess there's enough nuts whom think they've been visited by outsiders. Back in the early 80s, you had sought out a ranch family outside Laramie, Wyoming about their bizarre experience with unknowns. I won't say their names out of respect to the younger generation.
    I was told you would interview my wife n I at our family ranch in Tie Siding. Yet we never heard anything, but back then we had no phone nor electricity at our cow camp due to isolated location.
    Our experience with mutilations of many cattle n 2 horses. Let alone our own experience we suffered from n our newborn son.
    It eventually destroyed our marriage of 25yrs. I could never get my wife to talk nor seek out consolation. An at one point while both in tears, promised not to ever bring the subject up again. I can't even say how it affected our lives. Its been 40 yrs n still wake up wet with sweat screaming. Now a ole dog, guess it doesn't matter.

  • Steve Kerouac
    Steve Kerouac 2 months ago

    They may be lies they said that they were not taking human but they are so

  • esskay sk
    esskay sk 2 months ago

    Why this so called abduction happening mostly in us? Do aliens has some special geographical interest?

  • Richard Small
    Richard Small 2 months ago

    This will be a long comment..but worth it.
    Thanks for the fascinating talk LMH! It opened my mind to other possibilities, which I think make sense...a couple things have a concern about this generation only looking at 3x5 screens and not communicating like we (old schoolers) did...just think, these screens are allowing digital connectivity like never before! Is it possible these screens are actually part of the "next step" in humanities evolution? Social media makes it more and more difficult for powers that be, to suppress the truth...cuz it is out there for millions to consume almost immediately! Could these screens be a piece of the tech that EBEN crafts are lit and controlled by? I think this step of 3x5 screens moves us more towards that and also towards learning to communicate telepathically and also how to connect the dots between these devices and mind control of those devices...heck, we control things with our voices and 3x5 screens now...all that's left is the mind, body, device connextion!
    As far as why EBENs were/are concerned about nuclear activities...I believe that "frequency" has something to do with it...we all do indeed vibrate (on the molecular level) at a frequency. I am sure EBENs vibrate at different levels than humans do...I am also sure an atomic explosion effects frequencies and that is how and why extraterrestrial beings clue into, and become affected by nuclear activities.

  • Reynard the Fox
    Reynard the Fox 2 months ago

    Seems like a nice, well-meaning lady, but I think she believes every kooky alien story she hears.............sounds like a lot of "magical thinking" going on here...

  • Tommy conan Coates
    Tommy conan Coates 2 months ago

    She said she signed her contract with HBO on the spring eqiunox of 1983, think about that, doesn't all the elites do things on certain ceremonial days hmmm??? Also always giving out clues or a tip of the hat. Beware!!!

  • Cynthia Gooding
    Cynthia Gooding 2 months ago

    Did it never occur to you Linda that these ET,S that are supposed to be so smart could have landed on somebody's lawn anytime they wanted to and didn't do it? I wonder what their agenda is? Could it be that they are working for the devil and this has all been just a big deception from the start. Keeping everyone in the dark, so we would believe it's a big conspiracy. Something I have no doubt the government believes and it is, on there part...all the while it's Satan himself that is pulling one over on us. We are all being duped!

  • major tom
    major tom 2 months ago +1

    bs notice I did it with respect, no capital letters or full stops.
    Lol couldn't help it.

  • Ted Popernack
    Ted Popernack 2 months ago

    Thank you Linda, didn't you say that they lie ? What if the Aliens don't want us to have this technology ?

  • Phillip Burns
    Phillip Burns 2 months ago +3

    Wow and how do we manage cattle??
    See anything similar?? we are their pets😁😁😁

  • Jay33 goodwin
    Jay33 goodwin 2 months ago

    At 1hour and 19seconds comes some real powerful knowledge!Thank you for sharing Linda love the way you have given this your All!!!

  • Derek Lee
    Derek Lee 2 months ago

    Linda believes everything she’s ever heard. Not objective whatsoever. Not credible. Not viable.. I can’t believe a word she says. She doesn’t know what is reality anymore

    • Raven Crow
      Raven Crow 2 months ago

      Very interesting, please do expound?

  • Connie B.
    Connie B. 2 months ago +1

    No doubt a lot of these extraterrestrials are androids. Looks like humankind is closer to being cyborg then we think. Avatars caught up in a cosmic battle of two or more alien factions. Factions who are vying for sole control of the earth matrix. We are all energy beings and if our DNA had not been tampered with we would understand everything. All I can say is that humanity has been fooled with for way too long. We are Sovereign beings and as such have Universal rights. Time they learned that. Time for them to explain to humanity just what goes.Time for disclosure.But on the other hand there are many of us who would see a threat and as Linda says would get violent. And I too have had life threatening episodes, but still I managed to survive. We have a purpose. And must see this through. That's my gut speaking. Listen to your heart and live accordingly is all I can add. Peace and clear light to all. 💜

    • Regina Pollard
      Regina Pollard 2 months ago

      Connie, Very well said! My gut says that our soul is eternal.
      A few years ago, I received a subconscious download and after receipt, I knew that each of us has a defined purpose, all life is connected (all forms be they Earthbound or not), Earth is one of many schools for souls, our planet is alive and should be respected and loved, we each should do all we can to love unconditionally and assist all others and forgiveness is critical. Lastly, there is a divine and all loving creator. Jesus was sent, in part, to teach us love and compassion.
      Peace, Happiness and Love to you!

  • DDavid Mac
    DDavid Mac 2 months ago

    Energy sustaining the Soul? Wow beings of light and darkness through out history is Academic. The weight of the soul quantified like a fine wine, A frequency of light and energy like DNA all unique in an endless river of life reaching beyond the universe.

  • bridget oubre
    bridget oubre 2 months ago

    Reminds me of that movie “Yhe Host” how they transfer souls and how in “pulp fiction” marcellius had a band aid over that top portion of his spine the whole movie. Well over a decade ago I heard that it had something to do with soul transfer even though I never saw anything in the movie to indicate anything like that. I think it’s interesting that there seems to be a breadcrumb trail of sorts in movies about this very thing even in older movies too. Kinda makes ya wonder.

    • bridget oubre
      bridget oubre 2 months ago

      Tommy conan Coates ya know they say they hat Hollywood tells us what’s going down in the world etc. I saw that Netflix show the 100 and it’s all about transferring consciousness into a computer chip(you don’t find this out I’ll near the end) and AI. I can look around and see so much of what’s in motion already put forth in movies to desensitize the masses. Or it could all be a a HUGE coincidence lol. Either way it’s cray cray

    • Tommy conan Coates
      Tommy conan Coates 2 months ago +1

      I heard that also, way back in the 90s , and the briefcase contained his soul. Strange whoever makes up these urban myths and how they get around, especially way back before the internet.

  • Renee love
    Renee love 2 months ago

    We are trapped in a 2 dimensional

  • robert tassin
    robert tassin 2 months ago


  • Renee love
    Renee love 2 months ago

    Ive been thru the tunnel......i can manuever thru these dark caverns. You must use differant senses. All 7 senses. The one most important is fearlessness. Im not afraid because im curious my curiosity is overpowered....... Fear is always a factor but when in curious mode fear is the motivating energy nessesary to pursue the Task at Hand...... Tunnel is in our closed eyes world. Close uour eyes look thru your eyelids bring in light and this light burns into your lens thru your eye lids. Seeing this will change your life open new corridors. Our Ancestors our Geros are within this system kept underground trapped.

  • Lauri Graves
    Lauri Graves 2 months ago +1

    Have you ever come across the ones with the bright red eyes and skin like a reptile with redish or green skin, very tall 8 1/2-9', highly advanced?

  • Jeffrey Mcdonald
    Jeffrey Mcdonald 2 months ago

    Cuckoo, Cuckoo

  • Swan Station Terminal
    Swan Station Terminal 2 months ago

    Isnt this like.... at least 5 years old?

  • Lily Collins
    Lily Collins 2 months ago

    Don't know about this but when i was young i went into a warm light that i felt was home.the warmth became me , like i blended into it.😳🐾🐾🐾💞

  • David Morris-Jones
    David Morris-Jones 2 months ago +1

    I don't believe ET's have the right to do what they're doing with our Souls. They clearly are exploiting us for their own benefit, imprisoning our Souls in these awful container Bodies. I believe they're keeping us handy for a purpose, perhaps to use our Souls as some sort of a energy source to power their technology. It's essential we try to end this, but how?

    • Christina Fayard-Newman
      Christina Fayard-Newman 2 months ago

      David Morris-Jones -- you hit The jackpot! How do you think their light ships operate.... they were thrown down from their first estate (place or dwelling) so they use components of our eternal soul to operate through.

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Hologram flat Earth

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago +3

    5cents a can...

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    We should be able to make the transition from the discovery that we are not alone..

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Other countries have been trying to get the truth out.

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Most are human being experiments

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago +1

    Awesome mahalo

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Yes that would be possible

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Becarfull what you ask for.

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Many types of containers

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    By not taking care of our container we damage the soul.

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Yes that is correct recycling bin 👍

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago +2

    They are here for the women. Earth chick's Rock...

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Hahaha mega EPA

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Zoo planets that is all we are one gigantic experiments that involves living beings as well as beings that we would consider as electrical as well as crystalline. We know so little about our own humanity and yet we still strive to find a answer from what we came from

  • R. D.J.A
    R. D.J.A 2 months ago

    Does everything have to be explained...

    • R. D.J.A
      R. D.J.A 2 months ago

      +Raven Crow , Yes we are in need of answers. What's been going on for a while is half truth. Even though school today is full of error.
      It's all politics special interest.
      Having spent to much time and money to be lied to at every turn.
      I hope you are well and enjoying life.

    • Raven Crow
      Raven Crow 2 months ago +1


  • richard bello
    richard bello 2 months ago

    Plasma overload is going to destroy the surface of the earth and all life on the surface, in the very near future, this is why the elitist ruling class are building D.U.M.B.S deep Underground military base systems to hide in when this time arrives, our spirit and souls are plasma

  • focus2016
    focus2016 2 months ago

    Linda you are a national treasure

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12
    Kohlenstoffisotop12 2 months ago

    Fun Fact:
    Every Corporation, State, Association, Confederation, Republic or Country is basically an AI; a hydra-like giant. Which we created but let lose, to unintentionally ravage and inflict spreading chaos by itself. And yet can program them with rules and laws.

  • Kohlenstoffisotop12
    Kohlenstoffisotop12 2 months ago

    this is kinda ballz, like religion is; so this is a great tool for selfdevelopement - if not abused, just like religion
    the creation of something new, over and over again

  • Dreamwalk Baby
    Dreamwalk Baby 2 months ago

    Is anyone getting bored of disclosure info? I think I've overdosed on it now.

  • Ruth Dulleck
    Ruth Dulleck 2 months ago +1

    I have a great deal of respect for Linda Moulton. Her intellect and poise while presenting her knowledge of a difficult information. In a way, she dumbs it down so we may accept her expertise in this topic

  • chrisg307
    chrisg307 2 months ago

    Thank-you for this upload. I know it's not recent, but for as much as I have followed LMH, I missed this one.