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  • Published on May 20, 2019
    Here is what happens when you take a turbo twizy to the skatepark!
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  • blk ops 4 JS 65
    blk ops 4 JS 65 17 hours ago

    Little Harry 15 is in the video

  • over00lord Unknown
    over00lord Unknown 2 days ago

    2:31 Is that a kid? (I'm not making a joke, he looks like a kid to me.)

  • Galaxy Abu
    Galaxy Abu 3 days ago

    I swear that’s my school skatepark

  • AieriticToone
    AieriticToone 3 days ago

    Oh shoot, u actually came to my school park!

  • 陳昌成
    陳昌成 4 days ago


  • Like'a Beatbox
    Like'a Beatbox 6 days ago

    @Rayan Taylor can you give for us name of song from 6.15?

  • RB26SNO
    RB26SNO 6 days ago +1

    Gotta love littleharry15

  • Everythings insane
    Everythings insane 6 days ago +1

    if u did a in and out challange

  • javi perez
    javi perez 7 days ago

    Que cosa más toooooonta de tío.

  • Russian company Shit
    Russian company Shit 10 days ago

    Ля, хочу себе такую же вместо жиги

  • Q VI
    Q VI 10 days ago

    Ryan with that beard you look like a jihadi

  • Tarek khayat
    Tarek khayat 10 days ago

    Hello, how much price

    ZERO FOXTROT 11 days ago

    bro I haven't got any of your notifications for so long! so much to catch up on

  • British ranger
    British ranger 12 days ago

    Ryan Taylor = legend!!
    Throwing sausages about toys r us by the neck 😂😂

  • John Joseph Kerr
    John Joseph Kerr 12 days ago

    All day everyday! Certi fam bro!!

  • Caelen Baker
    Caelen Baker 12 days ago

    Where are dose new vids

  • Paul Bailey
    Paul Bailey 13 days ago

    'All day long' absolutely ore inspiring pal well done.

  • Панки *
    Панки * 13 days ago


  • Alex Gatcina
    Alex Gatcina 13 days ago

    Top gear edition

  • João Paulo rm
    João Paulo rm 13 days ago

    Oi como vocês estão sou brasileiro aqui e br

    • OxM
      OxM 11 days ago

      João Paulo rm Did man just come into an English video and speak Spanish. Nice one

  • NotSoRyan
    NotSoRyan 13 days ago


  • Teddietubehd Does diy
    Teddietubehd Does diy 13 days ago

    I triple dare you to start a riot in the middle of London and get the Certi fam to be part of it!

  • Vojda Official
    Vojda Official 13 days ago

    What is the song in his intro called?

  • lord raptor
    lord raptor 14 days ago +1

    mini lambo

  • Peter Brezonik
    Peter Brezonik 14 days ago +1

    I hope that's not a rental car xD

  • Daniella Stimpson
    Daniella Stimpson 14 days ago +5

    i think him and ally been locked up lol they both not posted for weeks

    • Romad Playz
      Romad Playz 13 days ago +1

      Ally makes us pay to watch his vids

  • مصعب العجاجي

    العربي يسوي لايك

  • Gacha Edits
    Gacha Edits 15 days ago +2

    Omg you and ally are a sosij I litterally just heard your name pop up on the news for steal a cup of tea and apperently you stole electricity from a ski park! 😂😂 Honestly you're so dumb but I love you so much!! ❤️❤️

    Don't believe me?
    Here ya go vvvv

  • tom_ photography
    tom_ photography 15 days ago

    Come to Bournemouth

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    my friend met you

  • Dr C0M
    Dr C0M 16 days ago

    Bro! Can you give me the link of certi song

  • Adamgamer
    Adamgamer 16 days ago

    Imagine if he got that in the mall

  • Layne Heavner
    Layne Heavner 16 days ago

    Make new videos!!!!!!

  • Thomas janssens
    Thomas janssens 16 days ago +1

    are you a muslim now

  • soulmates x x
    soulmates x x 16 days ago

    Haha I love it... i want 1 haha

  • Harry Hooper
    Harry Hooper 16 days ago

    You ride across the whole of England in the Reno twizocopter as a challenge

    • OxM
      OxM 11 days ago

      Harry Hooper Reno? Lmao it’s a Renault

  • Master Noodles23
    Master Noodles23 16 days ago

    I’m subbing back to people who sub to me

  • Luke Stephens
    Luke Stephens 16 days ago +1

    Ryan Taylor is a proper little scumbag. Acting like a big tough man riding his BMX around a fucking shopping centre. I hope you read this Ryan you little muppet, you're not from some gangster neighbourhood in LA, you're from the Midlands. You little creep. And your bird is defo getting slammed elsewhere.

  • jaxisthebeast7
    jaxisthebeast7 17 days ago +5

    Y don't you do in and out challenges those where dope

  • Farmer Brown
    Farmer Brown 17 days ago +2

    How's your son?

  • Aaron So
    Aaron So 18 days ago

    Fuck the haters keep up the good work making high quality content

  • Alias
    Alias 18 days ago

    What happened to collective

  • Jayden BMX
    Jayden BMX 18 days ago

    to ryan
    ive recently got a youtube channel for the first time.your videos are really enjoyable during uks rubbish weather when im not riding and it will mean the world to me if you subscribed to me. if you do my youtube name is Jayden BMX and as there are many channels with the same name my profile picture has me clearing a box on my old bright orange BMX

  • Deborah Jean
    Deborah Jean 18 days ago

    6:15 is this bassnectar?

  • TOP 5
    TOP 5 18 days ago

    In and out challenge with this car??

  • TOP 5
    TOP 5 18 days ago +5

    In and out challenge with this car??

  • TOP 5
    TOP 5 18 days ago

    In and out challenge with this car??

  • Loud Pack
    Loud Pack 19 days ago +1

    So I've been binge watching his videos an saw in one he said he was moving to California. Just curious did he ever move there?

  • Patrick Kwiatek
    Patrick Kwiatek 19 days ago

    Rip micky bennett

  • Michael A
    Michael A 19 days ago

    What is the name and price of that car

  • David Lulham
    David Lulham 19 days ago +2

    i can't understand anything these mongs are saying

  • Tom Appletree
    Tom Appletree 19 days ago

    Where is that skate park

  • Brandon live streamer on mixer

    Can I get a shout out plz been subed for 3 almost 4 years now keep up the in and out challenges 😁😁😁

  • X DOB Alex
    X DOB Alex 19 days ago

    Where i can buy a electric cart?

  • Sam Eyres
    Sam Eyres 20 days ago


  • Haco 57
    Haco 57 20 days ago

    level 1 - BMX
    level 2 - Crazy Cart XL
    level 3 - DA CAR

  • Joe Joeson
    Joe Joeson 20 days ago +1

    Yo fucker process my damn order for your bikes. Hella shitty customer service. No replies to any emails or any shipping info 2 weeks in.

  • Yo Wazzup
    Yo Wazzup 20 days ago

    U and ur mates should go round in crazy carts and cause havoc in a mall or a shop or something

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  • MaxC
    MaxC 21 day ago +1

    Here is my review on the BMX

  • OwenHiggins
    OwenHiggins 21 day ago +1

    It's basically a very expensive fork lift that can lift pallets

  • Lauren Trask
    Lauren Trask 21 day ago

    Could u do over night Challenges?

  • Risevortex 101
    Risevortex 101 22 days ago

    Far out man your a menace to society

  • FliccMyBicc
    FliccMyBicc 22 days ago +1

    The movement is dead

  • Welsh Kayaker
    Welsh Kayaker 22 days ago +1


    • TheProcess21
      TheProcess21 19 days ago

      People have lives. Life has issues, sometimes life doesn't exactly work with you. Who knows what Ryan is having to deal with right now.

  • harry Woods
    harry Woods 22 days ago

    Cmon Ryan my guy

  • Doggamer 6021 don’t sub here

    U guys r baby’s bra

    Ima hAtEr

  • Michele Ammolla
    Michele Ammolla 23 days ago

    U should do a challenge last one to leave the car wins 1000 thousand pounds

  • Troll Mann
    Troll Mann 23 days ago +1

    Why all his videos don't have ads but still love your videos

  • XxSurexX
    XxSurexX 23 days ago

    In and out challenge in this whip

  • Luca Staniforth
    Luca Staniforth 23 days ago

    So funny

  • Alfred da Beast
    Alfred da Beast 23 days ago +2

    10.45 should’ve been your thumb nail

  • Lil ScOpEzZ
    Lil ScOpEzZ 23 days ago +13

    The official TheXvid verified crack head 🤙🏻👌🏻

    • Violent Night's
      Violent Night's 9 days ago

      Go back too wanking over fortnight or what ever that shit is n wanking yourself too sleep little boy

  • I am Bl1nky
    I am Bl1nky 23 days ago

    Who else saw him at BikeStormz

  • Turt Reynolds Channel
    Turt Reynolds Channel 23 days ago

    Just Subscribed M8

  • MkMGVM M
    MkMGVM M 24 days ago

    Ryan whats the name of the electric bikes?

  • Lil-k The king
    Lil-k The king 25 days ago

    Do a challenge with ally law

  • Aaron Baybutt
    Aaron Baybutt 25 days ago +28

    "see you tomorrow at 8pm".._.. 2 weeks later no video ok ok lmao

  • Erol Aktaş
    Erol Aktaş 25 days ago


  • Kieran Stokes
    Kieran Stokes 25 days ago

    Yo Ryan I done a in and out today in Banbury castle quey nd the security grabbed me stole me bike nd hurt me bike nd I ended up crying out of anger nd the people didn’t even care they still wouldn’t stop

    • Caramela Mcphee
      Caramela Mcphee 24 days ago +1

      Ryan cries like a bitch when caught , So don't worry

  • Its_ Jamie
    Its_ Jamie 26 days ago

    Ryan where can i meet u bro i live in ware. Do another in and out challenge with that car

  • Grownincanada
    Grownincanada 26 days ago +1

    Satanic witchcrafter worshiper of Satan will burn in the lake of fire with Satan my bitch Holy Ghost fire

  • Aaron Costello
    Aaron Costello 26 days ago

    What is an electric Car?

  • Evan Bushe
    Evan Bushe 26 days ago +1

    Do in and out challenge on a mountain bike

  • jello warframe
    jello warframe 26 days ago

    sent me a bike for being a certifam

    • OT SLIM
      OT SLIM 24 days ago

      jello warframe send you a dildo for being a bummer

  • Uzzy_Gamer 1
    Uzzy_Gamer 1 27 days ago +5

    Yoo that's cann hall park and I go to the school next to it called BUXTON

  • DinoTourus
    DinoTourus 27 days ago

    Where can you get that backpack thing on is chest?

    • Dice
      Dice 25 days ago

      First link in the descripition

  • Mikey R
    Mikey R 27 days ago

    When are the rt1 bikes in stock again?

  • mahmut kurt
    mahmut kurt 28 days ago

    galiba sen müslüman olarak emanetini teslim edeceksin, hadi, inşaallah.

  • Hian Henrique
    Hian Henrique 28 days ago

    I am brazil
    Alguém do Brasil ou só eu

  • Djalmir Pereira
    Djalmir Pereira 28 days ago


  • tearful lui Mitel Dragulin Dragulin

    Cat prinde droaga is la ora

  • Hugo Abrahamsson
    Hugo Abrahamsson 28 days ago

    Whats the intro song name

  • Mosiahshipley
    Mosiahshipley 28 days ago

    You need to tune it up and make it louder 🔊🔊🔊

  • Joe Letto
    Joe Letto 28 days ago +1

    Get loads of people from stunt parks and do a massive in and out challenge

  • Crude.clawed YT
    Crude.clawed YT 28 days ago

    I like it

  • Crude.clawed YT
    Crude.clawed YT 28 days ago +1

    Is that car disabled

  • Abdulrahman Aktham
    Abdulrahman Aktham 28 days ago

    what is the name of the intro song 0:08👌

  • Adrian Tolic
    Adrian Tolic 29 days ago

    How much costs this lambo

  • Kaleb Smith
    Kaleb Smith 29 days ago

    Ryan do you know when them chest rigs are coming out I’m dying for one g 😂😂