Joe Rogan on O&A - Part 4 (2012-2014)

  • Published on Feb 22, 2015
  • Part four of the Joe Rogan on O&A uploads. (2012-2014)
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Comments • 17

  • GrandpaGohan
    GrandpaGohan 5 months ago

    Why does Opie suck Joes dick so much

  • Don’t Tread On Me
    Don’t Tread On Me 8 months ago

    Doesnt joe pretend like he doesnt know alex jones never believed in the newtown shooting ive heard him say that and back in the o and a days he talked about it with opie

    • Scott Stir
      Scott Stir 4 months ago

      Don’t Tread On Me 2019 joe rogan ain’t as cool as he used to be

  • Andrew Case
    Andrew Case 3 years ago

    Just so many laughs in this one, thanks for sharing!

  • Joseph Ford
    Joseph Ford 3 years ago +1

    Does anyone remember Joe talking about the fake MySpace page someone made of him? He rants about wanting to fight the person who made it... That was my friends page. I need to find it! Currently sifting through...

  • Brodie Lee Glass
    Brodie Lee Glass 4 years ago

    If you look at cultures like the pygmies in Africa they didn't have psychosis in their fucking society there's was no such thing

    • James Early
      James Early Year ago +1

      that might either have a genetic reason or a simpler one. Psychotics dont make it in hunter gatherer type cultures. They either die at the hands of others or from injury. They just dont make it really in the wild

    • lithium
      lithium 4 years ago +6

      they would sharpen childrens teeth into Spikes. No psychosis there.

  • Brodie Lee Glass
    Brodie Lee Glass 4 years ago

    Norton. Hopefully we will evolve to no longer need smug little perverted fuckers like you

    • Omuerta Genetix
      Omuerta Genetix 4 years ago +2

      You MUST be in the dab community... not the name.. attitude.

  • Brodie Lee Glass
    Brodie Lee Glass 4 years ago

    Fucking Norton discounting Joe's comment on the fact that everybody was a baby and that environment shape our neurological pathways it's a scientific fact you dumb fuck and it's a fucking medical fact that these drugs if you look at the statistics are no more effective than placebo fuck you Norton

    • Ryan Grey
      Ryan Grey 4 years ago

      You really dont understand the difference between fact and opinion.

    • NORTHSTAR#55
      NORTHSTAR#55 4 years ago tell us how you really feel about norton.....funny stuff

    • lithium
      lithium 4 years ago +1

      Joe even said drugs can have a positive effect lmao. Calm down do you need some meds?

    • John Kimble
      John Kimble 4 years ago +2


  • Harpua729
    Harpua729 4 years ago +2

    Loving these! Thanks for sharing