• Published on Jun 10, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Haris Salman
    Haris Salman 17 hours ago

    #YIAYjob 24/7 klondike nanny

  • Land between realms
    Land between realms 17 hours ago

    A male prostitute #yiayjob

  • Emilie_ Tails
    Emilie_ Tails 18 hours ago

    At this point I just search every to see what happens

  • StarDust Studios
    StarDust Studios 19 hours ago

    Your wife’s day job is professional dabber

  • Cheeses Chesiz
    Cheeses Chesiz 19 hours ago +5

    #YIAYjob eren sells peatza to guys likee. you oil¡≥¢©∆œ˙¬gwBLzN

  • h w a j u n g
    h w a j u n g 19 hours ago

    2:04 correct me if i’m wrong, but it’s because in article 33 of the fourth Geneva convention it states: "Collective punishments Article 33. No protected person may be punished for an offense he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited." but in the 2nd article it says: “In addition to the provisions which shall be implemented in peacetime, the present Convention shall apply to all cases of declared war or of any other armed conflict which may arise between two or more of the High Contracting Parties, even if the state of war is not recognized by one of them.” long story short, it is collective punishment is illegal, just only for ppl in war and NOT for ppl in school. crazy facts dot com said this (except not mentioning the second article) so i can see where they got that from

  • Charles Heikkinen
    Charles Heikkinen 19 hours ago +1

    #yiayjob an antivax promoter

  • ian mcilrath
    ian mcilrath 19 hours ago

    To be fair, the macaroni one just looks like a meme

  • Vasilobilaros Bilarovasilos

    5:00 even if the fact was not ironic that experiment wouldnt prove anything anyway :P

  • TheWeirdNerd
    TheWeirdNerd 20 hours ago +1

    #YIAYjob I'm not sure, does slavery count as a job? What about prostitution?

  • ChaseTheSavge
    ChaseTheSavge 21 hour ago

    #Yiayjob obviously a professional fortnite gamer gettin those victory royals 😎

  • Cool Maddox
    Cool Maddox 22 hours ago +3

    #YIAYjob Erin works at erin where she erins her erin until its erin

  • MelBox Studios
    MelBox Studios Day ago


  • Lee Dog adventures
    Lee Dog adventures Day ago +1

    My brother is in this

  • p
    p Day ago +1

    #YIAYjob killlyaseeflfff feeegogoto5tt dsickkkeeersaauuuccckkkereerererere

  • Joseph Parsell
    Joseph Parsell Day ago


  • BeeBoo
    BeeBoo Day ago

    #YIAYjob Erin's job:Re editing your videos :)

  • DatGuy Miller
    DatGuy Miller Day ago

    In all honesty with a nickel the chance on Landis on heads is actually 51% I'm not kidding

  • bee _
    bee _ Day ago

    #YIAYjob Erin counting how many "acting to be your husband" comments.

  • Pi Plague
    Pi Plague Day ago

    #YIAYJob taking ur money from videos

  • Kacper531
    Kacper531 Day ago

    #YIAYJob A video editor?

  • Geiy Clips
    Geiy Clips Day ago

    #YAIYjob Any job at least she has one

  • Dean Eggers
    Dean Eggers Day ago

    Wanna know what else is a fake fact? That this isn’t a copy of lwiay

  • Adam Samuelson
    Adam Samuelson Day ago

    #YIAYjob Regrets.....

  • Natalie McCarthy

    Babysits you #YIAYjob

  • AlexisStirrat
    AlexisStirrat Day ago

    #yiayjob murdering children 😂😁

  • Cytrics
    Cytrics Day ago

    actually a quarter has a slightly higher chance of landing on heads. like really no joke the head has a bit more metal.

  • Hope Roe
    Hope Roe Day ago +1

    Erin is actually a babysitter. She told me about this one kid she hates named John who she’s always picking up after.

  • Brandon Ortiz
    Brandon Ortiz Day ago

    #YIAYjob moon truther

  • cyaneworks
    cyaneworks Day ago

    pole dancer

  • handsome fan dude

    The #YIAYjob question is scrapped.

  • Remy Amir
    Remy Amir Day ago

    Your wife

  • Baiba Nadeznikova

    fourhead plastic stuorgen

  • Alexander Anderson

    #YAIYjob she is the one making all those "tick toc ironic meme" compilations.

  • Matt Dong
    Matt Dong Day ago +1

    Is she an escort

  • Jacey The Cat
    Jacey The Cat Day ago

    #YIAYjobs stripper Cleary

  • Joe B
    Joe B Day ago

    #YIAYjob an unemployment office worker

  • Megabot3001
    Megabot3001 Day ago

    the teacher fake fact actually has some truth to it. the teacher cant hold the entire class back for something that 1 person or a group of people did without braking the Geneva convention and committing a war crime

  • why tho
    why tho Day ago

    #YIAYjob who the hell is erin

  • Austine Schultenz

    Either she works for the FBI or at Trader Joe's. #YIAYjob

  • The One who will

    5:18 look it's a future meme

  • lil Jeezus Christ
    lil Jeezus Christ Day ago +1

    #YIAYjob She's your wife, very hard job

  • AnonymerVIP
    AnonymerVIP Day ago

    #YIAYjob Well she looks like she has an office job. And she likes drinking and has an childish youtuber as husband. I would guess as counterpart to that a boring executive job in an insurence company.

  • Lake Titicaca
    Lake Titicaca Day ago

    #YIAYjob Camgirl

  • Roblox Daily Videos and more

    Nepal citizen

  • Gabriel Is The Best

    #YIAYjob A youtuber that has more subscribers than you.

  • borking mcborkingson

    #Yiayjob Erin has the job of dealing with you lad ;w;

  • Moanchey King
    Moanchey King Day ago

    #YIAYjob well jack her job is actually babysitting u

  • Maria Ria
    Maria Ria Day ago

    Oh My Gosh I saw rip off versions of these all over instagram

  • Bark Boi
    Bark Boi Day ago

    She replaces the dog everytime you put them in the washing machine

  • Agent A
    Agent A Day ago


  • Nicole Candy
    Nicole Candy Day ago

    I like cookies too
    Snakes too
    Nine apples is too much

  • People Humor
    People Humor Day ago

    Her job is to make sure you aren’t slowly going insane

  • Rob Hinkel
    Rob Hinkel Day ago

    2:20 is actually true tho

    ISAIAH NVNEZ Day ago

    She doesn't have a job Jack
    You have been keeping her in your basement using her for video

    ISAIAH NVNEZ Day ago

    Finding a better husband

  • DqtCqtYT
    DqtCqtYT Day ago

    #YIAYjob Porn.

  • The Real Spiderman

    She volunteers in charity work , asking people for forgiveness for her husbands disaster of a TheXvid Chanel

    D.T. THE KING Day ago +1

    The WRONGEST get away
    Welcome back to YGS

  • Sandie Edwards
    Sandie Edwards Day ago

    5.27 more like alabsolutely....

  • Mamameaoeayomamayeetheheckyousay Vincent regan

    #YIAYjob she works for pinkfong.

  • Jimmy Murray
    Jimmy Murray Day ago

    there's nothing wrong with kissing your sister. its not incest.

  • ical survivor
    ical survivor Day ago


  • LeanFortnite
    LeanFortnite 2 days ago

    Make-up (and)
    Endgame (and)
    Rick and Morty (in)
    Indonesia (but sometimes in)
    California (geez, is she)

  • LeanFortnite
    LeanFortnite 2 days ago

    My friend just sent me the Ukrainian thanos thing. I just flipped his mind over with these 2 facts: “I’m Ukrainian... stupid” AND “btw I know jacks films

  • Jake/ NTY
    Jake/ NTY 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob She works for buzzfeed. Be ready for a “I quit buzzfeed” video from her soon

  • Brisbane Rose
    Brisbane Rose 2 days ago

    Overseeing the mistakes he's done

  • Brisbane Rose
    Brisbane Rose 2 days ago

    3:38 He sounds like a goat

  • George Cummings
    George Cummings 2 days ago

    I hate the coin flip one cuz it's half true, because the head side is heavier it will land on tail more.

  • Robert Maldonado
    Robert Maldonado 2 days ago

    Being chained up like Leia in return of the Jedi (you're jabba) #YIAYjob

  • Tobi Draws
    Tobi Draws 2 days ago

    No one:
    Jacks room: *ECO 100*

  • Raijenos _
    Raijenos _ 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob failed viner who makes really bad vlogs now

  • K1ng K0ng73
    K1ng K0ng73 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob accountant or something along those lines

  • Saul Contreras
    Saul Contreras 2 days ago +16

    #YIAYjob FBI agent
    Lol, I changed the page on wiki FANDOM so that it says Erin is an FBI agent since she jokingly said she was in a Jackask. #fakefact #fakefacts #YIAY

  • Beansy
    Beansy 2 days ago +1

    She’s the one who pretends to be a dead person at the funerals

  • Shårk Gaming
    Shårk Gaming 2 days ago



  • Suntine
    Suntine 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob Insurance comp- na stupid question

  • Brandon Elliott Larimore

    I mean, collective punishment is a violation of the Geneva Convention, so the idiot at 2:20 or so wasn’t totally wrong

  • Blu-078
    Blu-078 2 days ago

    I can spell abalama ablama ambala


  • Andrew Wadds
    Andrew Wadds 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob She is for sure a janitor at McDonalds

  • Craity
    Craity 2 days ago

    I got the notification FIVE DAYS after the vid came out

  • Tilly Wood
    Tilly Wood 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob she is paid by you to pretend to be your wife so you can get better content and seem slightly less pathetic

  • TheInvincibleIronMan

    According to google, national kiss your sister days is actually May 4th

  • Lunar Lightning
    Lunar Lightning 2 days ago

    She is a slave for Klondike

  • katie bliss was here

    Is it bad that today that I'm commenting this (June 15) on Kiss Your Sister day
    U hm

  • ElliottCravesJelly
    ElliottCravesJelly 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob Dearly Idolises Venom Or Crappy Entertainment

  • Magus Trevion
    Magus Trevion 2 days ago

    she is serial killer

  • Zero Asian
    Zero Asian 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob She is a human trafficking mule, carrying hundreds of children inside a backpack so she can get across the mexican border.

  • Shisa: Warrior Princess

    #YIAYjob She actually works with the Californian Wildlife Society. She's on an extended assignment investigating the behaviors and habits of the strange tribe of people who yell into cameras and ring lights for a living. I fear she may have gone native.

  • Random Mapper/Scratcher/Robloxian

    #YIAYjob they dont

  • insanitea
    insanitea 2 days ago

    Jack did you dye your hair?

  • b1ffdanger
    b1ffdanger 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob Interior Designer

  • Cloud
    Cloud 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob She is a member of the Scissor Sisters. (Watch the video of I don't feel like dancin')

  • Wyatt Pool
    Wyatt Pool 2 days ago

    she is voicing Fiona in Shrek 5

  • Heaven's Door
    Heaven's Door 2 days ago

    Isn't she a teacher?

  • Ryan or Brooklyn Dyer

    Her job is to do everything for you while you edit your videos.

    5 dollars an hour

  • RaDy Shit
    RaDy Shit 2 days ago +1

    #YIAYjob makes me a sandwich

  • NaviNovaNewbie
    NaviNovaNewbie 2 days ago

    #YIAYjob slave

  • Beth xxx
    Beth xxx 2 days ago +1

    #YIAYjob she helps mentor other youtubers from her own experiences, for example she taught Danielle Cohn how to fake a wedding
    (Danielle clearly didn’t follow her instructions tho)

  • Dev
    Dev 2 days ago

    #YIAYfake there are 51 US states