Stevenage car meet crash: moment 'street race' event goes wrong

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • AT least 17 people were injured when two cars crashed and ploughed into a crowd watching "boy racers" last night.
    Horror footage shows the motors careering off the road at a car enthusiast meet in Stevenage, Herts - sending kids "flying" into the air, witnesses said.
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Comments • 563

  • 66737pbain
    66737pbain 2 months ago +71

    Get well soon everyone who got hurt 😪

    • Mark L sixtyseven
      Mark L sixtyseven Month ago

      @66737pbain He pulled out way too wide ,would have been enough room for speeder to pass otherwise.Instead he bounced off and hit central reservation .They will probably bring in Jaywalking law now.

    • 66737pbain
      66737pbain Month ago

      @R A i agree with your first two points. However, they weren't standing in the middle of the road, they were standing on a narrow pavement in the middle of the road, which you would normally use as a half way point if you were trying to cross the road, and where they should have been safe. Also not all of the "idiots" who were injured were on that side, others on the main pavement on the left were also hurt.

    • MKX
      MKX 2 months ago

      SpeedyX Gaming no one died.. check herts police Twitter.

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      @R A They were there encouraging the drivers. More than a few has their modded cars in the car park.

    • shinukism shnuck
      shinukism shnuck 2 months ago

      Is that an order or request?

  • Darren Anderson
    Darren Anderson 11 days ago

    Why would anyone want to watch boy racers and their little cars?

  • Fantom Phalcon
    Fantom Phalcon 11 days ago

    Those of us in our 50’s were just as daft and invincible - unfortunately, cars are far more powerful these days, but the roads are no wider, there’s nothing to effectively reduce acceleration above certain speeds (ie as set by law) whilst retaining the thrill of the power - and even if there was, it’s very easily circumvented using the universal sockets to communicate with the ECU (the embedded brains of all modern vehicles), adaptor cables with the computerised interface so that software and a laptop are all that’s required to access most parameters that garages use to run large sections of the MOT test - even mechanical limiters are easily by-passed.
    Development is ongoing, in the meantime I believe that cars should be restricted in the same way motorbikes are, the higher power should come with age and experience.
    All a driving test proves is that you can safely control a tiny 1.0L vehicle, in accordance with the law and the stated speed limit.
    You only begin to really learn to drive *after* you pass the test, and that’s where confidence quickly exceeds ability, and the *real* lessons are learned, or not, in some cases.
    It’s fun, and it’s exciting - social media has made real-time tragedy into instant news, like it wasn’t happening so often before - it was, we just rarely heard about it - now you can watch cheese mature, in what world would anybody want to?
    Be safe guys - it’s a lot of fun, apparently??
    Fun in the ‘cancer of the @rse’ sense, or the ‘hacking of an eyeball out with a twig’ sense of fun.

  • Eleven Loves Eggos
    Eleven Loves Eggos 18 days ago

    I am never going to that kfc again

  • PieZello
    PieZello 18 days ago


  • RealCapo88
    RealCapo88 Month ago

    Not a race at all. Two people not paying attention, like 99% of all car crashes.

  • chypp
    chypp Month ago

    kfc is on that road

  • Joshua Metcalfe
    Joshua Metcalfe Month ago

    Feel sorry.... The driver of the exotic nissan 350z fairlady did nothing wrong!

  • Suzy Griffin
    Suzy Griffin Month ago

    What cars were they?

  • Student of Ten
    Student of Ten Month ago

    Really stupid for people to stand anywhere near these speeding vehicles.

  • Gio Verde
    Gio Verde Month ago

    Just waiting to happen, with fools like these driving. Hope all spectators make a speedy recovery,. As for the drivers, they should get done for being stupid as stupid is

  • zhain0
    zhain0 Month ago +2

    Just for reference, the car pulling out and the car that hit it were nothing to do with the meet... There was no street race....

  • gabon enter
    gabon enter Month ago +1

    natural selection ... good

  • Drwho boy 235
    Drwho boy 235 Month ago +1

    All those people should be arrested every single one

  • 1978dadie
    1978dadie Month ago

    I really hope the insurance companies are watching this and these idiots get nothing but their cars scraped. This is why insurance is so expensive! Why are the insurance companies that are making billions a year not secretly going to these events and and refusing insurance to these muppets.

  • n13ssn delboy
    n13ssn delboy Month ago

    its illegal, were were the police.

    • zhain0
      zhain0 Month ago +1

      Lots of things are illegal, where are the police when someone is breaking Into a house or someone is being assaulted..... Oh yeh, they respond, they don't magically appear when something illegal is happening

  • Itchybell games
    Itchybell games Month ago

    I see chaos, i click

  • kakadots
    kakadots Month ago +2

    Loud exhausts on cheap cars... you know this was gonna happen with these types of people

    • zhain0
      zhain0 Month ago +1

      Both cars were stock and neither a car at the event....

    • aresblue
      aresblue Month ago +4

      These types of people wtf??? I go to car meets and it's a shame you tar everybody with the same brush..were not all idiots...just a select few.

  • oO_crple dcat_Oo
    oO_crple dcat_Oo Month ago

    If I’m honest if the guy in the brz didn’t pull out n actually acknowledged how fast the other guy was going he shouldn’t have pulled out the black car was stupid to pull out but the others shouldn’t be speeding new law is new drivers are not allowed out driving past 8 or 9 at night and no passengers in the car unless ur 23 the guy who was racing was 22 or 21

    • Suzy Griffin
      Suzy Griffin Month ago

      So avoidable...a mature driver would pull out whilst seeing what was roaring and speeding up his right side...equally another mature level headed driver would see someone pulling out on him ...should know the road and could judge that both cars could fit .....then check ur speedo!!! Way too fast and u know it! Ur both to blame and lucky know one was really hurt !

  • ldstof
    ldstof Month ago


  • petermcintyreA1
    petermcintyreA1 2 months ago

    Substances involved I suspect. Those individuals spend a lot of time and money on their cars and pride themselves by showing them off throughout the year. Hope the casualties aren't too serious and can get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.......

  • The Last Pilot
    The Last Pilot 2 months ago

    Why is it that people who buy these sort of cars automatically assume they are capable of driving them?

    G-UNIT AFTERMATH 2 months ago

    Why stand in the middle of the road with underskilled idiots driving overpowered cars ffs

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      Because thet have the same mentality as those they were encouraging. Presumably the cars left in the car park overnight belonged to the injured spectators. Now, thanks to them all it's going to be even more difficult to find decent car meets.

  • Isaacs Random Videos
    Isaacs Random Videos 2 months ago +2

    It’s that 350z fault the Subaru pulled out because he couldn’t see him and the Nissan was speeding

    I feel sorry for the injured

    Chavs like that ruin the car scene

    • Shadowmyths1
      Shadowmyths1 Month ago

      You can see the lights off the car coming before the camera turns so really just bad judgement to pull out

  • Scott Hopkins
    Scott Hopkins 2 months ago


  • calvin1966vintage
    calvin1966vintage 2 months ago +2

    Cruising to show off your blinging car is getting mixed up with street racing. A problem with street racers is if you put them on a track their lack of driving skills is soon shown up, and often the car’s performance is pretty poor compared to those who know what they are doing.
    Been there in my Caterham behind a ‘tuned’ M3 in the a bread van on an ice rink driven by Captain Chaos.
    It’s very easy to drive fast badly.

  • anthony meredith
    anthony meredith 2 months ago

    they should be banned as the drivers cant drive take the cars away crush them sue the drivers and the organisers and give them 20years hard labour.

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      The Nissan driver should go to prison for a very long time but we all know he won't. I'd be surprised if he gets more than a 6 month suspended sentence. The no win no fee lawyers will be all over this and the organiser/s will lose everything he/they own. The only good thing to take away from this is that at least no innocent people got hurt.

  • Aussie Man
    Aussie Man 2 months ago +2

    The Fast and the Furious with Dumb and Dumber 😬

  • Victor Victor
    Victor Victor 2 months ago +1

    Stupid Chavs in Stevenage...

  • Jack P
    Jack P 2 months ago

    86 driver needs to practise more on Mt. Akina

  • Jack Stevens
    Jack Stevens 2 months ago

    Not being funny but whoever got North wield closed is the reason there is racing now on the streets and it will grow as now there is no safe place to race. So whoever got north wield racing closed the blood is on your hands

  • chater12
    chater12 2 months ago +2

    I think there were a few people to blame for this. 1. The guy in the 350z doing 30mph+ over the speed limit. 2. People obscuring the line of sight of the GT86 driver pulling out onto the road. 3. People standing in the central reservation, not to be insensitive but that's really quite daft. Naturally we all like to drive quickly when the occasion presents itself. The thing is, there is a time and a place for this like a quiet british B-road and not in a place with pedestrians!! Or take your car to a racing track for about £120, there are plenty in the uk. It's a real shame, as the event was for charity and people are not using there brain! Hope all the people involved recover fully and lessons have been learnt.

  • flightisallright
    flightisallright 2 months ago

    What? Cars can hurt people?

  • dd 123
    dd 123 2 months ago

    Driving like bell ends

  • stephen holmes
    stephen holmes 2 months ago +5

    made my day 17 muppets run over by a bigger muppet.

    • stephen holmes
      stephen holmes Month ago

      @R A bell end

    • K7W
      K7W Month ago

      @R A Well thats what they are made for and if you have the money im sure you would buy one

    • K7W
      K7W 2 months ago +1

      They were boy racers, they give other drivers like me a bad reputation so don't take it out on any other modified vehicle driver

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      @K7W No, if you have a really impressive car what more do you have to prove? Those that show off like this are inadequate in some way and I'm sure in this case it applies to whatever car you're driving as well as to yourself.

    • K7W
      K7W 2 months ago +1

      @R A And I have spent alot of money on my car and of course im going to speed its what I tunned it for and wouldn't you do it yourself if you had something like a lamborghini?

  • Adrian ...
    Adrian ... 2 months ago +1

    If you look clip by clip you'll see in the distance that another car is hiding the fast Nissan which pulls in before the junction. My guess is that the BMW driver didnt even see the Nissan and assumed it was safe to pull out, he doesnt even keep in to the left to avoid an oncoming car.
    Every day we take risks in our cars and every day we're gambling that something unexpected isnt going to happen and when it's a gamble, it can go either way. My first thoughts were that these drivers were idiots but in hindsight I'm not so sure. Boys like their toys, big boys like big toys, and we were all young once.
    Personally I've got to the age where I drive slower and try to stick to the speed limits to protect my licence even though I have a very fast car but I was also stupid in my youth and freely admit it. I was also extremely fortunate and lucky to have avioded situations that could have ended in disaster.
    And the moral of this story is not to ban these events but supervise them properly. And It's no good advertising on social media that it's a staic event in full knowldge that there's a hady drag strip a few metres away. Lads will be lads and they will push the boundaries given the opportunity, can you honestly say that you didnt???

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 Month ago

      @Adrian ... Yep, stuff just happens. You drive around with your eyes shut and senses shut down and then completely out the blue something happens. Who would have guessed? As for "Was it because I said I drove a fast car?" Oh dear Adrian, you don't have a clue what I have in my little fleet or what I do that takes me around the world to work on cars the like of which you will never get near let alone drive but thanks for making me laugh. Whatever little car you have is not going to impress me. All my love, Mickey. x

    • Adrian ...
      Adrian ... Month ago

      @byteme9718 Sorry, I didnt know I had to be so precise with my words but seems you want to take things further for whatever reason or is just that you want the last word on the subject?
      For one, I've been behind a large lorry when it had a blowout and no end of suspension design was going to stop huge chunks of rubber flying into the air and across the carriageway. Second, arrogant fool? Wow, if you're not arrogant then my name is Mickey Mouse. And if you dont think you're arrogant then wind your neck in and discuss this in a mature manner. Third, I have driven at high speed with police in my car, no problems whatsoever. Fourth, I have not had an accident in over 40 years on the road. Fifth, I knew perfectly well what you meant by BMW and Audi drivers but you seem to want to put good and bad drivers all in the same class which is plain stupid. In fact, why dont you add VW Golfs into that same class, surely everyone of them must be a dangerous driver?
      What is your *real* problem, why the attitude, am I not entitled to my own opinion which might not agree with yours? Was it because I said I drove a fast car? Did you mistakenly assume that I fit in a category of drivers that you detest (or resent)? You know nothing about me yet you seem to think you know everything about my driving and you know nothing at all. Do you get enjoyment from this, does it give you a high making out that you know everything and trying to put other people down?
      Please go on, please tell me what else you know about my driving because what you've come up with so far is to be honest extremely wide of the mark.

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      ​@Adrian ... I knew you were a poor driver, thanks for proving it. You don't understand the relationships between hazard and risk and your first example of what could happen is a perfect example of that. Tyres do not simply "blow out" without reason and even if they did it seems you know nothing about the technical aspects of suspension design that offset the effect. The hazard is "a tyre could blow out", the risk is mitigated by suspension design, the fact that tyres is this country must met a required standard, maintaining tyres, tyre pressure monitoring systems, annual checks on cars over three years of age, regular driver checks, reasonable roads, speed limits and so on. You seriously need driving lessons if you're not aware of the implications of blind spots and how to mitigate risk but hey, feel free to sit in the blind spot of a Polish truck in lane two for miles. After all, who could possibly know what might happen, especially when close to an entry slip. All of your examples can be ripped apart but your haven't got a clue and this is why you need all the driver education you can get. The fact that you dismiss them shows you to be an arrogant fool unwilling to learn and believing he is already at the peak of his driving ability. I'm not much interested in what you drive as clearly it is beyond you and it's unlikely I would be impressed. I simply mentioned BMW and Audi because that's the kind of driving mentality you have. You should try and get a demo drive with a police class one instructor and then humble yourself when you realise just how little you actually know.

    • Adrian ...
      Adrian ... 2 months ago

      @byteme9718 Oh that's a really unintelligent reply. A tyre blowing out, a car moving out when you're in a blindspot, a pedestrian not thinking, someone driving while on a mobile phone, drunk or on drugs etc etc etc. That's the gamble you're taking every day and how are driving lessons going to avoid that?
      To be honest thats quite pathetic, and no I dont drive a BMW or an Audi, I have better taste.
      That event should have been supervised properly, end of, apart from my sincere best wishes to those who were hurt.

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      "Every day we take risks in our cars and every day we're gambling that something unexpected isnt going to happen" You need to take driving lessons. This and other things you say mark you out to be foolish and a danger to others. The hazards are there, the risk is largely under your control and in the case of most traffic collisions it takes negligence , or stupidity, on the part of two or more parties. You don't drive an Audi or BMW by any chance?

  • free speech is no more fascism is alive and well 2

    I hope the people that were driving and encouraging this died painfully. Horrible dispicable people.
    I hope to god there weren't any innocent by standers that got injured or killed

    • RealCapo88
      RealCapo88 Month ago

      @JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback normal behaviour nowadays, death wishes to people is normal

    • JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback
      JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback Month ago +1

      So you wish death upon others for making a mistake... god forbid your kids if they ever make a mistake...

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      No innocent people were hurt thankfully.

  • Ciaran
    Ciaran 2 months ago

    They aren't all like that,most of them don't race and go for the fun,but it's the few who take it too far and give the rest of us a bad image ..hope all involved make a speedy recovery

  • Kevin Pawsey
    Kevin Pawsey 2 months ago

    This is what happens when you get cocks driving cars these type of boy racers think they are the best drivers on the road well they are not it only takes one split second then CRASH

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      Most don't realise "their" driving skills are actually functions of the vehicle traction and stability control systems.

  • Michael Knight
    Michael Knight 2 months ago

    Cant they find better things to do?

    • JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback
      JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback Month ago +1

      These are people’s hobbies like mine this is a very rare occasion and they were not racing it’s just another accident with two careless driver nothing to do with the meet or not...

  • Tom Tim
    Tom Tim 2 months ago

    Can you be injured in a good way...???? Bwaahaahaaaaaaa!!!!

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens 2 months ago

    He pulled out onto the road with a set of lights bearing down on him?well the person filming is obstructing his view.

  • Jay
    Jay 2 months ago

    Should banned cruises all together this just shows that they can't not be trusted and people are being hurt.
    Hop the driver gets the maximum sentence that can be and and a example made out of him.

  • Fire Man
    Fire Man 2 months ago

    Let that be a lesson to them all. Heard of a race track? Helmets? Stuarts/marshals? Barriers?

    • Andy Holt
      Andy Holt Month ago

      Helmet's plenty there , two driving & the rest standing in the middle of the road

  • OldSchoolRasslin
    OldSchoolRasslin 2 months ago

    They should raise the age for driving to 25, and ban these so-called "street-racing" events. And the "Fast and the Furious" films should also be banned.

    • RealCapo88
      RealCapo88 Month ago +1

      Idiot, there was no race in this vid.

    • Suzy Griffin
      Suzy Griffin Month ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 all of ur comments are soooooo unrealistic!!! Do u actually live in the real world!!!!. Never watched the fast and the furious personally but I bet vin diesel want to RIP ur head off with that quote!!! Half wit!!!

    • JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback
      JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback Month ago +2

      Have to agree with mr Bobby. You got some loose braincells in there mate...

    • Mr Blobby!!!!!
      Mr Blobby!!!!! 2 months ago +3

      Your more idiotic than the drivers in the video.

  • Stouffer
    Stouffer 2 months ago +2

    The police were too busy with their diversity training to break up this meeting.

    • johno4521
      johno4521 2 months ago

      So it's OK to do anything you like, as long as no one tells you to stop ??

  • Thomas Baker
    Thomas Baker 2 months ago

    Idiots. Darwinism in action right there.

  • Muntii on Cars
    Muntii on Cars 2 months ago

    You have to be extra careful when you are driving at one of these car meets. Clearly, some just don’t care about speed and their surroundings!! Always that *ONE* person who ruins it for all. - *Prayers* for all the people who are injured for quick recovery!! Drive safe guys!

  • Knights Templar
    Knights Templar 2 months ago

    It’s what happens when you race cars, drive at speed on main streets or roads

  • R MCK
    R MCK 2 months ago

    Anyone standing there is crazy to do so.

  • Pete
    Pete 2 months ago +7

    Accidents happen, atleast it's nice to see a lot of young people out having a good time and not at home doing drugs or to scared of the police to go out after dark.

    • RealCapo88
      RealCapo88 Month ago

      Well said, this wasnt a street race anyway, two drivers not paying attention like 99% of all car crashs. Although it IS stupid speeding with all those people around

    • Suzy Griffin
      Suzy Griffin Month ago

      What a lovely reply....nice one pete.... u little cosy unicorn xx

  • OpTic ShitScared
    OpTic ShitScared 2 months ago

    hey beep beep dady. i am fastaaaaa heyyyyy look. oops crash destroy a life

  • kaw203
    kaw203 2 months ago +2

    Why dont the police stop this. In harlow loads of people moan and even the retail park staff moan to the police but they do nothing to stop them or move them along

    • zhain0
      zhain0 Month ago +1

      Because a group of people meeting up over something they love is not illegal... When they do act out, the police do arrive. I've never been to a meet where the police have not shown up, even when nothing bad is happening

    • 1978dadie
      1978dadie Month ago +1

      Because the police are undermanned, if they stopped every idiot in a car they would never get anything done.

  • mhffc
    mhffc 2 months ago +1

    Audi and BMW's drive like this on a regular bases. Let's get them off the roads as well...

  • Graeme Crowther
    Graeme Crowther 2 months ago +3

    The spectators are accidents waiting to happen, why are they so duummmb.

  • Laurence von Winkenburger

    Those poor kids , just trying to have a bit of fun

    • johno4521
      johno4521 2 months ago

      Nothing poor about them.....

    • byteme9718
      byteme9718 2 months ago

      The ones that got hit? They also bore responsibility for encouraging the lunatic driving.

  • SWT stream
    SWT stream 2 months ago


  • Mr megane r26 f1
    Mr megane r26 f1 2 months ago +1

    Old bill always turn up when it's to late not blaming the old bill but they knew this event was going on and the organizers already had a previous warning for the same thing
    Surprised police wearnt at every junction

  • Nidge Marchant
    Nidge Marchant 2 months ago +3

    And they wonder why they're banning youngsters off the roads at night?

    • zhain0
      zhain0 Month ago +1

      @R A Ive worked in a car repair shop. 95% of our customer were old people smashing Into others and wanting to keep it away from the insurance companies so they don't get their license taken away because they can't drive to any sort of standard anymore.
      Out of maybe 100 cars we would have a young lad through who has had a scrape reversing their car or something silly like that.

    • JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback
      JustinBieberHavingA VietnamFlashback Month ago

      R A oooh sorry grandad just cuz your over 25 and it doesn’t effect you. Think of all the young people and transport there won’t be enough and it is also legal to drive at 14 in Canada I believe when with an adult. “Time to get these idiots off the road” people like you make me sick you have no care for anyone but yourself. Didn’t you have to start somewhere when you were driving it’s a learning curve everyone has to do it when they begin driving and I’m sure you did too...

    • Mr Blobby!!!!!
      Mr Blobby!!!!! 2 months ago +3

      @Lily Louise U.K Ghost Huntress 😂 another dimwit.

    • Mr Blobby!!!!!
      Mr Blobby!!!!! 2 months ago +3

      Give us all the ages of everyone involved please?

    • aresblue
      aresblue 2 months ago +1

      But we are not all like this just the few that think they are colin mcrae.

  • Scitch2781
    Scitch2781 2 months ago +1

    Gene pool cleaning