DeepSpar Disk Imager recovery process and screenshots. ASMC2015 part 12

  • Published on Jun 23, 2015
  • This part of presentation cover DeepSpar Disk Imager (DDI4) recovery process and screenshots.
    This presentation serves as a technical introduction to professional data recovery. We cover the common types of data recovery problems, give a technical overview of the most popular data recovery procedures, offer advice on improvements that can be made on the software level prior to making investments into specialized hardware, and discuss the first steps that IT service providers can take to do more recoveries in-house. We also talk about hardware disk imaging, PCB swaps, and a couple of repairs which can be performed without specialized training. This is a great collection of technical content for anyone interested in doing data recovery the right way!

    Presented by Andrei Shirobokov, founder and CTO of DeepSpar Data Recovery Systems, for the Apple Specialist Conference in May, 2015.
    How to do data recovery the right way.
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