Stephen Merchant & Taika Waititi's Funniest & Weirdest Moments on The Last Leg!


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  3 months ago +60

    Does anyone else wish Taika would sing Happy Birthday to them?
    Watch the FULL EPISODE on All 4:

    • Jared Jones
      Jared Jones Month ago


    • MrKhushrenada
      MrKhushrenada 3 months ago

      Boris Müller You mean Romneycare thought up by a Republican renamed to Obamacare is that the one you mean?

    • Boris Müller
      Boris Müller 3 months ago

      MrKhushrenada what about Obamacare...?

    • MrKhushrenada
      MrKhushrenada 3 months ago

      Channel 4 A guy with a kill list and starting and supporting multiple illegal wars, progressive? Obama called himself a "Republican light" so please stop calling him a progressive it's a lie and annoying.

  • SharlzG
    SharlzG 2 days ago

    I'd vote for Korg

  • brandowag3
    brandowag3 5 days ago

    Genius. Given the premise he really rocked it.

  • John Wick
    John Wick 6 days ago

    I hated korg man..He ruined the character for me

  • HughieDixon
    HughieDixon 10 days ago +1

    Taika looks like Harry Enfield’s Stavros.

  • Lydia Sullivan
    Lydia Sullivan 16 days ago +1

    I live in Aus and we absolutely had dynamite in rock, paper, scissors!

  • Rich Stubbings
    Rich Stubbings 21 day ago

    Stevens describing yet another recent movie scene which has the narrative that women are strong and men can be the weak ones... Truly pathetic

  • MaximusJohal
    MaximusJohal Month ago

    Thor 1 and 2 were crap, he saved it!

  • Holly Carter
    Holly Carter Month ago

    My Dad used to use dynamite. I thought he made it up to mess with me!

  • Varmando Varuso
    Varmando Varuso Month ago

    Taika Waititi = Hipster Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    • sena jabeen
      sena jabeen 12 days ago

      *I think Taika Waititi is better than Dwayne*

  • AdoraBell
    AdoraBell Month ago

    I always thought the most famous New Zealanders were the guys from vldl.

  • Ghost3789
    Ghost3789 Month ago

    Piss off, ghost!

  • Michael Moretti
    Michael Moretti Month ago

    Given that Taika Waititi is extremely racist, Korg's political policies as Prime Minister would probably begin with herding all White and Asian people onto airplanes and shipping them out of New Zealand until there were only brown-skinned people remaining.

    • Genuine Feline
      Genuine Feline Month ago

      New Zealand is pretty racists anyways. Our government and leadership do a half-assed job trying to cover it up. I mean, our mother-tongue is Maori, yet there is only one week out of the entire year where we as a country are encouraged to use and practice it. So no, Taika isn’t racist for saying New Zealand is racist. New Zealand is just racist. That’s the problem.

    • Medoplayz roblox
      Medoplayz roblox Month ago

      Sounds ideal

    • LittleMissMoriarty
      LittleMissMoriarty Month ago +1

      Michael Moretti how is he racist???

  • The Dudess
    The Dudess Month ago

    oh Taika... you warm my heart

  • Lidser G-B
    Lidser G-B Month ago +1

    Merchant is way too good for this..sorry.

  • YO YO
    YO YO Month ago +1

    Never heard of that guy, but now i know he is a director

  • KURT
    KURT 2 months ago

    piss off ghost!

  • nanomachines son
    nanomachines son 2 months ago

    Caliban was awesome wish we saw him again

  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 2 months ago +5

    Steve Mitchell

  • -
    - 2 months ago +2

    Is Taika a comedian? Professionally? He should be.

  • Love Lizzy
    Love Lizzy 2 months ago +1

    we did have dynamite in Australia

  • Merz Bois
    Merz Bois 2 months ago +1

    Eyes that pop out of their head..... Steve....

  • Lachie55
    Lachie55 2 months ago +3


  • Sunny Bear
    Sunny Bear 2 months ago +28

    "He's a pro-rock guy"

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller 2 months ago

    Stephen looks REALLY strung out

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller 2 months ago +4

    Can Korg just be the prime minister in England please?

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear 2 months ago +1

    Help me the comments make no sense

    • Renzsu
      Renzsu 22 days ago

      All popular lines from the xfm radio shows / podcasts Stephen did with Gervais and Pilkington.

  • What-If Machine
    What-If Machine 2 months ago +4

    Stephen Merchant and Taika Waititi in the same clip. I can die now.

  • WibblyPigNZ
    WibblyPigNZ 2 months ago

    Love Taika, but never heard of Kord/Corg. Maybe not so much of a celebrity in NZ.

    • Martin Poulter
      Martin Poulter 2 months ago +6

      Thor: Ragnarok was a hit in NZ just like it was a hit in the rest of the world.

  • mrglasgowswrinklyauldbawz
    mrglasgowswrinklyauldbawz 2 months ago +83

    Give this guy the Guardians 3 movie!

    • Kaunte
      Kaunte 7 days ago +3

      Gunn has been rehired to do Guardians 3

    • Steel Xcaliber
      Steel Xcaliber 26 days ago

      He's already ruined Thor. Let's not let him do it again.

    • ŚÇÀŔ
      ŚÇÀŔ Month ago

      That's what I was saying.

    • Richard Strong
      Richard Strong Month ago

      He turned it down.

  • The Succ
    The Succ 2 months ago

    Goggle eyed’s fair enough

  • Lozz
    Lozz 2 months ago +4

    Steve should do more stuff. He's gold

  • Celeste Porter
    Celeste Porter 3 months ago +3

    Some of us in Australia had rock, paper, scissor, dunny flusher haha

  • ItsTheGingerGuy
    ItsTheGingerGuy 3 months ago +2

    Korg and caliban

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 3 months ago +3

    This is so cringy

  • notthebrand
    notthebrand 3 months ago +6

    Taika is a dream 😍

  • Walter Montiel
    Walter Montiel 3 months ago +1

    Oh was he looking at you?

  • Mo 2k
    Mo 2k 3 months ago +63

    Taika and Stephen should write and direct a film about caliban and korg

  • Joshima M
    Joshima M 3 months ago +8

    What has a girl got to do to get taika to sing happy birthday to her on a none birthday day?

    • 4hm35319hd0h5
      4hm35319hd0h5 Month ago

      You gotta beat him in rock paper scissors dynamite.

  • prince apoopoo
    prince apoopoo 3 months ago +24

    I would love it if Taika Waititi sang Happy Birthday to me out of the blue.

  • Ben Cahill
    Ben Cahill 3 months ago +5

    Two of my favourite people! Both so quirky and improvisational.

  • 1rickopotamus
    1rickopotamus 3 months ago +2

    what a great combo

  • Luke Evans
    Luke Evans 3 months ago

    Tangarine mctittie seems cool korg was the only good thing tho about that shitty ragacock movie unfortunately

  • Old Bowdy
    Old Bowdy 3 months ago +53

    "Eyes bulging with imagined riches"!

  • Rory Alcock
    Rory Alcock 3 months ago +11

    Stephen on the office is still my favourite moment on tv ever

  • thomasring67
    thomasring67 3 months ago +3

    So another scene where the guy is useless eh? This is happening way to much

    • Chris McEvoy
      Chris McEvoy 2 months ago +1

      Yep, have to play into the myth of the strong Female and you cant do that if the men are in any way competent.

    • Aleatoire
      Aleatoire 3 months ago +2

      Which guy? There are 5 of them

  • Alba Spire
    Alba Spire 3 months ago +4

    We used to play dynamite and I’m in rural NSW

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 3 months ago +104

    Taika absolutely blew my mind with his Thor movie. Bloody well done!

    • debbiedoodiedandi
      debbiedoodiedandi 3 months ago +1

      AGREED! I hope he gets a chance to direct another one.

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 3 months ago +2

    I imagine he is his own agent- like in Extras. :p

      FATDEEMAN 2 months ago +1

      And how much would you be paying?
      *gasp* You've got more money than sense, mate!!
      No, I'm his agent, yeah.

  • Conditioned Chin Dillashaw

    When I saw Stephen on screen, I had to do a double take like 'fuckin' hell'. Not havin' a go or anything.

  • Lois Sanborn
    Lois Sanborn 3 months ago +170

    Taika Waititi's delightful.

    • Marina Curtis
      Marina Curtis Month ago +12

      Michael Moretti looking at articles and stuff, it seems more to be him being outspoken about deeply ingrained racism towards non-whites in New Zealand and problems faced by minorities. I wouldn’t call him a white-hating piece of filth. I think you may be a bit sensitive?

    • Michael Moretti
      Michael Moretti Month ago

      I'm a New Zealander.
      Taika Waititi is one of the most outspoken racists in New Zealand. Roughly half the news articles about him are inevitably about yet another racist outburst by that White-hating piece of filth.

  • Lynxchillin93
    Lynxchillin93 3 months ago +10

    I'd put him in the background

  • Daniel Mohr
    Daniel Mohr 3 months ago +1

    Steve has had work done on his face

  • A113
    A113 3 months ago +67

    Ooh... who’s that with him? Oh yeah that’s Steve... I sort of knew he looked weird cause Karl mentions it on the radio...

  • Bijorn Yesterday
    Bijorn Yesterday 3 months ago +71

    The reason why, The reason why, The reason why I had to die, Did I bleed the blood of greed, What was my destiny?

  • Fingaz Mc
    Fingaz Mc 3 months ago +20

    Not enough Smerch!

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 3 months ago +32

    Yes, some of us had dynamite in rock, paper, scissors in Australia. Paper wrapped around the wick of dynamite. Silly really.

      FATDEEMAN 2 months ago

      In England, the fuse on the dynamite set the paper on fire.

    • Shyla Smith
      Shyla Smith 3 months ago

      Yeah I remember dynamite in Australia, as well as fire and water.

    • I Z
      I Z 3 months ago

      Paper beats rock though

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 3 months ago

    Taika is one of the funniest fuckers on the planet. His cameo in Hunt For the Wilderpeople is brilliant. And if you haven't seen What We Do in the Shadows, you must.

  • Aramel Martin
    Aramel Martin 3 months ago +45

    Looking forward to the Stephen Merchant action doll with optional sanitary bin.

    • Bee Mail
      Bee Mail 3 months ago

      Bet they run out of material n that

  • Karl Dilkington
    Karl Dilkington 3 months ago +23

    Vintage Steve Mitchell

  • Doyley
    Doyley 3 months ago +76

    You're an idiot, play a record

    • Fingaz Mc
      Fingaz Mc 3 months ago +5

      What are those things in Gremlins called?

  • fruppy
    fruppy 3 months ago +18

    he's done ya steve

  • Rob H
    Rob H 3 months ago +7

    What's 1.6?

    • Ryan
      Ryan 3 months ago +5

      +Bee Mail trousers*

    • Bee Mail
      Bee Mail 3 months ago

      Drop ya pants

  • Sam Bell
    Sam Bell 3 months ago +236

    He’s done you again and he’s not even here Steve

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown 3 months ago +150

    With eyes that protrude from his head......Steve.

    • Mina
      Mina 3 months ago

      Jackson Brown Karl would never use the word protrude, one syllable too many

    • Tony Kiernan
      Tony Kiernan 3 months ago +3

      he could of been your brother

    • Forest_gravy
      Forest_gravy 3 months ago +5

      He’s done him again!

    • Elephant man & Kez
      Elephant man & Kez 3 months ago +9

      Jackson Brown you got a ruler, rick?

  • Elephant man & Kez
    Elephant man & Kez 3 months ago +334

    You know im not having a go steve

    • Thomas W
      Thomas W Month ago +8

      Ooooh Steve, he's done you! He's done you again!

    • Joseph Coward
      Joseph Coward 3 months ago +9

      Coulda been yer brother

    • Bee Mail
      Bee Mail 3 months ago +3

      Don't need to do that...

  • joolsca
    joolsca 3 months ago +10

    Two of my favorite people in the world!

    • Dingy
      Dingy 3 months ago

      Taika is a dick...

  • milo mulligan
    milo mulligan 3 months ago +3

    class show