I Trained Like A Ballerina For 6 Weeks

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • WE FINALLY DID BALLET! After 6 weeks of intense training, I delivered a full ballet performance in front of an audience full of subscribers!
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    Final Recital Dancers:
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    Jenny Sherry: instagram.com/jenny_sherry/?hl=en
    Alexandra Pullen: instagram.com/healthy_ballerina/?hl=en
    Thank you to Só Dança for providing such lovely dancewear for our training and recital. Get your own dancewear and follow them at:
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  • Jessica Tatum
    Jessica Tatum 3 minutes ago

    I'm a professional ballet dancer and I want to thank you for making this video and sharing with us. Any dancer worth their salt has gone through some version of the fears you faced during this challenge, and you showed so completely how being a dancer means overcoming those physical and mental difficulties. Heck, I've been dancing for 17 years and there are times when I feel like my work isn't good enough to put in front of an audience, but you stepped up to perform beautifully after such a short amount of time.
    More than anything, the honest vulnerability you showed as you spoke to the mental pressures of training and performing was deeply moving. When you said "I think I love ballet," even after all your struggles, it reminded me why I dance too. Thanks for inspiring all of us. ❤👏

  • adishree jain
    adishree jain 5 minutes ago

    Michelle, I just want to say,, u r truly am amazing and brave and courageous person. I'm Indian and 5'2",, although not as fit as u 😅... U inspire so much I don't know what to say,, for the most part I'm speechless. I really did not expect it, but the last piece brought tears to my eyes. It was graceful, and soft and powerful,, and the way u smiled, truly smiled like you were genuinely overjoyed just being there and couldn't believe it and help smiling... I loved the last piece so so much.... I hope I can meet someone someday who makes me feel the same way and makes my heart melt, every second I'm with them. That last piece made me believe in true love. Thank you! For not just showing us just how much efforts it takes and how difficult seemingly simple things can be. And encouraging and motivating us by taking on new challenges, from training like a model, to being on the runway, to ballet and everything else. And most importantly, for also showing the vulnerabilities and fears, because that's what makes us human. U. R. AWESOME!!!

  • Ariana Mendez
    Ariana Mendez 7 minutes ago

    omg that partner dance was so beautiful

  • Lily Christine
    Lily Christine 12 minutes ago

    that was so beautiful omg

  • barkentine
    barkentine 19 minutes ago

    this is the first challenge of hers that I really wish she had spent more time training. she has amazing natural carriage and stage presence and more than 6 weeks would've really helped her lines/feet. she has so much potential. I desire more of this!!

  • Lindsey Inmon
    Lindsey Inmon 24 minutes ago

    The partner dance was so beautiful. I could literally watch it over and over again, could totally feel and see the story... great Job!!

  • J6A9 S1S1
    J6A9 S1S1 28 minutes ago

    Hi Michelle please do Art in your next video

  • The Great Papyrus
    The Great Papyrus 35 minutes ago

    You’ve completely changed the way I will think of dance forever

  • KonnichiBeaucoup
    KonnichiBeaucoup 39 minutes ago

    Love these videos, and I really really admire the dedication Michelle puts into properly appreciating each 'activity' as the professions and art forms they are.
    That being said, the sheer number micro bends and unpointed toes in this made me cry.

  • Shahad
    Shahad 40 minutes ago

    I'm 18 and i want to start learning ballet but i dont know how to start bcz i dont want to start wrong and hurt myself , someone help me please

  • Katrina Mäeorg
    Katrina Mäeorg 43 minutes ago

    I loved your final performance, the contemporary dance particularly, it was so so beautiful ❤️❤️ You are amazing :)

  • Carbyn
    Carbyn 50 minutes ago

    Train like a barrel racer or dressage.

  • tea sis
    tea sis 57 minutes ago


  • Shannon Marie
    Shannon Marie 57 minutes ago

    try to participate in a high school marching band ( most importantly train as a color guard performer)

  • SI Chen Lin
    SI Chen Lin Hour ago

    I'm a dancer myself and woah I agree with sore feet I'm wearing toe shoes almost every single day but u did amazing

  • Sierra Dorfman
    Sierra Dorfman Hour ago

    You should try Show Jumping.

  • Stasa Miklavec
    Stasa Miklavec Hour ago

    Wow, great performance after just 6 weeks!

  • WillDances24
    WillDances24 Hour ago

    Anyone know the song to the pas de deux (last dance)?

  • Imogen Smith
    Imogen Smith Hour ago

    Absolutely love how quickly you began to relate to people who actually do ballet!!! 🤩😂

  • Thyrza
    Thyrza Hour ago

    Tapdance? Maybe? Could be cool

  • Kelly Bates
    Kelly Bates Hour ago

    this hurt my calves and called me untalented in 12 different languages

  • 11strangerthings
    11strangerthings Hour ago

    Try professional ice skating 🤩

  • Kylee Wallace
    Kylee Wallace 2 hours ago

    The partner dance was so beautiful

  • Riley Haldeman
    Riley Haldeman 2 hours ago

    I’m sorta cringing because I dance and she’s not pointing her feet... you’re doing good though!!

  • Kylee Wallace
    Kylee Wallace 2 hours ago

    Dude she actually killed it wow

  • Lilia Rangel
    Lilia Rangel 2 hours ago


  • Mataya R
    Mataya R 2 hours ago

    this was actually so amazing wth😱❤️

  • Sarah's Random Vids
    Sarah's Random Vids 2 hours ago

    I took pre pointe for 2 years and now I am on pointe. This is hard at first but once you have a constant mindset of being in first and second position, having your feet turned out and pointed it can become natural. Even outside of classes I still point my feet and turn them out because I don't want to get out of that habit. For anyone who wants to get on pointe, this is what I did.
    When I get ready for bed, I do as many roll ups as I can. The beginner starts with 25, I worked my way up to 50, now I'm up to 100. Roll ups are very important because they help the calf strength.
    The other exercise I did was second position squats, you have to have your feet turned out and never stick your butt out. I also worked my way up to 100 in squats.
    I did both of these, every night. Even when I was sore. And it really helps, I don't have any problem getting up on pointe and my feet never hurt. ( unless I have an ingrown toenail of course)

  • Rachel Cox
    Rachel Cox 2 hours ago

    Michelle, for future videos like these can you show before/afters of your body??

  • Lindsay Rhodes
    Lindsay Rhodes 2 hours ago

    Your Pas De Duex was beautiful!

  • MyCatAndMe • 999,999 subscribers

    *Please try horse riding! Where are my equestrians at?!*

  • Caroline R
    Caroline R 2 hours ago

    maybe try to learn hockey for a video?

  • dana balaa
    dana balaa 2 hours ago

    Try swimming everyday for a month!

  • Lonely Artist
    Lonely Artist 2 hours ago

    IS THAT MAC!!!!! Aaahhhh I love you!!!!! And holy shit 6 weeks what a true inspiration

  • Sofia Gokez
    Sofia Gokez 2 hours ago

    My respects 👏👏💕

  • Laura Plays
    Laura Plays 2 hours ago

    The last dance made me cry...rly. That was stunning

  • mary demartino
    mary demartino 2 hours ago +1

    8:22 can somebody tell me the name of this song?

  • Lauren MacIntyre
    Lauren MacIntyre 2 hours ago

    You should train like a synchronized swimmer! Its so fun and you get to feel so connected to the water and your partners

  • Alison Smith
    Alison Smith 2 hours ago

    I would totally watch Michelle on Dancing with the Stars!

  • Suppenhuhn007
    Suppenhuhn007 3 hours ago

    You did an awsome job! Will you stick to ballet?

  • nairbvel
    nairbvel 3 hours ago

    Michelle, I've been watching you kick butt and take names on this channel for quite a while, but I can't remember ever seeing you look the way you did during the pas de deux... You've shown happiness and pride and satisfaction, but for those three minutes you were absolutely radiant. My abilities as a dancer are limited to comedic relief but I know transcendence when I see it. Congratulations on achieving so much in such a short time, and thank you for making it look so beautiful.

  • Kacie Labrecque
    Kacie Labrecque 3 hours ago

    her port de bras is amazing

  • Edmar Malakad
    Edmar Malakad 3 hours ago

    Ballet is kind a hard yeah

  • The Raven's Nest
    The Raven's Nest 3 hours ago

    "The woman that can literally do anything... do more things!" Haha. so on point!

  • David Janse
    David Janse 3 hours ago

    What is the song used in the Pas De Deux???

  • Lovely 11
    Lovely 11 3 hours ago

    Damn I got chills

  • Carina Oliveira
    Carina Oliveira 3 hours ago

    THANK YOU! For shedding a light on how difficult and detailed our art form is! Many people think ballet is only for 4 year old girls, but it is so much more than that.

  • Rabia Seebach
    Rabia Seebach 3 hours ago

    I took ballet lessons for a week (5 evenings in a row) for adults without any previous experience. I definetely feel your pain! I am really impressd and I think you did so well! Ballet is so difficult and I decided to stay with basketball and taekwondo instead. :) I admire all ballet dancers and love to watch them! Great video!

  • Estefany Cancel
    Estefany Cancel 3 hours ago

    I started crying with that contemporary dance it’s so beautiful 😍 💕

  • abhijith ashok
    abhijith ashok 3 hours ago

    Next time you see a ballerina, take a fucking bow.

  • Shaikah AK
    Shaikah AK 3 hours ago

    Do a figure skating challenge next...

  • Bruna Sarubi
    Bruna Sarubi 3 hours ago

    You did it great! Congratulations

  • Dulce Roman
    Dulce Roman 3 hours ago +1


    • Dulce Roman
      Dulce Roman Hour ago

      Alison Stroming you’re welcome!💛

    • Alison Stroming
      Alison Stroming Hour ago +1

      Dulce Roman thank YOU!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Gracie_ Ettery_
    Gracie_ Ettery_ 3 hours ago

    I’m an professional ballerina at the company and it’s hard but I love this video

  • Diamond Martini
    Diamond Martini 3 hours ago

    She said almost like squats you keep your back straight but that's exactly what squats are lol

  • Giulia Zatta
    Giulia Zatta 3 hours ago

    Team up with Adam Rippon and try ice skating!!! ❄⛸💙

  • Kim Beverly Villalobos

    I love that he wasn't a jerk lol. He didn't just drop her, he gently placed her down.

  • Kim Beverly Villalobos

    Yes, pointes may hurt but they're beautiful.

  • Kim Beverly Villalobos

    Shit, how'd she know I was on the couch

  • Esi Halili
    Esi Halili 4 hours ago

    I've been a dancer for over like 4 months and u we're for 6 weeks and then i was just soo shook. Like Girl that's so good!Can't even do splits xD

  • Femke Eringa
    Femke Eringa 4 hours ago

    You are so inspirational!

  • Halli Curry
    Halli Curry 4 hours ago +1

    How about you try playing softball I would enjoy that like if you agree

  • Alejandra Agarrado
    Alejandra Agarrado 4 hours ago

    13:52 nervous laugh on peak 👌🏻

  • Annika M.
    Annika M. 4 hours ago +1

    For this short time so amazing you are really talentend because it was freaking awesome so prowed of you!!!!

  • Sophia Falber
    Sophia Falber 4 hours ago

    Wait but like the 4 little swans dance like that is a hard dance but it was awesome

  • Aesthetically Deeanna707

    Oh my God saying I was three years old when I started doing ballet and I quit when I was at the age of 10 for certain reasons and every time when I look back by ballet teacher never let me be on point but then I see girls younger than me I'm 18 years old by the way at the age of like 10 or like 12 or even ate there on point and I'm just sitting here like I was never allowed to be on point and that was my dream to be on point and I was so sad now that I look back I'm even more sad to find out that I could have been on point

  • Ella Back
    Ella Back 4 hours ago

    Wowwww the last one was absolutely beautiful. You not only told the story with your movements but your face as well and it was incredible!

  • Catrina
    Catrina 4 hours ago

    Hi Michelle! How about skateboarding for your next challenge accepted series :)

  • Esmeralda Silva
    Esmeralda Silva 4 hours ago +1

    Do real wrestling

  • Shadow Army
    Shadow Army 4 hours ago +1

    gymnastics could be a very fun journey

  • Olive Pharr
    Olive Pharr 4 hours ago

    U should do I be come a perfesional skydiver

  • Ella Dyal
    Ella Dyal 4 hours ago

    This was amazing the next challenge should be I trained like a professional volleyball player

  • Erin Corey
    Erin Corey 5 hours ago

    My brain channeled my former dance instructor and kept screaming POINT YOUR FREAKING TOES!!
    With that said, michelle you did fantastically. Congrats on challenging yourself mentally and physically

  • Morgan Ford
    Morgan Ford 5 hours ago

    I challenge you to learn how to barrel race! Or some type of equestrian sport!
    Ps. i barrel race so that's why it was the first thing to come to mind

  • Olivia Kennedy
    Olivia Kennedy 5 hours ago

    Can you please try doing DCI marching band. I need people to understand how hard it is

  • Beth Virden
    Beth Virden 5 hours ago

    This was so incredibly impressive! Congrats on what you accomplished ❤️

  • Monster T
    Monster T 5 hours ago


  • Hannah Martinez-Crow
    Hannah Martinez-Crow 5 hours ago

    Im glad that she focus more on the technique and training or ballet. A lot of videos where people try ballet they just put on tutus and jump around and complain. She genuinely tried and i loved it

  • Abigail Manson
    Abigail Manson 5 hours ago

    you did amazing. This made my day. I think I'm going to try out for ballet

  • Evy RooBear
    Evy RooBear 5 hours ago

    She’s amazing at it she should do it for a living😊☺️

  • Gabriela Braga
    Gabriela Braga 5 hours ago

    pls keep dancing. Ur amazing at it! I got emotional when u started to dance, cause I felt your happiness and everything else. And as a dancer (not professional yet, lol) I really see the talent that u have. love u❤️

  • Hida Beg
    Hida Beg 5 hours ago

    You’re amazing i love you so much

    SAYURI COLLINS 6 hours ago

    How bout baton

  • Brittni Campbell
    Brittni Campbell 6 hours ago +1

    Ooh challenge: take a long term sub job at an elementary school 😉

  • Jana Scepkova
    Jana Scepkova 6 hours ago

    That lady with an accent who was commenting on stuff is really intimidating. I am scared.

  • Musiclixclan
    Musiclixclan 6 hours ago

    You shoukd try bouldering!!!

  • Jhenee' Evans
    Jhenee' Evans 6 hours ago

    As a dancer who loves ballet, but is not a professional ballerina, I WAS DYING OF LAUGHTER throughout this while thing!!!
    Welcome to the club!! It is hard, but when you get it, you feel graceful and beautiful. Way to go girl!

  • Ktln Stoddard
    Ktln Stoddard 6 hours ago

    Can you do one where you learn figure skating

  • Reagan Nunn
    Reagan Nunn 6 hours ago +2

    watching this on my way to my ballet recital. i busted out laughing on the “i know it looks easy but it’s not. you should try it”

  • Hannah Ruthy
    Hannah Ruthy 6 hours ago

    Train like a professional ice skater

  • Thepastel Unicorn
    Thepastel Unicorn 6 hours ago

    omg u need to do a part two with garret!!!!

  • Arianna Rosales
    Arianna Rosales 7 hours ago

    i think in the final performance, you did amazing! one thing i really noticed is the expression in your arms, and although it wasn’t perfect, it was really good. you managed to get that look where you move them just enough. they don’t look like sticks, but they also don’t necessarily look like you’re putting TOO much into them

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson 7 hours ago

    Did anyone else look at the thumbnail and say “ahh point that toe and keep it straight” I honestly can’t help it but like girl you did great!

  • Kara Heckford
    Kara Heckford 7 hours ago

    Do "I trained like a classical musician" !!!

  • Tiny Box Tim
    Tiny Box Tim 7 hours ago

    i heard Mac’s voice and screamed. also your movements were so graceful and your emotions and song selection in the dance for two (don’t kill me i wasn’t about to butcher french) was enough to bring tears to my eyes

  • Natalie 1234
    Natalie 1234 7 hours ago +1

    'How do you say 'go' in ballet?' '5 6 7 8' 😂😂🤣😂😂 Love it! And calling the corps de ballet 'backup dancers' was SO cute!

  • Vivian Mergler
    Vivian Mergler 7 hours ago

    Being a dancer is one of the most important things in my life. I’m so happy to see that someone took the time to really understand the art form and see that it’s not as easy as it looks and that it takes time. Also I was in the 4 little swans dance and I was actually dying after we finished doing it😂

  • Ava Garver
    Ava Garver 7 hours ago

    you should try doing professional rock climbing!

  • Mikala Lewis
    Mikala Lewis 7 hours ago

    try figure skating or synchro skating

  • Ava Dieckmann
    Ava Dieckmann 7 hours ago

    I dance seven days a week. Lol