ASMR | Relaxing Spa Facial ♡

  • Published on Jul 24, 2019
  • Ahhh I've always wanted to do a full facial video where you're actually laying down!!!! It felt so odd to film but I think it turned out ok!!! Maybe...close your eyes for this one :D
    Now lay back, relax, and enjoy your spa facial!
    I used this amazing piece from Peder B. Helland again for the music in the background, please check it out here:
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  • Amber Brown
    Amber Brown 10 hours ago

    Go to sleep

  • Amber Brown
    Amber Brown 10 hours ago


  • [RÎP] DãŃgęR!
    [RÎP] DãŃgęR! 18 hours ago

    She is talking so loudly.This is not ASMR!

  • Will Ehrich
    Will Ehrich Day ago +1

    Anybody watching in 2019

  • Maqtka
    Maqtka 2 days ago

    This one was by far one of my favourite ASMR videos! Until now I also loved painting features on your face or pluckin away anxiety, but this - THIS is GOLD! :)

  • Guadalupe Ojeda
    Guadalupe Ojeda 2 days ago

    Can you pleaseee please pleasee make another video like this? I LOVE IT😍😍 it so relaxing with the music and I really feel like I’m in a spa!

  • Dagmara Kotańska
    Dagmara Kotańska 3 days ago


  • kb b
    kb b 3 days ago

    That would be AWESOME

  • julie brown
    julie brown 3 days ago

    She's good🤤

  • Mikaal Conning
    Mikaal Conning 3 days ago +1

    Oh my god Who is disliking these videos and why 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Weili Lim
    Weili Lim 3 days ago

    Gibi:we play soft music is that ok?
    Me: eurobeat please

  • Kenneth Thompson
    Kenneth Thompson 4 days ago

    Bro I'mma download zees tonight. I fell asleep to this video and I think TheXvid played a really loud scuffed advertisement after it ended and I had a nightmare that was really loud and I couldn't turn down. Fuck that shit I just wanted a good night's rest. Now I'm unable to fucking sleep out of fear

    ELLIE 4 days ago

    5:28 ~personal note

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 4 days ago +1

    Watching Gibi video
    Gibi- “close your eyes”
    Me- (closes eyes)
    Gibi-(tap tap tap)
    Me-(drops iPad on face

  • diezel James
    diezel James 4 days ago +1

    Should retro fit a manichean head with silicon flesh and bi lens ocular setup and 3DIO mic setup for the ears. Effectively making a robotic human head for ASMR role plays such as this... the immersion for both viewer and creator would be revolutionary

  • Warlock Lel
    Warlock Lel 6 days ago

    Imagine watching this in VR

  • Exploding Catmuffins

    "we use steam is that a problem"
    "that'll probably kill me."
    "yeah ok no problem"

  • Cain Olivares
    Cain Olivares 7 days ago

    Is it just me or does @Gibi ASMR use a lot of Mr. Rogers behavior?

  • Dan White
    Dan White 9 days ago

    vid starts at 4:51. thank me later

  • Josh Fread
    Josh Fread 9 days ago

    The music in the background reminds me of the end of a battle where a soldier is holding his friend while he tries to stop the bleeding, screaming for someone to help him.

  • Lavinia Kneemcauliffe

    I am sick

  • Jana La Fountain
    Jana La Fountain 10 days ago

    I really enjoyed the head massage part of this video 😊

  • Allie Ozley
    Allie Ozley 10 days ago

    Me: reads the comment section then realizes the video is over....
    Also me: replay

  • Peter Higgins
    Peter Higgins 11 days ago

    Far out Brussel sprout! Is that what a spa actually is!? I need to go to a spa... 😳

  • Todatchi
    Todatchi 11 days ago

    "Do you have any allergies we need to know about?"
    Me: Well yeah my skin starts glowing from any sort of physical conta-
    Gibi: "Okay-"

  • bhushan dharme
    bhushan dharme 11 days ago +1

    Am new here in asmr...and it's really nice to see gibi is doing pure asmr and not just showing boobs or body for views❤️❤️😋

  • Nova & Me
    Nova & Me 12 days ago +1

    Me watches this with volume all the way up on my head phones

    Me relaxed

    The ad that came on:😝😝😆

  • sophiethenachoxx
    sophiethenachoxx 12 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who loves ASMR but can't sleep with it on? Click if you are too.


  • Adelita Verde
    Adelita Verde 13 days ago

    Gibi. Perfect. Me caughs

  • Satemong Jamir
    Satemong Jamir 13 days ago


  • Denise Zuniga
    Denise Zuniga 13 days ago +1

    She said mask sksks

  • FoxXChan -
    FoxXChan - 14 days ago

    Gibi: do you have any allergies we should know about?
    Me: Yes...I am allergic to fingers
    Gibi: oh..ok...great..!

  • Marion Julia
    Marion Julia 15 days ago +1

    Lately I've been using ASMR to help me focus and deal with anxiety issues. This is the first video of yours I've watched, but I'm already hooked!

  • Mandy Lloyd
    Mandy Lloyd 16 days ago +4

    i’ve literally watched this video like 50 times

  • Tydes Studios
    Tydes Studios 17 days ago +4

    Gibi: “VeRy SoFt SpA tYpE mUsIc”
    Me: “oh, ok”

  • W mindy
    W mindy 17 days ago

    is the camera suppose to be like that?

  • Pipe 1
    Pipe 1 18 days ago

    I hate asmr comments

  • layah roberts
    layah roberts 19 days ago +2

    I’ve watched this every night and NEVER got 15 minutes in without falling asleep.

  • Waterfall_ ANGEL
    Waterfall_ ANGEL 19 days ago +2

    I keep falling asleep! help she’s too good

  • Math4We
    Math4We 19 days ago

    Why did i here (Anddd.. your gay) 0:36

  • felicity flippit
    felicity flippit 19 days ago +3

    Gibi: Is it OK if I take a look at your face?
    Me: ouch! That was me eye
    Gibi: OK great!

  • Emily Wraight
    Emily Wraight 19 days ago

    When she was washing her hands as much (as I love Gibi) it sounded like she was pissing

  • Izabel9ooo Vlogs
    Izabel9ooo Vlogs 20 days ago +2

    Gibi: What’s your surname?
    Me: *coughs*
    Gibi: perfect

  • Fippa
    Fippa 20 days ago

    Upside down Gibi looks like Sarah Lynn.

  • Twenty One Kermits
    Twenty One Kermits 20 days ago


  • fat hag
    fat hag 21 day ago

    👁 👁

    BRUH_ ITZAVA 21 day ago

    That is actually so coincidental the background music in the beginning is sometimes what I go to sleep to lol 😂

  • Silence Lamb
    Silence Lamb 21 day ago

    That’s clever

  • Chia Moua
    Chia Moua 22 days ago

    Ok. I did not like this lol. Feel weird. No hate tho

  • Alice Dillon
    Alice Dillon 22 days ago +9

    0:00 - 4:49 introduction/ initial questionnaire
    4:51 - 7:16 analyzing face for facial/ putting on headband too keep hair away from face
    7:17 - 8:32 showing what products she's gonna use
    8:33 - 9:43 using lemon exfoliating wipes
    9:44 - 10:47 using damp towel to get face moist
    10:48 - 11:51 using dermalogica deep cleansing oil for makeup and impurities
    11:52 - 12:35 using warm damp towel to wipe off oil
    12:36 - 14:51 using clarity cleanser with a vibrating rubber face brush
    14:52 - 15:17 using warm towel once again to remove product
    15:17 - 15:48 using a pink towel to dry off face
    15:49 - 17:00 toner
    17:01 - 17:05 covering eyes with towel and spraying mist on face
    17:06 - 19:02 talking about different masks she's going to use
    19:02 - 19:38 putting a Bioré strip on your nose
    19:39 - 21:08 putting on clay mask
    21:09 - 23:30 head massage
    23:31 - 25:27 applying moisturizer to hands
    25:28 - 26:26 removing masks
    26:27 - 26:29 patting face dry with pink towel
    26:30 - 27:45 using acne cream
    27:46 - 28:50 eye cream
    28:51 - 30:21 whipped sunscreen formula
    30:22 - 30:51 gel bead eye mask
    30:52 - 33:03 moisturizer-- dynamic skin recovery
    33:04 - 34:19 lip sleeping mask
    34:20 - 34:55 covering eyes with towel again and spraying mist
    34:56 - 35:56 mystery serum (essential oils maybe? Idk)
    35:57 - 36:59 taking off headband and goodbyes 😊
    ~sleep well~

  • Julian Walker
    Julian Walker 22 days ago

    her voice is so soft it's just nice af

  • Marissa Diehl
    Marissa Diehl 23 days ago

    I would 100% go to an asmr spa if they did things like Gibi.
    I tingled every millisecond

  • AZIANEric
    AZIANEric 25 days ago +1

    Watch this in VR, that is just more realistic

  • Itz._. lilqueenzing
    Itz._. lilqueenzing 25 days ago

    Can you please do a merch giveaway because I want your merch sooooooooooo bad but i'mma BROKE😭😭😭

  • dharas411
    dharas411 25 days ago

    WTF..why is she whispering like that WTF?

  • Texas Honey
    Texas Honey 25 days ago

    I absolutely love the lid and jar sounds 😍 please make more facial/spa ASMR

  • Rocio Martinez
    Rocio Martinez 25 days ago

    Gibi I am a fan please see this coment I love this chanel

  • Louis Holmes
    Louis Holmes 26 days ago

    I’ve never gotten a facial...BUT I’ve 😏

  • T.R.S _2112
    T.R.S _2112 26 days ago +1

    Time stamp for when the key board klacking ends 4:47
    I love this video so much and it's helped me sleep when I'm just not feeling up to it! Keep up the great work! (I put the time stamp for people like me who get irritated by clicking or klacking noises like key board keys being pressed)

  • Nicole Strong
    Nicole Strong 26 days ago

    Gibi, what music
    Me, not music sound from Gibi ASMR videos plz.