[SUPER JUNIOR - Lo Siento(Feat.KARD)] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 180412 EP.566

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • - KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.566
    - SUPER JUNIOR - Lo Siento(Feat.KARD)
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    [Kor Ver.]
    여심강탈 '#슈퍼주니어'
    역대급 컨셉! 오빠들 도대체 안 어울리는게 뭐에요? 'Lo Siento(Feat.KARD)' 무대!
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Comments • 23 567

    MARIA GUADALUPE LOPEZ 9 minutes ago

    Súper way !!! Ours babys always me Amazing

  • Rihanesya Vlog
    Rihanesya Vlog 19 minutes ago

    lo sientoooooooo

  • Christian Palad
    Christian Palad 44 minutes ago

    it's stuck in my headdddd

  • Nina Wati
    Nina Wati 47 minutes ago

    jiwoo that move🖤

  • Nina Wati
    Nina Wati 50 minutes ago

    kard 🖤🖤

  • A Phams
    A Phams 52 minutes ago


  • A Phams
    A Phams 52 minutes ago


  • Magy Lovon
    Magy Lovon Hour ago

    No pues ahí tiene a cantar Leslie Grace

  • Kc Gaw
    Kc Gaw 2 hours ago +1

    Jiwoo jiwoo kard kard kard my only treasure
    What about bwoo? Jiwoo 😘😘

  • Constanza González
    Constanza González 2 hours ago

    When the live video has almost 5M views is when you KNOW the shit is LEGIT!

  • Diana Iraheta
    Diana Iraheta 3 hours ago

    Wait and where’s the Latina?

  • nina torres
    nina torres 3 hours ago

    Oshe siiiii .... por fin una melodia latinoamericana 7u7

  • Angel Chan
    Angel Chan 4 hours ago

    Damn i liked this more than the clip 😭😭😭😭😭💖💖🔥 Jiwoo and somin are amazinnnng

  • Shantoria Laprade
    Shantoria Laprade 4 hours ago +1

    I wanted them to preform it live with Leslie

    • siwon kyuhyun
      siwon kyuhyun Hour ago

      Shantoria Laprade u will see in ss7 latin america they in Argentina now...

  • Adrian Carrillo
    Adrian Carrillo 4 hours ago +1

    Prefiero esta
    No me gusta con leslie grace
    Arriba kard
    Hidden kard presente

  • damnn btss
    damnn btss 4 hours ago

    That mullet gotta gooooo

  • Rihana N.
    Rihana N. 4 hours ago


  • jorge carlos pinzon
    jorge carlos pinzon 5 hours ago +1

    por fin españoooooooooooool :3 bb

  • Harry Foster Video
    Harry Foster Video 6 hours ago +1

    What is this shit

  • Ebru jikook
    Ebru jikook 6 hours ago

    Somin is the best

  • kim taeyeon is a moogle
    kim taeyeon is a moogle 7 hours ago +1

    This is honestly one of my favourite live stages in a while, one of my favourite legendary groups with my favourite rookie group 😍

  • eve.w 03
    eve.w 03 7 hours ago +1

    this bought me back to the kpop world ❤

  • Shineegirl15
    Shineegirl15 7 hours ago +1

    Woooow! Who came up with this collaboration??? It so good! Beautiful performance!

  • bea
    bea 7 hours ago

    This is the best thing that has happened in 2018, just saying

  • eve.w 03
    eve.w 03 8 hours ago +2


  • Mariela Bustamante
    Mariela Bustamante 8 hours ago +5


  • Mariela Bustamante
    Mariela Bustamante 8 hours ago +2

    AAAAAAAAAA Si no puedo gritar haya no mas me queda gritar acá así AAAAAAAA

    • Adriana Tolay
      Adriana Tolay 4 hours ago

      Mariela Bustamante 😂😂😂👏👏👏

  • Coffee Girl
    Coffee Girl 8 hours ago +1

    trending 16 in the UK!

  • Toyosi Amos
    Toyosi Amos 8 hours ago +3

    Jiwoooo my bias❤️

  • adriana aguilar paredes

    me gusta mas con Leslie Grace y en español que solo coreano e ingles

  • M
    M 8 hours ago +4

    This video and the MV is still trending in the UK even after 7 days!

  • Claudia Aruquipa
    Claudia Aruquipa 8 hours ago

    La chica latina😠

  • Jung Haekyung
    Jung Haekyung 9 hours ago

    anyone know why heechul not there?

  • Anete
    Anete 9 hours ago

    Where’s Heechul though...

    • hizbullah bakri
      hizbullah bakri Hour ago

      KIM HEECHUL don't take part in Lo Siento promotion due to his health issue. But he is in the MV. To anybody who already miss him, you can watch the MV and please pray for KIM HEECHUL health.

  • Lanyah Lanandia
    Lanyah Lanandia 9 hours ago +2

    Probably just me, but when I see collaborations like this I start shipping.

  • عراقية Army
    عراقية Army 9 hours ago

    لو سينتوا اعشقكم سؤجؤ

  • Woo Lejda
    Woo Lejda 9 hours ago +1


  • K- ami
    K- ami 9 hours ago

    Where is hechul???????

    • hizbullah bakri
      hizbullah bakri Hour ago

      KIM HEECHUL don't take part in Lo Siento promotion due to his health issue.

  • Hanna Pandiwaii
    Hanna Pandiwaii 9 hours ago

    Se nota que las coreanas no tienen tanta potencia en la voz como la Latina 😆

  • Kona Jyun
    Kona Jyun 9 hours ago +4

    OMG Somin & Jiwoo seriously add something special to the live stages of Lo Siento. Their chemistry with SuJu Is out of this world insane. I hope they use KARD Somin & Jiwoo for more future collabs.😍😍😍😍

  • Kim Malak
    Kim Malak 9 hours ago +3


  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan 10 hours ago


  • Kpop Fan
    Kpop Fan 10 hours ago


  • Aisha Ali
    Aisha Ali 10 hours ago +2

    Trending #50 in the UK...7 days later!!!

  • Dora Yooko
    Dora Yooko 11 hours ago +2

    Esperando novo comeback do KARD!

  • Sadie Adams
    Sadie Adams 11 hours ago

    Soomin stoppp

  • Grimm Jow
    Grimm Jow 11 hours ago

    Bir hidden kard ve elf olarak bayıldım bu videoya 😍😍

  • K- Padly
    K- Padly 12 hours ago +1

    On parle du mouvement à 2min50? Elle fait ça au calme...elle gère...

  • Bryan
    Bryan 12 hours ago +1

    SUPER JUNIOR - LO SIENTO MV REACTION!!! thexvid.com/video/FkjUAb7q4Rw/video.html

  • Yo soy Kara y me gustan los bities v:


  • Hồ Kim Chi
    Hồ Kim Chi 12 hours ago +1


  • Sanj A
    Sanj A 12 hours ago

    What's the music played at the very beginning during the introduction?? Can someone please help me with it? I loved it so much!

  • Quan Chu
    Quan Chu 12 hours ago

    turn this on everyday cuz it's undeniable

  • ٨٩٨
    ٨٩٨ 13 hours ago

    جبح الزلف انهيوك😂💙

  • MirulOnTheWall 93
    MirulOnTheWall 93 13 hours ago

    Where is heechul? I was waiting for his rap

    • hizbullah bakri
      hizbullah bakri Hour ago

      KIM HEECHUL don't take part in Lo Siento promotion due to his health issue.

  • Aude __
    Aude __ 13 hours ago

    ok but when Jiwoo came I lost it but when I saw Somin I couldn't focus on anyone else but her, her voice is really clear when Jiwoo's voice is deeper and more groovy? I really love this collab

  • Chloe Jeon
    Chloe Jeon 13 hours ago +1

    Why does Eunhyuk's clothes so loose? 😂😂

  • hi, i'm T
    hi, i'm T 14 hours ago


  • hi, i'm T
    hi, i'm T 14 hours ago +2

    jiwoo came through and i died

  • Mohammed Farhad
    Mohammed Farhad 14 hours ago +1

    BM amd Jseph got so mad now 😂

  • Hyunna Lee
    Hyunna Lee 14 hours ago

    *Eu só queria ser a SOMIM...;---;*

  • Reigne officials
    Reigne officials 14 hours ago +1

    Somin 😍

  • Jihyun_Is _Drawing
    Jihyun_Is _Drawing 14 hours ago +1

    is it just me? cuz i prefer this better than the original :p
    just my opinion, not hate plez-//shot

  • ella Enrile
    ella Enrile 14 hours ago +2

    They made the best decision to feature the girls. They know how to work with males since they're a co-ed group and this type of music is theirs like KARD slays upbeat songs and the girls are so charismatic that they turn everyone gay. Sigh.

  • Fishann hsu
    Fishann hsu 14 hours ago +1


  • Kun MiNG
    Kun MiNG 15 hours ago

    Wow!! 4.7M เจ๋งอะ Super Junior fighting 😆😁💙

  • Marry Thơm
    Marry Thơm 15 hours ago +1

    wow, great. this comeback to success

  • Linh An Trịnh
    Linh An Trịnh 15 hours ago

    It's so cool!!!

  • sol m
    sol m 15 hours ago

    "Lo sieentoo "
    Wait ... "lo shiieeeentou"

  • ハセガワカズエ
    ハセガワカズエ 16 hours ago

    The only thing i dislike is eunhyuk's pants.

  • imzeronine
    imzeronine 16 hours ago

    where is heechul and henry?

    • hizbullah bakri
      hizbullah bakri Hour ago

      KIM HEECHUL don't take part in Lo Siento promotion due to his health issue. Henry is in super junior m member.

    • NLLY AT
      NLLY AT 15 hours ago

      imzeronine Henry is super junior m member

  • imzeronine
    imzeronine 16 hours ago

    where is heechul??

  • Got7officialwife mrsgot7
    Got7officialwife mrsgot7 16 hours ago +2


  • marleli dwi nartita
    marleli dwi nartita 17 hours ago

    Koreografinya mantapppp

  • Nhi Nguyễn
    Nhi Nguyễn 17 hours ago

    It’s 4,7M. Why don’t we make it 5M now? 😆

  • Julylamb _
    Julylamb _ 17 hours ago


  • JungKook's Bitch
    JungKook's Bitch 17 hours ago

    kard i love yu

  • ukie super
    ukie super 18 hours ago

    to old

  • Leo Cas7ro
    Leo Cas7ro 18 hours ago

    K.A.R.D donos do meu cu

  • jeyoen j
    jeyoen j 18 hours ago +1

    kings will always be kings
    super junior are the best ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • hania nadeem
    hania nadeem 18 hours ago

    i dont get it . Is this song in mexican language or korean ?

  • Ooh Tarry
    Ooh Tarry 19 hours ago


  • althea naad
    althea naad 19 hours ago

    Someone answer plss where is heechul xc

    • hizbullah bakri
      hizbullah bakri Hour ago

      KIM HEECHUL don't take part in Lo Siento promotion due to his health issue. But he is in the MV. To anybody who already miss him, you can watch the MV and please pray for KIM HEECHUL health.

  • althea naad
    althea naad 19 hours ago

    Wer is heechul??

  • Amalia Zulkafli
    Amalia Zulkafli 19 hours ago

    Can someone tell me where is hee chul?

    • L1_lly
      L1_lly 19 hours ago

      he won't be dancing because of his leg injury caused by a car accident some years ago

    ELF SJ4EVER ILYSJ 20 hours ago

    let streaming more !!!

  • Jewelrey
    Jewelrey 20 hours ago +4

    You'll never guess Hyuk was injured by seeing this. His professionalism ...
    He danced incredibly during take, yet needs to be hold when stepping down from the stage. His dedication is no joke ;__;

  • Runaway Strawberry
    Runaway Strawberry 20 hours ago +1


  • Phương Nguyễn
    Phương Nguyễn 20 hours ago

    incresing view of MV

  • matsuri chan
    matsuri chan 20 hours ago +2

    Somin and jiwoo really match with this song they have charisma on stage love them

  • Elierna Waty
    Elierna Waty 20 hours ago

    waoo so amazing performance.. 😍😍😍

  • Pamela Vega
    Pamela Vega 21 hour ago

    Everyone is growing mullets and I really like it

  • 소미
    소미 21 hour ago +1

    Tbh i like it with Leslie Grace more haha

  • hanny pebrian
    hanny pebrian 22 hours ago +1

    somin menang banyak 😁😍😍

  • Dương Thùy
    Dương Thùy 22 hours ago

    Love from VIETNAM

  • Andi Ratna Armas
    Andi Ratna Armas 22 hours ago

    Love more this song 😍😍😍

    JIAHAO STYLE 22 hours ago

    Damn somin visual really like GOO HA RA(KARA MEMBER)❤!

  • Hanna Yeon
    Hanna Yeon 23 hours ago +3

    I don't have nothing with this two girls.. But I wanted to see the girl who sing in MV. But, I liked anyway :)

    • siwon kyuhyun
      siwon kyuhyun Hour ago

      Hanna Yeon u will see leslie and playnskillz collab this song in ss7 world tour latin america they now in Argentina

  • SJ Trash
    SJ Trash 23 hours ago

    For all those wondering where is Heechul, let the man himself answer you!

    2DAYS YUKI 23 hours ago

    Why suddenly Kard?? Wtf omg this Comeback is awesome!!! Im shocked