Used Downhill Bike gets Fixed, Ridden, and Named

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • This story is as much about a used $500 downhill mountain bike as it is about Kevin's progression as a rider. Less than two years ago, Kevin started mountain biking in earnest. Up until that time he had only borrowed bikes and/or ridden casually.
    To avoid abusing his enduro bike, Kevin bought a used downhill bike for $500, but it needed some TLC. With a very minimal investment, he and I got the bike running well enough to take to Windrock for a proper test.
    Now the bike needs more work, but it's officially part of Kevin's fleet.
    Kevin's TheXvid Channel
    Kevin's First Downhill Ride
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  • Seth's Bike Hacks
    Seth's Bike Hacks  3 months ago +1476

    When the trap beat drops you know Kevin is about to wild out

    • MrAllben
      MrAllben 9 days ago

      В россии за такой байк просили бы 1000$

    • Gaming and Riding with billy
      Gaming and Riding with billy 22 days ago

      Seth's Bike Hacks is that bike a giant because.I LOVE GIANTS

    • Tinzalix
      Tinzalix Month ago

      I read this right when it happened 😆

    • Chris Morris
      Chris Morris Month ago

      Wouldn't the dot 5.1 fluid form the codes destroy the seals of the shimano calliper

    • MTB Shredder
      MTB Shredder 2 months ago

      Seth's Bike Hacks You’re the only person I know that would have their friend friend waltz into your garage and and fix his broken bike and basically do a complete rebuild..mad respect ✊

  • VickyDaGucci
    VickyDaGucci 2 days ago +2

    That beat drop literally gave me goosebumps

  • KraFcU
    KraFcU 2 days ago

    For 500 bucks i will take that smashed glory

  • alex morgan is here
    alex morgan is here 4 days ago +3

    6:40 your gunna need a lawyer for that case

  • crimtamer, one big family

    This sounds like a porn title

  • Birge Hansen
    Birge Hansen 5 days ago +1

    I was a Road rider when 1 of my friends told me that I should try bmx and now it’s in my heart

  • Louis Stanley
    Louis Stanley 8 days ago

    That Giant Glory does come stock with those brakes by the way

  • John Fillingham
    John Fillingham 12 days ago

    I wish this was more about fixing up a second hand bike, checking it over from top to bottom, stripping it down and putting it back together.. have you done this on a previous episode???

  • Barnaby MTB
    Barnaby MTB 12 days ago +1

    I just bought a carbon dh bike off ebay for £2100. I hope its on good condition so i dont have to buy new parts

    YABOY _GAMING 13 days ago +1

    What kinda bike was Kevin riding??

  • andrew scrivo
    andrew scrivo 14 days ago

    Thank you for getting him off the streets , no prob with road bikes in the residential areas but stay out of 45 mph roads n getting in turn lanes

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 14 days ago

    This is the last time we saw the hack shack.

  • rave Hip hopp
    rave Hip hopp 14 days ago

    can i buy for 600

  • lmao 1337
    lmao 1337 15 days ago

    My mb did cost 700$

  • Tommy Gaffney
    Tommy Gaffney 15 days ago

    When jah pulls up

  • Dylan eagleton
    Dylan eagleton 16 days ago

    Yes those brakes and chainring are stock😂

  • Trap
    Trap 16 days ago

    I wish i have a cyclist father : (

  • tony shark
    tony shark 17 days ago

    Snowshoe wv

  • Forsburg4 BTW
    Forsburg4 BTW 17 days ago

    My grand parents own snowshoe

  • Michael Teeple
    Michael Teeple 17 days ago

    Kevin has a skid in his undies and its straight through to his ass.

  • Welber Salles
    Welber Salles 18 days ago +2

    I’m the same way too - roady converting into mtb. Decided to get a $1k full suspension and basically beat everybody going down the trail in their $5k plus bikes like they are standing still. So here I am selling my roady and “entry” mtb to get a proper carbon dh bike 👌🏻 here’s for 2020 mtb season 🍾🙌🏻

  • Madbrown Tv
    Madbrown Tv 18 days ago

    dont have MTB too please give me one

  • Wills Ohrnberger
    Wills Ohrnberger 18 days ago +1

    Watching this video inspired me to find a project bike, found a decent shape frame and suspension bike for $700, worked on the brakes and the shop bled them, replaced the headset bearing and tightened some stuff and it was good to go!

  • James Price
    James Price 18 days ago +2

    Dude..those bikes go for much mo than that used, he is very fortunate!

  • Dominic Thanzinga
    Dominic Thanzinga 18 days ago

    What is the music name on 6:5

  • Flying cherries Cherry
    Flying cherries Cherry 18 days ago +1

    Thank you so much for showing me that video I have more confidence in myself thank you so much you save my life for mountain bike Ing I wish I could pay you back you guys are one of the best mountain biking channels

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson 19 days ago +7

    Kevin liked bmx for the thrill.
    He like road biking for the speed.
    Kevin was good at both.
    Kevin was unknowingly setting himself up to conquer mountains.

  • David Gillispie
    David Gillispie 19 days ago

    one of us, One Of Us, ONE OF US!

  • Tbds77
    Tbds77 20 days ago

    Seth I want to get into MTB but I don't know what bike I should look into, do you have any suggestions?!

  • Martin Letelier
    Martin Letelier 22 days ago

    “We had to use an old derailleur” slaps on a top of the range shimano saint derailleur 🤣

  • jerry maurer
    jerry maurer 22 days ago

    Sledge O

  • raheem gahel
    raheem gahel 23 days ago

    Road bike my ass! He cut his teeth 100% on BMX and that's super obvious.

  • Matt Snyder
    Matt Snyder 23 days ago +1

    I love the ending line: " That looks safe right?"

  • Das Morbo
    Das Morbo 24 days ago

    LMAO Downhill Mountainbiking being saver?!?!?!? Seth you kiddin' right? I am a roadie myself for about 15 years, and (by no small influence of yours) I'll be a Downhiller in the near future. I am scared by the idea... and hyped as f***! What I want to say is this: Downhill is pure adrenalin glory but also has the potential to so much worse crashes and injuries.

    Hell I washed out of a turn yesterday... nothing serious but you just crash so much more on mounties.

  • Versace Warfare
    Versace Warfare 26 days ago +4

    Damn Kevin straight up sagging while downhill biking

  • ackthet
    ackthet 28 days ago

    The shade... the shade of it all...

  • ft goggi
    ft goggi 28 days ago

    Kevin needs a heavier coil on that rear shock to accommodate the extra weight of his ridiculously huge balls!!!

  • Equalizer
    Equalizer 28 days ago

    Why did you used "careless Whisper" on the part his shorts blew off

  • KingKracker
    KingKracker 29 days ago


  • Kota Hyatt
    Kota Hyatt Month ago

    Come up to Pennsylvania, im 9, love ur vids, they great

  • Teodor Kirilov
    Teodor Kirilov Month ago

    The gloru he rides and the single speed he use at that glory is slop style bike. The slop atyle bikes are mountine bikes but with single speed kit

  • Casey Hill
    Casey Hill Month ago

    That bash guard tho... OMG!

  • Philip gdog
    Philip gdog Month ago

    Whatever you do don’t lend Kevin your bike he will destroy it haha. He smashed everything looks like a good jumper he got balls 🏀

  • Your Favorite Cyclist

    Awesome bike! Need to pick myself up a cheap downhill bike to hit the big boy trails with.

  • youri 046
    youri 046 Month ago

    I also want this I work hard i am saving money 3 years long and I have a long time to go 😭😭😭

  • Izrock
    Izrock Month ago

    at 1:18 he is at my favorite resort

  • James Nolan
    James Nolan Month ago +2

    I could ride that bike 8 hrs a day, every day for a year and as I approached that red bull drop my mind would be shouting 'no, no NO... !!!' Kevin's got balls and talent. I've got balls, just they're different to Kevin's.

  • one 86 boi
    one 86 boi Month ago

    i bought a santa cruz vp free 2008 for 600$ in mint condition with brand new marzocci bombers on the front and a few other things. its an amazing bike.

  • Centrix Plays
    Centrix Plays Month ago

    Yesterday I went on a trail and my fucking tail light broke off of my bike

  • Fish Moto
    Fish Moto Month ago

    His shorts hit the tire and then they got nocked off

  • Brian Postlethwaite

    "safer" .... oh I don't know about that.

  • GingerWithUhJ
    GingerWithUhJ Month ago

    3:58 drama opens the door by himself

  • Coastal
    Coastal Month ago +314

    *me doesn’t mountain bike
    *also me watches hours of mountain biking vids

    • David
      David 7 days ago +1

      Try to find a local trail, you’ll be surprised how fun it can be (you should go with someone who’s experienced though)

    • Stephen Beaudion
      Stephen Beaudion 12 days ago

      I just started 3 months ago. Believe me, it's extremely fun. Nothing better than being scared out of your mind going downhill not knowing what to do and then learning from the experience. Only thing is you have to pedal back up.

    • Joshua Kawalek
      Joshua Kawalek 15 days ago +2

      You need to try it, it's the best

    • James Whitfield
      James Whitfield 17 days ago +2

      Give it a go!

    • Maksim Kuznetsov
      Maksim Kuznetsov 25 days ago

      Coastal same

  • iCore ZX14R
    iCore ZX14R Month ago

    After watching that thing pull Kevin's shorts down I'd call that thing "The Egg Toaster"!

  • Einhalberzoo
    Einhalberzoo Month ago

    I Just bought a very good canyon torque dhx for 750€ and feel so lucky about it, despite the compression control of the Fork such as the rebound where broken and i will have to fit in New Shock bearings (don't know Hoe to Name them correctly) itis in best conditions and will support my Addiction for at least 2 more years 😅

  • angga setyo
    angga setyo Month ago

    Of course he already master mtb, he always befriend with bicycle for long ago

  • netsecurityregulator
    netsecurityregulator Month ago +5

    this guys sounds like practical psychology

  • Ashok Patel
    Ashok Patel Month ago

    that beat was fire

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson Month ago +2

    Seth I think you should give Kevin one of you bikers since you have so many and you don’t ride all of them.

  • Andrew Littleton
    Andrew Littleton Month ago

    My dad and I used to ride motorcycles there. Forgot there was a bunch of MTB trails too.