37 GIRLY BEAUTY TRICKS || How To Look Prettier

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
    Hello, girls! This video is full of beautiful ideas that will help to prevent wrinkles and make your skin look younger. Facial exercises are not only a perfect way to look younger, but also they help you to strengthen facial muscles, reduce saggy skin in the face. A lot of girls are not satisfied with their noses and they think that the nose is too big. There are two nonsurgical ways to slim down your nose: to contour your nose using bronzer and highlighter. And the second one is to do certain exercises we share in our video. Follow these steps: make an “O” shape with your mouth, with index fingers gently push your nostrils. Look up at the ceiling and keep gently pushing. Repeat this exercise 10 times, 3 sets every day. Another exercise will help you to add volume to the upper lip.
    If your lips look pale and you want to plump them we know a perfect natural recipe. Mix wasabi and yogurt and apply for a few minutes. Body glow may cost a lot but you can easily make it at home. Combine body oil and highlighter. Your skin will look flawless. Check out a cheap way to whiten teeth - mix baking soda and toothpaste. Apply for five minutes and rinse. Find a full tutorial!
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    00:01 How to slim down your nose
    00:59 Wasabi for your lips
    02:01 Fake freckles
    03:01 Exercises to laugh lines
    09:35 DIY Lip gloss
    10:44 DIY Body glow
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  • Abby Scott
    Abby Scott 6 days ago

    1:30, that tape had to bother her. Also, 1:40

  • Abby Scott
    Abby Scott 6 days ago

    0:53, I hope that was not her real hair she cut off. I hope it was just a hair extension. Lol.😂

  • Brooke Ray obrien
    Brooke Ray obrien 6 days ago

    "Liife hack lifeline how may I help you?"
    "Hii so uhm my foundation is too dark, can you help me."
    "Sure sweetie just grab some lotion and mix the foundation with it until you get the right color."
    "Oh okay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
    "Got it?"
    "Oh nO NoW It'S tOo DaRk!"
    *Hangs up*

  • Sorina Omusoru
    Sorina Omusoru 17 days ago

    3:54 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hicham Fes
    Hicham Fes 19 days ago


  • Nizhoni James
    Nizhoni James 19 days ago +1

    0:48 just buy a new eyeshadow brush🤣

  • Joanna Talarkowska
    Joanna Talarkowska 23 days ago

    What how does this work
    I mean girl

  • Mallika Parvez
    Mallika Parvez 23 days ago +1

    how many will going to do this regularly????💕💕💕🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • #tagASMR
    #tagASMR 24 days ago +5

    Me: see’s thumbnail
    Also me: do not ever try to iron your nose 🤣😱

  • Gaming With Jules!
    Gaming With Jules! 24 days ago

    0:25 her poor hair :(

  • Michael Reif
    Michael Reif 25 days ago

    who watches it but
    never does it...

  • vida lieu
    vida lieu 25 days ago

    Sis hope that wasabi didn’t get in your mouth with the yogurt also

  • Vann Life
    Vann Life 25 days ago

    Omg why would you cut your hair just for a brush

  • Lena N
    Lena N 26 days ago

    Nie ma jak to malować się swoimi włosami

  • Stella Voutsina
    Stella Voutsina 26 days ago

    This woth the hair to make it a brush doesn't work because some days after you cut your hair they turn black and rough

  • Mehmet Emin Üçler
    Mehmet Emin Üçler 26 days ago

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  • Ellie
    Ellie 26 days ago

    Imagine walking in on someone doing those exercises...

  • Ellie
    Ellie 26 days ago

    Who tF TapEs THeir SkIn TOgetHER!?!?!

  • Skittles. SKITTLES!!!!

    0:28 literally TELLING YOU TO *CUT OFF YOUR HAIR* !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazmin Turner
    Jazmin Turner 26 days ago

    I wanted to rip the tape off and see if any hair would come off

    *send help*

  • Jazmin Turner
    Jazmin Turner 26 days ago

    The first one was off-brand plastic surgery.

  • Chloe Soule
    Chloe Soule 26 days ago

    Its kinda groos that she uses her hair to apply makeup when it is cheaper to just buy a brush

  • Squishy Sisters
    Squishy Sisters 26 days ago

    0:25 not to be mean but who is that poor to do that?
    Just me like if you aggre

  • everyone ever
    everyone ever 27 days ago


  • aaj ka sabaq
    aaj ka sabaq 27 days ago

    I will not cut my hair for just a brush

  • Winnie Salma
    Winnie Salma 27 days ago

    All those old hacks just a few new😡

  • Boe Driggers
    Boe Driggers 27 days ago

    Is it so hard too go to the store to get a 1$ makeup brush then to cut you’re hair ?

  • Sidnei Lima
    Sidnei Lima 27 days ago

    Mds qm vai cortar o cabelo só pra fazer um negócio pro olho 😑

  • ada alvarez
    ada alvarez 27 days ago +1

    okay but the hair one got me..
    why not just buy a one dollar paint brush
    what the title should REALLY be: dumb ways to make your “life easier”

  • Kike Kofo
    Kike Kofo 27 days ago


  • Madhavi Singh
    Madhavi Singh 27 days ago

    Who will cut our hair to make a brush. 😒😒😒😒😒😒😞😞

  • Harmony Beck
    Harmony Beck 27 days ago

    Who watched these and never tries them

  • Isabel Aria Joachim
    Isabel Aria Joachim 27 days ago

    Title : How to look prettier
    Me : wow, way to make me feel less insecure. Thanks a lot 5 minute crafts

  • Million Belay
    Million Belay 27 days ago


  • Sage Ramos
    Sage Ramos 27 days ago +1

    Girls around the world: I wish I had bigger lips
    5min crafts: JuSt BuRn YoUr SkIn!

  • Cheshta Dua
    Cheshta Dua 27 days ago +1

    I found that funny 😂

  • Tilila Simi Sikuea
    Tilila Simi Sikuea 27 days ago

    Heyyy SONIA

  • Charlotte Fraietta
    Charlotte Fraietta 27 days ago

    These are terrible! Ladies you don’t have to look beautiful all the time, and if you want to put tape all over yourself to make yourself look skinnier or violently rip the hair off your legs, that’s your choice but remember you are beautiful the way you are.

  • Charlotte Fraietta
    Charlotte Fraietta 27 days ago

    This is Kent Brockman reporting live

  • I don’t have a rap name Please help

    So coloring on your self is going to make you have abs

  • Haneen Abadi
    Haneen Abadi 27 days ago

    quit steeling your girls make up

  • Haneen Abadi
    Haneen Abadi 27 days ago

    you werked half your closet and like 7 make up prodocts for 1 only 1 date like chill.

  • Haneen Abadi
    Haneen Abadi 27 days ago

    I am raging are you broke no so go buy a make up brush they barly cost 5 dollars

  • Allyson Garza
    Allyson Garza 27 days ago

    So to be beautiful you have to tape your skin back so you look skinnier?

  • Madison M
    Madison M 27 days ago

    Anyone else remember when the music to these videos werent trash, it used to always just be a calming instrumental melody. Now we just have
    "What are you gunna do with all that green? Ima feed my monkeys with it"

  • Abhijeet Jadhav
    Abhijeet Jadhav 27 days ago +1

    who is real fan of this channel hit a like

  • Rafaela Schuler
    Rafaela Schuler 27 days ago

    Que nojento esses gestos que ela faz

  • Jay Weese
    Jay Weese 27 days ago

    1:16 1:22 you faked wiping that off your lips

  • Sirenia Castro
    Sirenia Castro 27 days ago

    Foundation did not match

  • Kaylah Fuentes
    Kaylah Fuentes 27 days ago

    That is dumb to make a makeup brush out of your hair and disgusting at the same time

  • Fran n
    Fran n 27 days ago

    That lady really tapped her neck... 😎

  • Blazing Blasian
    Blazing Blasian 27 days ago

    That first girl has so many blackheads it kills me

  • Leane Ride
    Leane Ride 27 days ago

    Nul a chier

  • Duda Pavarini
    Duda Pavarini 27 days ago


  • Andi Oop
    Andi Oop 27 days ago

    5 minutes trash

  • Tashnee Naidoo
    Tashnee Naidoo 28 days ago

    These are such great hacks and smiple

  • Sad Editz
    Sad Editz 28 days ago

    Fist of all, the thumb nail.... WHO WOULD USE A STRAIGHTENER TO MAKE THEIR NOSE SMALLER???

  • Beth Stones
    Beth Stones 28 days ago

    And your teeth are definitely that yellow ...

  • music sounds
    music sounds 28 days ago

    Why don't they tell us what it's going to do

  • Amaan Asif
    Amaan Asif 28 days ago

    I don't know why but I always get excited when on the comments it says read more