Second Story Loft and Tractor Logging / Log Cabin Update- Ep 11.15

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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    Today I began the construction of a second story loft in the cabin. My dad joined me to do some sawmill work on the loft joists. I took the tractor out to do some cedar logging, and my good friend helped me debark the logs. My poor chainsaw finally broke on me, but with a quick repair I was back to work in no time!
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    My dad and I have been on a journey to build our own log cabin. This series of videos is a 'behind-the-scenes' look of our bigger "Log Cabin on a Budget" series:
    Equipment I use:
    Trail Cam:
    Fiskars Axe-
    Pocket Knife-
    Fixed Blade Knife-
    Solar Power Bank:
    Solar Panel (similar)-
    Propane Cook Stove-
    Little Power Bank-
    Handheld flashlight:
    Camping Wood Stove-
    Backup Camcorder-
    Flexible Tripod-
    Cordless Drills-
    Chainsaw (Poulan)-
    Chainsaw (Echo)-
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Comments • 440

  • Eric Hill
    Eric Hill 2 months ago

    you do good work you and your dad keep making video and how tall are you and be safe

  • Let The Chips Fly
    Let The Chips Fly 2 months ago

    I am a pro saw jock and I will simply say this as to your Poulan saw. If you pull the cord and it runs, it does not matter what name is on the side cover. Your channel is an inspiration and I for one notice the Word open in multiple videos too. A humble man is a blessing to all that cross his path.God is good, keep the chips flying !

  • Shannon Frauenhoffer
    Shannon Frauenhoffer 3 months ago

    Ive never had a problem with Poulan chainsaws but there is quite a difference in vibration from a poulan to a stihl or husky..I have a 30 year old Echo that I can run all day with very little vibration from the handle

  • MasotankaTV
    MasotankaTV 3 months ago

    I use to work for LOWE'S when I was younger in inside and outside lawn and garden. When it comes to Poulan chainsaws, The key
    making them last longer when you're not using them run all the fuel out and replace it with STA-BIL storage.

  • Annette Millette
    Annette Millette 3 months ago


  • Annette Millette
    Annette Millette 3 months ago

    lovely union with grandpa and grandsons.

  • Bobbie Mooser
    Bobbie Mooser 3 months ago

    Hope your wife is feeling better❤️love your channel.

  • Ao1968
    Ao1968 3 months ago

    THe better ya are at something..the less you need to do it...

  • SAM Cooper
    SAM Cooper 3 months ago

    I agree with using the chain saws often, like any-two stroke motor they need use or proper storage when not using. Snowmobiles are a perfect example. I sure do miss riding sleds in Minnesota! Another great episode thanks!

  • cowboy rides 2
    cowboy rides 2 3 months ago


  • Scott Roberts
    Scott Roberts 3 months ago

    I've had a poulan saw for about 12 years now, a 3640 that I originally bought to stuff in a backpack on a dirtbike to clear trails with, but since then has gone through stages of being used for firewood collection and also stages of disuse for years at a time, and that thing still starts and runs like a clock every single time.
    i recently replaced my old husky 262xp with a husky 565 for my main firewood saw, but even with the bigger saw I find myself reaching for the little poulan 90% of the time when i have a trunk to limb or a small job to do, and i still stuff it into a backpack to clear dirt bike trails every now and then as well, it's been a great little saw.

  • Dark Archer
    Dark Archer 3 months ago

    Deforestation must be condemned on the international gradation.

  • Chris McConnell
    Chris McConnell 4 months ago

    I like Poulan , chain saws , I've had mine for over 20 years. it needs a new sprocket, and when I need to use it again , i'll change it

  • Gabriel Strom
    Gabriel Strom 4 months ago

    I own a tree company, I use both Stihl and Huskys, after years of using both, I would recommend Husky over Stihl, Stihl isn’t the company it once was, I never have problems with the huskys, but the Stihl needs work at least a couple times a year. I’ve been hearing about guys going with lower end cheaper saws and just replacing them more often and these are pros in my field, it’s just a matter of what your doing with them I suppose. If your going to buy a Stihl, buy an older model before the chip was put in them, much better saw in my opinion

  • Derek Lavella
    Derek Lavella 4 months ago

    Ive owned both stihl and husquvarna.go with the husky

  • Henry Phelps
    Henry Phelps 4 months ago

    I have steel I've had Husqvarna the best chainsaw I ever had was a Sears Turbo real lightweight with a 16 inch bar boy I miss that chainsaw . I bought it new I used it for 35 years and I still sold it at a yard sale for 125 bucks the worst thing I ever did .
    No matter how long it sat on the Shelf even if I forgot and left gas in it top it off with some fresh and it start right up .
    I've got in the habit over the years of only putting premium fuel in all my gasoline engines it does make a big difference . especially when driving in the Rocky Mountains and dealing with altitude change whether you using the chainsaw or any piece of equipment the altitude change is the biggest problem here .
    I watched some great videos a little while back on how to really clean a carburetor and you need these micro flexible drill bits is what they are the clean out the ports . they're really not that expensive but I didn't buy any I have a couple sets of torch head reamers really just miniature rat tail files or micro miniature might be a better way to describe them .
    if I could run everything on diesel or propane I definitely would , I've had a lot better performance with the altitude changes .

  • oo oo
    oo oo 4 months ago

    should have just used shipping containers and a mini ex

  • Thomas LeMay
    Thomas LeMay 4 months ago

    You need to clean up the chain oiling system

  • Louis L
    Louis L 4 months ago

    Great comments about using equipment, regardless of quality. Excellent point by Ronald Ziehlke a month ago... Take care of your equipment, and it takes care of you! You also make an excellent point. "Use it, or lose it!" Worst thing than wearing equipment down, is letting it sit too long. Amen! On Point! (Industrial Equipment Specialist for over 20 years... I LOVE my tools!)

  • presbyterosBassI
    presbyterosBassI 4 months ago

    See Mustie 1. If your gas engine sits with gasohol in it, it will crap up the carb.

    • daveat191
      daveat191 4 months ago

      It's not the alcohol, it's the other junk in gas.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 5 months ago

    you keep poulan and poulanb and poulan and it just won't start.

  • MooseTrails Woodworking

    I love the bird songs! I could listen to that all day. When this cabin is done, I want to see footage of you and the Mrs enjoying a coffee on the porch listening to the birds. In fact, maybe I better come make the coffee for you 😄

  • dick Peppe
    dick Peppe 5 months ago

    What you have achieved is fantastic! Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Thomas Hollingshad
    Thomas Hollingshad 5 months ago

    do not use ethanol gas in chain saws it melts the small tubing gas lines ,, do not run the saw always wide open , sawing slower makes the saw engine last longer plus the chain doesn't get hot and curl the cut edge off

  • Thomas Hollingshad
    Thomas Hollingshad 5 months ago

    looks like you got the last bit of use outta that sprocket

  • Thomas Hollingshad
    Thomas Hollingshad 5 months ago

    why didn't you finish the floor and get a big hardwood floor sander

  • gerard bourque
    gerard bourque 5 months ago


  • Tree Climbing
    Tree Climbing 5 months ago

    I luv your style. Old School
    Not with $100s of thousands of Equipment, like so many others.
    Heated, Air Conditioned Cabs with Stereo Radio and BlueTooth. 💪🏼

  • Josh P
    Josh P 5 months ago

    SloMo high kick for the win!!! Uh berry niccceee.

  • Leeder David
    Leeder David 5 months ago

    My grandfather cut ~ 20 cord of firewood a year with a Poulan, for over 15 years. They can last, if you take care of them.

  • umefunasone together
    umefunasone together 5 months ago

    such a manly man....

  • David B
    David B 5 months ago +1

    Thanks for the great video with us.

  • forty two
    forty two 5 months ago

    There's nothing wrong with Poulan. Proper fuel,/oil mixture, good fuel filter, sharp chain, bar oil and let the poor machine warm up before going full bore sure helps. Don't leave fuel in saw idle for any length of time

  • Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes 5 months ago

    loft seems low to me, another foot higher or so and your 6 foot buddies can enjoy the cabin as well. Just a thought

  • Nunya Buisness
    Nunya Buisness 5 months ago

    Entry level saws are crap because the users are entry level users.

  • Marilyn Taylor
    Marilyn Taylor 5 months ago +3

    Poulans have served me and my family very well for years. In fact, we usually buy them used, super cheap, do a bit of maintenance and/or minor repair, and viola! They work like gang busters .

  • Ray Conger
    Ray Conger 5 months ago

    Am intending to go back and review your video that tells about the trailered saw mill we see @ 16:43.

  • The Vegan Bug
    The Vegan Bug 5 months ago

    Once in a while my wife catches me watching your videos and she asks me why????
    I say: babe, you will never understand, this is like a drug, it makes you relax and feel good 😅😂😂

  • TheStephenmonroe
    TheStephenmonroe 5 months ago

    Nice gyn pole, did you make it yourself?

  • Mike Whitted
    Mike Whitted 5 months ago

    3 boards at the bottom to keep the bow down.

  • Robert Duncan
    Robert Duncan 5 months ago

    You'r doing a great job keeping up the good work and condolences to you and your family again

  • Peter Emery
    Peter Emery 5 months ago +1

    I hadn't previously noticed the ballast weights on the tractor's front wheels - is that a recent addition?

  • Alpine Frontiersman
    Alpine Frontiersman 5 months ago

    Should grow a beard

  • Dennis Conlon
    Dennis Conlon 5 months ago

    I started out with a Homlite Super XL chain saw. That saw cut many cords of fire wood for me and most people consider it a home owners saw.

  • Amy Bice
    Amy Bice 5 months ago

    I think it is great that you took on this project with your dad. I make it a point to spend a lot of time with my son. I am fourth and he will be fifth generation owner of our family farm land. Hopefully he will take the time to spend with me one day. We spend a lot of time at the farm when he is out of school during the summer. I found your videos researching sawmills. I have been gathering old power poles to repurpose into a cabin. It has to be treated wood in Alabama. The climate here makes most untreated highly susceptible to rapid rotting. He and I are anxiously awaiting your next video.

  • David Leblanc
    David Leblanc 5 months ago

    you need some duct tape..

  • DwinDEW
    DwinDEW 5 months ago +1

    Red Green actually says, " If it ain't broke you weren't trying hard enough!" 😆🤣

  • Fon Hollohan
    Fon Hollohan 5 months ago

    Coming along just fine. looks Good bruh.

  • Morgen Dufseth
    Morgen Dufseth 5 months ago

    when he said that other trees need coasting (or whatever the word is)
    i imagined someone telling a tree to 'tip over you can do it!'

  • Tyrone B
    Tyrone B 5 months ago

    My first complaint, the Episode numbers where so easy to follow when they fit in the first part of the title. I now have to play a game to get to the next video that is next or accidentally watch out of sequence...

  • Scott Fuller
    Scott Fuller 5 months ago +2

    You're allowed to be proud,
    You used what you had
    Helped by your dad
    Your work was inspired
    Despite you were tired
    As you had a great factor
    In using your tractor
    Through the mud on the forest floor
    To help out by hooking and hauling
    And cut logs for your cabins door
    Slowly it rose one log at a time
    Keeping costs to,less than a dime
    And as those walls rise up to the roof
    You'll become quite proud and aloof
    Adding windows then allowing in light
    Will no doubt become a great sight
    A fireplace too will be good for you
    And warm up your cabin and soul

    And then you need add
    A welcoming bed for your dad
    And cook up some soup in a bowl
    Soon your cabin will host
    Those you do love the most
    The love of your life...your wife...!
    With best regards for safety and success.....
    Scott Fuller
    (Canadian Forces 1964-2004)

  • Brian Whiting
    Brian Whiting 5 months ago

    Couple of months ago you had people stealing wood did the camera system ever pick them up or maybe catch anything interesting Crossing in front of it love how the cabin is progressing especially considering how little time you have to work on it I'm thinking about having some place out in the middle of nowhere like that myself videos like this one will be a great help when it comes time to doing that

  • John  Oakson
    John Oakson 5 months ago

    Hi, hang in there Brother.God bless you and yours!!!

  • Ben Walters
    Ben Walters 5 months ago

    Nice work mate

  • Super Dave
    Super Dave 5 months ago

    Anxiously awaiting your next video. Sincerely hoping there are no obstacles in the lives of your family that is delaying getting that roof framed up.

  • Humanity Killed The Cat
    Humanity Killed The Cat 5 months ago +3

    Your channel has really done something special for me. I found your channel two years ago while I was in a very dark place, and watching your videos always make me oddly peaceful and happy. Thank you, Outsider ☺️

  • Robert Tomkinson
    Robert Tomkinson 5 months ago +1

    13:39 I thought I was watching an episode of Kung Fu.

  • Kopi_basher
    Kopi_basher 5 months ago

    do a sexy wood falling montage

  • Zachary Schweter
    Zachary Schweter 5 months ago

    dude.... get going.... dying for next vid

    BETTY CHILLDRES 5 months ago

    OUT SIDER... YOU have been working on this log cabin for what... about 2 or 3 years now. Why is it taking you SO LONG? By the time you get it finnished ...
    it will have ROTTED OUT by then!! 🤔
    * THE OLD PIONEERS would have had this up and LIVING IN ...
    ... in less than ((1 week))!!
    ** GOOD LUCK !! 😁... 🤔