Exclusive: Michael Owen speaks to talkSPORT's Sports Breakfast

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Michael Owen joined Alan Brazil and his former Newcastle boss Sam Allardyce on the Sports Breakfast to discuss his explosive new autobiography.
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Comments • 381

  • Colmpeter Cassidy
    Colmpeter Cassidy 17 days ago

    Who's the purple guy?

    • Colmpeter Cassidy
      Colmpeter Cassidy 17 days ago

      Seriously he looks very unhealthy,he makes big Sam look fit

  • William Davies
    William Davies 17 days ago

    Alan eat a salad once in a while.

  • dan wallace
    dan wallace 22 days ago

    alan brazil looks like a ribena berry . owen is just a little twat

  • jimboslice613
    jimboslice613 26 days ago

    Most boring cunt in football history. Prick.

  • SpareTelly
    SpareTelly 28 days ago

    Your you tube channel is terrible.you need to sack um x

  • Anthony Proud
    Anthony Proud 29 days ago +1

    My god sunna let it go...got paid for sitting on ya arse with no Dummy!

  • Father Jack Hackett
    Father Jack Hackett Month ago +1

    Brazil’s head is slowly consuming his face! 😱

  • Father Jack Hackett

    Hmm Aston Villa in a relegation scrap is hardly a big game for you and the fact you didn’t want to play for Newcastle says otherwise Michael

  • Jason Burke
    Jason Burke Month ago +2

    Micheal owen is a bitter, an underachiever injury prone player...plus ashit pundit...remember for about 3 to 4 seasons he said afc would not finish in the top 4 and every season we did....not only that is just ashit pundit....keep doing your day job collecting rent lol....your afar more better landlord than you was a footballer..and an over rated one at that....

  • invincibles 04
    invincibles 04 Month ago

    Nothing like 'Blowing yr own trumpet' is there 'Michael Owen? 🙄
    Alan Brazil mighf be overweight, but Owens head is 'Far Bigger!!!

  • paraffinalien
    paraffinalien Month ago


  • richard jones
    richard jones Month ago

    Alan Brazil looks like a giant enraged tomato

  • XxpauldadudexX
    XxpauldadudexX Month ago

    His blood pressure's soooo high Brazil is gonna blow like Vesuvious and people better gtfo the room he's in bc when he does blow it ain't gonna be pretty...ooh the humanities, god help n preserve us, etc,....and bla bla blaaaa

  • Not Applicable
    Not Applicable Month ago

    Owen is such a little moany bitch.

  • flint the kaka harris
    flint the kaka harris Month ago +1

    Fuck me can't believe that beatruit Alan Brazil is still alive.

  • Lionboy2930
    Lionboy2930 Month ago

    Check out on You Tube when Brazil is caught drink driving.... disgraceful

  • Joe bloggs
    Joe bloggs Month ago

    Alan Brazil looks like Buzzsaw from the Running Man

  • DavT 86
    DavT 86 Month ago +2

    Tomato head 😂😂😂

  • John Mcmorrow
    John Mcmorrow Month ago

    Money grabbing tramp waster that Owen must be after another housing estate.

  • daddy
    daddy Month ago

    Everyone saying there red... its the studio lights, everyones red

  • Mark Woodward
    Mark Woodward Month ago

    Owen was the scap goat at Newcastle

  • Ishan A
    Ishan A Month ago

    Owen is a numpty and a tit

  • Suty Bharrich
    Suty Bharrich Month ago +1

    Are those headphones or is it a vice around Alan’s head 🥴

    Joe SHANGHAI Month ago

    Alan must live on sausages washed down with whiskey. Hell of man !

  • N. Lovley
    N. Lovley Month ago +3

    big sam eying up someone's wallet! biggest crook around

  • leeeales1972
    leeeales1972 Month ago

    Seen owen interviewed a few times and all he ever speaks about are his stats and big game performances. Something not very likeable about the guy and he should have stayed at liverpool.

  • Kieran Pugh
    Kieran Pugh Month ago

    No one cares anymore Michael on and on and on just tryin to stay relevant

  • Depulse Jnr
    Depulse Jnr Month ago +1

    he's sending big sam to sleep lol

  • stephen Taylor
    stephen Taylor Month ago

    Size of Alan Brazil’s head🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • shgp1956
    shgp1956 Month ago

    Owen you are a pathetic specimen.

  • Two Tales
    Two Tales Month ago

    Full video?

  • Herb Dee
    Herb Dee Month ago +8

    I never knew Michael Owen was such a little melt.

  • ste bee
    ste bee Month ago

    Comments about Brazil fat red face below

  • PenguinWolf 88
    PenguinWolf 88 Month ago

    Has AB fallen asleep in Dubai in 50oc Heat with no sun screen!!!!

  • Josh P
    Josh P Month ago

    Alan has higher cholesterol than all of Brazil combined

  • Patrick O'Loughlin
    Patrick O'Loughlin Month ago

    Alan Brazil’s heavy breathing is pissing me off he shouldn’t be on her radio

  • Patrick O'Loughlin
    Patrick O'Loughlin Month ago

    Alan Brazil fucking hell there’s an unhealthy man

  • Jamie Sadler
    Jamie Sadler Month ago

    I think what shearer was getting at was if he was a player in the villa game, he would of fought till the end of that game on one leg he would of gave his all and put 110% intot that game, owen didnt want that fight he wasnt bothered about that match and what it meant for newcastle
    (not a newcastle fan)

  • Simon Gaines
    Simon Gaines Month ago

    Alan 'lobster' Brazil,for Christ's sake get your BP checked.

  • Wayne Prezzler
    Wayne Prezzler Month ago +1

    The truth is Owen post Madrid had lost his hunger he was simply picking up a paycheck. He’s a sly snake that earned millions for doing little post Liverpool

  • Liam McD
    Liam McD Month ago

    Alan get yourself check for the love of god

  • jimmie bullitt
    jimmie bullitt Month ago


  • Sports_Grinder
    Sports_Grinder Month ago

    Used to like Owen as a player...straight up douchebag since Stoke and retirement

  • SOLJAH 1
    SOLJAH 1 Month ago +1


  • MrJobofo
    MrJobofo Month ago

    Alan looks like a radioactive baddie from a fuckin 70s comic book 😡

  • batty boy
    batty boy Month ago

    Alan brazil looks like when your trying to do a big shit and it wont come out.

  • MizunoIronMan
    MizunoIronMan Month ago

    Just one more wafer Alan, one tiny wafer ...

  • Delzinski
    Delzinski Month ago +2

    Trashes Alan in his book but has problems with Alan. Yes Michael, no problems at all.

  • Super Brit
    Super Brit Month ago

    Whats wrong with Alan Brazil???? He looks like a tomato, he needs to lay off the booze...........

  • Everything Strongman

    Alan Brazil looks like a human tomato

  • Sam Legge
    Sam Legge Month ago

    Michael Owen trying to put out fires 😂

  • DelSevenNine
    DelSevenNine Month ago


  • Chris McCarton
    Chris McCarton Month ago +1

    [Insert comment about Alan Brazil's weight here]

  • Just a Bloke
    Just a Bloke Month ago +2

    Owen pulled his hamstring after this interview standing up

  • XxpauldadudexX
    XxpauldadudexX Month ago +2

    THAT is Alan Brazil? He has the nerve to mock Moose and Porky Parry when he looks like he just ate the both of them.

  • DrCarp
    DrCarp Month ago

    Alan Brazil looks like he is going to spontaneously combust!

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +3

    Alan Brazil looks like he has been holding his breath since 1995

  • Wan Ksters
    Wan Ksters Month ago

    You shouldn’t of gone Madrid (Man U fan ) was lethal at Liverpool . Him fowler with rush was great guidance.

  • Thedarktower Cometh

    Owen had zero interest in playing football for the last 6 season of his career. He got Payed a fortune at Newcastle and gave back very little. His attitude towards the supporters that where willing at first to give him a chance but found him out very quickly tells you all you need to know about the cretin. And the tool is now Payed to be a pundit and talk about the sport he couldn't wait to leave. Gobshite

  • christian west
    christian west Month ago

    Owens a prik and in the wrong here what a bellend