Traditional Korean Street Food Tour at Gwangjang Market in Seoul!

  • Published on Jul 4, 2018
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    Food Info:
    Gwangjang Market in Seoul, South Korea
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    Best Ever Food Review Show  10 months ago +301

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    • Chance Byaomb3
      Chance Byaomb3 Month ago

      How do you get in difrent plays

    • Johnathon Mcdaniel
      Johnathon Mcdaniel 3 months ago

      Hey just wanting to know hoe i ho about doing this for a living

    • vinzran
      vinzran 4 months ago

      Hey,, do you cook too ?
      Looking forward for the food review with your own dish. 😄

    • Deng Deng
      Deng Deng 4 months ago

      Best Ever Food Review Show และ

    • Millz Millz
      Millz Millz 7 months ago

      No offense taken when it come to the blood sausage in Guyana we call in black pudding.. Its rice, blood and intestine from cow

  • Megan Dorrough
    Megan Dorrough Day ago

    Been there - done that! Different! Fun! Unusual! (You can't speak Korean - just like me.........smiling!)😎😎😎

  • Rasaj 77
    Rasaj 77 Day ago

    I probably shouldn’t be watching this at night

  • Luis Bolus
    Luis Bolus Day ago

    What’s the song at 12:31?

  • Stacy Lynn
    Stacy Lynn 2 days ago +1

    It is not wasabi, it is mustard.🌺

  • JunJae
    JunJae 5 days ago

    Anyone knows the song at 0.08? Thanks a lot!

  • Lhamo Messi
    Lhamo Messi 5 days ago

    Love from Bhutan

  • only jokor
    only jokor 6 days ago

    Ilove kiorea and so many girls cute I'm from philipines here your fans

  • Reel Fishing Kings of Jamaica

    Chicken feet is always good

  • Robex
    Robex 6 days ago

    13:15 I’m gonna say it again we need more ppl like this guy 😂

  • Zehe Chen
    Zehe Chen 8 days ago

    kim jong un gonna get you if you eat to much of his food

  • Victoria smith
    Victoria smith 9 days ago

    If that pork is a little fatty,I’d hate to see very fatty lol

  • Miriam Khiangte
    Miriam Khiangte 9 days ago

    Come to mizoram

  • hitachicordoba
    hitachicordoba 10 days ago

    I love LA's K-town- so much food to discover! (and soju and makkoli lol)

  • Dorji Wangmo
    Dorji Wangmo 10 days ago

    The way you speak Korean!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Darey & Aylin
    Darey & Aylin 10 days ago

    Im not even Korean and I know she said Fishcake 😒

  • Ashutosh Nehete
    Ashutosh Nehete 10 days ago

    8:33 shes disgusted by the sundae XD

  • 万琳琳
    万琳琳 11 days ago

    Good video! I'm liked and share 243 times :D

  • Mahfuz A
    Mahfuz A 12 days ago

    Seems like it got a lil mustyness to it LMFAOO

    LEE KKUNY 12 days ago

    13:08 lol that's not a brand It means 'natural/organic' in Chinese characters love this vid alot :)

  • johnnell lawrence
    johnnell lawrence 12 days ago

    Korean looks like the best place to eat in the world😍 mouth watering

  • L Dfnd3rKing
    L Dfnd3rKing 12 days ago

    Oh the brand of that seaweeds package is really touched 🤣🤣🤣 , oh you funny stuff man 😅 like it

  • Yog Zathauth
    Yog Zathauth 13 days ago

    we must Link-up

  • di kuota
    di kuota 14 days ago

    Spicy something hahaha

  • mikkel tacza
    mikkel tacza 15 days ago

    He nailed that accent though

  • Lupas Deus
    Lupas Deus 15 days ago +1

    Why am I watching this when I am fasting?😭

  • 9w96b6
    9w96b6 15 days ago

    I love listening to foreign languages, even if I don't understand them. Can anybody tell me how his Korean is? He seems to have it down pat, I'm guessing almost like a local.

  • Aaron Nauer
    Aaron Nauer 16 days ago

    Its called pig head in New Zealand lol if you roast for 4 and a half hours on med heat you will be in heaven, a friend added coconut cream with lemon juice as a dipping sauce done!

  • shivang malkoti
    shivang malkoti 16 days ago dream destination 😍..lots of love from india :)

  • Matismaz
    Matismaz 17 days ago

    5:13 The boy came to catch a bite and you just eating infront of him :(. Also best line is "this is even better with alcohol i'll tell you that.

  • Linju Kunjumon
    Linju Kunjumon 17 days ago

    Really enjoying your video

  • Xcits
    Xcits 18 days ago +8

    8:33 “omg is that a white dude!? 😮🤭”

  • Ase Dei
    Ase Dei 18 days ago

    I see you have trouble finishing the foods .. Invite me I'll finish off the remaining foods you try.. :D

  • chin chin
    chin chin 19 days ago +2

    Does the camera man eats the rest of it 😄am curious

  • Jeice Ferrier
    Jeice Ferrier 19 days ago

    9:15 namjoon is triggered

  • Taj Singh
    Taj Singh 22 days ago

    Do an American food tour

  • Brennon Ali
    Brennon Ali 22 days ago

    I love your channel and your videos I’ve actually binge watch all your videos
    Congrats man you’re a hit

  • Pallavi Dass
    Pallavi Dass 23 days ago

    6:17 is this KARD in the background?

  • DarkLatios777
    DarkLatios777 25 days ago +1

    If I went to South Korea, Id probably starve to death and you'd find my body in the side of the road =/ I'm so picky and basic when it comes to food.

  • Alberto Muñoz
    Alberto Muñoz 25 days ago

    omg , music selection and volume for transitions was horrible in this one...

  • Nicoletta Ciccone
    Nicoletta Ciccone 26 days ago +1

    Man, give me your secret how come you do not get fat after eating the whole world's food!!!😳😳😳😊

  • Passang Rigesow
    Passang Rigesow 27 days ago

    Yuuck , you are very dirty like piggy digest everything..

    GIÓ VI VU 27 days ago

    God I love Korean food

  • VDO Fan
    VDO Fan 28 days ago

    The best food review

  • Joanne Hughes
    Joanne Hughes 28 days ago +1

    So that's where all the good looking men went! Down to Korea and Japan..damn

  • Adam West
    Adam West 29 days ago

    thats a skull burner

  • Dax Castro
    Dax Castro Month ago +2

    Am I the only one who does the "aaaaah peace..." with him at the end? LOL... glad everyone else in the house is asleep!

  • Dax Castro
    Dax Castro Month ago +1

    dude.. I am so addicted to your videos! I used to live in Korea for a couple years when i was in the Army. Haven't been back since. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  • Almighty Dorr
    Almighty Dorr Month ago

    I wonder if the cameraman gets to eat with sonny

  • yahya theo
    yahya theo Month ago

    Daughter: Hey mom, is that Sony Side?
    Mom: Hold on, lemme make sure if that was him.

  • Diana Alessandra
    Diana Alessandra Month ago

    we can absolutely make a video of him nodding because of great foods for 10 mins straight

  • Elijah Thompson
    Elijah Thompson Month ago

    I miss 참치전 🤔... that's my childhood go to. It's easy to make though.

  • Revanges Of the Queen B

    Thats a Market i will like to go is a must .

  • Pronoy Dutta
    Pronoy Dutta Month ago

    Oh, the Korean girl eating pig?
    "why couldn't I, why couldn't you?"
    She was born into it.
    I'm Indian and even I know that. Asian empathy, guys...

  • saif ahmed
    saif ahmed Month ago

    I wana live in korea just from watching your videos thay are so friendly i love them ❤

  • Eh-Htoo Raw
    Eh-Htoo Raw Month ago

    It looks like heaven when he put the music on

  • Camuse Game
    Camuse Game Month ago +2

    Woah i like korean street food hygiene they look so clean and people are friendly.

  • Cauden Gegeh
    Cauden Gegeh Month ago

    HAve you had bison penis

  • shristi hamal
    shristi hamal Month ago

    you should come to Nepal !!! The foods here are soo traditional & deliciousss

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Month ago

    Any seasoned tourist will know this but I must say: don't get tempted by the hawkers inviting you to their stalls at Gwangjang Market. Go where the locals go. You will likely have to wait for a seat but it' s well worth it.

  • zemog requino
    zemog requino Month ago

    I really love this dude always rewatching his videos, come back here in the Philippines,

  • Rosenna Bayat
    Rosenna Bayat Month ago

    It hurts so goood🤣

  • Minding Mines
    Minding Mines Month ago

    I love Korean food. Even though its sometimes too spicy I still love it. Cant wait till i make it to Korea some day!!

  • Rommel Advincula
    Rommel Advincula Month ago

    Why am I watching this at 12am😂

  • Dipakshi Sarma
    Dipakshi Sarma Month ago +2

    Here, for a foody but vegetarian me , there's barely any option and vegetarian variety in korean cuisine...

  • Sparkle Bob
    Sparkle Bob Month ago

    Why the hell would someone have blood in food

  • AAstr3N
    AAstr3N Month ago

    At 8:34 that girl behind him when he said blood😂

  • Stephen Nam
    Stephen Nam Month ago

    Sonny, you are awesome! I'm Korean and some of these food, I don't even recognize them! Hahaha! I've been to Korea once in my life and it was a total culture shock! I'm glad my white Caucasian friends aren't afraid to try different ethnic foods! Unfortunately, I'm too westernized and bred as an American to try different foreign foods and even Korean foods. Hahaha!!

  • Elle Lively
    Elle Lively Month ago

    Sundae is super nasty

  • Daylin •_•
    Daylin •_• Month ago

    I’m mentally obese now 😂

  • Kpøp_Łøvër_ ØwØ

    *0:14** is it be or are the boys cute?*

  • kawaii jisung
    kawaii jisung Month ago

    Sence I'm a kpop fan I knw what Korean sound like so I interest a little bit

  • Lisa D
    Lisa D Month ago

    Blood sausage is pretty similar to what we have in Guyana called Black Pudding which we eat with a mango sour 🤤🤤🤤

  • Szilárd Személy
    Szilárd Személy Month ago +4

    So weird that blood sausage looks almost identical to "Hurka" a traditional Hungarian sausage. All the same ingredients.

  • Rocklessness
    Rocklessness Month ago

    blood sausage ?!! it sounds and looks disgusting

    CNT FRESH MEMES Month ago +4

    I hope gordon ramsay visits there and yell at those RAW FOODS

    CNT FRESH MEMES Month ago

    The country of GAYS

    • Darth Biker
      Darth Biker Month ago

      Hahaha their pop culture got you man. I got lots of Korean coworkers who are straight dicks and tell me never to consider whatever I see from Kpop as representative of Korean culture in general. Of course I just laughed and told them I don't watch or listen to Kpop.

  • Queenie Cortez
    Queenie Cortez Month ago +1

    Oh boy I just wanna meat u,, Ilove Food i i know how too cook illitkebit,, for me Food is life,, i love too eat,,Godbless🙏🏻😍❤️

  • Queenie Cortez
    Queenie Cortez Month ago

    Ur the best ever Food vloger that i like the Most🙏🏻😍❤️

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    Han Park Month ago

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    ArmstoAura Month ago

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    sid a Month ago

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    i'm deoulkka Month ago

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  • Gold Buckles35
    Gold Buckles35 Month ago

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  • Bi Al
    Bi Al Month ago

    Can you believe they are eating all those unhealthy foods?! *Sits down to pancakes with corn syrup and sugar filled corn cereal!*

  • diablo khalifa69
    diablo khalifa69 Month ago +6

    Man you have a big stomach 🤷‍♂️🔥

  • just Me
    just Me Month ago


  • just Me
    just Me Month ago

    And I would love to order some that cabbage stuff kimchi or something like that it being disrespectful i just do not know the proper spelling of it. But it's like cabbage fermination with spices please let me know how to order or make thanks

  • just Me
    just Me Month ago

    And yea know this is shot in Seoul Korea

  • just Me
    just Me Month ago

    Hey if it taste great I don't c the problem with eating the whole dish. So basically I would eat all my dishes ur going to poop it out anyhow my mom n law is from the Philippines and the Adobo chicken,pork whatever it's all great oh her spring rolls omd ( ohmydam)

    • black cat
      black cat Month ago

      I am so inlove with the spring rolls. Ughh it made me hungry

  • BTS_ SF9
    BTS_ SF9 Month ago +7

    The reason why i want to go to south korea is because...
    2. the food is way better than the u.s
    3.people are sweeeeet

  • Htet Oo Wai Yan
    Htet Oo Wai Yan 2 months ago

    9:22 Basically, anything you see here.

  • mcdodels
    mcdodels 2 months ago

    Omg the sundae looks like morcilla of it

  • Dino Beganovic
    Dino Beganovic 2 months ago +2

    Wow man, you make awesome content! Really makes me want to travel. Disabled Adblock just for your channel lol. You deserve it

  • Morgan Naing
    Morgan Naing 2 months ago

    You reallyy need to go to Myanmar food markets! Love the presentation.

  • Nicolas Joseph
    Nicolas Joseph 2 months ago +1

    Lol dinuguan is more tastier you can find it in phillipines

  • Kyisha Smith
    Kyisha Smith 2 months ago +3

    You look very familiar have you ever worked in Saratoga springs I enjoy this video thank you

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    Aaron Kim 2 months ago

    Awesome videos Sonny. You are my favorite food reviewer. Keep it up and God bless!

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    Nikki Gatmaitan 2 months ago

    Love this guy!!! I love all ur videos!!! Food food nd more food :) :)

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