Are Japanese Girls Into Western Guys? | ASIAN BOSS

  • Published on Apr 23, 2019
  • Do Japanese women like foreign men? How are they perceived by Japanese women? Would they ever date or marry one? We hit the streets of Osaka and Tokyo to find out.
    The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Japanese population.
    Special thanks to our Asian Boss team in Tokyo and Osaka.
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Comments • 5 394

  • Endless♦Fate
    Endless♦Fate 37 minutes ago

    Why do people from the East reject the English language so much?

  • Thunder King
    Thunder King Day ago +1


  • Jørgen Nielsen
    Jørgen Nielsen Day ago

    @asian boss you should find some girl who like big overwight guys

  • Ken narville
    Ken narville Day ago

    Are Japanese Girls Into Western Guys? not at all now

    TUSHABOMWE NATUHA 2 days ago

    Dear @youtube give us reactions to comments these comments are wild 😭🤷🏿‍♀️🤣🤣

  • Sukato Kjølen
    Sukato Kjølen 2 days ago +2

    Girl: "Sexy. Sexy. Sexy."
    Same girl: "We're not easy. We're not easy. We're not easy."
    Sounds like something an easy girl would say.

  • Nasir Edwards
    Nasir Edwards 2 days ago

    I would definitely I am Thai and Samoan but none the less I am learning Japanese because I love the culture.

  • Matthew Peterson
    Matthew Peterson 2 days ago

    Man, I'd love a Japanese girlfriend but I would eventually get tired of reading the subtitles each time we spoke.

  • Bredaxe
    Bredaxe 2 days ago

    Accepting hakujin applications only at this time, lol

  • Malaysian in uk foofoo

    We're not easy! Haha well said girl! We're kick Ass Asian girls!

  • ahcene ziane
    ahcene ziane 3 days ago

    lmao at the salty comments of ethnic and black men "ooo they mean chris hemsworth" biggest cope ever lol

  • utso sen
    utso sen 4 days ago

    I am sorry but Japanese women always overreact everytime .They always forcely act like little baby.

  • Sixpack Korkman
    Sixpack Korkman 4 days ago

    2:11 I have similar thoughts about Japanese people.

  • Amoes 21
    Amoes 21 4 days ago

    So..if I learn Japanese then that means I have a slim chance 🤔 I was in Japan for 2 weeks with only knowing the basics. Nonetheless I had a blast.

  • David Arellano
    David Arellano 4 days ago

    Do western in general including mexicans

  • Ondrej von Hamburg
    Ondrej von Hamburg 4 days ago

    How to approach women who do not want to be approached? - this is the mainreason why their birthrate is shrinking!

  • IconKumiho
    IconKumiho 5 days ago

    You ask what japan think about weeaboo

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 5 days ago

    Very nice ppl

  • Jaeger
    Jaeger 5 days ago

    These girls in the video dont have to worry about any good looking western man hitting on them, Im pretty sure that wont happen.

  • Anthony Delfos
    Anthony Delfos 5 days ago

    Yes i dated asian girls latin girls and to tell you the truth it is better than your local girls,why? You first have to learn everything of them and there culture it helps to build a good foundation.with girls from your own country it's direct and it can bore you and her as wel al is the same no suprice nothing.i am dating a black colombian women now and it's out of this world.

  • Lasse Huhtala
    Lasse Huhtala 5 days ago

    Not sure if that got my hopes up or killed them dead completely. O.o

  • Kyle Wing
    Kyle Wing 5 days ago

    So basically if you like someone treat them like a human not your weird fantasy fetish.
    Fetishism isn’t good. I know there are a lot of ignorant and shitty people in the world, but at this point in time any normal relationship between a white person and a Japanese person (Asians in general to a degree) is just seen as fetishism and I don’t think that’s good. Japan is probably the worst country for this because it’s entertainment industry attracts the shittiest foreigners but also some of the most talented and hardworking.

  • namjoons titties
    namjoons titties 5 days ago

    6:13 that girl is so pretty, everything in her face is beautiful wow

  • Killsocialmedia
    Killsocialmedia 6 days ago

    Their white guy looks asian

  • CanadianCCP
    CanadianCCP 6 days ago

    Who would win in a fight, the combined might of all the terrible british teeth to have ever grown, or the the lesser known bad teeth of the Japanese?

  • Daniel Bowman
    Daniel Bowman 6 days ago

    Yellow, jungle, white or ginger fever aside....
    People don't go extra mile for average person from different culture/race.
    White guys are used to white girls. For black or yellow girl to catch their eye, she has to be on the prettier side. Similarly status/looks wise for girls.

  • B Carr
    B Carr 6 days ago

    Japanese women are friendly but not easy when it comes to sex. I have been there twice and never had sex in that time with a Nihonjin woman. So guys don't go there thinking it's going to happen, it might but it will take a lot of time and speaking a bit of Japanese will help but still might be enough to get to home plate.

  • Emerson Luan :3
    Emerson Luan :3 7 days ago

    Currently, in my country is many commom interacial couples, mainly between white and black people on all the country, however on the South Asian ones are common because of historic reasons, therefore often there are more relationships thar involved Asians decendents.
    Nice video ! Thanks to Asian Boss.

  • Vito 97
    Vito 97 7 days ago

    Tall ✅
    Thin ✅
    Muscular ❎
    Deep eyes ✅
    White ✅
    Looks like a movie star ✅

  • Yurigan Smith
    Yurigan Smith 7 days ago

    "Would you date a white guy?"
    3:05 "As long as they look japanese" like "Justin Bieber"

  • wuzzy detective
    wuzzy detective 7 days ago

    I think they have wrong perceptions on western people
    They are actually talking 20-30% of those people which are good looking xD

  • emma grace
    emma grace 7 days ago

    the lady at 1:05 made me gasp because she is so BEAUTIFUL

  • papa ron
    papa ron 7 days ago

    wellllll sheeeeeeeeet

  • チャンネル登録10000人目指すマン

    I'm Japanese . I like men with clean eyes and healthy skin like Thais and Filipinos. 🥺💖lol

  • petros rantou
    petros rantou 8 days ago

    Japanese girls are too complexed ,they should go for a nightstand naturally if they want no matter the race ,its called experience before marriage 😉

  • Brahma Putra
    Brahma Putra 9 days ago +1

    Those girls in the video are all beautiful.

  • Kyanx
    Kyanx 10 days ago

    its fun and games until they mentioned 'justin bieber'

  • Exodus97
    Exodus97 10 days ago

    Err racial bias does exists in japan but the people there don’t tend to show it. My friend who is dark skin, experience it.

  • Kevin Snyder
    Kevin Snyder 10 days ago +2

    1:08 - She may have changed her mind once she saw that Slavic Vanilla Ice with the Medical Mask creepin' it real behind her, most likely concealing a 10 inch blade up his sleeve He didn't look like he up to any good.

  • Horclyne do TT
    Horclyne do TT 10 days ago +1

    The girl with the black striped blazer has such a sexy voice....

  • John Smitty
    John Smitty 11 days ago +2

    No surprise, this comment section is full of people who hate white men.

  • Amelia Leanna
    Amelia Leanna 11 days ago

    Western or just white folk? Thery're euro, now the proper video should have been are Japanese girls into European looking guys. Jk jk but really -_- most of the natives pretend no one else matters.. sorta. (My wife acc, so it's not her saying so cause she's Irish)

  • Cosmic Landscape
    Cosmic Landscape 11 days ago +9

    White fever is real nobody talks about it.

  • KeepItReal
    KeepItReal 12 days ago

    Any Japanese ladies HMU, 🔥

  • Anthony Mongan
    Anthony Mongan 12 days ago

    Booking my flight to japan

  • Alexist
    Alexist 12 days ago +12

    Girl 1: As long as they look japanes
    Girl 2: Justin Bieber
    Me: 🤔

  • shiroidesho
    shiroidesho 12 days ago

    Next time it would be cool if you also asked them how they feel about Japanese-Americans. I am one, and in my experience, one Japanese woman didn't want to date me because I was not "American-looking" enough.

  • Nia Rosie
    Nia Rosie 12 days ago +4

    "As long as they look japanese"
    "Justin Bieber"😂😂

    • Sven V
      Sven V 8 days ago

      doesn't one of the girls looks like she does drugs?

  • Joseph B.
    Joseph B. 12 days ago +2

    I prefer Asian women, specifically Japanese and South Korean. I am fascinated by their rich cultural heritage. I feel that as well as being attracted to a specific woman I could also learn a lot from her. I like white and black women too I simply prefer Asians.

  • noo
    noo 13 days ago +21

    Kei is clearly not a "western looking guy" 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ he looks more Japanese than most hafus in Japan.

  • 08yannch
    08yannch 13 days ago +1

    is it just me or does the host look like GTO

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans 13 days ago +1

    Kimi ni muchu NANDA!!! Aisteru yo!! :)

  • Hugh Caires
    Hugh Caires 13 days ago

    Would I ever date an Asian woman ? Difficult to say, but I kinda doubt it.
    Hell, I doubt I'll date American women either. Too much competition and hypergamy. :P

  • scaredy jack
    scaredy jack 13 days ago +3

    "Dont think that love solves everything.That's unrealistic." I love what she said.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 13 days ago

    Go to any Australian club. You will often see very below average white guy who cant get white girls with an asian girl lol
    Also foreigner doesnt only mean white guys. Dam what about the black and brown dudes..stop with that!

  • everydayfun
    everydayfun 14 days ago

    But they arent interested into asians like me 😂😂🤣🤣.

  • Sunzofdarkness Airsoft

    the most messed up part is that asians that speak english in japan dont get the same kind of love most of the time. although i have to admit they are much more open when you say "Hi" rather than something like "konbanwa"
    as for those girls that said japanese girls arent easy that depends on if the girl is actively looking for foreigners. there are specific areas where foreigner are seen as meat by some women. we call them gaijin hunters out here. they are not interested at all in japanese or asians they are only looking for non-asians. and it doesnt matter that you may even be american but just cause you look asian they just right you off as not what theyre looking for. so if youre down with that kind of stereotyping you can get laid fairly easily. btw most of those gaijin hunters are usually not that attractive so thats also a tradeoff.

  • Rich Peacock
    Rich Peacock 14 days ago +1

    and thats why as a blonde with blue eyes I enjoyed Japan a lot.

  • Maralvhah 66
    Maralvhah 66 14 days ago

    Yeah, i liked the girl with the red eyelid makeup.

  • あんそにー
    あんそにー 14 days ago +1

    Dear にほん、わかつてる、あなた only allow Highly skilled Foreigners to your きれい country. でも can あなた find it in your hearts to also give low skilled Foreigners a chance to work and Live there too おねがいします? 🙇
    わたしwould be honerd to experience にほんご culture and become friends with many にほんご people. And call one day にほん my あたらしい home. ❤\😊/🇯🇵
    すみません for my にほんご is not so good. 🙇😊