Seeing Through Selenite


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  • More Boris Brejcha
    More Boris Brejcha 18 hours ago

    10:26 you liar...

  • AliceDeBois
    AliceDeBois Day ago

    Please don't try to eat, lick, sniff, or drink Selenite. It is a fiberus Crystal that is best left outside the human body.*is currently face palming*

  • Goofist Mcnutty
    Goofist Mcnutty Day ago

    Guys, this isn't something I can do online now guys! What is wrong here?!?!

  • Beefy
    Beefy 2 days ago

    10:11 ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º )

  • SCMartin27
    SCMartin27 2 days ago

    "A for Bottom"... not B for Bottom. lol

  • Tarang Patil
    Tarang Patil 3 days ago

    What about Heisenberg uncertainty principle

  • Jonathan Aronowitz
    Jonathan Aronowitz 4 days ago

    You should totally make a video on the golden ratio and its relation to fibonacci

  • Rakesh Thattukolla
    Rakesh Thattukolla 5 days ago

    Watching Michael from channels other than vsauce makes me a little uncomfortable..

  • Matthew Ludwig
    Matthew Ludwig 6 days ago

    Michael, If these creatures, did see filtered at 90 degrees wouldn't they only all see a very focused point. for it to survive, it would probably be similar to bug eyes and have thousands of facets in different directions, perhaps what we perceive as curved lens consist in actuality of flat facets, much like a parabolic curve.

  • Awesome Flame
    Awesome Flame 6 days ago

    "Michael's Toys" on a channel titled DONG.

    I'm sorry.

  • Radek Zamojski
    Radek Zamojski 6 days ago

    Finally, some good fu**in food

  • Harald Hey
    Harald Hey 6 days ago

    *Your knowledge is more important than my health.*

  • Hoàng Trần Minh
    Hoàng Trần Minh 6 days ago

    Michael: you see things because photons reflect off of it
    immediatly uses a *black* line as an object for the illustration

  • theo de meeus
    theo de meeus 7 days ago

    Hi Michael, I'm interested in physics and I study it at university. If we didn't have a "penhole" in front of our retina but had a contact lens made out of selenite, then my guess is that our field of vision would be restricted to a disc the surface of our retina. It would only allow us to see very small surfaces all at once, but it would be an "endless zoom", because the size of our field of view was be a constant in square meters (more like square mm or even smaller not sure ^^not a doctor). What I'm trying to say is that wherever you look in the universe, you will always see the same surface area. I'll try to illustrate my point : let's say our retina is the size of a penny if you put a penny on a table and observe it as closely as possible (effectively touching the penny with you eye) then you would see 100% of the penny and nothing else. If you then moved away from the penny until you are 1m away from the penny, then your field of vision is still restricted to "penny"m^2, so you can still see 100% of the penny and nothing else. You now place the penny on the surface of the moon, and look at it, you will still see 100% of the penny and nothing else. Of couse that is assuming that selenite is infinitely perfect and we forget about distortion etc.. BTW, I would have prefered your video if we didn't see you spit on the floor...
    otherwise i really like your videos ^_^ keep it up !

  • Incrid Dazer
    Incrid Dazer 7 days ago

    Isn’t selinuim in fiber optic cables?

  • Ralsei Luc
    Ralsei Luc 7 days ago

    Kris!! Vsauce is still making videos, in a way

  • evildinkus 64
    evildinkus 64 8 days ago

    It's fine if you digest a little, there are no health risks... but you could use selenite as a telescope in a way

  • BillyThomasJohnson III

    It's 3 am and if I need glasses to see more clearly does that mean that my penhole is bigger
    *_do i have an enlarged penole michael_*

  • Ben Ovard
    Ben Ovard 8 days ago

    Loving the manic energy in this one

  • Brandon Deleon899
    Brandon Deleon899 8 days ago +1

    "Your knowledge is more important than my health"

  • Daniel DEMKO
    Daniel DEMKO 8 days ago

    8:11 Some........-body once told me the

  • BananaFaceB
    BananaFaceB 9 days ago

    This is fascinating, you really live like this?

  • prasad hegde
    prasad hegde 9 days ago

    Make a video on complex nos

  • Raenafyn
    Raenafyn 9 days ago

    Me at the beginning of video: Woah, so that's why they say the images are upside down in the eye, I'm learning!
    Me at the end of video: He's licking the rocks, wut.

  • Sheila Blum
    Sheila Blum 11 days ago

    Can't we use this in a way that we may create a telscope?

  • Ash Greninja
    Ash Greninja 11 days ago

    I will never see a black line in the same way ever again -----------

  • Ryan alakkad
    Ryan alakkad 11 days ago

    Ppl like comments and the comment get 4 k and thers only 3k comments -_-

  • Kai Peng
    Kai Peng 12 days ago

    What if you take off the lens of a camera and put the crystal differently in front of the censor and film the footage?? Wouldn't that work?

  • Cahruun F.
    Cahruun F. 12 days ago

    I wonder if you had selenite lenses for glasses right in front of your eyes, if the light reflecting or coming off of an object would only pass through at right angles without touching the object, and with the selenite being so close to your eyes, would your eyes not dilate it too much?

  • Bhupinder Singh
    Bhupinder Singh 13 days ago

    Why he left Vsauce

  • MessyMessiJr
    MessyMessiJr 13 days ago

    Welcome back to not vsauce

  • Remy Jarrett
    Remy Jarrett 13 days ago

    I came here for some cool vision stuff but ended up seeing Michael licking a rock

  • Melina M
    Melina M 13 days ago


    HOLLOW WOLLOH 13 days ago

    if you eat it, will it combine with cysteine and make selenocystiene ?
    will cystine molecules also become selenocystine ?

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 13 days ago

    "Hey Vsause Michael here" I really miss these words. 🙂😐

  • Charissa Schoon
    Charissa Schoon 14 days ago

    "Their lifes would be completely different...
    *THEY WOULDN'T BE WRONG, just different* "

    STNOWTA 15 days ago +1

    And this is something you can't do online now guys.

  • Marwan Bassem
    Marwan Bassem 16 days ago


  • The Unrealistic
    The Unrealistic 16 days ago

    Top 10 anime crossovers

  • Piyush Agade
    Piyush Agade 16 days ago

    Aw yeah 90 degrees

  • Fin Z Lee
    Fin Z Lee 16 days ago

    man id love to smoke to joint with this dude

  • Parker Webber
    Parker Webber 16 days ago

    B is for bottom not top.

  • Nikhil Singh
    Nikhil Singh 17 days ago

    PlZ make a video on gravity

  • Lumine
    Lumine 17 days ago +1

    10:52 - 11:47 this is the best thing I have ever seen😂😂😂

  • Charles Clements
    Charles Clements 18 days ago

    At 10:52, the image on the left did not show up very well. I barely see the number 30.

  • Calo Zheng
    Calo Zheng 19 days ago

    5:35 Another way to do that... is to grab another sheet of paper...

  • Calo Zheng
    Calo Zheng 19 days ago

    4:20 the ruler starts at 25 cm...

  • L00PdeL00P's Channel
    L00PdeL00P's Channel 22 days ago

    Michael no! That's not a popsic...... know? Why are you licking it?!

  • Anthony d Rozario
    Anthony d Rozario 23 days ago

    So you mean when any being with that kind of eyes will see a opject which is going far away from their eyes, it will not srink but just get blury as per their eyesight. So if they are on a planet and is watching an object which is going far away, it will not srink but go blurred and downwards because of curved surfaces.... Man that's some awesome thing to imagine....:V

  • Bjarne Magnussen
    Bjarne Magnussen 24 days ago

    Love the way Michael's T-Shirt integrates so well with how this episode ends!

  • Mohammed Soukkou
    Mohammed Soukkou 24 days ago

    I was waiting for a new video on Vsauce for a long time, and you've been hanging out here all that time ?

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 25 days ago

    It honestly looks like some sort of magic or natural smartphone, which is not true

  • Bazooka Llama Productions

    I'm watching "Michael's toys" on the dong channel. O.O but really, great vid :)

  • Pickle Von CrunchnMunch

    B doesn't start with the same letter as "Top", but they do rhyme, so that's good

  • Casey Overland
    Casey Overland 26 days ago

    "we'll call this 'A', for *bottom* "

  • Kn1cknackz0
    Kn1cknackz0 27 days ago

    Who edits these and what are they smoking

  • James Hedin
    James Hedin 27 days ago

    so what if you looked at something like the sun which it's really far away, but also really really big?

  • Pizzaz Pie
    Pizzaz Pie 27 days ago

    Micheal: " 'a' for 'bottom' "
    Me: NooOO

  • SparkyTheFox
    SparkyTheFox 28 days ago

    Start of video:
    explaining how light works in our eyes, using a few examples
    End of video:
    Licking glass rocks

  • Ryan Esmay
    Ryan Esmay 28 days ago

    Michael I just love you so much

  • Rodrigo Badin
    Rodrigo Badin 28 days ago

    11:14 That's why men live less than women.

  • Liquid Plasma
    Liquid Plasma 29 days ago

    if things didnt shrink with distance what would happen if you looked at the andromeda galaxy?

  • captain cakerz
    captain cakerz 29 days ago

    Weird ulex but ok

  • Ye Htet
    Ye Htet Month ago

    I Feel like Micheals the Smartest TheXvidr on TheXvid
    Anyone Agree?

  • Uncle Zaz
    Uncle Zaz Month ago

    So looking through those minerals basically take away the length of the mineral from the perceived sight?

  • Wayne Evans
    Wayne Evans Month ago

    Glass or plastic edge emulate the same effect through internal reflection

  • Jaro Ralph
    Jaro Ralph Month ago

    Lol the reason its so flaky is because its a form of asbestos so dont taste it

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy Month ago +1

    Woah wait what if our brains aren't correcting the upside-down images but rather we see our entire world upside-down and think it's right-side up?

    • Beast Boy
      Beast Boy Month ago

      Owen McQuarrie Anything I learn that has to do with perception and vision is so crazy, it’s unbelievable how we can capture lights from the environment and produce images in our heads. Our eyes are incredible!

    • Owen McQuarrie
      Owen McQuarrie Month ago +1

      An experiment has been done where a man wore special glasses which flipped everything upside down and within hours he was able to function confidently again.

  • 卄卂尺Ꮆㄖ丂爪ㄖ丂

    11:19 watch him get addicted to selenite

  • Md Shariful Islam 1604064

    If you really wanna know that not-shrinking selenite world would look like, search for orthographic view.

  • Pro Pretzel
    Pro Pretzel Month ago

    6:39 that’s Michale having and orgasm

  • MinecraftSurvivalGaming

    Altiplano Refuge

  • Zio Vela
    Zio Vela Month ago

    0:45 point a for bottom very intellectual

  • Cubert Pigg
    Cubert Pigg Month ago +4

    A for Bottom. B for Top.

  • B1lly B0bs
    B1lly B0bs Month ago

    11:14 now this is epic

  • Kurei
    Kurei Month ago

    but is is possible for some salt to be saltier than other salt?

  • Krumple Themal
    Krumple Themal Month ago

    I'm never wrong, I just have a different explanation.

  • InxaneNinja
    InxaneNinja Month ago

    Beautiful illustration.

  • Gaming R3alm
    Gaming R3alm Month ago +2


  • FullOfNaCl
    FullOfNaCl Month ago +1

    finger me

  • Mauricio Macedo
    Mauricio Macedo Month ago

    no you look at this lemon

  • Aidan Mascoli
    Aidan Mascoli Month ago

    Now take a look at this orange


    "A for bottom"
    "B for top"
    The alphabet, with Michael

  • Brandon Latchman
    Brandon Latchman Month ago

    its basically vsauce and no matter what Micheal is all that matters ....

  • Mathias Lui
    Mathias Lui Month ago

    or press 5 on numpad when using blender ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Eleonor Dazel Dynel

    I can see flavours.

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare Month ago

    How to start a conversation with a girl:
    "Hi" WRONG
    "That's a beautiful retina" CORRECT

  • Chris Friston
    Chris Friston Month ago

    I hope there are geologists out there who have tasted minerals to discover more.

  • Judas de Exeter
    Judas de Exeter Month ago

    I had heard for a while now that our eyes see things "upside down" before our brains correct the image, but never had an explanation as to why. Thanks for teaching me!

  • Sideral
    Sideral Month ago +1

    Mike V Sauce is the fakest hack on TheXvid

  • Sideral
    Sideral Month ago +1

    Why make the effort when you can just I R O N I C D E T A T C H M E N T

  • LethalSyndicate
    LethalSyndicate Month ago

    What does "cold" taste like?

  • Pele raz
    Pele raz Month ago


  • William Roberts
    William Roberts Month ago

    I've always wondered why our eyes flipped the image twice.

  • Juan B. Cisneros
    Juan B. Cisneros Month ago

    Hi, I have a question though... if the mineral makes the light of an object (no matter if it reflects it or it produces it) go in a 90º angle, therefore impacting in a different part of the retina than it would impact if there was no mineral, why is it that we don´t see the image backwards?. I mean, I don´t think our brain knows when to put an image backwards or not, it just always does.. Or would that happen if we approached the mineral enough to the eye?

  • ThatLittleKitten
    ThatLittleKitten Month ago

    You could get into a lot of trouble for inhaling this
    - Michael 2018

  • HarunAlHaschisch
    HarunAlHaschisch Month ago

    is michael losing it?

  • ZappoB
    ZappoB Month ago

    I don't know, if it was already stated in the >3800 comments, but IF aliens would have selenite eyes, they could only have a field of view in the size of their selenite-lens. Let's say, the have huge 20 cm diameter (4 inch) "lenses" they could only see things of this size as a whole, no matter how far they are away. So the really have to move their heads a lot! :D Otherwise they wouldn't need telescopes: they could see a tennis ball on the moon as good as on their spaceship in earths orbit (so we don't have to deal with the atmosphere ;)

    • Tim Seguine
      Tim Seguine 26 days ago

      Selenite eyes don't nullify the inverse square law.

  • Paulo Castro
    Paulo Castro Month ago

    can we have more eyes then?, so the world is actually upside down we just see it differently

  • Rrrose Carbinela
    Rrrose Carbinela Month ago

    Selenite needs hydration. it's falling apart 'cause it's drying out.