Seeing Through Selenite


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  • waptek0
    waptek0 8 hours ago

    10:30 derp image

  • 123456789 ._.
    123456789 ._. 8 hours ago

    I always wondered how eyes work. And existing without depth perceptipn would be weird.

  • Al Re
    Al Re 14 hours ago

    11:40 wtf

  • Mark R
    Mark R 18 hours ago

    what if you had a massive plane that took in light converging toward a point?
    even if the point were really far away, STUFF WOULD GET BIGGER GOING FURTHER AWAY!

  • David Hansson
    David Hansson 20 hours ago

    Could you make a photo-lens using selenite? Just for science

  • Alex Darks
    Alex Darks Day ago

    They could get an idea of how we see by looking at our pictures.

  • Caleb Jenkins
    Caleb Jenkins Day ago

    If you had a big screen of selenite and you looked through it at a pair of railroad tracks, would the rails still converge in the distance? If not how would that look?

  • Wouter Serryn
    Wouter Serryn Day ago

    The ruler was right there... It was right there!

  • DrSid42
    DrSid42 Day ago

    Guy in glasses licks stones .. woa .. science is so deep ..

  • kohoto forgit
    kohoto forgit Day ago

    Thanks for the left turn bro!

  • Nexus
    Nexus Day ago

    This Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History

  • IllidanS4
    IllidanS4 Day ago

    Does the brain actually turn the image back upside up?

  • Dragon is not afk

    Got a pimple popping toy ad

  • Gregory Perez
    Gregory Perez 2 days ago

    Your brain will never actually see a single photon of light. Your brain will live it’s entire existence inside your completely dark cranium. (unless you have injury or surgery). The only reason it knows there’s a world out there is because of the sensory organs attached to it sending signals for it to interpret. Your entire life is but a perception. Every sight, every sound, every feeling you’ve ever felt is your brain’s best guess as to what’s going on around it.

  • Wesley Chalmers
    Wesley Chalmers 2 days ago

    RTX ON: Selenite
    RTX OFF: No Selenite

  • V Farfan
    V Farfan 2 days ago

    10:20 "I will.....keep going though"

  • Eli Moore
    Eli Moore 2 days ago

    I want to put Michael's Toys in my Curiosity Box until my D.O.N.G starts spraying Vsauce.

  • RAF Dahouk
    RAF Dahouk 3 days ago

    This isnt a DONG this is a vsauce video. Michael you posted in the wrong channel!

  • Sam Rhodes
    Sam Rhodes 3 days ago

    Micheal, selenite is a kind of salt crystal. It is, as you have noticed, very fragile. Selenite dissolves in water.

  • Thomas Lohuis
    Thomas Lohuis 3 days ago

    Nice Citizen, Michael :)

  • Bill Freese
    Bill Freese 3 days ago

    We hope you have enjoyed this week's episode of Michael discovers selenite poisoning. Tune in next week to learn what exciting scientific facts Michael's replacement will be exploring.

  • Lillian The Dog
    Lillian The Dog 4 days ago

    0:08 “We’re gonna be talking about,” or “Wgnbtalknbout.”

  • Don Mackay
    Don Mackay 4 days ago

    Good explanation

  • Someone None
    Someone None 4 days ago

    11:00 Micheal just taught us about warmth and coldeth and temperatureth in thirty seconds.

  • Will Frank
    Will Frank 4 days ago

    Of course if we showed the aliens a 2D drawing of a 3D image the way we see it then they could have a pretty good understanding. Hope you're not dead.

  • Black Bison
    Black Bison 5 days ago

    Selenite breakdown in the presence of water

  • The Lone Rider
    The Lone Rider 6 days ago

    Oooo lex site

  • T.E.W.
    T.E.W. 6 days ago

    Good video. I feel that I’m missing out because I never know if its dong or a cool talk.

  • Channel for comments

    Watched this video upside down on my phone, the way it’s supposed to be

  • Stephen Hancock
    Stephen Hancock 6 days ago

    Anyone else here just to see if Michael is actually alive?

  • דביר ג'רבי
    דביר ג'רבי 7 days ago

    preatty sure seeing like that would be awfull. some things we would't going to see fully, and you can forget about seeing how close anything to you, in the wild it'd be a giant lose...

  • Arshaq Habib
    Arshaq Habib 7 days ago

    Pls make a another Michael's toys vid, I love this series

  • Crash BGaming
    Crash BGaming 7 days ago

    Now i wonder what would happen if you created a lens from selenite and used it to measure two distinct objects at different distance from the lens be used to measure their height in relation

  • Steve 02
    Steve 02 7 days ago

    What happened to vsauce1 ?

  • Campbell King
    Campbell King 7 days ago

    I see some grey hairs up there, buddy.

  • PongoThomas
    PongoThomas 8 days ago

    A for bottom
    B for top
    Truly a god of youtube

  • Adam Bergen
    Adam Bergen 8 days ago

    GIVE US VSAUCE!!! I neeeeed more sauce in my life michael! I miss it so much!

  • ZachZRipper
    ZachZRipper 8 days ago

    Hey Michael! You should do another video on mineral optics, but instead about polarizing filters and the effect of light shifting through a non-isotropic media! (Pleochroism/Birefringence). Maybe tie it into why when you wear polarized sunglasses you can see interference colors in objects/screens/etc. that you wouldn't normally see!

  • Msaciek
    Msaciek 8 days ago

    doesnt explain why my dic* is small

  • Den Madarbiev
    Den Madarbiev 8 days ago

    lol Michael wtf? You mad scientist you!

  • Cooprob1
    Cooprob1 8 days ago

    I love spit facts

  • MusFuzZ
    MusFuzZ 8 days ago

    "lets call it A... for bottom"
    rarely do i hear such suttle, humorous trolling. This is why i love Michael

  • Max Terry Willes
    Max Terry Willes 8 days ago

    We love you Micheal. You never fail to blow our minds

  • anthony mai
    anthony mai 9 days ago

    Never eat in the laboratory kids

  • CaffeinatedTech
    CaffeinatedTech 9 days ago

    Crew dropped your selenite on the table. Too scared to tell you because it looks expensive.

  • Saenskur 2
    Saenskur 2 10 days ago

    Selenite popscicle

  • Ultra Ultimator
    Ultra Ultimator 10 days ago

    "Another way to make an image is to grab another sheet of paper." - Michael Stevens, 2018

    EIII I II 11 days ago

    8:16 thank me later

  • Finlay Hamm
    Finlay Hamm 11 days ago

    i have one of these

  • Wilson HVAC
    Wilson HVAC 11 days ago

    Sweaty Michael

  • zy
    zy 11 days ago

    The B is silent.

  • xemkis
    xemkis 12 days ago

    6:39 - me, getting off a cold plane somewhere that it's 90 degrees

  • The Black Zone
    The Black Zone 13 days ago

    I wish you were my physics and chemistry teacher.
    I can actually understand something from you

  • Nihilus
    Nihilus 13 days ago

    10:25 thats why i love michael

  • CalebBelac
    CalebBelac 13 days ago +1

    Hey DONG, Michael here.

  • Kinsman525
    Kinsman525 14 days ago

    When is Michael going to upload Vsauce1 videos it's almost been a year since he last upload them.

  • Juan Pablo
    Juan Pablo 14 days ago

    He's wearing a shirt from Refugio Altiplano, that resort in the peruvian amazon where he tried Ayahuasca for the TheXvid RED's Mindfield show. I wonder if this was an intentional reference to the particular behaviour exhibited on this episode...

  • Warrior
    Warrior 14 days ago

    Goddamnit Michael, stop playing with all these dongs and get back to Vsauce.

  • LorenzoP Games
    LorenzoP Games 14 days ago +3

    Kevin from Vsauce2:
    Hey vsauce, michael is dead because of selenite overdose he died after the "Seeing Through Selenite" episode of DONG was uploaded

  • Josef Adnan
    Josef Adnan 14 days ago

    michael you should be a teacher

  • LorenzoP Games
    LorenzoP Games 15 days ago

    Selenite looks like "see le nite" (see the night)

  • WhoAm I
    WhoAm I 15 days ago


  • 5LS
    5LS 16 days ago

    Basically our eyes are a colorful pinhole camera...

  • Doctor Owl
    Doctor Owl 16 days ago

    I have a question! Objects look smaller to us when further away because of the way our retinas receive light (upside down through a pinhole). That's also how many optical illusions work, like the Ebbinghaus illusion, by messing with all those neat tricks our eyes & brain use to interpret the world. Is that also why people lose their depth perception when blind in one eye (or simply closing one)? Without the ability to distinguish the size of objects in relation to their distance by using both eyes to "triangulate" (bi-angulate?) this information, it makes sense that someone would lose their sense of depth. If I close one eye, I bump into everything & miscalculate how far I need to reach to grab things, plus a lot of optical illusions stop having an effect.

  • Name
    Name 16 days ago


  • Isaac MacMenamin
    Isaac MacMenamin 17 days ago +1

    So If you made an extra pin hole would you be able to see new colors?

  • X3N0 -
    X3N0 - 17 days ago

    Can I have that sheet of paper, please?

  • CreepyOM
    CreepyOM 17 days ago +1


  • Moony
    Moony 18 days ago

    My girlfriend is sleeping behind me and "Point A for bottom" cracked me up hard xD

  • David Mcgregor
    David Mcgregor 18 days ago +1

    So umm Micheal... what’s going on with the vsauce Channel?

  • Jonas Halling
    Jonas Halling 18 days ago

    This was a long sharpie ad

  • Master Nipper
    Master Nipper 18 days ago

    Everything would actually look severely zoomed in and only in circles, consuming your full vision. You could only see single spots of an object at once, as anything you look at that is out of focus, wouldn't even be in your field of view.

  • Master Nipper
    Master Nipper 18 days ago

    I already know what it'd look like. It's quite boring and unlivable.

  • McCaroni Sup
    McCaroni Sup 19 days ago

    Micheal's toys:
    1) *Artificial Dong*

  • Nikhil Makwana
    Nikhil Makwana 19 days ago

    What happened to your background music from vsauce? It was so much better

  • Anodyne Melody
    Anodyne Melody 20 days ago

    Michael's wearing his Ayahuasca shirt!

  • Chris Vlahakis
    Chris Vlahakis 21 day ago

    I was so relieved when he finally pulled out the ruler.

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life 21 day ago

    (Fails a test)
    Me: I’m not wrong mom
    Mom: yes you are you those answers are wrong
    Me: no, there not wrong

    There different

  • Incognito Anonymous
    Incognito Anonymous 21 day ago


  • David Floyd
    David Floyd 21 day ago

    What’s up with the Vsauce channel?

  • Andrewrox678 9
    Andrewrox678 9 22 days ago

    Please comeback to vsauce. It’s been almost year since a free episode😢

  • Nicodamus
    Nicodamus 22 days ago

    8:11 ...body once told me...

  • OfficialHamzaYT
    OfficialHamzaYT 22 days ago


  • Jasmyn James-Ebenezer
    Jasmyn James-Ebenezer 23 days ago

    12:05 the origin of dame tu cosita 2

  • Wail Pal21hail
    Wail Pal21hail 23 days ago

    Please make another vsauce vid

  • miss misanthropist
    miss misanthropist 23 days ago

    i didnt know orthographic vision was possible irl

  • Wight24
    Wight24 23 days ago

    So... is Michael getting white hairs now? And when's Google going to help him recover his vsauce password?

  • HellOWorld
    HellOWorld 23 days ago

    If the aliens need to press their eyes against what they'd wanna see they'd be dead :D

  • Starlalaies
    Starlalaies 24 days ago

    Oo can i do it online now?

  • MagicMan
    MagicMan 24 days ago +1

    Oh boy a combo

  • Alexander Owen
    Alexander Owen 24 days ago

    And when I see you
    I really see you upside down
    But my brain knows better
    It picks you up and turns you around
    Turns you around, turns you around
    - Ben Gibbard, a scientist

  • Jojo
    Jojo 24 days ago

    soooo if you had a 3meter long stick and put it on top of something it looks like its directly infront of you?

  • ///AmgFanboi74
    ///AmgFanboi74 24 days ago

    You should have included an optical audio cable! I love blowing people's minds with those.
    Try it at home, land the other end on your phone's screen and you can see the pixels clearly from the other end, emitting an equal amount of light even when the cable is making a loop. Putting one on your phone flashlight you can make a flexible long light for tight spaces.

  • Vasilis Narlis
    Vasilis Narlis 24 days ago

    0:10 WTF Michael?

  • dangerousideaz
    dangerousideaz 24 days ago

    "Toxic selenium compounds
    The most toxic compound of selenium following inhalation is hydrogen selenide. Other toxic compounds are selenium dioxide, sodium selenite and selenium sulfide. Sodium selenite is the most toxic compound on oral ingestion.
    Selenium sulfide has been linked with the occurrence of liver and lung tumors in mice and rats following oral exposure, and is a Group B2 carcinogen as per EPA classification. Elemental selenium has low toxicity following oral administration."

  • dangerousideaz
    dangerousideaz 24 days ago

    Reminds me of asbestos

  • Magnus Kermack
    Magnus Kermack 24 days ago

    If you have to touch it off the object then you are moving to make sure each object you see is at the same distance. If we move to view each separate object at the same distance we would see them all proportionally too. What would work and looks super weird is if you get a really big telephoto mirrored lens and try and get as far away from all objects you want to view then all things look proportional and it's like everything is on one plane even though they might be miles further back

  • Prototype
    Prototype 24 days ago


  • semiLivedj FICTION
    semiLivedj FICTION 24 days ago

    Could you pronounce your P's a little more. Jeez man. You have a powerful pucker. Do you exercise? lol Have you ever taken an eye out? lol

  • Tomato Edits
    Tomato Edits 24 days ago

    Michael why have you stopped uploading on Vsauce😭