Seeing Through Selenite


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  • nutell37
    nutell37 Hour ago

    WTF I've just watched! (WTF stands for Amazing Science Show)

  • Tarang Patil
    Tarang Patil 2 hours ago

    Just like my exam answersheets

  • Benebs Biagtan
    Benebs Biagtan 16 hours ago

    If you raised your child, making them wear the upside down glasses, will their vision without glasses remain upside down?

  • Julian Whaley
    Julian Whaley 3 days ago +1

    line SEGMENT smh michael

  • Julius Rosenthal
    Julius Rosenthal 3 days ago

    So is the "pinhole" in our eyes the pupil?

  • SpydersByte
    SpydersByte 4 days ago

    9:25 a creature that has to touch objects to see them wouldn't know how far away said thing is? Well, it would always be 0 far away.... cuz they'd have to touch it....

  • Slanley
    Slanley 4 days ago

    You really should have said “I’ll call this B for Above”

  • Shai Old-School
    Shai Old-School 5 days ago

    Very hard not to like you

  • Xythrr Wolf
    Xythrr Wolf 5 days ago

    Michael stop eating rocks lmao

  • Fluff Pluff
    Fluff Pluff 6 days ago +1

    Why is this one the DONG channel, though. This definitely isn't something to do online now.

  • K Tha Slasha The Hedgehog Official

    3:06 turn on closed captioning lol

  • Shahin USP
    Shahin USP 6 days ago

    did he say "and as always thanks for watching" in his first video too?

  • John Stevonson
    John Stevonson 7 days ago


  • IronAperture
    IronAperture 9 days ago

    I have a question to the first part of the video:
    Our eyes' penholes, the black marble/circle lenses, are quite big. As a result, nearby rays are still able to reach the same spot on the retina, and therefore the picture should be blurry. Why is the picture we perceive still so sharp with that in mind?

  • Christ chris
    Christ chris 9 days ago

    "This ia how your eyes work"
    10 minutes later
    **licks table**
    "The table is salty"

  • Brodie Knight
    Brodie Knight 10 days ago

    Could you not have a similar organ that only let's perpendicular photons through, but not have to touch it to the object? I don't see why these hypothetical aliens wouldn't be able to see at a distance.

  • - 42 -
    - 42 - 11 days ago

    Nice, minerals are so fascinating and many have wonderful optical properties. As for the selenite breaking apart its quite common for selenite to do that, fibrous minerals tend to shed fibers and selenite is also one of the softest minerals, so soft in fact that you can scratch it with your fingernail. I believe its the combination of those two properties that make it fall apart so easily.
    I don't actually know if its safe but I don't think it's toxic as for breathing the dust its never a good thing to breath rock dust and fibrous dust is usually to worst but since selenite is so incredibly soft it's probably not as bad as other fibrous minerals.
    Btw if you really want to get your mind blown by selenite look for the crystal cave in Mexico, there are some very spectacular selenite crystals there.

  • Lara di Mello
    Lara di Mello 11 days ago

    so our eyes works like a function; nice

  • Jon Storrey
    Jon Storrey 12 days ago +1

    A for bottom
    B for top

  • Robert Linden
    Robert Linden 12 days ago

    SO question: When you bring up a ruler really close to your eye, let's say a distance of x, it gets blurry. What if you placed a long selenite block of length X > x a distance of exactly x away from your eye. Would the #30 still be blurry then

  • Daniel Modesto
    Daniel Modesto 12 days ago

    Michael u madmen

  • The Destroyer
    The Destroyer 15 days ago

    If we gad eyes that worked like that extra terestrial you were talking about we would probably strugle to see and our eys would have to be MUCH wider tan it is or els we woukd just see an area as big as ou erentena. Im not shure if i spelled some thing right because im only 12 but if we were to look at stars wit tyise eyes we woukd have to stand perfectly still, the plabet youre on an the planet or the star or planet you ar loking at but we would never be able toe see the entire thing or else or ereena would need to be as big as what you ar looking at but if you were able to to look at a far away planet without it moving out of sight i have no doubt that you are going to see it very clearer than we doe now but i personally dont want a retina the same diameter as a soccer ball just tooblooknat a soccer bal without me moving my field of vision or the ball moving constantly... Altoigh if we ad retinas that big with the material we would use our bodies would have to be much bigger or an entirely defferint shape based on some of youre other videos or an other habitat so i doubt that there would be much advantages to an eyesight like that compared to ours and i would love if you comented on thus if you have a selution to sone of the problems that the other eye would bring up becuase like i said, im o ly 12

    HIMESH VIEWS 17 days ago +1


  • Mathieu ALTHUSER
    Mathieu ALTHUSER 18 days ago

    They would be able to see at infinite distance but also be limited at just a cylinder of view instead of a cone ... I believe it would really not be helpfull to survive

  • Sophia
    Sophia 19 days ago

    and the pinhole is our pupil, a fact in which i realized far too long for me too admit

  • Connor McHarney
    Connor McHarney 19 days ago

    I looked up "orthographic camera" and found some stuff about a "telemetric lens" which can take pictures where things farther away don't look smaller... Now I really want to see a photo of a city with a telemetric lens.

  • 69adrummer
    69adrummer 20 days ago

    Licks something that could very well be like asbestos.
    Hey Michael, Cancer here!!

  • Jerry Yuan
    Jerry Yuan 21 day ago

    If only parallel light rays can enter the selenite, how do they converge after they leave the selenite?

  • Paul Biermann
    Paul Biermann 22 days ago

    08:10 -BODY ONCE TOLD ME

  • Morten Silcowitz
    Morten Silcowitz 22 days ago

    Be sure to check out this

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia 22 days ago

    The real amazing thing is the fact that Michael can draw such straight lines that easily

  • Nevermore '
    Nevermore ' 22 days ago +3

    oooo that’s a beautiful retina

  • 3DRiley
    3DRiley 23 days ago

    "TheXvidr critically ill after what was supposed to be Selenite turns out to be Asbestos."

  • Zitronekoma30
    Zitronekoma30 24 days ago +2

    A... for Bottom and B... for TOP

  • Ayush singh sisodiya
    Ayush singh sisodiya 24 days ago +1

    Imagine michael being your physics teacher .

  • cantide
    cantide 24 days ago

    It wasn't shown how actually the image goes through the long piece of selenite...

  • Kyle Hotvedt
    Kyle Hotvedt 26 days ago

    Aaa! This is falling apart into sharp fragments. This would probably Do some damage if you inhaled this.
    *takes a deep whiff*

  • some person
    some person 27 days ago

    "looks like is you inhale these things you'd be in a lot of trouble"
    "I will..."

  • tengku adam
    tengku adam 28 days ago

    5:42 - 5:43 definitely used out of context somewhere

  • jdal2700
    jdal2700 29 days ago

    Under where?

  • timentimentimen
    timentimentimen Month ago

    Aliens with selenite eyes, when looking at the earth, could see Michael's beard in all it's glory - provided they are patient enough to receive photons and have fancy eye stabilizers.

  • Kybele Augusta
    Kybele Augusta Month ago

    do babies have to learn how to see the world right side up? Are they born seeing the world upside down?

    • timentimentimen
      timentimentimen Month ago

      That is an interesting question. However it is difficult to know. Newborn babies still see very badly/blurry. And the brain is very flexible. Adults adapt to 'upside-down' glasses within a few days. That is much quicker than babies develop their eye sight. So perhaps is does not matter how it starts as a baby - the brain will figure it out.
      On a more philosophical note: what does it mean to see right side up? Maybe I see everything 'flipped around', left=right, etc, but I am just very used to it. The brain only cares about creating appropriate responses/output to certain input.

  • Akira Kirua
    Akira Kirua Month ago

    "I bet you'd be in a lot of trouble if you inhaled this"
    *Proceeds to sniff and lick it*

  • Dayshon Mathis
    Dayshon Mathis Month ago

    I would argue that things will aways look smaller just by locality. Michael's arguement is consistent with that by adding a non local detector, the ulexite/selenite sensor

  • DonaldTrumpRespectWomen

    A for Bottom B ottom BBBB not A ottom

  • Het smiecht
    Het smiecht Month ago

    10:44 How does the light go in all directions after leaving the selenite (and converge towards your eye), if only parallel beams can enter it? Shouldn't the light leaving the selenite only go in one direction?

  • Het smiecht
    Het smiecht Month ago

    This is a way to see in isometric perspective IRL.

  • Luis Dominguez
    Luis Dominguez Month ago

    Refugio altiplano

  • undecidedgenius
    undecidedgenius Month ago

    What would happen to said creature if it looked into a mirror. Would it just look at it own retina or would there just be no light...there for be blind

  • Kat M
    Kat M Month ago

    graphic design is Michael's passion

  • Zhu Bajie
    Zhu Bajie Month ago

    I wish you had talked about the pinhole eyes of a nautilus and the calcite eyes of the trilobite.

  • Kat M
    Kat M Month ago +2

    A' for "slightly higher"

  • Bora Yılmaz
    Bora Yılmaz Month ago

    Micheal the sweat drop

  • Jeff Narum
    Jeff Narum Month ago

    Everything taste better with Vsauce on it.

  • Jess Gill
    Jess Gill Month ago

    Are Michaels eyes purple or is the lighting just weird? The real question I want answered....

  • Sage Sarrazine
    Sage Sarrazine Month ago

    It tastes cold

  • honeybear
    honeybear Month ago

    Is Michael still getting side effects from Ayahuasca? I've never seen him lick so much

  • sophie
    sophie Month ago

    thank you........ thaNKS TO MINERALS

  • Neetin Nagap
    Neetin Nagap Month ago

    But aren't the sides of selenite suppose to block light. How are we still able to send the ruler through it?

  • Taqataq Taqataq
    Taqataq Taqataq Month ago +1 someone explain?

  • Vinay G R
    Vinay G R Month ago

    Listen to how he says "Thus" at 3:00

  • MarisaCortez
    MarisaCortez Month ago

    Thanks for the weekly existential crisis Micheal

  • FuriousTeddyBear
    FuriousTeddyBear Month ago

    You can also look with orthographic (non-perspective, parallel vision) using computer simulation.

  • Tarantula guy
    Tarantula guy Month ago

    “oh yeaahh, 90 degrees..”

  • Rebekka Bratlie
    Rebekka Bratlie Month ago


  • Spice Rice
    Spice Rice Month ago

    You can draw really straight lines

  • Ishan Sinha
    Ishan Sinha Month ago

    @10:56 Totally me

  • Antonio Falcone
    Antonio Falcone Month ago

    I've just saw this video with selenite. Michael was getting out of the screen😂.

  • xx katarzyna
    xx katarzyna Month ago

    everybody talks about him eating the selenite but nobody talks about him just casually spitting on the floor

  • Manuel Scheid
    Manuel Scheid Month ago

    but wouldn't i just see small fractions of my surroundings(the size of the retina) if i had these "mineral" eyes, because everything above and below wouldn't come at an 90° angle?

    • Antonio Falcone
      Antonio Falcone Month ago

      Yes theoretically, but probably it wouldn't happen because the photons on the external surface of the mineral will interact each other. And you will not able to see anything.

  • kendriani schaedler

    point b for top

  • kendriani schaedler

    point a for bottom

  • Programmable Beta
    Programmable Beta Month ago

    Remember when when michael licked a rock and a table for no reason

  • Bazooka Llama Productions

    Can I just lean my head on your shoulder and ask you to explain things all day long? XD

  • Jak
    Jak Month ago

    Did you lose braincells?

  • Comical
    Comical Month ago

    "Hanna could you come and lick this? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"

  • bobobs the original

    as it turns out selenite in high doses of 2-3 milligrams is extremely toxic and can possibly lead to death :( rip michael

  • TomatoHeadGaming ­

    Micheal licks things for science

  • Cecília Lopes
    Cecília Lopes Month ago

    My best Discovery of 2019

  • Bryan Haley
    Bryan Haley Month ago

    also this is an extremely superb explanation of perspective view vs orthographic view in 3d graphics

  • Bryan Haley
    Bryan Haley Month ago +1

    11:42 S P I T F A C T S

  • A very sexually deviant orange

    Even if the eye was made with a fiber optic lens rather than a pinhole lens, it would still have a 1:1 correspondence. MICHAEL, REVISIT THIS AND REALIZE THAT PSEUDOPODS ARE NOT REQUIRED FOR THE ALIENS!

  • Koushik Talukder
    Koushik Talukder Month ago

    This started playing on the TV while I was dozing off, and in my dream a very grumpy person with a ruler was arguing with Michael Stevens, but ended up giving Michael the ruler. Lo and behold it was the same ruler Michael uses in this video.

  • Alan Castellano
    Alan Castellano Month ago

    Are you left-handed?

  • Silviu Andrei
    Silviu Andrei Month ago

    11:08 Michael's saliva, intelectual spit

  • VallenTM
    VallenTM Month ago

    who else feeling smarter?

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Month ago

    that was gross

  • Peter Wexler
    Peter Wexler Month ago

    Wonder how well this would work as a lens for an oil immersion microscope.

  • apoorv bhartari
    apoorv bhartari Month ago

    Kindly explain in normal eye image formed is inverted which brain corrected, but seeing thru selenite image is straight, which brain did not correct. Why?

  • Sam Cummings
    Sam Cummings Month ago

    Amazing intellectual states: "ugh... I'm tasting cold!"

  • The spooktacular Donut 000000

    I think that this was the entire joke but it seriously annoys me that u used A for bottom and not 🅱️

  • Sinchan Goswami
    Sinchan Goswami Month ago

    Get high much...

  • stefan beaubut
    stefan beaubut Month ago +1

    You know who else licked things for science? THE DOCTOR. So stop complaining

  • stefan beaubut
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  • Davis Rose
    Davis Rose Month ago

    I always liked crossover episodes

  • _szarpii aka. Lucis vel. Lucifer •LUX•

    And if brain doesnt invert image again?

  • _szarpii aka. Lucis vel. Lucifer •LUX•

    Seeing is like touching but no limited by lenght of hands.. We can touch even far objects like sun or stairs and dont feel temoerature of them. We can recognize shapes and colors of things.. It have sense from evolution point, but what sense of seeing colors? Maybe without colors we cant see that far away? But we can only have black n white with greyscale.. So why colors,for what we have them?hmm

  • E.N. Wheeler
    E.N. Wheeler Month ago

    selenite falls apart in water

  • Lumine
    Lumine Month ago +1

    10:52 - 11:47 I don't get why I found this so damn funny

  • Sub2me
    Sub2me Month ago