Terry's Caramel Cutting School

  • Published on Apr 21, 2017
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  • precognative maiden

    so um why don't you make your own caramel?? would it not be more "homemade"

  • lisa aspden
    lisa aspden 5 days ago

    Try warming the knife blade makes cutting Carmel easier works with ice cream cakes and fondant blocks. I'm a cake maker and we use warm water but I have seen a heating pad used as well.

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones 7 days ago

    I think the dad has been lying to the mom about how big an inch is :p

  • Joe Allen
    Joe Allen 10 days ago

    Thickest half an inch I ever saw lol

  • ayishu
    ayishu 11 days ago

    Terry is a national treasure, I love her

  • davisx2002
    davisx2002 13 days ago

    Terry is such an adorable lady.

  • Chris Hernandez
    Chris Hernandez 15 days ago

    Energized steve scares me!!!!!!! And yall let terry run with scissors?!?!?!? The sheer badassery of candy makers LOL

  • Savage King-Medusa
    Savage King-Medusa 18 days ago

    Love you much, but I will say I was kinda a little very disappointed to find out that you guys don't make your own caramel.

    STAGGERLEE 18 days ago

    Omg. I know you probably hate them but I love hekkybellys and I'd love you to make them!
    I can see the price of real candy is justified. Its skilled work and so much time goes into it. NOW CAN I HAVE JELLYBEANS!? 😂

  • Wendy Pemberton
    Wendy Pemberton 19 days ago

    Such an adorable family!

  • Dee Ink2PaperArt
    Dee Ink2PaperArt 20 days ago

    Remember girls he’s a person not a piece of meat🤣! More like Max is a piece of eye candy 🤣!

  • Rita Backus
    Rita Backus 22 days ago

    Mmmmmm my favourite chocolate covered Carmel. You guys are great!!

  • Schmidty’s Kettle Corn

    I was bummed when it's a box caramel and not something you make yourself. I've bought those boxes before and they aren't cheap.

  • M00n_Flare
    M00n_Flare 25 days ago

    Join for the candy stay for the family

  • David Cushman
    David Cushman 26 days ago

    Am I the only one still loving that hat he's wearing?

  • debido2u
    debido2u 27 days ago

    He’s Batman!

  • Citizen Kane
    Citizen Kane 28 days ago

    What marketing genius

  • Chelsea Thomas
    Chelsea Thomas Month ago

    Love your Videos

  • jj Abad
    jj Abad Month ago

    All y'all did was take someone's else's caramel and dipped it in chocolate, how's that candy making, it's not hard to make your own caramel

  • Irene Calderwood
    Irene Calderwood Month ago

    Hahaha...wow....mom, that's unfortunate

  • GirlzZ RBLX
    GirlzZ RBLX Month ago

    I need that caramel!!!!

  • Olivier Chipchase
    Olivier Chipchase Month ago

    Ohhh the good ol' days in the old shop

  • nursefuzzywuzzy
    nursefuzzywuzzy Month ago

    Max is adorable if you enrobed him in Chocolate i'd take him lol!

  • Connie Ward
    Connie Ward Month ago

    Others have mentioned it but I shall ask upfront, why do you not make your own caramel? Lack of space, time, knowledge?

  • Ryk Son
    Ryk Son Month ago

    Who says you can't meet a good woman at a bar? She surely wasn't no virgin but she is a catch!

  • bad bitch
    bad bitch Month ago

    Read his dad's hat 😅😅

  • Ladale Koehler
    Ladale Koehler Month ago

    Where do they get those blocks of Caramel

  • javier cabanillas
    javier cabanillas 2 months ago


  • MR. Sasquatch x
    MR. Sasquatch x 2 months ago

    She sucks them both off when the cameras go off.

  • Maria Nerius
    Maria Nerius 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for the lesson! Y’all rock!

  • The World Is A Vampire
    The World Is A Vampire 2 months ago

    Why didn't they make their own caramel? I'm too lazy to watch. I will check back for answer. #Goals

    • K K
      K K Month ago

      The World Is A Vampire it takes too much time. Easier to buy it.

  • Claire Nicholls
    Claire Nicholls 2 months ago

    I do not Terry she wants fame

  • dragon slayer1146
    dragon slayer1146 2 months ago

    Why do they say "carr-mull" and not "care-uh-mell"

  • Matt
    Matt 2 months ago

    That’s a big ass butter knife

  • Marico Ashton
    Marico Ashton 2 months ago

    CaRAmel, not carmul🤣

  • Sherrie Looper
    Sherrie Looper 3 months ago

    I know this is an old vid, but I just stumbled into this goofy Hercules world and I'm in love with this family (that includes everyone who works there)! They are just real and not trying to be anything but what they are. And, oddly enough, these vids of uncut candy-making are just freaking soothing! I sit and listen/watch while I'm working and I swear they help destress you. Thanks Hercules Family!

  • minty 178
    minty 178 3 months ago

    You can't beat British sweets😉

  • Sara Marca
    Sara Marca 3 months ago

    Muy sucios!!

  • Sara Marca
    Sara Marca 3 months ago

    Por que manosean tanto los caramelos eso tiene aspecto de sucio!! No los comería . Córtales de una vez uno andes manoseando que asco!!

  • Sherri Viz
    Sherri Viz 3 months ago

    I love you guys I wish their were more family owned small business It makes a huge difference in where you chose to shop and spend your $. I hope you all are doing well with the TheXvid addition. We love to see you all.

  • MKim143
    MKim143 3 months ago

    Meaty Max haha

  • leighanne jones
    leighanne jones 4 months ago +2

    I’d pay 5 bucks a pop if max made it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • justmythoughts justmythoughts

    Come back thinking dude can't possibly still be as corny and as talkative but I was wrong. Shut up.

  • eric 12
    eric 12 4 months ago

    You know your an OG when u can eye ball work haha

  • TTV.Vipxrツ
    TTV.Vipxrツ 4 months ago

    Am I the only one in 2019

  • TTV.Vipxrツ
    TTV.Vipxrツ 4 months ago

    Read his hat

  • Nicholas Ward
    Nicholas Ward 4 months ago +1

    “You think you’re pretty funny huh.” “No, your mom is!”

  • Piper Theos
    Piper Theos 4 months ago +22

    "Remember girls- he's a person, not a piece of meat."
    Terry, you're my hero. 💗

    • thars hope
      thars hope 4 months ago +1

      As not a Vegan... I can attest to Max being a piece of meat. A meat puppet as it were... a walking, talking stack of meat. Oh wait, it's only meat after death. my bad. Max is NOT a piece of meat. Mom is always right. :P

  • Fernandez Genesis
    Fernandez Genesis 4 months ago

    I want caramel now

  • Baazz zz
    Baazz zz 4 months ago

    Why is this going viral.....

  • Reggie Roddy
    Reggie Roddy 4 months ago


  • Marl Kalone
    Marl Kalone 4 months ago +8

    "What school is this?".
    "KuRmEl SkOoL"

  • Alondra Aguilar
    Alondra Aguilar 4 months ago

    Who else wants Carmel now

  • avaisugly
    avaisugly 4 months ago +3

    it’s not “car-mul” it’s “cara-mel”

  • Valentin 2468
    Valentin 2468 4 months ago

    If it was pronounced that way then it would be spelt carmall or carmel it not it’s spelt CARAMEL AND SHOULD BE PRONOUNCED CAR-A-MEL

    Pff Americans trying to be different, trying to be different decades ago lead to this disgusting pronunciation

  • Duɞɞʏ Tһє PѧňԀѧ Bєѧя

    I wanna eat the loaf.... I see diabetes in my future after eating this

  • Aha Ha
    Aha Ha 4 months ago

    1:45 that is not half an inch what are you smoking lady

  • Jonathan Pruet
    Jonathan Pruet 4 months ago

    when did ray ramano start making candy

  • J ricks Ricks
    J ricks Ricks 4 months ago +8

    Am I the only one that’s hearing them say Cermal instead of Caramel 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Pierce Weber
    Pierce Weber 4 months ago

    Steve who are you dude