DCUO - Is Membership Worth It? - Why To Get Membership (Basic)


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  • Kacper K
    Kacper K 4 days ago

    I have question. Is this game 100% free so I can play it any time ether if I get a membership ore buy all dlc ore is it like world of Warcraft that it is free level 1-20 but if you want to go to what is now 120 you have to buy a cart in other to due it so I am asking?

  • Term
    Term Month ago

    I guess dcuo is kinda pay to win

  • SlumpGodChris
    SlumpGodChris Month ago

    Do the powers u get with membership go away? Because then there is no point on usin the power that u will lose in like a month.

  • YT Nolimit
    YT Nolimit 3 months ago

    Yes it is cuz when u get lvl 80 u will need a membership

    THÁNH CÓ TÂM 5 months ago


  • KyraGucciGamez
    KyraGucciGamez 5 months ago

    I just got this game on my ps4 im level 23 ion have the member ship Right now but i will get the 14.99 member ship but i like how broke n dumb this game is i can only hold 2.000 on me but the other cash i have on me is 165.679 until i get member ship i get to hold more cash this game is fun to play but is still ass like come on now they could give us member ship for a week just to try it out like other games that's not (free at all)

    KINGWOLF T 6 months ago +2

    I Got CR 200 without a member ship took about 3 years stopped playing for about a half a year i leveled up when free episode came out and i did events

    J THUNDERFLOW 7 months ago +1

    he says membership isn't needed and he is lvl 15....lollolololololol

  • -Saiko -
    -Saiko - 7 months ago

    I just bought membership and I thought I was gonna get unlimited mc what’s going on

    • Victor Mc
      Victor Mc 2 months ago

      How do I become a member for dc where do I go, and do I get to keep my character? Will it reset him or leave him as is?

    • -Saiko -
      -Saiko - 7 months ago

      J THUNDERFLOW oh ok thank u but they should have made it more clear ur a lifesaver 😁

      J THUNDERFLOW 7 months ago

      you get to use escrow from your bank to buy stuff in the watchtower...tech wing bank/vault........also time capsules don't use stabilizers once you're a member which you are...just open easy....

  • jconte23
    jconte23 7 months ago +1

    What if I buy the ultimate edition? Would I get all the same benefits or just some of them? I know that ultimate would give me all the new powers, movement modes, weapon types, and all the episodes, but will I be able to carry more than 2000 cash and will I be able to open those promethium lock boxes?

  • Logang 4Life
    Logang 4Life 10 months ago

    You can also get a green aura for free in the Reedem/Claim in the Marketplace

  • Logang 4Life
    Logang 4Life 10 months ago

    You can become a member of the Justice League for free, at level 30...

  • Strout
    Strout 10 months ago

    That's fucked up fr I will stop playing this game! I have to buy a membership to have fucking access to my *CASH*

  • Vocalic Animations
    Vocalic Animations 10 months ago +7

    I have 4 level 30s all of them are above 100cr and I've never had membership and I'm doing fine

      KINGWOLF T 6 months ago

      Revamp Z i got cr 200 without a member ship

  • Genesis Boakye
    Genesis Boakye 10 months ago

    And how much is a membership ?

  • Genesis Boakye
    Genesis Boakye 10 months ago

    Question ; if u get a membership do u get to have all the powers unlocked cuz I really want lightning lol

  • Ryan Pereira
    Ryan Pereira 11 months ago


  • el steele
    el steele Year ago +6

    Taking away a good portion of the powers, weapons, and abilities to those who can’t or won’t buy a membership is pretty bogus. I’m not paying crazy amounts of money on a game that is free, the graphics are shit, and the money you pay for a membership is unreasonable considering the amount of time it gives you.
    Ps I know the game is old but they could have a least boosted the graphics and fixed some bugs. The developers basically abandoned the game. They only come back during special occasions so they can get players to spend more money.

    • Niño Rata
      Niño Rata Month ago

      if graphics improved, the game would not be the same

  • el steele
    el steele Year ago +10

    They should just make everything free. Point blank period.

    • Jett wright
      Jett wright 3 months ago

      they wanna be like world of warcraft

    • FBI
      FBI 6 months ago +1

      el steele *I agree with you but it's never going to happen*

  • Lol _
    Lol _ Year ago

    So it's p2w?

  • Gaming Asset
    Gaming Asset Year ago +1

    12 month membership=100+dollar

    • The Black Plague
      The Black Plague 8 months ago

      Dipping Sauce nope

    • NIGHT M.3.R.R
      NIGHT M.3.R.R 11 months ago +3

      Mushroom_ Boi
      I am from Latin America, here that Money is Enough to Feed a Family.
      So in my case it DONT Worth it

    • WillyWonkasLight
      WillyWonkasLight Year ago

      Mushroom_ Boi $165~ for a year on Xbox 😂🤕

  • ultimate critsss
    ultimate critsss Year ago

    i have a question man i've subscribed for a 1 month memebership then i open the game and some of the powers are still grayed out restarted the ps4 then saw a download button so it seems like it is updating now i wanna know will i get the dlc? and powers or do i need it to be auto deducted for me to get those cause im really confuse now?

  • Abid Ahmed
    Abid Ahmed Year ago +7

    I went to CR 40 without spending any money ,)

      KINGWOLF T 6 months ago

      I went to 200 ima continue till im at 300 or ima continue till im max cr

    • RISK_Bl4ster
      RISK_Bl4ster 7 months ago

      I went to 61

      J THUNDERFLOW 7 months ago

      you probably did all the on duties and now you've reached the cr you can reach from doing all of that...but try doing higher cr levels like missions for cr 160 or 170...I recommend grouping up with people with cr 200....

      J THUNDERFLOW 7 months ago

      you're not stuck you just need more challenging levels that is for Cr 140 or higher.

      J THUNDERFLOW 7 months ago

      i got up to cr 106 with 10,454 health....this new teen titans dlc is really helping....

  • FrostyJack 79
    FrostyJack 79 Year ago

    I'm a non member and I have unlocked all dlc and I only bought one

  • Gottaskrtt TV
    Gottaskrtt TV Year ago

    How much Marketplace cash does DCUO give you in one month

    • Abid Ahmed
      Abid Ahmed Year ago

      Productive Teen Gamer 500 and don't spend it with anything other then changing to a new power ,)

    • RageToDeath
      RageToDeath Year ago


  • Termed Note
    Termed Note Year ago

    one question

  • Termed Note
    Termed Note Year ago

    can i buy in dcuo with debit card

  • Been Gnomed
    Been Gnomed Year ago +21

    Dcuo is a *free to try.*

  • Tracy
    Tracy Year ago

    I'm confused where I get ultimate edition ?

  • Mike Rynaski
    Mike Rynaski Year ago

    big help thanks.

  • Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth Year ago

    So If I Buy It For One Month And The Stuff I Get While I Have It Does It Go Away After The Month Is Over Or Do I Keep If Forever


    need to use credit card. to buy membership. i only using my debit. there's any ather way to use debit card for membership.

  • Sortwein
    Sortwein Year ago

    they gotta make it so free skrubz can hold 2k cash at least lol, and premium AT LEAST 5k

  • Ninja x Reload
    Ninja x Reload Year ago

    I bought a 1 month but I still didn't get my membership

    • Chips
      Chips 11 months ago


    • james anarchy
      james anarchy Year ago

      I got mine just leave the market place also there was a hacker attack maybe you were a victim

    • lord of high frog's
      lord of high frog's Year ago

      Ninja x Reload same, shit fucked me over.... lol

  • EclipseBiku
    EclipseBiku 2 years ago

    so wait, membership gives me all the powers, right? if so do i lose them when membership goes away? also once it goes away can i still play with any of my characters? another this is that do i get marketplace cash with membership?

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago

      EclipseBiku u keep the powers on ur characters if u keep up to 6 char higher then that will not let u play with them so 7th char and the rest that are higher then the 7th will be locked powers however will only be on ur chars that u Made with the power

    • FearedBuilds
      FearedBuilds 2 years ago

      Even when the membership is gone you still have that character that has a dlc power and u can still play with him/her

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 years ago

    How much does member ship cost

    • WillyWonkasLight
      WillyWonkasLight Year ago

      If you're are on Xbox.. it will cost you $165~ for 12 months

    • Tallen Westfall
      Tallen Westfall Year ago

      Dylan Gaddy too much for a shit game of this caliber, was the proper answer.

    • khaosdestroyer
      khaosdestroyer 2 years ago

      they had a sale which ends today.. a 67% off all episodes between 1-26 and episode packs 1-4.. i paid a total amount of 4.95.. 4.95.. 13.20.. 13.20=36.30 for all 4 packs so i can basically access nearly every alert.. and raid up to the point of Amazon fury 3 dlc.. and 5 bucks for a utility belt.. 41.30.. so il never have to pay for membership.. ever..even if i play 3 months.. stop for 2 months.. play for 3 more.. stop.. then play.. i never gotta pay membership to continue to level and access any raids or alerts.. up til a cr of 189 i think

    • Dylan Gaddy
      Dylan Gaddy 2 years ago +1

      Nick Robson 119.99 for 12 month and 14.99 for one month

  • 450devilalex
    450devilalex 2 years ago +1

    It might be worth it for the pc but its sur ain't on console

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago

      450devilalex it is better on playstation becuz playstation is verivied some pc website are scams and a lure for noobs

  • MMO_Winner
    MMO_Winner 2 years ago

    if i buy ultimate edition do i get more credits space and inventory space

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago

      TheRealDCGamer credit space? dont know what that is but inventory yes ultimate Edition gives all powers,skimming,shield,being able to open lockboxes for free,up to 16 character slots,unlimited escrow(all the money u have in game is available for use),all episodes for lvling i think that is it xD

  • itusd Singh
    itusd Singh 2 years ago +1

    what should I get membership or the division

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago

      itusd Singh membership if u Like dcuo more xD

  • Bruce Doyle
    Bruce Doyle 2 years ago +7

    So if i get the Membership, i have acces to other powers and stuff, but what if my membership runs out, can i still play with my created character who has a dlc power?

    • Niño Rata
      Niño Rata Month ago

      +KINGWOLF T hey with plus in ps4 and gave me 6 character slots, if I bought premium I will give more slots? :v

      KINGWOLF T 6 months ago

      TheFreshKid so i have all the powers and if i make 16 charecters ill have to delete them till im at 6 characters again

    • pea55
      pea55 9 months ago +1

      Well u won't have to delete them, you'll just have to make them inactive.

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago +1

      Bruce Doyle if u have bought 500 marketplace points with it u will be able to keep 6 chars if u dont buy the marketplace points u will be able to keep only 2 chars i believe

    • Bruce Doyle
      Bruce Doyle 2 years ago +1

      +TheFreshKid Ah alright, thx.

  • Dicecid
    Dicecid 2 years ago

    I've got legendary membership but I can't buy unlimited escrow anymore

    • Dicecid
      Dicecid 2 years ago

      Firstname Last'name I'm sorry to hear that

    • SeventeenXVII 17
      SeventeenXVII 17 2 years ago +1

      ExoticArticy my mom died six months ago...

    • Dicecid
      Dicecid 2 years ago

      Srycs i posted that comment 6 months ago... I obviously know now

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago

      ExoticArtic becuz u already have it xD it comes with it xD

  • Derp Gamer
    Derp Gamer 2 years ago

    and I open reward boxes for free

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago

      KillersheamusXI TV yes till legendary runs out

  • Derp Gamer
    Derp Gamer 2 years ago

    Umm I do not have membership and I'm good o delete my old things ..

  • MbmYT
    MbmYT 2 years ago

    I have a ps4 and if u have ps plus Do u get membership free?

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago

      MbmYT no u do get the ligt power a green aura and 250 reset tokens (for loot resets in raids) if u take the PS plus bundle

    • Annmuel
      Annmuel 2 years ago

      If you have ps plus you will get starter pack green lantern

    • Supreme Cheezy Pop
      Supreme Cheezy Pop 2 years ago

      I wish :(

    • DarkNight345
      DarkNight345 2 years ago

      No boy

  • tyler wilson
    tyler wilson 2 years ago

    Are legendary characters easier to get on membership or do you have to buy them separately? Really like the game but the way they cash cow is unreal lol someone please let me know

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos
    Kronickillness Nikolaos 2 years ago +2

    Ok u gotta look at it from the perspective of someone who has never played before waiting over 4hrs in cue! So not only did they lock any means of success behind not tiny but decent sized pay walls!!!!! Ffs that's a bad sign ! The way they treat new players like this at least give us like idfk ur 1st 10 log ins should be free! I damn well know there's no way in hell that 88,000+ players are all on this single game & aren't members! The bullshit cue they're being sued over the fake shit they claim more people are in cue than are online at all total for the platform! It is ridiculous I've been waiting for over 4hrz now just to see if it's something I would ever want to play I got plenty of other shit to waste my time & $ on but being treated like shit made to wait a false cue is bad business they're liars that's instantly the 1st message that the devs/publishers are sending me as a new player & possible future customers and instead of welcoming us & letting us at least forget the stupid log bullshit until we reach a certain level like level 10 per character then I'm sure it must be on separate servers from mid-to end game players in typical MMORPGs we start in nooby area & never return after a certain level. This would give players the opportunity to check out the gameplay most importantly to see if they'd even play it or like it but the games asking for $ up front! Usually a bad sign that ur not going to be hooked within 5mins u will not want to return but the strategy with shit games (division) is to make promises they can't deliver on & get paid before customers have a chance to regret this purchase. They want either $5'a to get in less than 5mins or $15's a month that way you'll keep playing as ur literally invested in the game! See what message a bad one at that this sends!? I don't give s fjck wtf they skin an RPG MMO with cuz there's plenty of mods for that! Idfc if it were an avengers game if gameplay is not good & I don't even get to try w/o waiting hours to get in the server to test gameplay that is just broken! They want $ for everything I almost hate free games now cause they are far from free easily end up paying more for a freemium game than any full priced game I'd rather play a demo that last 1hr lets u try each character type starting game & end game. Before I spend one red cent!!!! Ergo so far not worth it unless ur already invested love the gameplay or something.

    • Dylan Gaddy
      Dylan Gaddy Year ago

      IneffableMe you can get to tier 3 non member but just buy the dlc as its cheaper and you get it permanently forever I'm buying the ultimate addition soon so I can avoid membership

    • IneffableMe
      IneffableMe 2 years ago

      Totally agree with you man. I just started this game , I am level 17 and I am thinking with only 1500$ available for use , what I am going to do. Just like you said , everything little thing in the game asks you for money. In the future , the game will be free to download but it will ask you to give money to even create a character !

  • Nate
    Nate 2 years ago

    you need a membership now cant access the game without it :(

    • bejing fist
      bejing fist 2 years ago

      +Nathan Evans well it prevents like 10,000 ppl logging on at the same time that would lag everyone. but if u got prenium u only got to wait likr 15 seconds

    • Nate
      Nate 2 years ago

      +King Qaun buts that's stupid

    • bejing fist
      bejing fist 2 years ago

      +Nathan Evans u have to wait . if u had legendary it will just put u in da game but so many ppl play so u have to wait

    • bejing fist
      bejing fist 2 years ago +1


    • EaZy-__-Logic
      EaZy-__-Logic 2 years ago +1

      +Nathan Evans you have to wait for your turn to log in.

  • O-neeomoe
    O-neeomoe 2 years ago +11

    It's worth it

  • ThePhantomGamer
    ThePhantomGamer 2 years ago +1

    Everything in this game is expensive

  • Lucas Navidad
    Lucas Navidad 2 years ago

    what about buying membership just once for premium?

    • Srycs
      Srycs 2 years ago

      Lucas Navidad after legendary (membership) runs out u automatacly turned premium xD

  • Amy
    Amy 3 years ago +3

    Jackass, how can you do a video on a game you don't know anything about thanks for guessing about lock boxes

  • Amy
    Amy 3 years ago +2

    Jack ass, how can you do a video on a game you don't know anything about thanks for guessing about lock boxes

  • Amy
    Amy 3 years ago +4

    Jack ass, how can you do a video on a game you don't know anything about thanks for guessing about lock boxes

    • Gman00152 Gang
      Gman00152 Gang Month ago

      Amy hahahahahahahajahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahhaahahahahahahahhaahhaahahhaahahahahhaahhahahaahahahahhaahhahahalmaoajahahahhahahahahaahhahahahhalmaohahahahahahahahahahha LMAO🤣🤣😅😂🤣😂😅🤣😂😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😂🤣😂😅🤣😃😂😃😅😃🤣😏😘🤨😏😋😋😋🥳😘🥳😛🥳😏😘😝🥳😗🤩🙃🥳🥳🙂😇😏🧐😍

  • Mister Macy
    Mister Macy 3 years ago

    Thanks +Decromatic

  • Mister Macy
    Mister Macy 3 years ago

    How long is a membership

  • MidnightCry7
    MidnightCry7 3 years ago

    Are powers/abilities also unlocked for members to use? As a non member, you don't have access to powers like light or electricity. Are they free for members or do you still have to buy them?

    • MidnightCry7
      MidnightCry7 3 years ago

      +Decromatic thanks for the reply :)