Coronavirus spread is ‘accelerating’ says China as death toll rises to 41

  • China's president has warned the spread of the deadly coronavirus is accelerating, as he convened a special meeting of Communist leaders. (Subscribe:
    The country is also taking yet more drastic measures aimed at bringing it under control, including strict travel restrictions during the country's biggest holiday - the Lunar New Year.
    The Chinese military are sending hundreds of staff to the epicentre of Wuhan and rushing in more medical supplies.
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  • NaZar Ahamed
    NaZar Ahamed 12 days ago

    Very good & informative video, DONT WORRY guys everything has an end. But these guys have today's updated info of the coronavirus deaths by countries and many more data,

  • John B
    John B 16 days ago

    Plot twist: every one is already infected

  • R Martini
    R Martini 19 days ago

    WAKE UP!!!
    Communists of China pose the greatest threat to peace and security for the rest of the world. But do not allow fear from the health plague engineered by China to interfere with your mission to live your lives as Powerful Prayer Warriors in the service of Your Lord and Saviour.

  • AIguanaDosComentários Huehe

    Lest go to Greenland people!!

  • jose rafael espaillat de champs

    CORONAVIRUS CAN BE fought through ultra violet radiation.

  • Vebloft
    Vebloft 23 days ago

    World's 1st Coronavirus Vaccine Is Ready For Testing

  • Rojey
    Rojey 24 days ago

    china virus😷

  • Being Superman on Amazon

    The cure

  • Monica Guevara
    Monica Guevara 26 days ago

    Guys now I know why Donald Trump wanted to build a wall

  • KnowThyself7
    KnowThyself7 Month ago

    Hypochondria alarm is a full go!! LOL

  • 白尘
    白尘 Month ago

    不行了听不懂英文好悲伤ლ(இдஇ;ლ )评论也看得半懂不懂想回两句都不行

  • Hedgehog's Right of Passage

    Poll: How many Agnostics & Atheists have prayed to the Infinite One recently?

  • Sleuth Entertainment
    Sleuth Entertainment Month ago +1

    I am from Spain, and we have some cases of the virus...but I am even more worried about my fiancee, 'cause she's working now in Japan...
    China.....I HATE you

  • Érika Matteau
    Érika Matteau Month ago

    Corona virus 🦠: Im GOnnA kIlL YoU All. Me : its okay this morning i have take 3 vitamines gummies instead of 2

  • Nora Ziaya
    Nora Ziaya Month ago

    1800 deaths today

  • 88 Scorpiana
    88 Scorpiana Month ago

    Bio-weapon experiment gone wrong !!!

  • Top News World
    Top News World Month ago

    News: These images may be disturbing
    Me: How disturbing can a fish market be?
    watches video
    Me: That’s not a fish market...

  • Nancy Lobao
    Nancy Lobao Month ago

    When all is said and done millions will be dead. The world knows China is lying. It’s more important to stay in power than save lives.

  • NinoSpinner
    NinoSpinner Month ago

    😱😱😱 Watch that

  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson Month ago

    America stand with you China. We are praying for all of you !! Love from America !! We sympathize with you

  • Anarchy Empire
    Anarchy Empire Month ago

    Infected trough their eyes hum? Well I for one think hazmat suits are going to be a pretty good fashion item this year!

  • Anarchy Empire
    Anarchy Empire Month ago

    USA: 1 confirmed case, 50-60 potential.
    As a us citizen and more importantly a Texan I demand we build the wall with Mexico, as a Mexican citizen I demand that we help the gringos build the wall and then ban them from the motherland Viva la dual citizenship!

  • 707947
    707947 Month ago

    protect your eyes.

  • Mighty Fist Of Zeon!

    The Chinese government is lying. The infection and death numbers are much higher. Over 20,000 dead in reality.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dealer

    It's way more.

  • master Yang
    master Yang Month ago

    Nuke the city

  • Erdoğan Varilci
    Erdoğan Varilci Month ago

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    Tōngguò tā zhēnzhèng de zhǔrén zuìgāo fǎyuàn zhēnzhǔ TALE shì dìqiú İNSANLIRØTAL de chuàngshǐ rén dòngwù shàngdì YOU CEZALANDIRIYO bìngdú huǒshāo yóucéng nǐmen zhōngguó lǎo zhēnzhǔ Talaya nǐ İNANMIYOS,AND,ORKATLETTİG nǐ YÜCELERSUPREME shì chuàngzàole yīqiè zhēnzhǔ zài shìjiè shàng KURRE xīn kè lǐ mǔ zhōngguó Mealli AS yǐ dú nǐ wǒ de quánlì vericeksiniz

  • Top News World
    Top News World Month ago

    Coronavirus vai exterminar algo que nenhum vilão fictício fez
    1 like =um pedido a Deus para que não pega esse vírus

  • 天堂的守夜人罗刹

    Chinese people eat bats? Coronavirus and Chinese eating habits? Here is the truth.. As a normal Chinese person I do NOT eat any wild animals or any uncommon food. Only a tiny small portion of the population might do. I understand the Anti-Chinese sentiment due to Wuhan virus outbreak, but every country has good and not that good people, please don't let the hate spread. Coronavirus is our only enemey. Hatred can be as bad as the virus and weaken a city of steel. We can make this world a better place.

  • Dan Okero
    Dan Okero Month ago


    ABITOFA LOON Month ago

    0:50 Darryl Dixon racing thru the street for supplies

  • axxmad
    axxmad Month ago

    The Corona virus are now in Sweden to, now you know ...

  • Hipnos Six
    Hipnos Six Month ago +2

    It was at this moment when china knew they fucked up.

  • galleon30000
    galleon30000 Month ago

    they had ZERO mention that over 5 million wuhan citizens got out before the quarantine..

  • Joshua Matthew
    Joshua Matthew Month ago +1

    That's what you get for eating dogs.😈😈😈🐶🐶🐶

    • Hair on Your screen
      Hair on Your screen 28 days ago +1

      It wasn’t caused by eating dogs. Eating dogs is the same as eating cows or pigs.

  • Sound Check
    Sound Check Month ago

    Corona virus won't last long, because it's MADE IN CHINA.

  • Key Epic Pranks
    Key Epic Pranks Month ago +10

    Media. "Trump is going to destroy the world!"

    China. "Hold my Corona."

    • D Hernandez
      D Hernandez Month ago +1

      I'm sorry WEdestroyed the world already taking god from being taught in school ... our self righteous selvethink we didnt need him because our sin was too good to walk away from ... above all things guard ur hearts because all sorts of evil comes from it .. careful not to become hardened

    • Dab Vitor
      Dab Vitor Month ago +1

      Everyone gangster til the chinese kid coughs

  • Jim Higgs
    Jim Higgs Month ago

    China is the Petri Dish of the World!! Disgusting most unhygienic nation ever! Every pandemic in the past decades have originated in this filthy country!🤮👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  • brett andrews
    brett andrews Month ago

    This is same video under another title. Greedy SOB's capitalizing on a tragedy.

  • Ismael Leite
    Ismael Leite Month ago

    Fearmorgering from governments to put people on fear then your vibration stay low.. And so the people never will rise they doing this way to long whit the sheeps.

  • Marilou Martinez
    Marilou Martinez Month ago

    praying for whole world's

  • Yavuz Yavuz
    Yavuz Yavuz Month ago

    Beter olun amg evlatları

  • Asmany_ mn
    Asmany_ mn Month ago

    W T F

  • Cry Army
    Cry Army Month ago


  • Hulya H
    Hulya H Month ago

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  • Rob Flanagan
    Rob Flanagan Month ago

    It’s ironic how Trump pushed in his campaign and his oath to secure boarders, build the wall in Mexico, and to seriously enforce migration at all transportation ports. Everyone thought it was lunacy. Impeachment or not, the spread of this virus in China may be the key takeaway to have that wall built and completed along with enforcing strict travel guidelines. Looks like Trump May have been on to something.

  • Rob Flanagan
    Rob Flanagan Month ago

    I’m freaking out over this pandemic from my dorm at UMASS Amherst, as this situation in China gets worse. I only wish I had that young guy’s calmness that was being interviewed. I really commend his bravery, calmness, and his ability to take time to explain what is going on there.

    NIMCO SALAT Month ago

    This is the results of mistreating Chinese Muslims who are detained. 💪🏻 power of Allah, He said in the Quran that, He will protect His worshippers and His Book

  • Jerin Pr
    Jerin Pr Month ago

    It crossed 170 guys......PLASE DO SOMETHING

  • Mark Valley
    Mark Valley Month ago

    Dear WHO Organization, You must be aware that you and the Secretary General are really embarrassing, pathetic and stupid. Criticisms and criticism by media outlets for the so-called procrastination response are not as realistic as those of private institutions, leading universities in the United States, or other well-known institutions such as the Howard Hughes Institute. This is endless.
    As many of you know, the power of international organizations has been completely lost, but while incompetent and invisible corruption is prevalent, international organizations are a shield and a means of evading responsibility for developing countries and countries in Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America where corruption is prevalent. The use of excuses, excuses, and excuses from certain countries, such as the United States, for the purpose of indemnifying the public, caused the conflict. Because hesitant is also a key reason.
    WHO You have never denied that you have caused tremendous economic and social losses, and that you are hesitant to maintain the face of China. Do not avoid responsibility with useless excuses and excuses. One day, the United States and other Western nations will come together and ask for certain responsibilities and monetary reparations.

    I say once again that you are ashamed and pathetic.

  • Lune Eternelle
    Lune Eternelle Month ago

    CAUTION: DO NOT listen to certain sources of information which advise you of masks of type "Cambridge" that DOES NOT protect from bacterial and viral particles. Only masks such as FFP2 or FFP3 (even better) can effectively protect you from the virus.
    For example :

  • jilo kizito
    jilo kizito Month ago

    My mind tells me more than 1000000 people are infected.

  • Veronica Silva
    Veronica Silva Month ago +1

    Stop eating animals for Christ sake ! 😡😡😡😡 nasty ppl

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout Month ago

    Year of the rat that doesn't sound like a Christian holiday

  • Kimchi
    Kimchi Month ago

    The flu is scary but this is also scary. 😣😢

  • defboka907
    defboka907 Month ago

    Trump says “ have you seen I am Legend “? It’s biological not Nature wink wink! 80 million people needs to go bye bye...

  • Dustin Casey
    Dustin Casey Month ago

    And china harvests organs so that's something

  • Dustin Casey
    Dustin Casey Month ago

    Does anyone remember sars

  • Maxime Michel
    Maxime Michel Month ago

    Just found an online map to check the Coronavirus situation. Almost 200 people have recovered from the disease, encouraging.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu Month ago +7

    Nobody: Chinese people: lets eat bats,dogs,cats Also Chinese people: why coronavirus happened to us?

  • Gereksiz Ateş
    Gereksiz Ateş Month ago


  • alin buzoianu
    alin buzoianu Month ago

    Ce naiba bă sunteti un miliard , va futeti ca iepurii , Dumnezeu nu tace .

  • Don Jour
    Don Jour Month ago

    1:47 Channel 4 said it "31 ppl have been tested negative" . (question:) how do you test result negative if you dont know what the virus or vaccine for it is yet? ... tbh that segment wasn't really reassuring

  • Don Jour
    Don Jour Month ago

    Basically nCov - 2019 is highly contagious during the incubation period. Meaning its spreading without people realising its spreading 😖... 🤧

    • opzz xsin
      opzz xsin Month ago

      Check out youtuber SERPENTZA.

  • Šx_Rāžør !
    Šx_Rāžør ! Month ago


    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu Month ago

      It is much worse than the chinese govt are telling the world

  • Rhonda Clark
    Rhonda Clark Month ago


  • Rhonda Clark
    Rhonda Clark Month ago

    BS/😡LYING LIBERAL MEDIA,It’s 4 thousand now in America Russia , Canada. Mexico. South Central America. To Mexico India ITS NOT IN Corentine they are flying THEY ARE STILL FLYING. THIS IS A WEAPON. AND MURDER, NOW TYPE EVERY DISEASE. AGENDA 21.

  • Falcon2Point0
    Falcon2Point0 Month ago

    Could this be the end of humanity or?

  • Tom Butthurt
    Tom Butthurt Month ago

    Get ready for a zombie apocalypse world war z

  • Tom Butthurt
    Tom Butthurt Month ago

    Year of the rat that doesn't sound like a Christian holiday

  • Frank Em
    Frank Em Month ago +2

    All I know, how they handle animals are ruthless, merciless and nasty.

  • chill sona
    chill sona Month ago +9

    When Eating dogs , snakes , batts , rats , even spiders gone wrong

  • ali almansoor
    ali almansoor Month ago

    This is a video with claims of traditional arabic medicine for the virus....plz examine this medicine on patients with coronavirus, it will work on humans if it works on animals...

    FIRE HOUND Month ago +1

    Very sad. My heart goes out to all the victims of the world. 💔

  • Jezie dave Mulit
    Jezie dave Mulit Month ago

    Yan kasi lahat kinkain resulta nani

  • Peter Mathew Van Aardt
    Peter Mathew Van Aardt 2 months ago


  • Leslie Raymond
    Leslie Raymond 2 months ago

    Its not new...been around since 1960s.

  • Emmie G
    Emmie G 2 months ago

    It is much worse than the chinese govt are telling the world

  • Emmie G
    Emmie G 2 months ago

    Check out youtuber SERPENTZA.

  • Justin Joseph
    Justin Joseph 2 months ago

    Stop letting fucking people come here