Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford Pretends Borderlands 3 Epic Games Store Deal Is Not About Money

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
  • Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, called review-bombing a “misuse” of Steam’s review system, and criticised Valve for not addressing the issue. Let's discuss.
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Comments • 923

  • Celestino Silva
    Celestino Silva 5 months ago

    Borderlands 3 and Epic store deal not being all about money is like Epic stopping with their exclusive deals if Steam gave better deals to Devs...

  • Modern Warrior24
    Modern Warrior24 5 months ago

    Jou foking poes jy is so dom soos n kafer jou sleg poes

  • Stephen Arevalo
    Stephen Arevalo 5 months ago

    What is stopping Epic Games from just paying for exclusivity even if Steam drops the developer cost?

  • Dizzolve
    Dizzolve 5 months ago

    Valve invests in their infrastructure and foots a lot of the bill for devs and publishers for maintenance. Valve adjusting their take isn't as easy as flipping a switch. The reason why Epic's take is so low is because there is nothing to maintain and they KNOW their security lacks and won't do anything about it. If Epic truly wanted to compete and add features, their take is not sustainable. Throwing money and growing later is a poor balance. The Fortnite money is relatively recent, they're like someone who wins the lottery and goes broke because they have no cap on their current income vs spending.

  • ImDeMysteryoso
    ImDeMysteryoso 5 months ago

    Damnit Gearbox! You were working with Valve a long time ago. And you gonna stab them in a back like this??

  • D Cabral
    D Cabral 5 months ago

    I hate to say this and I know is taboo, but when it comes to PC Gaming, time is your friend. With time, games are reviewed sooner by fanboys, and patches get released, and a game that end up costing $60.00 will be in a reasonable price after EVERYBODY who has to have it gets it. I know is not a popular thought, but games become more affordable once you buy them long, long after their initial release. Remember, this game might be old. . . But is new to me.

  • tmangfoo
    tmangfoo 6 months ago

    Be nice for Valve to change their revenue split to match Epic's but that won't stop Epic from doing these timed exclusive deals. I doubt publishers/devs will turn down the guaranteed money from Epic.

  • Joseph Day
    Joseph Day 6 months ago +1

    Good to know you speak for a studio you don't belong to as if you're omniscient

  • camron reynosa
    camron reynosa 6 months ago

    Your point is heard and the idea overall is sound but it doesnt feel like it fits in this argument. The situation is between consumers and BL3 being released on epic 6months before steam and the reasoning, i dont admitidly fully understand as a consumer, consumers dont trust the epic store nor respect the lack of user friendly features. This is likely a privacy issue due to the agrrements you have to approve when installing the epic client as well and epic is very micro-trans hungry. Console as i understand will be uneffected by this? So regardless if BL3 is going to make absolute bank no matter were it sells why feel the need to limit its client acces to epic alone?

  • Pizza guy
    Pizza guy 6 months ago

    It’s is about money that’s why making the game in the first place look I protect randy over this but now

  • PSN Serkett
    PSN Serkett 6 months ago

    i doubt epic can keep making exclusivity and the 88% revenue share in the long term i dont see why valve would need change how they do things logically speaking steam have a helluva lot more games than epic have or will ever have in the long term.

  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion 6 months ago +2

    They can't match Epic Games revenue because Epic Games is now partly own by China and because China and their "companies" (I put that in quotes because any company coming from China is in reality owned by the government) will immediately increase the amount to the point in it becomes financially impossible for the competition to keep up AND this why I keep telling people China will eventually destroy the world economy because they do not play by free market rules and can control the value of their dollar and have complete control over all the companies in the country.

  • Fedora Gamer
    Fedora Gamer 6 months ago +2

    Haha. ha.

    It's about money, steam is literally superior in every possible way, except for money split, and it's more popular to boot.

  • 1man Productions
    1man Productions 6 months ago

    Unless things change with the epic game store. People will start buying games immediately have buyer's remorse of buying something they didn't like or didn't work on the system.

  • Le Tung
    Le Tung 6 months ago +1

    Freaking Fat dumbass. make a video without even thinking. It;s so easy for steam to lower their cut to 12-88%? It;s like compare the cost of running 5 stars restaurant and a hotdog stand. You know all the cloud save data servers, support staffs, security staffs ... are not free right? When epic have money from fornite to back them up and they doesnt have to pay for any of those thing above

  • c3nnal
    c3nnal 6 months ago

    Nice GL reference lol

  • Echs Dee
    Echs Dee 6 months ago

    Today I'm using my old, super overheat prone ps4 to heat up my water container(I forget what it's called because I'm sleepy. That's what the coffee is for.) which I'm gonna fill with coffee.

  • 5 Treyanokouji483
    5 Treyanokouji483 6 months ago +1

    Idk Rich seems to me Valve are the ones who need step up to the plate and shell out

  • Sky Rock
    Sky Rock 6 months ago +1

    I think what people need to realize is that when big publishers make decisions on where they sell their product is totally up to them. You want to know why? Because it is THEIR PRODUCT. They made it. If it flops due to their poor decision, then it flops, otherwise if its a success like it truly usually is for big AAA titles like Borderlands then HAHA for you. Lets get real guys whether the game is EPIC or Steam, this is a title you are going to buy regardless. Stop whining. end rant.

  • Winnetou64
    Winnetou64 6 months ago +1

    Yes, it's all about money - which is exactly why Valve won't increase the revenue share unless they are absolutely forced to. Once they adjust it, there's no going back, so they just wait and see how big of a threat the Epic Store really is/becomes. Because even Epic doesn't have unlimited resources.

  • john
    john 6 months ago

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  • Jagged Dagger
    Jagged Dagger 6 months ago

    So what's wrong with putting a thumbs down after making a positive review about the game but not recommending it due to shading publishing deals?

  • John S
    John S 6 months ago

    There is no exusue for supporting the Epic game store in any fashion!

  • MasterGaming234
    MasterGaming234 6 months ago +3

    Even if steam matches them Epic can still buy exclusively

  • Martin Forsman
    Martin Forsman 6 months ago

    Personally I'm certain that the instant infusion of cash, a k a bribe money, that publishers get when they sign up for Epic is the main reason for them going there.

  • extreme dee
    extreme dee 6 months ago

    Looks like you losing weight rich.

  • Mersa316
    Mersa316 6 months ago

    Lookin good Rich, keep up the exercise/whatever you're doing

  • o0ericj0o
    o0ericj0o 6 months ago +1

    even if steam matches epics revenue split epic will still be bribing publishers for that exclusivity so it likely wont change anything for those titles.

  • Dan Duke
    Dan Duke 6 months ago

    Even if Steam matched the dollar amount, epic would do something else to try to get exclusives because they can't match the service Steam provides. Steam's service is why I'll wait.
    You're exactly right that it's all about the money. Gearbox and 2k basically said f the consumer with the exclusivity.
    I'm pretty much over it now. I'll try to avoid spoilers by not watching streams and videos (how does that work out for content providers?) It will also give me a chance to make sure gearbox produced something better than their last few games.

  • Hunter The disappointment

    Why is this a issue

  • Brandon Lefrancois
    Brandon Lefrancois 6 months ago

    Rich I’m loving the office bro looks good 👍

  • Bublee
    Bublee 6 months ago

    Nobody talks about how they cant keep losing money like this and steam isn't stupid for not losing money while epic continues to and will not be able to do this long and then they have nothing

  • Gaming For Pizza
    Gaming For Pizza 6 months ago +1

    People only hate the Epic store because of Fortnite. Everything else is hypocrisy.

  • Johno Daz
    Johno Daz 6 months ago

    Good stuff Rich. We all know BL3 going too Epic Store and having a timed exclusive deal is all about the bucks plain n simple.

  • North Strider
    North Strider 6 months ago

    It's still amazing how the gaming industry acts so unprofessional nowadays. This once shows that every idiot in that branch can take the boss chair seat. It really should get some more "civilized" by adding things like academical requirements to certain jobs.

  • Eternalwarpuppy
    Eternalwarpuppy 6 months ago +1

    I don't see how Steam changing their revenue share model will prevent Epic from signing exclusivity deals with publishers. At best it would give publishers the power to negotiate a higher price for their exclusivity deals with Epic, but I don't think that would stop Epic from signing them.

  • LOOLGam1ng
    LOOLGam1ng 6 months ago +1

    2019 The Year Game Companys Are NOT Allowed To Make Money. i just have a big laugh eveyrime i see people cry about things like this. is there not better things to worry about???. if a game company gets a good offer of money they need to take it. Money=can more bigger and better games in the future Epic is not perfect but the game is still on PC and not a consonle specific exclusive

  • Retribution
    Retribution 6 months ago

    Games aren't about the customers anymore, it's always going to be about the $$ - Going with Epic store means they get 20% more to their paychecks at the end of the day

  • Adam
    Adam 6 months ago +1

    Gee I wonder why Epic doesn't have a review option. Yeah lets rush out and do this this for the people so they can just abuse it everytime we get a game. LOL

  • Mrcrazed
    Mrcrazed 6 months ago +2

    Epic Gay Store

  • Bitchass McGee
    Bitchass McGee 6 months ago

    Review bombing pisses me off dude. I hate seeing games I like getting fucked in the algorithm because of a completely separate game

  • levi singleton
    levi singleton 6 months ago +1

    I get hating timed exclusives when it is tied to a specific system, but who cares if it is locked to one dumb launcher vs the other on the same system?
    This whole Steam vs Epic fight comes down to nothing but stupid fanboyism....

  • BooliBoo
    BooliBoo 6 months ago

    Epic games are assholes

  • Duaij Al-Qallaf
    Duaij Al-Qallaf 6 months ago


  • Mr. Internet Man
    Mr. Internet Man 6 months ago +1

    Goddamn big seltzer sellouts.

  • runbmp
    runbmp 6 months ago +1

    If Valve lowers the revenue share, Epic will simply take credit for it and the keep lowering it.
    There’s a personal history with epic and gearbox. Their CEO still hold a grunge against Valve.
    Their not doing this for the good of the devs, it’s actually quite personal.
    Valve needs to stay the course, improve on its services and provide value to both the customers and devs.

  • Space Alligator
    Space Alligator 6 months ago

    looking good rich

  • joker3117nk
    joker3117nk 6 months ago

    skinny doo bapp honda rapp😁.

  • PixelMurder
    PixelMurder 6 months ago

    Behind every review is a customer that bought a game. Are you that stupid, Randy Trumpford?

  • theratking013
    theratking013 6 months ago

    Cranky Pitchfork....shame that BL3 is released for 6Months later...

  • Geronimo553
    Geronimo553 6 months ago

    Steam just match Epic until Epic no longer matters.

  • Lt Sich
    Lt Sich 6 months ago

    You want the same revenue share on Steam that on Epic....
    Then I think you want the same level of services ? Same price, same services....
    Epic can make 88/12 because the store is just a basic store without any options or services....
    88/12 is probably impossible to make for Steam !

    • joe daylight
      joe daylight 6 months ago

      Who cares as long its on steam thats what matters......Right????

  • Eazy-E Gamer
    Eazy-E Gamer 6 months ago

    I didn't know that he played fortnite

  • Catboi
    Catboi 6 months ago

    You have fortnite

  • spawn calibur
    spawn calibur 6 months ago +1

    All that Epic money goes towards buying out exclusives rather than making a good launcher for us.

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez
    Juan Carlos Gonzalez 6 months ago

    Rick, when was the last time a normal person paid $60 for a PC game? Valve probably does not care about time exclusives the first 6 months. The volume of the sales, in PC gaming, comes when the discounts start. Valve is riding this one out. Do you really think publishers are meeting their goes with Epic? Why do you think Epic is paying them!

  • Krowman84
    Krowman84 6 months ago

    No lie, Rich has gotten me to try selzer and I love it! I'm thinkin of callin the company and telling them about this channel and how he made me a customer, he deserves a sponsorship!

  • SuperOrangeSauce
    SuperOrangeSauce 6 months ago +1

    Go console! It’s the way of the future!

  • Noble 6
    Noble 6 6 months ago

    Epic games store spying on you since you made your account

  • movieaddict725
    movieaddict725 6 months ago

    Randy Pitchford is such a joke.