Star Citizen Turns 7, Still Doesn't Exist - Inside Gaming Roundup

  • Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Ok fine, it "exists." But c'mon.
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  • Worldwave
    Worldwave 4 days ago

    I work in cybersecurity and sometimes when I visit client offices and see some IT geeks with whom I work, I might find someone wearing a Star Citizen T-shirt. There wasn't a single time when it wasn't ironic.
    It's going to be hilarious when the next release in the fucking HALF-LIFE series comes out and this game isn't out yet. Like, what other stage in humanity's development is going to come before this happens?

  • Mike Philbin
    Mike Philbin 6 days ago

    LOL, why do you keep poking the tiger in the eye with this stick?

  • jeff Sifrit
    jeff Sifrit 6 days ago

    They should release it with a donation system.

  • Paul Snonec
    Paul Snonec 15 days ago

    I dont think this guy has even played star citizen or made a game before. A game of this scale doesnt get made in a year. Go back to your street fighter

  • Paul Snonec
    Paul Snonec 15 days ago

    Hey Inside gaming, 7 years CIG have done a tremendous amount of work especially since they had that falling out with the old engine. AAAA games take longer than a couple of years to make. 95% of the backers don't care how long it takes as long as its done correctly.

  • Craig Woodward
    Craig Woodward 22 days ago

    I hate that videos like this, never mention that the company went from 13 people in a warehouse, to nearing 600. They did NOT just shove it all into the game. they built TWO games AND built a multinational company so they could make said two games. Guess what... costs money. Yes, there was massive mismanagement. but since early 2018, they have been ON THE BALL with amazing releases.

  • Silvershock Nicktail
    Silvershock Nicktail 25 days ago

    Star Citizen is potentially my dream game. I backed it. I don't play it. It's not because I don't want to, it's because the shared universe has serious issues. It runs like a bag of dicks and always has. I have a Vega 64. It still runs like dicks.

  • Rusty Raider
    Rusty Raider 27 days ago

    Bryan looks like Adams dad

  • Tunji
    Tunji 27 days ago

    i don't think people realize what cloud imp needed to do to create this....

    considering that games can actually take 7 years to create cloud imp has allowed the community play it while its created...on top of the fact they built their game engine from the ground up doing things with their game developers wish they could do....on top of the fact they have been at legal war with cry engine for the past couple years and has taken a large chunk from their asset situation...

    when people say oh its a its a good marketing tactic a lot of games from developers make as much or more then star citizen has grossed....they are not much diff from other games that use micro-transactions to take more money from the user while playing their game...

    you can buy a ship and game package from them for the same price as a normal game.....there is a still ton of content in the game to play.....not to mention after you buy a ship and the game have the paying for more if you don't want can buy ships in-game now and the servers are actually pretty populated....

    oh and just to add a side note

    they have been attempting to make procedural world generation to create mass systems with little to no effort for the next release patches moves forward as fast as it can the way....they actually have created it....

    did I not mention that the company only had like 20 employees when they announced this long do you think it would take...christ
    ...they actually have a workforce behind them now and are pushing out updates regularly.

    dumbass people do reviews without looking at all the facts...fuck

  • Sean Lukie
    Sean Lukie 27 days ago

    Weird how it doesn't exist yet we play it daily lol. Wah wahhhh cry more.

  • bored of video games
    bored of video games 27 days ago +2

    scam citizen is still around? lol

    CHEFPK 27 days ago

    This better be the best thing on NerveGear game to be made.

  • rasztyscompany95
    rasztyscompany95 28 days ago

    Yet it keeps pumping out updates and expanding playerbase

  • Joby Grantland
    Joby Grantland 28 days ago

    pronounced four-tuh-skew.............. just saying.

  • MrTree421
    MrTree421 28 days ago

    You know it's apparently pretty easy to just pick on Star Citizen this year. But this feels like you don't actually seem to know what you are talking about. I would suggest you download the game and play it. You make it sound like thats not possible. It is possible to play it. Which is why the fanbase hasn't grabbed the pitch forks.

  • James Broadus
    James Broadus 29 days ago

    Whenever views are down mention Star Citizen. Whether your argument is true or not, disingenuous or not just ship it, we need to draw viewers to our poorly research TheXvid show

  • IffeOnline
    IffeOnline 29 days ago

    "Daniel fortesck"? >.

  • StarlessSky
    StarlessSky 29 days ago

    They just need another couple million bucks and your house deed and retirement savings and maybe the change left in your pants. But it’s for sure coming. Just keep forking it over. You don’t wanna look stupid and miss out do youuuuu? Slaps roof.

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago +2

    I'll respond to an article I read 2 months ago. "The fact there’s even a game, that loads, is playable and that looks epic proves it’s not a scam." The steam graveyard is full of early access games that load, are playable and look epic that people blew money on only for it to get abandoned and for those that paid money to never get a game in a finished state for it.

    • mxviii
      mxviii 26 days ago

      Yes those games were failures, and Star Citizen could definitely fail as well for a myriad of different reasons. Failures and Scams are two different things.

  • David Baron
    David Baron Month ago

    I worked in the industry for several years and what they need is what we call a 'closer', it's a producer that comes in takes away all control from the development team and focuses only one thing, getting the game out.

  • Wzrd
    Wzrd Month ago

    You guys crying over 7 years while I'm over here sitting on dorf forts near 20.

  • Rishav Nath
    Rishav Nath Month ago

    Don't forget final fantasy 15 takes 10 years to complete ...

  • Adolfo W. Wolf
    Adolfo W. Wolf Month ago

    "I really want to play this game"... you know you can literally do that right now, right? And for far less than any AAA games right? and without having to pay anything else for future patches and content updates right? that title is full on bait.
    You guys keep talking as if "release" dates where really a important thing, as if early access games where never a thing these times, as if games that are released are guaranteed to be awesome and shit.... i'm pretty sure some games that are released have something to say about this Ghost Recon, Anthem, Mass Effect Andromeda, No Man's Sky, even... The Division 2 could be here.
    Other than that, some pretty good comments on this subject.

  • André Daniel
    André Daniel Month ago

    Aha, so you had to start out on a very outdated Forbes article that was basically an incompetently written hitpiece. Then you describe 7 years as "development hell territory" while eg. Red Dead 2 was in development for 7 years with double the are still talking about feature creep while no new features have been part of their campaign for more than 5 years now....aha.....then you constantly babble about ship sales.....what I never get about that is that folks do not seem to get crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is dependant on pledges and they are still crowdfunding the game via their website, the pledges being ships. Also you quote (though of course not declaring it a quote but presenting it in your own monologue as your idea) the Forbes article in saying they are having trouble restructuring....well yeah they had up to 2016 during their time of massive expansion AS would any company. No secret and well solved since their new dev model has given us regular, big progress updates for over 2 years and a beta date for the SP campaign. You also completely construed the release question for the PU. CIG has clarified over a year ago that their release state will be: A small number of systems (which will be expanded constantly), full persistence, server meshing (higher player count) and all gameplay loops in place. According to current planning we should be about 1 year from that. But oh...sorry I forgot that to get this info you would have to do real journalism and research instead of the rehashed Forbes clickbait. Sorry, my bad^^.

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago

    Hmmh, like to see the game working but blizzard had 7 years development time for star craft 2. And they had a complete team and company with very experienced ppl. I think games can be finished in 2 or 3 years only by ea or activision. I hope cig can give the backers what they want.

  • OniFeez
    OniFeez Month ago

    I'm sort of drawn. On one hand, I would really like for Chris Roberts to silence his (numerous) critics (myself included) by releasing a kick ass game. But on the other hand, I think Chris Roberts needs to go. To his credit; he has a vision/dream for his project, but he has demonstrated that he is not very good at managing expectations, his own included. Budget blowouts and the like certainly isn't unheard of in the software engineering industry in general; but in the past companies like Electronic Arts and Microsoft (his actual publishers) kept him on track - with no 'higher authority' to answer too; it feels almost like Chris Roberts has a rather cavalier attitude to development.

  • Blistering Barnacles

    Feature Creep: The Game

  • Wapn Perfo
    Wapn Perfo Month ago

    This gonna be the one game that people regret paying for before having anything tangible.

  • Benj
    Benj Month ago

    LOL.. To the guy who said he wants to play it, go play it, it's fully playable

  • Nathaniel Hopkins
    Nathaniel Hopkins Month ago +2

    I'm legit impressed how such a big game news reporting channel knows so little about the development process. Like bravo

    • ollierkul
      ollierkul 4 hours ago

      @Gabriel Reyes Jr Considering the scope of this particular game and from where it began, and when comparing it to other large scale game's: Yes it should. Cyberpunk 2077 was revealed a few months after Star Citizen was revealed. Red Dead Redemption took what? 7 years or so to be made, and had considerably more people working on it, not to mention an already established studio developing it as well as probably a more mature engine with most of the technology needed already there. Meanwhile Star Citizen started from almost nothing, and grew over time. And is the only one trying to achieve what they are aiming it. Is it so strange than that it draws appeal? Where else are we supposed to go for that experience that they offer? It's no wonder it's taking time, they are building a game that's basically a huge combination of many games.

    • Gabriel Reyes Jr
      Gabriel Reyes Jr 6 days ago

      It shouldn’t take seven years and over 300 million to make a game

  • Andrew Spud
    Andrew Spud Month ago

    Imagine being that one NPC who's very protective about Star Citizen and sends money to the project every single month and gets excited from every single tweak and update, and dies of old age a month before Star Citizen is completed released.

  • Geley
    Geley Month ago +5

    Keep in mind that those first few years, they were literally in a basement!

    • Frankie Bruan
      Frankie Bruan 27 days ago

      They have a space door in their office now...

  • Eric Calm
    Eric Calm Month ago

    The guy pocketed 200 million and ran through 100 million. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • EasytheGoon
    EasytheGoon Month ago

    It's more of a game than anthem is.

  • danburgs
    danburgs Month ago

    Star Citizen isn't even vaporware at this point - it's a pyramid scheme :p

  • Black Eagle
    Black Eagle Month ago

    5 years ago I would have been defending Star Citizen on this video. Now.. I really can't defend it

  • The Goon
    The Goon Month ago +2

    The sheer amount of misinformation in these comments is astounding

  • Fixo
    Fixo Month ago

    One person hates it because it's doing something that he has failed to do for three decades, in addition he has made the claim several times that it's impossible ("technology is decades away")

    Another group of people bought in heavily when the project was new, and they attempted to blackmail CIG into giving them basically control over how the game evolved. CIG refused and they threw a fit.

    Another guy freaked out because CIG said they weren't going to force people into using CIG's in-game VoIP

    Some people just plain don't like Chris Roberts

    Some people said the project was going to fail early on, and they were consistently proven wrong and they went ballistic, and they continue to go ballistic to this day

    Some people don't like watching people enjoy something they they have decided to hate

    Star Citizen was announced pretty much at the same time as Elite:Dangerous, and due to the tribal nature of humans, some people felt that Elite:Dangerous was the game to back, and anyone who decided to back Star Citizen (either instead of or in addition to - didn't matter) where supposedly enemies of Elite:Dangerous.

    Some people have nothing better to do that go around hating things online and then pretend they aren't heavily emotionally invested.

    There is in particular two groups of haters; refunds and somethingawful goons. And there is a huge overlap here. These are the only "active" haters and they are everywhere and they frequently stalk star citizen fans and go around on any media channel they can to attempt to discredit CIG and Star Citizen. They go to extreme lengths to do so. Including sending fake death threats, faking their own death, creating fraudulent refund requests, convincing others to sell their accounts to them, encouraging people to file (frivolous) lawsuits against CIG, encouraging people to commit credit card fraud against CIG, creating fraudulent reports to BBB, faking GlassDoor reviews, lying to reporters, posing as disgruntled ex-CIG employees, slandering CIG employees - and many many more things.

    The haters aren't as numerous as you might get the impression of, but they are extremely vocal and dedicated with a level of obsession that is hard to imagine any normal individual without some sort of underlying mental condition would commit to.

  • Zero King
    Zero King Month ago

    Scam citizen

  • herptyderpty
    herptyderpty Month ago +2

    Just wait. 10 years isnt that long for an MMO, let alone one that does things computers never have before.

  • Technauts
    Technauts Month ago +2

    It's funny how they went from shaming Star citizen for been in 7 years of development and then went straight to praising red dead redemption 2 even though it took 9 years lmao. Even then star citizen started off with a team of 12 and in the first couple of years had to build a team of people.

    • Technauts
      Technauts Month ago

      @Blistering Barnacles ok

    • Blistering Barnacles
      Blistering Barnacles Month ago

      @Technauts they only had a script by 2012. Actual development on the game started after that.
      Besides, 7 or 9 years, it doesn't really matter, Star Citizen will still be in Alpha in 2021 with 20 more features supposed to somehow be tacked on, and RDR2 will continue being one of the GOATs. There's no comparison to be made here at all.

    • Technauts
      Technauts Month ago

      @Blistering Barnacles rockstar started on red dead 2 in 2010 it's not 2019

    • Blistering Barnacles
      Blistering Barnacles Month ago

      Yep hilarious, especially that you made that 9 years number up, since RDR2 was in development for 5-7 years. I also don't remember Rockstar crowdfunding, selling virtual ships and virtual land in a game they knew wouldn't exist in a decade, or even unveiling the game until it was finished. And it also turned out to be one of the best games ever made, while SC is still a pipe dream and will forever remain so.

  • Fixo
    Fixo Month ago +2

    Oh you just love that : OMG 7 years ! TOO LONG ! damn red dead took 8 years and there was already a game engine / people / EVERYTHING... CR create an entire dev studio ! that takes decade ... not years

    • Blistering Barnacles
      Blistering Barnacles Month ago

      @Fixo I don't mean you should set easy, achievable goals, just that it should be realistic. There's me being ambitious that I might buy a sports car one day, and then there's me being ambitious of being President of the World. Both are technically possible, but one is at least grounded in reality and not a pipe dream.

    • Fixo
      Fixo Month ago

      @Blistering Barnacles if 16 years ago people told Eve online to be grounded in reality they would not be where they are... same can be said for other game... cyberpunk , no man sky , you name it...

    • Blistering Barnacles
      Blistering Barnacles Month ago

      @Fixo that's not exactly something to be optimistic about in itself. It just means people are pumping money into it because they believe it can be great, but if the studio keeps overreaching with feature creep then there's not enough money in the world to make it an even passable product.
      Ambitions are great, but they need to be grounded in reality.

    • Fixo
      Fixo Month ago

      @Blistering Barnacles it's the most crowdfunded project in the history so it's not impossible...

    • Blistering Barnacles
      Blistering Barnacles Month ago

      Creating an entire dev studio from the ground up and immediately crowdfunding to make the most stupidly ambitious space game ever, yeah that's gonna crash and burn no matter how many decades you leave that bad boy in the oven.

  • RJ Williamson
    RJ Williamson Month ago +4

    Speaking of RDR2, that took 7 years to develop with an already established major development studio and 3 times the staff. SC had a non-traditional approach, using crowd funding and open alpha, which was probably more successful than they ever imagined, and gave the opportunity for community feedback and stretch goals, thus the feature creep. Most people don't see the behind the scenes of a game's development to the extent we have here, and clearly people don't realize how ugly it can be. I think given the scale and potential of the game (look into SSOCS and server meshing for an example of the ground breaking tech they're working on), and how far they've come thus far, they are pretty much right on track for development, and I look forward to seeing how the game develops in the coming years.

  • Pied Piper
    Pied Piper Month ago

    Woa. MAG delivered what it promised, was actually very func and lasted much longer. Plus it’s Plat was both super hard and super rare

  • Pierre-Luc Asselin
    Pierre-Luc Asselin Month ago +1

    No official release maybe but certainly not alpha (dunno why they insist calling it such) when the game is more feature complete and playable than the vast majority or early access releases on steam and whats there is better than anything before it by leaps and bounds.

  • Icey Jones
    Icey Jones Month ago +6

    7 years, effectively 5 years (never forget the build up of the studios that took approx 2 years) is not much for a AAA title. And the vision of this game is to be the first AAAA game. most AAA titles that bring NOTHING new to the table except more pretty GFX take 5-7 years. get ur expectations in line, guys......

  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan Month ago +5

    What the hell are you guys talking about running out of money? According to whom? Where do you get that from?

  • Aaron Pennell
    Aaron Pennell Month ago +6

    Well, they actually have a roadmap and release updates quarterly. Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 all have major updates every year. 4.0 comes out Q2 2020, but before that 3.8 comes out Q4 2019, 3.9 comes out Q1 2020.

    • Aaron Pennell
      Aaron Pennell 6 days ago +1

      @Ross Lol I dont know, you never know the official release date of most games until a year or less prior to their intended release, why would this be any different? We get far more information on this project then any other project regardless but either way I was simply just correcting them on the specific point that I made.

    • Ross
      Ross 6 days ago

      Ok but when does the *game* come out?

  • BingBong Boopledoop

    We will be living inside No Man's Sky VR while also living on Mars before Star Citizen ever comes out of Alpha.

  • Pro Toss
    Pro Toss Month ago

    Call it "Star Shipyard".

  • KanedaSyndrome
    KanedaSyndrome Month ago

    Robert's making the game for himself, not for the gamers. It's his own expensive hobby with game development, and not a focus on actually getting a product out to people. Some of these backers will end up with families and kids, being unable to play it, even though you bought it.

  • Charles Bankester
    Charles Bankester Month ago +5

    I spent $45 on a ship to start playing in the alpha. Even if it doesn't actually release, it's less than i would have wasted for Anthem. I regret nothing spending some money for what Star Citizen could possibly be.

    • AlxFitz
      AlxFitz Month ago

      @Charles Bankester Very well.

    • Charles Bankester
      Charles Bankester Month ago +1

      @AlxFitz you want to see a massive waste of money and time, watch Cspan and see how Americans tax dollars are used to have bickering session that do absolutely nothing.
      At least i can play what's there for Star Citizen and i have seen drastic improvement in the last 2 years

    • AlxFitz
      AlxFitz Month ago

      It's been a massive waste of money and time though.

  • Fallon Star
    Fallon Star Month ago

    Under the original timeline for the game they only have 2 months to deliver a complete finished game, I have no hope for them.

  • TechyMark
    TechyMark Month ago

    The worst thing about Star Citizen is that when it finally does release there will be so many features in the game that people will break that the necessary patches will be out of control for the devs. This is where Elite Dangerous is so much better for keeping things under control and people can play a polished product today. Heck, several years of a polished product in Elite Dangerous and they are still adding features and content in the future. It almost seems like ED will be able to do nearly as much as SC but polished while SC will be a broken mess but it'll have a lot of features.

  • Gengonglike Arbukle

    This game is the first and last crowd funded game I will ever pay for. NEVER AGAIN!

  • Gengonglike Arbukle

    A legendary failure.

  • entZEROspawn
    entZEROspawn Month ago +2

    Lets compare to RDR2. It took 7 years almost a billion dollars and have 3 times the poeple working on it, with an already establish crew and equipment, and assests. Not to mention it's a fare simple game to make and much smaller in scope and size.
    SC started with 10 poeple 7 years ago, no engine no assest no buildings. Now they are 500+ poeple, build a engine almost from the bottom, have 3 locations around the world. And have made it so open develpment that we have access to it for 5 years now, yeah it's buggy thats pre alpha for you. And they have split the game, as backers wanted, so we get a single player game in 20/21, qnd later SC as only a small amount of people work on this, as assest from S42 will be used in it too, and we really cant get to much acces to that as it will spoil the story.
    Usally people that don't code or work with games can't understand it takes this long to make a game, or that something can be made withou other things like ships. Well only a couple of people work on them, and they will ginish ships along the way, and then they get released, nothing magical in that. It does not mean other things suffer, as again things are made in tangent.
    Funny enough I have had more fun in SC than Elite which I also backed or even new games. Even tried Bannerlord beta and it was way ahead of ghost reckon, but it will still take time to get done.

  • Menelik
    Menelik Month ago +4

    And the TROLLS keep attacking game they know nothing about.

  • Marius Koen
    Marius Koen Month ago

    Sounds like star citizen is in trouble, how did the blow through $300 mil?

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg Month ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 is still on the same development timeline as Star Citizen.
    Will Cyberpunk release next spring? Will it be full of glitches and fall to the same fate as our other legendary game studios or will it be the all time greatest Action RPG masterpiece of gaming that we expect?