Rhett & Link Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • Rhett & Link take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Do Rhett & Link live together? Are they a couple? Are they actually friends?? The hilarious pair answer all these questions, and more!

    ”Internetainers” Rhett & Link are the hosts of the most-watched daily talk show on the internet, Good Mythical Morning, which airs weekdays on TheXvid.com/GoodMythicalMorning.
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    Rhett & Link Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 9 hours ago

    Are you gonna eat that?
    Are you
    Are you gonna
    Are you gonna eat
    Are you gonna
    Are you gonna eat that?
    ¿Vas a comer eso?
    ¿Vas a...

  • Isabella Harding
    Isabella Harding 3 days ago

    I can play a mean triangle

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 4 days ago

    Link: we live in
    Rhett: a constant state of seeking validation

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 4 days ago

    Oh yes we both have Links wifes name tattooed on our butts

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 4 days ago

    I can play ... the recorder?

  • Synn
    Synn 4 days ago

    Susan Sarandon and Rachel Maddow

  • Ph4N90memes
    Ph4N90memes 8 days ago

    Finally Someone that is actually Say SCHOOL SUCK

  • Hashtag Lan Fbx
    Hashtag Lan Fbx 10 days ago

    4:20 when it comes to publicizing their channel, they ACTUALLY start answering the question.

  • Hashtag Lan Fbx
    Hashtag Lan Fbx 10 days ago

    "Are Rhett and Link stoners? "
    Link says no, but I dunno man, someone HAS to be high to make a show like GMM!

  • Shrek
    Shrek 11 days ago

    That are an old married couple.

  • Arianna Torabian
    Arianna Torabian 14 days ago

    I don’t think they realize they actually DO have a video called “Can you eat that” 😂

  • scOrp awsome
    scOrp awsome 15 days ago

    Wait how and why are they at the same height of each other

  • extraguacamole _
    extraguacamole _ 15 days ago

    The real question is why did link change his hair now both their hair go up.

  • Lovi Poekimo
    Lovi Poekimo 16 days ago

    Link's eyes......

    • Dannu
      Dannu 7 days ago

      Lovi Poekimo Yes, he has eyes

  • Line Juhl Laustsen
    Line Juhl Laustsen 17 days ago +1

    Link is so attractive it physically hurts

  • I’m Børing
    I’m Børing 17 days ago +4

    Imagine the song was actually called ‘can you eat that’ and it was just them shoving food into each others mouths singing about it.

  • Logan
    Logan 18 days ago

    I mean rhett blazes right?

  • Aaron Animates
    Aaron Animates 19 days ago

    So no ones gonna say anything that rhett is as pale as a vampire??

  • Rose Cadenza
    Rose Cadenza 19 days ago +1

    I don't know why, but I LOVE Link's shade of eye color. It's such a nice light shade of blue. Something about that color I really like. If I meet him irl, his eyes would be the first thing I would notice. :D

  • Cheese Pizza
    Cheese Pizza 19 days ago

    Public school is bs

  • RockismyAir
    RockismyAir 21 day ago

    Stevie is great.

  • HunnoBunno
    HunnoBunno 21 day ago

    LINKS A GREY MUZZLE (furry slang: Grey muzzle means a furry that is over 20 I think...)

  • Anasyub
    Anasyub 24 days ago

    for some people who r confused i wanna clearly state they are sincerly answering all the questions and not lying or joking about any of them
    if you cant trust two grownup strangers on the internet who can you trust

  • ares
    ares 24 days ago

    is link autistic? answer that challenge

  • Muhsin Muhammad
    Muhsin Muhammad 25 days ago


  • Lucy
    Lucy 25 days ago +3

    the amount of chaotic energy in this is so underrated

  • Matty Ornelas
    Matty Ornelas 29 days ago +1

    Omg Harnett County!!

  • Katie Southgate
    Katie Southgate Month ago +1

    Got a little bit too excited when this came up on my recommend page! 😊💖

  • Artificial Idiot
    Artificial Idiot Month ago +8

    I live in *address*
    I live in CONSTANT FEAR

  • 1c7
    1c7 Month ago +1

    This litteraly popped up in my recommended, and they said "stage a fight like KSI and Logan Paul"... a day after the second KSI and Logan Paul fight. Coincidence?, unlikely, thanks TheXvid algorithm.

  • Toys And games
    Toys And games Month ago +1

    Link= Tokyo Rhett: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • GamerGodPlays
    GamerGodPlays Month ago +13

    When they didn’t say “Let’s talk about that”
    I cried

  • jo_moma
    jo_moma Month ago +1

    173 Tarzana street California

  • Wolf Clan Nation
    Wolf Clan Nation Month ago +2

    AHHHHH their sarcasm is confusing anyone tell me are they actually friends >:c

    • Wolf Clan Nation
      Wolf Clan Nation 7 days ago

      Dannu oh okay thanks for clearing that up

    • Dannu
      Dannu 7 days ago

      No they hate eachother

    • J
      J 16 days ago

      Yes they're friends

  • Chandler Rayborn
    Chandler Rayborn Month ago

    They honestly kinda seem like they don’t like each other

    JMS FISHING Month ago +1

    2019! Anyone???

  • Kara Shi
    Kara Shi Month ago +1

    "have you ever put butter in your ears"
    it doesn't even make sense in context

  • Grayson Kelly
    Grayson Kelly Month ago

    What’s Rhett and link real names

  • Loax
    Loax Month ago +1

    why does rhett always look like a crackhead 👀👀

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H Month ago +1

    Link: "Are Rhett and Link stoners?"
    Rhett: *"Ahh-"*
    Link: *"NO"*

  • Stephanie Doulgeris

    I laughed so hard when link said shitballs😂😂😂

  • helen
    helen Month ago +1

    "...Have you ever put butter in your... ears?"

    *silently transitions to the next question*

  • Mighty Guy
    Mighty Guy Month ago

    Can Rhett and link actually sing

  • PieDiePew
    PieDiePew Month ago +1

    *”Link is a furry”*

  • Abbadi Abbadi
    Abbadi Abbadi Month ago +1

    ‏"وحرّمنا عليه المراضع"
    ‏جاعَ موسَى وصراخُه يملأُ القصر
    ‏لا يقبلُ المراضع
    ‏والكلُّ مشغولٌ به
    ‏فرعونُ وآسيا والمراضعُ والحرسُ
    ‏كل هذه التعقيدات لأجل وعد أعطاه الله
    ‏لامرأة على الضفة الأخرى من النهر
    ‏مشتاقة لولدها
    ‏"إنّا رادوه إليك"
    ‏فثِقْ بربِّكَ
    ‏"ومن أوفى بعهده من الله"💙

  • Lillian Trosper
    Lillian Trosper Month ago

    "We're gonna give them the real answer? " 😂😂😂😂

  • Die Lit Raijin
    Die Lit Raijin Month ago

    my favorite pillow.

  • Videogamebunkey -
    Videogamebunkey - Month ago

    Rhett seems so done sksksksksks

  • Josh B.
    Josh B. Month ago

    Rhett and Link furry confirmed

  • Quantae Andrada
    Quantae Andrada Month ago

    Stevie is cute

  • Mr Pickle
    Mr Pickle Month ago +1

    Rhett: I *don’t* look up myself every *48* hours

  • Issy Williams
    Issy Williams Month ago

    not a single question was serious and i love it

  • Alex N.
    Alex N. Month ago

    Was that supergirl?

  • Kankle Cream
    Kankle Cream Month ago

    3:58 lol it's TRUE tho

  • Knightwolf 248
    Knightwolf 248 Month ago

    Who else watched

  • Shiro Kaga
    Shiro Kaga Month ago

    I've noticed that Rhett makes a bunch of jokes about being close to Link's wife, why is that? Can someone explain because I've noticed it a lot. Just curious if that's his sister or something.

    YOVR YOVE Month ago +1

    Yaw yeet

  • A G
    A G Month ago

    3:50 they’re joking, right?

    • Rookield
      Rookield Month ago

      The entire video is Sarcastic AKA a joke. Of course he is joking.

  • Hannah Noland
    Hannah Noland Month ago +1

    Good lord I feel bad for this but am I the only one who think Link looks like an off brand Brendon Urie?

  • Julian Fantasia
    Julian Fantasia Month ago

    I have a feeling I know what one of these questions will be
    (Edit:) Got through 31 seconds