I bet you $100.00 this makes you smile

  • Published on Jan 15, 2022
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    Videographer: rb.gy/wai2bw
    To whoever reads this, your life matters. You are so valued. No one can replace you. I’m thankful you were born. I love you so much. ❤️

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  • MDMotivator
    MDMotivator  4 months ago +24430

    To whoever reads this, your life matters. You are so valued. No one can replace you. I’m thankful you were born. I love you so much. ❤️

    • Dylan Monstrum
      Dylan Monstrum 5 days ago

      Lmao we've never met, my life does NOT matter

    • Will
      Will 14 days ago

      You film your charity? You claim altruism, yet here you are seeking the praise and accolades of people via a blatant and hollow display of charity. People like you give from the flesh and not the heart. Money won’t buy you Heaven, so you’d better make the most of the earthly life you’ve instead chosen to live. You have your reward, and that’s all the reward you will get. My sympathies.

    • Ryan Mullins
      Ryan Mullins 22 days ago

      Right back at you!

    • sadiesjems
      sadiesjems Month ago +1

      It is really not so hard to respect others and love others for everyone who has written if you do the same and they do the same and they do the same

    • Brandon Hernandez
      Brandon Hernandez 2 months ago

      Thanks you so much man. Where is this place exactly?!

  • Bambam Diaz
    Bambam Diaz 4 months ago +1533

    I love how proud he is of his culture “I’m Mayan” that sounded precious. Keep up the good work my friends.

    • Bambam Diaz
      Bambam Diaz Month ago

      @Rythian Meltdown staaaappp 🪦🪦🪦🪦

    • Geoff Worsnop
      Geoff Worsnop Month ago

      Do you have Wings ?

    • E C
      E C 3 months ago

      @Franck Major you're wrong bro. There are still pure Mayans that have remained pure to their own blood. You go in some places in Mexico and they even speak their own language. I'm also Hispanic.. please do your homework brother.

    • Joan
      Joan 3 months ago

      @Jeremiah Purdy bro literalmente hablas en español y llevas un crucifijo

    • Rythian Meltdown
      Rythian Meltdown 3 months ago +1

      "Deleted" . Like they're a Microsoft word spreadsheet 🤣🤣🤣

  • Crisco Morees
    Crisco Morees 3 days ago

    This guy is really out here changing the world one person at a time. And then post it on the internet which will hopefully change thousands more.
    Good job brother.

  • Romil
    Romil 7 days ago +1

    I was about to get furious that you bargained them down to 1/3 of what their bracelets were worth, but then you just gave them the money and it turned into a beautiful moment ❤️

  • Tamara Hawkins
    Tamara Hawkins Month ago

    I only wish I could do for people in the way YOU do! You bring so much to the ones you do this for. I'm proud that we have someone who cares for people as you do.

  • job1kenobe98
    job1kenobe98 11 days ago

    I love this guy! He literally puts human in humanity

  • Vanquish
    Vanquish 4 months ago +1929

    This guy is so talented. I'd easily walk into a store and pay £30-£50 for one of those sculptures.

    • Carlos Ravelo
      Carlos Ravelo 6 days ago

      @Ddarkz MamthaHS thats a city

    • mattyy101
      mattyy101 8 days ago

      Not where he living ...

    • jesusazul
      jesusazul Month ago

      Yeah...the problem is that local people could not affort it.

    • Ernold Same
      Ernold Same 4 months ago

      @Sad Thanos It’s not mate, not even close. 10’000 pesos is about £350 gbp, it’s till crazy cheap but let’s try and keep it factual eh?

    • the toxicguy
      the toxicguy 4 months ago

      @Sad Thanos no it’s not 10,000 pesos is 358.91 Pound sterling

  • Gary Clarke
    Gary Clarke 8 days ago

    I honestly love this guy he’s a really good person

  • Karla Orozco
    Karla Orozco 9 days ago

    It truly fulfills my heart to see good gestures like this. Thank you for spreading your kindness 💚💚💚

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago +770

    Whoa that statue has insane quality and he's selling only for 1 dollar, I would totally buy it.

    • Sukotto Donarudo
      Sukotto Donarudo 23 hours ago

      @EMCEE Kaoz yep.

    • EMCEE Kaoz
      EMCEE Kaoz Day ago

      @Trippy Daz yeah I’ve seen some little keychain things for 60, he’s underselling a lot!

    • EMCEE Kaoz
      EMCEE Kaoz Day ago

      1 dollar is about 19-20 pesos

    • Sukotto Donarudo
      Sukotto Donarudo 4 days ago

      @cot they are literally the same, they will typically have a worker pretend to “paint” one of them as if the actual artist is there.

    • cot
      cot 4 days ago

      @Sukotto Donarudo like the same exact one? or does he have each one custom made? if he makes it himself its fine even if hundreds of other people are selling the same type?

  • Luciferia Moon
    Luciferia Moon 27 days ago +1

    So inspiring, this touches my heart!❤️

  • James Rudolph
    James Rudolph 4 months ago +1815

    The fact he mentions “you guys work your butt off, I don’t even know what’s it’s like” spoke volume to me filled by “I love you” 🙏🏾🙌🏾

    • Leonel Quintanilla
      Leonel Quintanilla 4 months ago

      @Jedidiah Goodwin FINALLY!!! SOMEONE THAT HAS COMMON SENSE AND ISN'T A STUPID SHEEP FOOLED EASY.....hahaha I feel the same Jedidah....bad people trying to look good.....hahahaha

    • Jedidiah Goodwin
      Jedidiah Goodwin 4 months ago +1

      He doesn't know what it's like because he makes videos like this exploiting poor people by giving them less money than he made by posting this video to TheXvid. He gave the guy about $500 but probably made well over $1000 by posting this video and going viral. It's disgusting and he knows exactly what he's doing.

    • TAOS
      TAOS 4 months ago +2

      @|PhantoM| you really thought you did something there huh?

    • Nottoc
      Nottoc 4 months ago +2

      And the smile the guy had after he said that gave me some good feels and he's a damn good artist at that

    • Slipknot_Ken
      Slipknot_Ken 4 months ago +5

      @|PhantoM| learn to use commas my dude.
      No I'm not American and english isn't my first language.

  • Andrew cerda
    Andrew cerda Month ago +80

    This man has worked his whole life and has never seen this type of kindness besides from his mother. You restored his faith I'm mankind probably.

  • Great Dragon
    Great Dragon 10 hours ago

    I watch this every night when I fall asleep, it's kinda like my own personal ASMR.

  • Heather Fader
    Heather Fader Month ago +1

    This is the most beautiful thing someone whos blessed can do for those lacking some blessing. I am in tears. For someone who struggles myself this was emotionally inspirational.

  • Alexander Ellson
    Alexander Ellson Month ago

    Those carvings and bracelets were amazing, these people really deserved something like this :)

  • Munch
    Munch 4 months ago +4972

    He’s proud of his work and that’s everything honestly. It’s just a shame his hard work has to be sold so cheap just for a living

    • Estella Wobker
      Estella Wobker 9 days ago +1

      That's so true. I admire this man's hard work. Good luck to him. Bless him. An Old Girl in KZN SOUTH AFRICA 🇿🇦

    • Hola Hola
      Hola Hola 11 days ago

      @Juan Vazquez that's not true

    • Darvin Charles
      Darvin Charles Month ago

      To the person reading this: Even though I don’t know you, I wish you the best of what life has to offer ❤️

    • Tina Gale
      Tina Gale Month ago

      @Alex Santoyo same/agree. When we FIRST discovered the truth (boxes of them with a black triangle Made in China), we were so shocked and disappointed that we were directly lied to but I suppose this is their livelihood and may be their main source of income. We buy them anyway and we pay alot more for items we actually observe them making ourselves. The few bucks they receive is worth alot more to them than it is to us. 😉

  • Eric Reed
    Eric Reed Month ago

    This literally made my day thank you I am on my other halfs TheXvid and have to tell you how much I appreciated watching this thank you for bringing light into this world love Bedo

  • tecia Jones
    tecia Jones Month ago

    We need more ppl like him in this world! ♥️ thank you so all you do!

  • Criatura
    Criatura 11 days ago

    Changing life's in a good way. You've done a lot my friend ❤️

  • Free your Mind
    Free your Mind Day ago

    The realist thing this man just said is that I don’t even know what it’s like man that takes a lot of honesty to say that shit! I commend u brother

  • Mosk-the-Man
    Mosk-the-Man 4 months ago +9537

    Thank you for showing there's people who still care. Giving money is already a nice gesture, but saying i love you to a stranger takes more than a man.

    • fepp
      fepp  3 days ago

      More than a man. Maybe a....WOman?

    • Anxiety Plague
      Anxiety Plague 5 days ago

      It's nice and all but I don't want anyone telling me they love me randomly

    • Sprutzy
      Sprutzy 6 days ago

      A lot more people seem to care when it’s content for their TheXvid channel, funny that..

    • Don't Know
      Don't Know 7 days ago +1

      Mmmm nah the money part is definitely 1000x more difficult than the “love you” part lol people say “love you” and it’s just words no action

    • mVP
      mVP 20 days ago

      @I i well said ! It’s so narcissistic

  • saveyourselves sheeple

    I have found that I literally watch your videos atleast 4-5 times, I just let them keep replaying because I love to see people's reactions, their gratitude, it's wonderful to see! 👊🏼💙💯👈🏻

  • Maria Broussard
    Maria Broussard Month ago +37

    They're reactions are so genuine and sincere I would love to see them succeed beautiful work!!!

  • Lisa Maldonado
    Lisa Maldonado 2 months ago

    You are amazing. Spreading love and kindness through words and action is awesome. We need more of that throughout the world. You are an inspiration to me and others. Thank you and God bless you!!

  • Erik Cox
    Erik Cox Month ago +1

    C'mon how can we all not be like this. I love these videos, gives me such hope ✌️💙

  • sensei kraken
    sensei kraken 4 months ago +162

    I love how proud he is of his culture “I’m Mayan” that sounded precious. Keep up the good work my friends.

    • moon walk
      moon walk Day ago

      @Jeremiah Purdy do you want a third one?

    • Jeremiah Purdy
      Jeremiah Purdy 4 months ago +12

      We are proud people because we've kept strong through 2 genocides

  • Zergon7
    Zergon7 Month ago

    We need more ppl like you in this world!!!

    MULTIQUEEN✨ 9 days ago +1

    I just love how he say "I love you" to everyone 💖🦋

  • Julie Morgan
    Julie Morgan Month ago

    It most definitely touched his heart you can see it in his eyes ....beautiful art work

  • Paty Gro
    Paty Gro Month ago

    God Bless You, thank you for been so generous with my Mexican people.

  • Psycho Seraphim
    Psycho Seraphim 4 months ago +1196

    Yo can literally hear the overwhelming joy he’s trying desperately to keep in his voice when he says “really?!” It brings a tear to my eye that there is still kindness in peoples heart to give back

      Trend YOL İNDİRİMLERİNI KAÇIRMA 4 months ago +1

      @DripCapone handmade wooden sculptures are sold for 40 50 dolars. So vendor is clearly scamming the guy in the video.

      Trend YOL İNDİRİMLERİNI KAÇIRMA 4 months ago +3

      @DripCapone u are the mr previliged here. Travelled a lot of countries seen all kinds of tourist traps. They always tell you they are "handmade".

    • R H
      R H 4 months ago +1

      @Robert Cain yeah ain't no way he hand made that crap and sells it for a buck a piece...

    • Hudson M
      Hudson M 4 months ago

      @Robert Cain wtf are u talking about

  • Yvonne Flory
    Yvonne Flory Month ago

    Paying it forward is absolutely awesome! And more of the world should try it.!!! 💕

  • Kritic q
    Kritic q 4 days ago

    i love how supportive they are w eachother

  • Cris Quezada
    Cris Quezada 11 days ago

    Thank you for restoring some of my faith in humanity. Need more good things like this to happen. We only got each other at the end of the day

  • Gutchie Spencer
    Gutchie Spencer Month ago

    His art is beautiful and he's selling for $1 each.....God bless them! This guy is teaching the world how to LOVE!!🙏🏾

  • River Rat
    River Rat 4 months ago +3913

    He almost cried. It broke his heart for a second. So neat, I've actually dreamed of being rich enough that I could just go around and find people to bless with homes, property, business, and financial freedom.

    • Charles George
      Charles George Hour ago

      @River Rat I struggle as an addict with the uphill battle of sustained sobriety as well and you do learn to see when someone's intentions is to go cop, I used to not give to the ones I knew were going to buy drugs but I've actually taken the opposite path and now will give regardless as long as they are not clearly able to easily go and get a job like a young somewhat mentally stable person for example, God forbid they die from the money I gave them but who knows maybe the will buy something necessary along with the drugs and at very least help them to not resort to doing something illegal to get the money

    • Woodruffwife
      Woodruffwife 7 days ago

      I feel like you. But I make bags of goodies for the homeless. It will warm your heart just as much to see how thankful they are. My sis and I do. It’s a little costly, but to see the thankfulness they have will warm your heart like this video.
      The bags and goodies all come from the dollar store ( now the $1.25 store).
      - toothbrush
      - toothpaste
      - deodorant
      - socks
      - small towel
      - body wash
      - lotion
      - hand sanitizer
      - moisturized hand wipes
      - bottle of water
      - various packaged goodies (cookies, chips, ….)

    • Erics Reef Life
      Erics Reef Life 18 days ago +1

      Same, seems like those with money to burn could careless of ppl in need and those who barely have anything are always willing to help because we know how it feels to be at the bottom

    • Beatriz Aristizabal
      Beatriz Aristizabal 23 days ago


    • Truth Seeker
      Truth Seeker 3 months ago +3

      Me too. That’s my only set in stone plan when I win the lotto. It will be my new job.

  • Mark Goldrich
    Mark Goldrich 2 months ago

    You are an angel bro. From one to another. If I was wealthy I'd be like you.

  • Sal 73
    Sal 73 25 days ago

    This guy its a winner can you imagine how his family feels about him, God bless this guy

  • baz B
    baz B 9 days ago +1

    Brok my heart when he said he was a artist just the way he said it , I wish god opens doors for them times 100000

  • aaron rastall
    aaron rastall 2 months ago

    Looks very real. They really appreciated your act of kindness. Life changing one way or another 👍🏽

  • Grady Moxley
    Grady Moxley 4 months ago +1577

    Not just the money, but the affirmation, these people work their butt off every day and it goes totally unnoticed. Knowing someone sees you is the biggest motivation

    • abb lll
      abb lll 4 months ago

      Ik because im from rhere

    • abb lll
      abb lll 4 months ago

      Wtf they make em its wood made

    • Justin Blakeney
      Justin Blakeney 4 months ago

      @Ryan Black 500's a month's rent in a lot of places.

    • Dean Shields
      Dean Shields 4 months ago

      @abb lll these products are bought in China and sold as original so who’s exploiting who?

    • Ryan Black
      Ryan Black 4 months ago

      He threw 500 dollars their way.. that's not a ton of money..

  • GusMahn
    GusMahn 12 days ago

    Very touching. You can see the vendor’s eyes soften once he realizes what’s happening.

  • Matthew Sidey
    Matthew Sidey 2 months ago

    You are the person that makes me have hope in humanity❤

  • Lukas Flatischler
    Lukas Flatischler 8 days ago

    His face of appreciation was just epic

  • Mitch Baker
    Mitch Baker Month ago

    What a wonderful act of kindness. Keep on going!

  • Spazalicious
    Spazalicious 4 months ago +760

    "You guys work your butt off, I don't even know what it's like" is one of the most humanly empathetic things I've heard someone say to someone else.

    • 4th Amendment
      4th Amendment 4 months ago

      @Glob Dabson "respect the hustle" -- so right and true.

    • Camille-Claudel Nortje
      Camille-Claudel Nortje 4 months ago

      @Spazalicious 🤗

    • Spazalicious
      Spazalicious 4 months ago +1

      @Camille-Claudel Nortje fair, I should have said he was showing great humility in saying that.

    • Camille-Claudel Nortje
      Camille-Claudel Nortje 4 months ago +1

      There is a difference between being empathetic and sympathetic. Empathy is being able to relate to someone's emotions because you have gone through something similar. Sympathy is acknowledging that someone is hurt and showing compassion. In that being said, using the word "empathetic " in that sentence is not suitable since he doesn't "know what's it's like" .

    • biscuitoffme
      biscuitoffme 4 months ago +2

      I feel he could have left off the "I don't know what it's like".

  • Fun Dog
    Fun Dog Month ago +1

    I would pay way more than a dollar for that beautiful art

  • B. Shaffer
    B. Shaffer 22 days ago

    Those statues are so cool! Meant alot to him you could tell. Awesome stuff as always MD.

    SNTKI 22 hours ago

    This is so genuine it's awesome. It meant so much to the. True love ❤️

  • Nelly Villarreal
    Nelly Villarreal 2 months ago +1

    They do amazing work and it’s art! That was awesome!

  • QueenLingg👑
    QueenLingg👑 4 months ago +1253

    The fact he was going to accept the $10,000p’s, even though his offer was $30,000p’s, just shows the type of person he is, they are. Their faces were priceless & I seen the true, genuine gratefulness on their face, especially his. He almost shed a tear. God bless you, & this man’s family, and all of the people out here doin what they have to do to maintain, make a living. Damn❤️

    • RobRIPDG
      RobRIPDG 4 months ago

      @QueenLingg👑 we just have philosophical differences. I don't think a fake video even to push a good message has any value.
      Each their own I guess 👍

    • Devinity
      Devinity 4 months ago

      @mike mougakos thanks

    • QueenLingg👑
      QueenLingg👑 4 months ago

      @RobRIPDG Lol I mean I def agree w some of what you said, but ima speak for myself, it’s not so much I think we’re ALL falling for the sale/negation part of the video, but Ik for myself it really was about the gesture, and overall message that I believe was being portrayed in it. Although I did use the exchange as an example to emphasize the comment, bc if it was true, that too is admirable, if it wasn’t that’s really on them, karma will make its way to who when their time comes lol but I fell for the overall msg I received from the video.

    • mike mougakos
      mike mougakos 4 months ago +1

      @Devinity you just got a new sub. Nice animation 👌

    • ROB ROD
      ROB ROD 4 months ago

      @Anthony Curtin
      Made in China

  • ExoticGamer gamer_house87

    We need more people like this

  • Idk who was here
    Idk who was here Month ago +1

    I would keep every piece that I’ve purchased from these beautiful people💜💜💜💜 It would be a constant reminder how kindness can make a huge difference 💜💜💜 They are all so talented and humble, it makes my complaining seem so small…God Bless them!

  • iLindah™ Productions

    I love this. Can hear him wobble 😭♥️

    IRIS MAXWELL 2 months ago

    MDMOTIVATOR 😇❤🙏🏻 l highly respect you for those words of encouragement, affection and love; l believe in your speech......my jaws dropped! You spoke my thought! Thanks
    again for your interest in humanity.

  • jay moneyman
    jay moneyman 4 months ago +835

    Did you make them? “Yes. With my own hands, I’m Mayan, I’m an artist.” There’s so much power in that statement. I aspire to make a career out of my art just like you b. Love and peace Mayan

    • LoveAlwaysBiBi
      LoveAlwaysBiBi 3 months ago


    • matt tim
      matt tim 3 months ago

      @derek olson yeah and I'm michael jordan

    • matt tim
      matt tim 3 months ago

      @DJ RDM for real people are gullible I'd give him 20 bucks if he could make one in front of me.

    • Kevin Osalza
      Kevin Osalza 3 months ago

      Omg you are just as nieve as the guy filming this... Hooking up a scammer..........👍👌

    • Kevin Osalza
      Kevin Osalza 3 months ago

      Yeah I've been to Chichen Itza, Like someone else said there's hundreds of these guys selling little trinkets that are made in China, saying they made them themselves. Actually it ruined the whole experience of seeing the pyramids. They were following my mom around ( and borderline harassing her) because she baught something for a Dollar. I had to use some universal "gestures" to get them to beat it. LOL

  • Walter Powell
    Walter Powell 19 days ago

    Good to see that there's still some good people left in the world

  • Laura Franco
    Laura Franco Month ago

    What an amazing gesture! ❤️

  • Chip Purser
    Chip Purser 2 months ago

    I love these videos because I am simply trying to move from Florida to a new job in Los Angeles CA. It's so difficult to get a loan and I am glad you're help everyone

  • Megan
    Megan 2 months ago

    oh my god these people are so talented! their artwork is beautiful

  • Mellow Lush
    Mellow Lush 4 months ago +274

    Honestly his work should be recognized. He’s selling all that hard work for a cheap price, it breaks my heart to see this. I’m glad you showed up and gave them hope and helped them. Bless you

    • Draxplayzit2
      Draxplayzit2 4 months ago +1

      Too fuckn cheap I’m mad cause there fire

    • Dunn Dunn
      Dunn Dunn 4 months ago +7

      RIGHT! Especially when you consider that machine ran crap that looks 1/4 as good sells for 10-20$ in store! I think a time is coming where people will trade and barter more, and this guy has a skill that will be valuable forever!

  • Meditated Earthling

    U have won the world if u were able to make them smile in thier hard times....!!
    this world needs more people like u...😊😊

  • Nevec Outpost 007
    Nevec Outpost 007 7 days ago +1

    I feel so bad that he's selling that handmaid statue for only a single dollar, skills are worth more especially handmade works of art as talented as what he had in the video

  • Garima Patel
    Garima Patel Month ago

    Love you man for your kindness ❤️

  • Robert Pulliam
    Robert Pulliam 4 days ago

    You SIR are doing great things 👏

  • Sara C
    Sara C 4 months ago +377

    I only just started wood carving, and the fact he sells such intricate pieces for 1$ is shocking.. the amount of hours and care that is required to make each one is far worth more than what he sells for. I'm glad he got that gift from you, he really deserves the money for his work that he's been under charging for 💕

    • John Smith
      John Smith 4 months ago

      He owns a sweat shop. Full of missing American tourists. 🤷‍♂️

    • Darius Lithav
      Darius Lithav 4 months ago

      in Mexico some people only make 20 dollars a week. That's why prices are different down there.

    • Sara C
      Sara C 4 months ago

      @cameo yeah that seems to be the case all around TheXvid today... not great vibes

    • Sara C
      Sara C 4 months ago

      @john ellithorp I wasn't intending to come across as entitled, preaching, or hostile. Your initial response sounded like you were explaining why it's priced so low (due to their ease of making and short time to make them) I wasn't arguing against you, I was contributing to the discussion by saying even if this was hand carved (which its not) and even if it takes very little time to make due to the carvers experience, my original point still stands about how they deserve more money than they charge for the item.
      This comment was about economics from the start, so why are you surprised it came up? I thought we were having a light hearted discussion but clearly not, based on your reaction. Sorry for the misunderstanding

    • BG Resjek
      BG Resjek 4 months ago +1

      Regardless of the price it's Art.

  • Ankana Biswas
    Ankana Biswas Month ago

    Only $1 each!!! He's amazing!! That looks so detailed and beautiful. It must be way too hard to make and he's only taking $1 for each. Man he's amazing. And ofc you're amazing too bro!! Love your vids bro ❤️.

  • Khoi Nguyen
    Khoi Nguyen Month ago

    Those look amazing, i would pay a lot more than $1. They deserve much more, love people honest people like the couple here.

  • Publicidad Grafica
    Publicidad Grafica 2 months ago

    👍We must protect this man at all costs👍

  • kimbo
    kimbo Month ago

    Bless your heart. Makes me beam with love when I see how happy you make these good people 💝🙏.

  • lilanisi
    lilanisi 4 months ago +1352

    Craftsmanship is so undervalued in modern throwaway culture, working hard is a given so it is so beautiful to see people who put in so much effort for such a tiny price get rewarded for just doing the best they can for their families ❤

    • lilanisi
      lilanisi 4 months ago

      @icantsee well I bet you get to have some amazing and informative conversations with people.

    • icantsee
      icantsee 4 months ago

      @lilanisi eh idgaf, they don't know me personally. This could all be a online persona and they would never know...

    • Tre
      Tre 4 months ago

      @lilanisi Fine! I’ll admit it! I never dealt in Chinese goods, ok?!

  • Barbara Martinez-Beltran

    What a wonderful man I love the way he shares w loving people

  • Jessica Kincaid Smith

    This guys makes a change on the world 🌎 🙌 👏. Thank you for that

  • MADIZM @
    MADIZM @ Month ago

    That's real blessing right there 😇

  • J J
    J J Month ago

    You are so awesome there's so many people hurting out there that any financial help is such a blessing

  • Eh JustKelv
    Eh JustKelv 3 months ago +951

    The fact that he said “You guys work your butt off, i dont even know what thats like” man thats a lot of respect shown right there

    • MishuDropEmOff
      MishuDropEmOff 3 months ago +6

      @Robert Lund not at all

    • Robert Lund
      Robert Lund 3 months ago +1

      Makes himself sound like the stereotypical entitled gringo !

    • Ryan Neil
      Ryan Neil 3 months ago +6

      Absolutely 100%

  • Titty Slapper
    Titty Slapper 10 days ago

    $1 each?! Those things would go for $30 each easily if he had the proper outlet to display how talented he is

  • Cary Cranor
    Cary Cranor 9 days ago

    I have crazy respect for the Latino people. They all work so hard!

  • brandon proffit
    brandon proffit 9 days ago

    The world needs love ❤️

  • Freebooter Luckless
    Freebooter Luckless Month ago +1

    Those sculptures look pretty cool, I’d definitely buy a couple if I were visiting wherever that couple is

  • magnificent foxface
    magnificent foxface 4 months ago +460

    The smile he cracks whenever you say you work so hard, I don’t even know what it’s like tells you everything you need to know about this man. he works hard, he enjoys it and he is proud of his work.

    • LuvStax
      LuvStax 4 months ago +1

      @hunglikeahorse it's an agenda that's why theyre so convinced wit ish like this lol

    • Daisy
      Daisy 4 months ago

      @hunglikeahorse How do you know? Haha

    • hunglikeahorse
      hunglikeahorse 4 months ago +3

      Works hard? They are created in China he doesn’t make any of these and neither does the women . Don’t fall for these scams

    • Maiy Maiy
      Maiy Maiy 4 months ago +7

      It was the smile when you're trying to hold back tears

  • Admiral Tintin
    Admiral Tintin Month ago

    It did not bring a smile but certainly had me tear up in gratitude. " you guys work youre but off, and I do not evem know what that is like "
    Very hart warming that he recognized there hardship.

  • Loony's Dollection & Art

    Oh my gosh, my heart is melting 🤗👍🏼❤️

  • Noleen Kearney
    Noleen Kearney Month ago +2

    Awe how sweet nice to see things like this your such a good person 💕

  • Ramesh Cn
    Ramesh Cn Month ago

    Kindness spills magic in the air and instantly souls around where from it spilled filled with love and happiness. If all of us could try out bit, how nice the world would be, a much better place to live in full of love and peace.

  • Justin, Dion, and Allan Abril

    I like how he's making the word "I love you" be so universal. We shouldn't be afraid to tell each other this. We don't HAVE to be in love to LOVE one another. We are beings and we all live in this same land we call earth. We are all waking up on the same day doing what we have to do to make it to the next. We all have love it's a matter of MAKING IT KNOWN to others to keep all of us going REGARDLESS of anyone's situation..love can make u get through !

    • JahEl Tafari
      JahEl Tafari 4 months ago

      Exactly what I was fixing to write LOL. It truly is awesome

    • Sean Roberson
      Sean Roberson 4 months ago +2

      @WholeTruthNothingBut well of course not every single human being will be kind. That's just common sense my friend, love all life but understand not all life will love you back. Do your best to be kind but also protect yourself.

    • WholeTruthNothingBut
      WholeTruthNothingBut 4 months ago

      Isn’t that what we are doing? We all ‘love’ people as a rule…as in humanity as a whole. Anyone who doesn’t, we see them. Are we obliged to live them too?
      There is a difference between love and respecting people.
      Learn the difference or you leave yourself vulnerable to people who prey on that. And everyone too.
      Class dismissed.

    • Sean Roberson
      Sean Roberson 4 months ago +1

      Aye. It needs to be a normal thing, you put it beautifully there's not much I could add. When we figure out how to love another regardless of stature religion race wealth this planet will grow into something so beautiful it could be hard to comprehend. I love you friend and I hope more people can see this. Spread the love 🤙❤

    • BenefitsCentral
      BenefitsCentral 4 months ago +1

      This won’t get 6k likes but a random comment will.

  • Ville
    Ville  10 days ago

    You owe me 100, I cried instead💜 BLESS YOU

  • Maria Marquez
    Maria Marquez Month ago

    Once took a pastry from the sale pile but @ the register runged a regular price, was embarrassed and the young lady next in line purchased it for me. Needless to say I held my tears back, I was so touched and grateful.

  • JigglyChubbly
    JigglyChubbly 2 months ago

    This makes me happy as a Filipino and you helping another filipino

  • Daniel L. Johnson
    Daniel L. Johnson Month ago

    Yes! Good people exist and that means LOVE 💕👏❤️

  • definitelycheese
    definitelycheese 4 months ago +314

    this art is amazing and the fact that they make this and there's still a ton left so I'm pretty sure no one buys it is sad. I would definitely buy them and I'm glad that you're helping out people who work hard and people in need.

    • Aliciaek
      Aliciaek 4 months ago +1

      They do sell, of course, not like before the pandemic. I bought a beautiful New Zelandia folklore through the internet. Time to used this fantastic way to sell.

    • Mike Farley
      Mike Farley 4 months ago +2

      Likely they restock the table each day. It takes no time to sell anything at the swap meets. People buy them, it's just the prices are so low. It's very sad

    • DSanchez
      DSanchez 4 months ago +6

      Well it’s because there are a lot of artisanal shops in Mexico. And the markets are overflooded. They all craft the exact same things so there’s gonna be peolple who not gonna sell much

  • mehrdad lorkan
    mehrdad lorkan Month ago

    Man this made me cry
    I never seen human kindness in a loooong Time

  • Joanna O'Brien
    Joanna O'Brien Month ago

    I love what you do for people ❤💕💛

  • Maropeng Elias
    Maropeng Elias Month ago

    That's great I wish we had people like you in South Africa, life here is about hustling in all directions❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ColdPlaxz _
    ColdPlaxz _ Day ago

    I wish I had a 100 to give you because this made me smile

  • Jade Eswagen
    Jade Eswagen 4 months ago +309

    It takes skills, time and dedication to craft something personal,the fact that he is a Mayan, and not too many hold on to the culture and heritage these days he was crafting from his roots for it to be remembered. Selling his craft both him and his wife at a low price surely they know how much its worth but knowing the current situation, ppl will not buy if they sold it a wee bit higher.this is wholesome and absolutely to help when you can.

    • Jade Eswagen
      Jade Eswagen 4 months ago

      Alright, so we are here arguing if he actually handmade it or he bought in bulk.I may be wrong I maybe right but non of that matters, what matters is he is out there selling them to make a living. And can we all get along.

    • dukeofdink
      dukeofdink 4 months ago +1

      Bruh these are manufactured 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • dukeofdink
      dukeofdink 4 months ago +2

      @Najat Abdul Razak Kwaky I get where you’re coming from and agree with you but in this context, him selling them for $1 USD in Mexico, most likely in touristy area, pretty much confirms for me they’re ordered. $1 USD is so little for a handmade craft that would require as much time as the carvings even in any place in the world would yield more value. On top of that, they all look so uniform I feel it’s it’s pretty clear they’re all identical and manufactured.
      People have to eat, dude isn’t spending that much time making that many to sell on the street, that would be unrealistic for selling to the consumer for $1 in Mexico. $1 to the consumer for a relatively big handmade intricate wood carving that has been painted as well? That’s too good to be true

    • Najat Abdul Razak Kwaky
      Najat Abdul Razak Kwaky 4 months ago +7

      I think he made it himself. There are a lot of people who work really hard to make art for less in my country. I think he has been doing it for years so he has mastered the craft. Sometimes people sell a lot of priceless stuff for very little because they need the money to survive. Its sad but thats the reality in some parts of the world.

  • Anthony Hirsh
    Anthony Hirsh 16 days ago

    Thanks for helping them out it touch my heart and I know the struggles I am there but I keep trying to hold on.

  • Crys Walden
    Crys Walden Month ago

    God bless them! I think they were in shock. Wonderful for them. So happy they received this!

  • Maribel Delgado
    Maribel Delgado Month ago

    MDmotivator u really made that family happy. God bless you. U can see the happiness in there face and gratitude.