• Published on Aug 10, 2019
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Comments • 2 940

  • Josh Worrall Kay
    Josh Worrall Kay 5 hours ago

    Wasn’t even a 24 hour thing u could see the sunlight through the holes in the container when billy said he’s going sleep

  • Hijikata Yukihira
    Hijikata Yukihira 8 hours ago

    what a madlad

  • Enzo Mr Block
    Enzo Mr Block 10 hours ago +1

    Like if we can't hear him speaking

  • Kristof Somossy
    Kristof Somossy 11 hours ago


  • Ewan Tekkers Delap
    Ewan Tekkers Delap 18 hours ago

    Nice prank jezza

  • Ewan Tekkers Delap
    Ewan Tekkers Delap 18 hours ago

    Like 👍 now!!!

  • lolitalg1
    lolitalg1 21 hour ago

    Jet if you hit a million subscribers on this video and week I will do it to my friends

  • Shaurya Sharma
    Shaurya Sharma 21 hour ago

    It was not funny .

  • Rushiraj jadeja
    Rushiraj jadeja 22 hours ago


  • John m.7 neymar jr
    John m.7 neymar jr 23 hours ago +1

    Billy prank hem with a dog attack

  • Russell Yeo
    Russell Yeo Day ago

    Bill Spray Paint Jez’s House orh is boots

  • Nkem Utomi
    Nkem Utomi Day ago

    Poor Billy
    Jezza decorated his house with Arsenal for Christmas
    Spurs lost the champions league
    Now he is locked in a container

  • Mr Outis
    Mr Outis Day ago

    Waste of Fifa cards

  • Nicole Dölz
    Nicole Dölz 2 days ago

    So fake

  • Djemal Etemi
    Djemal Etemi 2 days ago

    Bro this is not funny

  • Hamza Saad
    Hamza Saad 2 days ago

    Billy should destroy his car with the help of mr beast the one and only

  • Steve Djojokaryo
    Steve Djojokaryo 2 days ago

    What happene to jezzas hairline

  • iamDarrennn
    iamDarrennn 3 days ago +1

    Totally not fake

  • Emiliano Trujillo Ibarra

    This is fake lol who thinks this is real

  • Mister Mobile maniac

    Who felt sorry for him while he was eating the crunchie 😤

  • CorruptedScot
    CorruptedScot 3 days ago +1

    Number of likes is how much people love bill and number of comments is how much people love jez.

  • Jordan Blackburn
    Jordan Blackburn 3 days ago

    Staged but funny

  • Savage supastar?!%
    Savage supastar?!% 3 days ago +5

    If you feel bad for him just like it mate

  • Saira Rizvi
    Saira Rizvi 4 days ago +1

    Stink boom in jaz car

  • Alfz J
    Alfz J 4 days ago


  • N0rdm4nn3n
    N0rdm4nn3n 4 days ago

    Why the!! Seriously Jez!? You are so Harsh!

  • Albert 11
    Albert 11 4 days ago

    I hope that Jezza dies slowly an painfully and then a bunch of wolfes will feast opun he's flesh

  • Fanie Frikkie
    Fanie Frikkie 5 days ago

    I liek British TheXvidrs more for the simple reason that I know the sweets and stores that are in their videos.

  • unwin family
    unwin family 5 days ago

    meanie or thoe that is a good idea

  • snctm.
    snctm. 5 days ago

    we all know this is fake

  • Matthew XD
    Matthew XD 5 days ago

    the container is bigger than my room. im glad to be in there

  • IElRedI
    IElRedI 5 days ago

    nice fake prank

  • Tom Gamble
    Tom Gamble 5 days ago

    These fake pranks are so annoying.

  • ThePurpleSauce
    ThePurpleSauce 6 days ago

    8:30 wat dat laugh doe?

  • iPLAYER 7
    iPLAYER 7 6 days ago

    Obviously it‘s fake, why would jez drive with his car in Football boots, they just set it up let billy record a few Clips because it’s dark in there anyway and let him out after a few minutes

  • Seanie
    Seanie 6 days ago

    mate put laxatives in jezzes drink

  • Finlay Mcnicol
    Finlay Mcnicol 6 days ago


  • Prestige Montages
    Prestige Montages 6 days ago +1

    Swear you can see billy at 10:44

  • Jacob Zlot
    Jacob Zlot 6 days ago

    great acting Pog

    GUGZO 6 days ago

    This is just wrong, the man has claustrophobia, that isn't funny, jezz is such a prick

  • Grace
    Grace 6 days ago

    You are evil

  • Lio Messi
    Lio Messi 6 days ago +2

    The predator was on the field for literally five seconds
    Sorry wrong video , it’s called the I don’t give a dam

  • Muhammad Pandor
    Muhammad Pandor 6 days ago

    I’m able to tell a fake video but this wasn’t fake. This looked legit.

  • Armandrich Labang
    Armandrich Labang 6 days ago

    I feel sorry for Billy😢

  • ভাইসাব Bros

    Burn his house down billy

  • sports world
    sports world 7 days ago +5

    "Like", if you think Billy should do back the same prank.

  • Yoseph Mansour
    Yoseph Mansour 7 days ago

    How the hell was he breathing inside🤫🤫🤫

  • Regha Arida
    Regha Arida 7 days ago

    Not funny at all this is absulte savage. Noo no

  • Falcon Spirit
    Falcon Spirit 7 days ago

    We wanna see revenge😂😂

  • Grayson Holdsworth
    Grayson Holdsworth 7 days ago +1

    Break JEZ legs

  • Viktor Høyer
    Viktor Høyer 7 days ago

    That is over the line

  • SW BrixProductions
    SW BrixProductions 7 days ago

    Keep up the series, however, this is fake..... At 20:15 in the background you can see light through some holes in the container, therefore there must be daylight, enjoyable vid tho.

    • SW BrixProductions
      SW BrixProductions 6 days ago

      @Ashton Kobarg no i mean the tiny dots, at different angles, they may dissappear due to the Sun's movement, I know that it's the reflection of the light above his head, I didn't mean that, I mean the tiny holes that are a few pixels wide.

    • Ashton Kobarg
      Ashton Kobarg 7 days ago

      SW BrixProductions that’s the reflection of everything behind him. Holes don’t just disappear when the camera moves a little

  • Edmund Thoy
    Edmund Thoy 7 days ago +1

    erm... any of you notice the light bleed during the 'night' ? check 20:03

    • Edmund Thoy
      Edmund Thoy 7 days ago

      Coz you can clearly see the path of light coming from outside... just putting it out there. Again, no hate just love

    • Edmund Thoy
      Edmund Thoy 7 days ago

      @Adam Krákora well I'm no scientist but unless the net is made out of reflective yarn or something.. i'm pretty sure that's light bleed from the gaps present on the container but hey credits to them, nice video

    • Adam Krákora
      Adam Krákora 7 days ago

      That's the netting being in the way of the the light.

  • Mo Talah
    Mo Talah 7 days ago +3

    Billy in the night Decorate his whole house in Tottenham paint and rub it in his face by putting europa league badges everywhere

  • Joe Williams
    Joe Williams 7 days ago

    So many gullible people in the comments. This screams of fake. I hope these types of videos don’t become frequent.

  • Furkon Latief
    Furkon Latief 7 days ago


  • El Gamer
    El Gamer 8 days ago




  • NicVV VVNic
    NicVV VVNic 8 days ago +1

    Like if billy should break down one of Jezza's house walls for the next insane prank

  • Ismael Castillo
    Ismael Castillo 8 days ago +8

    Isn’t it funny how nowadays phone cameras are better than actual cameras